Related article: Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 16:27:58 -0700 From: Clone Buggs Subject: Across the Alley part 14Across the Alley XIV `I woke up about three in the afternoon, and had a raging piss hardon. Bill was still snoring lightly, and I was still wrapped in his arms, so I carefully extricated myself from him and slipped quietly into the bathroom. When I returned to the bedroom, he was sitting up stretching and yawning. The sheet was covering his lap, but I could see he had to pee as well. He rubbed his eyes with his fists, and that blinked at me a few times. `You have to pee? I indicated his hardon with my eyes. He gripped himself with a tight fist, and nodded. I sat down on the bed, and he padded across the carpeted floor to the bathroom. I could hear him splashing his urine into the bowl, and wanted to watch him piss. I walked quietly to the open door, and watched his strong stream of urine splash into the bowl. As he leaned over to flush, he flashed his tight little pucker at me. I smiled, and went back to the bed while he washed his face, and than came back to the bed room. `I'd covered my lower body with the sheet, and patted the bed beside me. He looked a little nervous, but sat where I indicated. I'd thought we were beyond nervous, but I'd underestimated the Hispanic male's state of mind. I told him he didn't have to worry about me, that what we had done earlier was a secret so safe with me, I'd go to the grave with it locked in my memory if he wanted it that way. He relaxed a little. `Also, I told him, we don't have to do anything else if he didn't want to, and his gay experiment would be over. We could get dressed, and I'd drive him home or to work, which ever he chose. He nodded his head, and thought about what I was saying. "So you didn't like me?" His voice was a little quaver when he spoke. `Bill, I thought you were marvelous. I just thought you were signaling that you didn't want to pursue any more sex with me.' He leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Not at all. I dreamed about us while I slept, and I realized in the dream that this is what I've wanted in my life. My father keeps pushing me at girls, but I don't feel anything for them. I thought it was just because it wasn't the right girl, but now I know there will never be a right girl." He laid down on the bed next to me, and put his head on my chest. I looked at his sexy body with his growing erection and knew I wanted him completely. I hadn't put the word love to it yet in my mind, but if it could ever happen after one night, then it had happened to me. I leaned over and kissed his ear, and stuck my tongue into the opening. "Ohh mano," he whispered, and shivered. He was an exquisite collections of erogenous zones just waiting to be turned on by the right man. I wanted him to be my first like I had been first for Stony, my dad. I tweaked his dark little nipples with my finger and thumb and he threw his leg over mine, and I felt his hardness trailing precum on my thigh. I let my hand grasp his cock, and using it as a handle, pulled him up onto my torso. His lips locked onto mine, and we kissed with tongues exploring for a long passionate time. His cock was throbbing in my hand, and I was afraid he was so sensitive he'd shoot again before I was able to draw from him what I needed at that moment. `Bill, will you fuck me with this beautiful cock?' He moaned when he heard the words, and nodded his head on my chest. I knew if I was ever to have his body he's have to experience mine to the fullest, so he would begin to want it as much as I did. I helped him prepare with some lube from the bedside drawer Stony and Jack kept handy, and then. positioned myself on my back with my legs over his shoulders. He was just the right fit, and his cock head found my sphincter without help or guidance. `OK baby, just push into me. I held my breath as I felt his delicious little cock, slide on the lube, then reposition itself and push into me. As soon as he slipped through the sphincter, I used my hands on his butt cheeks to pull him all the way into my body. "OhhhFuckmano." He hissed in mu ear, and then shot his load into my butt. "He began pumping himself to get his cum out but his face was distorted in anguish. "I'm sorry Danny. I couldn't stand it I already blew my wad in you." `That's all right mano,' I said, using his diminutive for me. `You just stay right where you are, and keep thinking how much you want to fuck me like the man you are, and we will have a great fuck. I kissed him on the eyes, and he slowly began to pump his hips. `He was soon rocking his cock in and out of my hole at a steady pace. He was grinning, most of the time, with his eyes shut tightly enjoying the sensations on his cock shaft. I was busy with my sphincter like Stony had shown me, and I knew I was giving him pleasure he'd never expected from a man's ass, and certainly would never get from a woman's cunt. He fucked me for another twenty minutes, and then suddenly he was cuming again. His groans of pleasure filled the bedroom. I held him close to my body and without any warning, my cock began to spurt cum between out sweaty bodies. The smell of well fucked butt and fresh sperm filled our senses, and he collapsed on my body tired from his exertions. "You like that mano?" His voice seemed weak almost afraid, and I stroked his damp thick black hair, and ran my hand down his back to his butt hole, and stroked him there with my bird finger. He sighed in my arms, and tried to open his crack by moving his legs around. `I thought that was wonderful mano. I can't wait until the next time.' "When will you fuck me?" He opened his eyes, and looked up at me form my chest. `You want to be fucked?' "It's only fair. I know you let me fuck you first, because I'm a Mexican and are afraid of all that macho shit. But I felt so wonderful fucking your butt, I want to give you the same feelings." `We'll do it next time. Right now, I think you need to take another shower, and I'll get your clothes. It must be getting close to your work time, and I think you should tell your parents where you were last night and today. "No mano. I can never tell them anything about this." `Just tell them you went out with the guys after work to a big party and there were girls, and you lost track of time.' He grinned at me and we went about getting him ready to go to work. I put his clothes in the dryer, and he showered. I made us some sandwiches, and Nn Girl Models we ate quickly, and then I drove him to work. As I dropped him off in the big hotel's parking lot, I felt a pang of loss. "When Nn Girl Models will I see you again mano?" He leaned over me in the little car, and I kissed my fingers, and patted his cheek, aware there may be people watching. He didn't care, but leaned in and kissed me on the mouth with lots of tongue. A couple driving past where we were parked, stared in disbelief. `I'll pick you up again tonight if you want.' "Yes. I'll be off at midnight." `What about your parents? Two parties in a row? They'll think you're shacked up with a slut.' "Let them. They'll think a slut is better than nothing. In fact, I'll tell my father I've lost my virginity, and that I'm going back for more. He'll take care of my mother's objections." I laughed, and gunned the engine. `I'll make sure that tonight you actually lose your virginity and you can be my slut and I will be yours.' I reached between his legs, and groped his soft cock, and then drove away, waving at him with the hand that had just held him briefly.' Stony again. When Jack and I got home from our unplanned trip to Sedona, Dale and John and Danny were deep in a serious discussion about something back in their room. We let them know we were home, and had brought take out Chinese for dinner. When they came to the table, they were still talking excitedly. "What's up?" Jack was about to bite into an egg roll. Dale reached for one himself, and looked at Danny briefly. "Danny's in love." Danny blushed bright red and lowered his head. "With Bill?" I looked at him seriously. He nodded almost imperceptibly. "Don't be ridiculous. You hardly met him more than a few hours ago." His head snapped up and his eyes blazed at me. His chin wrinkled and quivered on the verge of tears. "Danny, that's wonderful," Jack said, crunching another mouthful of egg roll. Under the table he kicked me in the shin. I rubbed the place which stung smartly. "I'm sorry Danny," I said. "I didn't mean..." "It's all right," he said, and stood up and came around the table and hugged me. "I dropped him off at work, and I can't get him out of my mind." "How does he feel about it?" Jack finished his egg roll, and reached for another. "He asked me to pick him up again tonight, so I guess he has some interest in me." "Just don't let him get you into a place where he can hurt you in some way." Jack took another bite of egg roll, and asked Dale and John how their day had gone. His boys were full of news about the trip to the mine, and ended up regaling us with stories of lost treasures and lost mines the mine foreman had told the students while they had toured the mining operation. They admitted their professor had punched holes in all the stories, but they had been romantic none-the-less, and the boys liked repeating the details of the of the foreman's tales. "Besides," Dale added. "He was a hot stud if you ask me." John agreed and the two smiled at each other like Cheshire cats. "So what happened?" I spooned some bean sprouts and snow peas onto my plate, and passed the carton to Jack. "You don't mean to tell us you got a piece of him do you? In the midst of a tour group of fellow students and your professor?" They nodded, and I shook my head. "This I gotta hear," Danny said smiling at the boys. "Well, Dale said, with half a mouthful of shrimp fried rice. "It wasn't too difficult. We caught him checking all the guys out when he thought we weren't looking. He spent the whole morning with a half hard dick, and wasn't the least bit interested in the three girls that are in the class, although Sandy Petry, is a pretty hot looking chick. "When we went down into the tunnels, he had to take a few of us at a time, so he made several trips since there were twenty-two of us counting Professor Ellison. John and I managed to be in the last Nn Girl Models group to go down the shaft, along with Mary Ellen and Sue. We got the girls between him and us, and have his cock squeezes all the way down into the dark shaft. He never said a word, and when we reached the bottom, he had to walk like a duck and keep us between the rest of the group because he had a huge boner in his pants. "Professor Ellison, wanted us to explore the tunnels for Nn Girl Models samples of minerals to take back to school, so he lead one group off in one direction and the foreman took another group including John and me off in another. He soon broke us into two person teams and sent each of the teams off down different tunnels telling them what to look for. By the time he'd finished getting rid of the rest of the students, he told us he had saved the best area for us, and led the way deeper into the tunnel. We got to an underground infirmary station, they kept for emergencies. He took us in and showed us the room and thought we could have Nn Girl Models some privacy there. "John couldn't wait to get at his cock, and was soon on his knees sucking his big dick." John blushed, but was smiling. "I couldn't help myself," he said. "He had a monster in his pants. I just wanted to taste it in the worst way." "Well, the foreman wanted to strip us naked, and we soon were all going at each other like the cock sucking sluts we are, and he was getting ready to blow his wad. We were both pretty close ourselves, and wanted it to last a bit longer. We talked him into fucking us together. "I rolled a rubber down his dick, and we used some Vaseline from the infirmary's stock, to grease up. I laid down on my stomach with my knees on the floor, and my torso across a cot they had in the room. John got down on top of me so we were stacked up for him. "He didn't waste a second. He was fucking John first for a few strokes, then he pulled out and fucked me a few strokes. He kept doing that for several minutes, until he was getting close. "I suggested he prolong it a little by changing places with John, and getting in on the fuck. He pulled John off, and got on top of me, and John suited up and began fucking him first, then me then him. After a bit, we switched again, and I got to fuck him and John for a while. We sort of lost track of the time, and after a while, he said he needed to cum, and I guess we did too. we pulled off the condoms, and were standing around jacking ourselves off in a circle jerk. He shot his big load first, and it landed all over my cock and balls. John blew his load on the foreman, and then I blew on him too. He wanted us to lick him clean, and he licked his own cum off me. "After that we got dressed, and he quickly took us to a place in the mine shaft where we could take some better quality mineral samples before we were expected to rejoin the others. He kept putting his hands on our butts and cocks, and we kept groping him, and just before we got back to the meeting point at the elevator shaft, he took out a little pad and pencil and wrote his number down on a piece of paper for us. He wants to get together for some fun this weekend again. His wife's going to spend the weekend with her mother in Blythe, and he's going to have the house to himself. "We told him we could bring some others along, and he thought that might be fun." "Where does he live?" Jack was spooning Moo Goo Gai Pan onto his plate. "Globe," John said, sampling the sweet and sour pork. "Are you going to invite us along, or did you have some other guys in mind." Dale grinned at his dad. "Now who else would we invite?" "Maybe Bill can Nn Girl Models get the day off," Danny said, picking up a fried wonton and dipping it in hot mustard and duck sauce. "That would be nice," John said. "Maybe we can get to know him better. That is if you can bring yourself to share his ass around." Danny flipped the sticky wonton at him, but the grin on his face, showed he was up to the ribbing. After dinner, we settled down to a game of Monopoly, that lasted until bed time. Danny stayed up, to pick up Bill after work, and the rest of us toddled off to bed. John and Dale slipped into the bed with Jack and I, and we had a snuggle with them for a few minutes before they went to their own room. "I've been thinking," I said, rolling over and putting my arm across Jack's chest. "Yeah?" "We're going to have to Nn Girl Models do something about another bed for Danny. He's not going to want to keep sleeping between us if he brings Bill home every night. "I guess you're right," He yawned deeply, and rubbed his tired eyes with a thumb and forefinger. "Any ideas how we can manage it?" "Actually I have. The workroom out back is almost a private apartment. It has it's own toilet, and sink and shower, so if we clean out the stuff stored there, and paint it and fix it up with some nice furniture, and lamps, he could have his own room." "No bad. Of course it will be outside the house." "If he doesn't like that, we can have a door cut through the wall into the den. They share a common wall." "Lets look at it, and figure what it would cost to do." He yawned again, and then leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. "I think he'd like the privacy." "Maybe." A little before midnight, I heard the front door open and close, as Danny went to pick up Bill. I wondered how they were going to deal with Bill's parents. From what I gathered from Danny's comments, they had some pretty stiff expectations of their son, and he wasn't going to be able to fulfill them. I could see trouble brewing on Danny's horizon, and lay there in the dark, listening to Jack's even breathing beside me and pondered ideas that might smooth the way for the two boys if they truly were in love. I couldn't help but worry about the blowup I could picture in my minds eye. So many elements brought to mind, my own experiences with my parents, and my first love. Maybe since Danny and Bill were virtually identical in age, would make it an easier pill to swallow. In my instance, when my dad had discovered my lover Michael was eighteen years my senior, he tried to have him prosecuted. It was an ugly scene and it tore our family apart to the point that my father never spoke to me again, and died a bitter alienated man. My mother never spoke a civil tongue to me afterwards, and although she's still alive, we hardly acknowledge each other anymore. The anger was over the fact that my parents thought Michael, had led me astray because of my youth, and while I was led off the beaten breeder path, I did it to myself with my need for cock. If anything, Michael was as surprised as my parents that he's been chosen as a love object by an eighteen year old buy, who had no idea about homosex. I was blessed that he accepted me, and loved me as he did, because he put my strained and confused life in order in the few years we had before he died of complications after surgery to remove his gall bladder. He'd set me free of my fears by then, and after he was gone, I knew who I was and what I wanted of life. I've never looked back, and have always used my ability to help other young men along this same difficult path. These were my thoughts until I drifted back to sleep, waiting for Danny and Bill to get home again.End

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