Related article: Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 21:35:05 +0000 From: Jacob Latson Subject: Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 10Disclaimer:This story will describe the life of John Miller from his time as a divorced man who has been devastated by the divorce and turn it into a new life of wealth. This story will include descriptions of male sex, including M/M, M/T, M/b, T/b and b/b. If stories involving sex between consenting males of all ages, including mainly gay sex, offends you, go back to the Archives and pick a different story for your reading pleasure.There has been minimal research for this story therefore, names, places, and events are mostly fictitious and similarities to real life are coincidental.Some companies and organizations mentioned actually exist, but references to the activities, policies, programs and procedures are fictitious. This story will include references to the United States government, the FBI, CIA and other agencies. Any references are purely fictional, and only used to develop the plot and characters. I hope that you are enjoying my story and again thank Bill for his editing skills.I'll be going on vacation, so there will be a pause in posting new chapters. Please stick with me. The story will Pussy Underage continue after I take a break.Agony & EcstasyChapter 10Immense Wealth and ChallengesJohn returned to his mansion and listened to his security officers complain about a lapse in his personal security while he was with Philippe. Carl Hammond was the most vocal in complaining that John had missed several phone calls while he was with Philippe, and expressed his frustration that John hadn't answered the calls."I'm going to throw this phone in the ocean!" John said to Carl. "I hate cell phones, and I don't care if I missed a call. Who called me, and how did you know that I missed a call?"Carl was trapped! He tried to explain, but his feeble answers told John that his security officers were worthless! John wondered who was in his company that wanted him to mess up and divulge secret information during his conversation with Philippe. He was on full alert during the evening meal in the exotic tree house, and the cocktail party after the meal of red snapper, lobster, and all of the trimmings. He had taught the bartender how to prepare his special recipe of Manhattans, and was pleased that the beautiful woman had duplicated his favorite drink."What do you mean that he didn't grab a girl or boy?" the man asked. "I told you to strip those kids bare so he could see the pussies or dicks! No man in the world could resist a tight cunt and hard tits, or a hairless cock! Get a girl, strip her nude and shove her in his room! If that doesn't work, send in a nude boy! He's drunk, and he'll fuck one of them and then we'll have him by the balls!""He locked his door," Carl Hammond replied. "That fucking nigger is up to something! Philippe took John to his office, and the phone went dead. I bet that the nigger knows that we're taping everything, and we don't have shit on him!""Stick with him and get those Swiss account numbers and access codes or you're fired!" the voice said. "He'll use the cell phone or computer sooner or later, and then we'll have his ass!"John woke up the next morning to a knock on his door. His brain was kicking Pussy Underage his ass for drinking so many of the tropical drinks and his own recipe for Manhattans, and he wished that he could sleep. He listened to the incessant knocking, and finally extracted himself from the bed to go to the door."I have coffee and pastries for you," Leoni said when John had opened the door. "I apologize for waking you, but Mr. Ducharme said that you need to get ready for the meeting. Please don't be angry with me!""Thank you, Leoni," John said. "Just put the breakfast on the table and I'll take a fast shower. Please tell Mr. Ducharme that I'll be ready in about 30 minutes."John was dressed in casual clothes that were appropriate for a tropical environment, and got inside the limo with his four security officers. He could tell that all four of the men didn't seem pleased with him, but smiled and greeted all of them. He knew that he was playing in a very dangerous game of life, and decided to play along."Can you believe how those kids dress?" John asked his security officers. "I've never seen such beautiful bodies in my entire life!""I'm surprised that you didn't want one or more of them to keep you company last night," Carl Hammond said. "I'd sure like to rip the shorts off one of those boys and drill his ass!""I'd like to suck those nipples of Leoni's!" David Wilbur admitted. "I bet her pussy hair tastes like cotton candy!""You guys have to realize that those kids are underage!" John said emphatically. "Those kids are jailbait, and I sure won't touch any of them!"The security officers were pissed that John hadn't said anything that could be used to reveal his sexual interests. They all knew that their employment futures were linked to getting John to cross the line and have sex with one of the dark skinned children, and they all hoped that John would give in to temptation soon.When the limo arrived at the huge office building, John was shocked to see Betty Anderson and Martha Jenkins waiting for him. He gave both ladies hugs and kisses and expressed his shock that they were in the Bahamas."We have to be here for the board meetings," Betty said to John. "Did you enjoy the time with Philippe? Jimmy always trusted him. Did you like the house that Jimmy built? He always talked about moving here, but we love our home in Michigan.""It's a beautiful home, and Philippe's a great host," John replied. "I have to admit that I drank too much last night.""Well we Pussy Underage hope that you come back to our home soon so we can sit in the parlor together," Martha said. "We love having you make your special recipe for us and having a meal with us. Please come back home soon after all of these formalities are finished!"John lost track of the people that he met during the two board meetings. The first meeting was formal, and he listened to Betty Anderson and Martha Jenkins vote their shares of the corporation to name him as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Sea & Jungle Imports Worldwide, Ltd. He didn't understand at first when the two ladies transferred 90% of the 100 shares of corporate stock to him, but he went along with the wishes of his two aunts. The same thing happened in the board meeting for World Wide Investments, Ltd. He still didn't understand the magnitude of his new positions with the two corporations, but that would be revealed later in the day."We don't like to travel, so we're heading home now," Betty said to John. "Jimmy left us each 50% of the store, and now we've transferred 90% to you. Thomas Kendrick advised us to keep 10% for ourselves, and if anything happens to either of us, you get our stock. We both love you, and trust that you will make us proud of our decisions.""I love both of you and can't wait until you meet my family!" John said. "I promise that I'll do whatever I can to justify your trust in me!""Let us know when you'll be coming home," Martha said. "I can't wait to have cocktails in our new parlor and serve you a special meal in our new dining room!"John laughed and knew that the two ladies wanted an excuse to drink alcoholic beverages with him, and couldn't wait to bring his son, daughter-in-law and grandson to their home. His family had been expanded to include two beautiful elderly ladies, and he was determined to use his education and experience to lead their company into the future."He got the job!" Carl Hammond said on his cell phone. "Those fucking bitches just gave him the world! He's the President and CEO!""Son of a bitch!" William Tennant, Security Chief for S&JI, Ltd., Pussy Underage said. "You stick to him like glue, and find those nigger kids and shove them into his bedroom! He's going to be celebrating, and we need to record him fucking one of them!""Philippe's acting weird," Carl said. "I think he's onto us. What should we do?""With 90% of the stock, John Miller has us by the balls!" William said. "He could fuck everything up, so he's the key! The two bitches just gave away control, and now it'll be easier to get him under our control if he thinks with his dick! Shove those girls and boys into his bedroom after you get him drunk!"Philippe led John down the hall to an office that defied description! John had thought that the office in Detroit was fit for a king, but this office was larger and even more luxurious. Trophy animals were on every wall except the curved glass aquarium that was over 30 feet long. Priceless artifacts were displayed on the exotic wood tables and original oil paintings were everywhere. The floor was split bamboo, and the desk was made of tiger wood from Africa."This is your office when you come to the Bahamas," Philippe said. "My office is right next Pussy Underage door. James was a citizen of the Bahamas and had planned to move here, but his untimely death stopped that move. He loved this island and furnished the estate and our offices with some of the most beautiful and expensive decorations in the world. WWI owns the largest bank in the islands, and with your new position that means that you own 90% of the bank."John had left his cell phone in the limo, much to the displeasure of Carl Hammond and the other security guards. He wondered if it was safe to talk to Philippe, and wrote a note that said, "Can we talk honestly or is someone listening?""One of the beauties of this office is the special construction," Philippe said. The walls, ceiling and floor are made of several layers of sound absorbent materials, including lead. No one can hear what we say, even if you had that cell phone that I still suspect is bugged.""You said that this was only the first step in my new job," John began. "What did you mean?""I put together this prospectus for you to read," Philippe said. "With your control of S&J and WWI, you could choose to take an annual compensation in 10 or 11 figures! You could make Donald Trump jealous and give Bill Gates a run for his money!"John thought and realized that Philippe was telling him that he could have an annual income of billions of dollars, and he got dizzy and had to sit down."S&JI, Ltd. made $1.2 billion in profits last year from the North American Operations," Philippe offered. "S&JIWW made over $10 billion, and WWI raked in over $20 billion. I think that the IRS agents would shit their pants if they saw a tax return from you with over $28 billion dollars! Of course, you can defer any income and just let the profits accumulate for future use.""I about crapped my pants when I got a check for $20 million in Detroit!" John exclaimed. Pussy Underage "This is too much for me to comprehend!""We'll go to Island Trust today and get James Stanton's bank account switched over to your name," Philippe said. "My son, Thomas is my assistant in the Finance Department, and he'll handle your financial dealings with Island Trust. I hope that you don't mind that I hired my son for our company. James Stanton trusted Thomas and approved his hiring over 12 years ago. You have over $2 billion in Island Trust right now, and I suspect, much more in Switzerland. That's where we have to go to complete all of the transfers.""$2 BILLION!" John exclaimed. "The IRS will nail my ass to the wall!""The IRS can't touch what they can't find!" Philippe replied. "As a U.S. citizen, they can force you to pay income taxes on any earnings, even outside the country, but they can't go after your bank accounts if they don't know about them! That's why I didn't want to tell you anything with the possibility that your security officers were listening. As I mentioned before, the day before you arrived, two men went to your mansion with some metal cases. I suspect that they installed listening or video equipment in your private areas. They refused to let my security officers inside your rooms, Pussy Underage so we couldn't sweep your new home. I'm going to drug their cocktails tonight so my men can sweep the mansion. Let's see what we find, if anything!""Helen told me that I own some businesses and property in the Czech Republic," John said. "I thought that WWI owned all of the stores and properties around the world.""James Stanton fell in love with the Czech Republic and their tolerance of things that are illegal in the U.S." Philippe said. "After the collapse of the Soviet Union, countries like Poland and the Czech Republic struggled politically. James built an orphanage in the Czech Republic, but he never told me why. He spent a fortune of his own money to build the orphanage and a power generating plant for the orphanage and the small village that's nearby. He said that he was building a future home for himself, but I suspect that he was more interested in the young boys that would live there. All of the money for the orphanage came from James' personal wealth.""Have you been there?" John asked."No, and James never told me why he was so interested in building an orphanage," Philippe replied. "I know a lawyer who can handle the transfer of property and businesses in the Czech Republic for you. He works for the store in Prague, and seems anxious to meet you.""Will I ever get back to Michigan?" John asked. "It sounds like I'll be traveling all over the world! I have a family in Michigan that I don't want to be away from.""Let's take things one at a time," Philippe suggested. "Let's head for the bank and then we'll have a Mai Tai party at your island home. During that party, your security officers will be drugged so my security officers can sweep your residence. Ryan Carter was appointed as the Chief Loan Officer for WWI about six months before James Stanton died. Ryan has insisted that he meet with you at the bank. I suspect that he wants to get your signature on some loan approvals.""What do you know about Ryan?" John asked."I think that you should make up your own mind about Mr. Carter," Philippe replied. "He's been pushing hard for some loan approvals for property in the U.S., and I refused to approve the loans. Just remember that you're in charge!"John sensed that Philippe didn't like Ryan Carter. He was getting suspicious that someone in the company had control over James Stanton, and he didn't want to fall into their trap.Everything went smoothly at the bank, and John was now a billionaire! He used the bank president's office for the meeting with Ryan Carter, and his first impression was that Ryan was a total jerk!"You absolutely must sign these loan applications for our customers!" Ryan insisted. "These customers have been waiting for months to get their loans approved, and we can't wait any Pussy Underage longer. Here are the applications and the lists of properties for the loans. I assure you that everything is in order, and the loans are fully secured."John accepted the loan applications, but refused to sign them. "I want to do some checking on these loans," he said to Ryan. "Property values in the U.S. are dropping fast, and I want us to be safe. I'll let you know what I decide.""You can't wait!" Ryan insisted. "You must sign these documents today!""If they've waited months for our decisions, they can wait a little longer," John said calmly. "I won't make snap decisions without doing some checking first!"Ryan was fuming, but he realized that the new CEO was going to be a problem. He grumbled, but left the documents with John and stormed out of the bank."You just lit a fire in his ass!" Philippe joked. "I love it!"John looked at the loan applications, but didn't recognize the names of the development companies. His experience in management told him that something wasn't right when he had been pressured into signing, and his hunches were usually correct!When John and Philippe returned to the island mansion, John asked if he could use a phone in Philippe's office. Philippe was gracious in letting John use his office phone, knowing that the line was secure."Hello," the man said."Taylor, this is John Miller calling," John said to Taylor Coleman, the private investigator that Bobby Goldman had used during his divorce from Margaret."Hi John," Taylor began. "What can I do for you? You aren't married again so fast are you?""Nothing like that," John laughed. "I need you to do some research for me. I need information on six development companies who have loan applications with a bank that I'm dealing with in the Bahamas. I also need a recommendation on a security company that can provide bodyguards and business security.""My caller I.D. says that you're calling from S&JIWW," Taylor said. "I don't recognize the name of that company, but I'll be happy to help you. It might take some time if the companies are shady, because they might hide who really owns them.""I need this information within a week," John said. "Give me an estimate of your fee for expediting my request.""How does $2,000 sound?" Taylor asked. He knew that John Miller was broke and struggling to keep his home on Long Lake, and couldn't believe that the man had $500, let alone $2,000.""Hang on," John said. He covered the phone, turned to Philippe and asked his new friend to handle a wire transfer to Taylor Coleman for $10,000. Philippe took the phone and wrote down the bank routing numbers and promised that $10,000 would be deposited immediately.After Philippe finished talking to Taylor, John continued his phone conversation."What about the security company?" John asked."You just blew my doors off with 5 times what I asked for," Taylor laughed. "Now I owe you a big favor, so I'll tell you that Blackhawk Security is the best of the best when it comes to security companies. I know the owner, Donald Cassidy personally. Don has over 200 men and women at his disposal, and they're the best, but very expensive. What kind of security are you asking about?""I need some experts in sniffing out bugging devices, qualified bodyguards, and business security officers that can be trusted," John replied. "I want you to keep this request a secret.""Don provides bodyguards for some of Hollywood's most successful entertainers and stars," Taylor replied. "He has people with the best surveillance skills in the country. By the way, Don wants to retire and Blackhawk Security's for sale if your friend is interested."John wrote down the telephone number for Donald Cassidy, and was forming a plan in his mind. He thanked Taylor and repeated his request to keep their phone call private."What are you plotting?" Philippe asked after John's call ended."My father taught me to avoid making an important decision before I know all of the facts," John said. "When I was in Detroit, two men were pushing me to recommend moving the NAO Headquarters to Chicago, and to build five new stores. It might just be a coincidence, but Ryan gave me six loan applications for the Pussy Underage same six cities.""Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Jenkins told me that you'd make a fantastic CEO, and now I see why!" Philippe replied. "You have an analytical mind, and your business education will now be put to great use!""Let's go to the Mai Tai party," John said.Later that evening, John wasn't surprised when the four security Pussy Underage officers accepted the spiked drinks from Leoni. The beautiful girl had both of her beautiful breasts exposed, and the men were horny and fondled the firm breasts at every opportunity."My men found a video camera in your bedroom and microphones in every room in your mansion," Philippe whispered to John. "They traced the wireless feeds into the rooms that your security men are using. I suggest that you stay at my home tonight, and we can leave early in the morning to head for Switzerland. By the time that your security officers wake up, we'll be gone!"John agreed and saw Philippe's men carry his security officers to their rooms. Pussy Underage All four men were unconscious, and he was pissed at all of them. "What am I getting into?" he asked himself silently.William Tennant, Security Chief for S&JI, Ltd. in Detroit was furious when he got the phone call from Carl Hammond. "What the fuck do you mean that he's gone?" William demanded. "Where did he go? Why didn't you stop him?"Carl didn't want to confess to his boss that he and his fellow security officers had been drinking at the Mai Tai party, and had passed out. He stammered and stuttered, and knew that he and his men were in big trouble.The Gulfstream 5 Jet lifted off the runway at the Nassau Airport for the flight to La Guardia Airport in New York. John took a nap during the flight and took Philippe's advice to leave his Beretta and shoulder holster in the plane. After arriving at the private hangar, John was impressed to see a Boeing 737 waiting for his arrival. The private plane was decorated with a beautiful mural of jungle animals, and the interior was as beautiful as the elegant offices that he could now call his own. The flight to Amsterdam was fantastic, with gourmet meals and a constant flow of all types of beverages.When they arrived in Amsterdam, a limo was waiting for them at the airport. They cleared customs and Philippe instructed the driver to drive to an Oceanside villa."WWI owns this entire resort," Philippe said. "My security officers will sweep the rooms, but I don't expect them to find anything. WWI has excellent security teams in every major country in the world where we have our operations. When you have time, you'll enjoy the hospitality of our resorts and the employees who make sure that you have a pleasant visit. This is a business trip, but I can arrange for some `companionship' if you're interested.""Let's keep this trip strictly business," John replied. "I'm tired from that long flight, and all that I want is a hot shower and a warm bed!"Philippe laughed and suggested that they sample the local cuisine in a remote restaurant that was unknown to most travelers. John showered and enjoyed another gourmet meal that was sure to add inches to his waistline. The Pussy Underage seven-course meal was fantastic, and the different wines with each course were excellent. For a man who had purchased only the cheapest cuts of meat to save money, John was overwhelmed by the taste of the finest food in the world!The 737 took the men to Zurich, Switzerland. Their arrival at the airport caused some excitement when the airport officials learned that executives from WWI had arrived. The unique murals on the sides of the 737 attracted a lot of attention from the airport workers and the people taking flights with the regular airlines. The airport officials treated John and Philippe like royalty, and had a limo waiting to take the men to the banking district.The banks were spectacular! It was obvious to John that each of the five banks had been carefully selected by James Stanton to keep his fortunes safe. Security defied description! At each bank, Philippe and John had to use their handprints and optical scans before they were admitted to the special vaults and offices of the most trusted officials.John had listened to Philippe describe how James Stanton had designated him to be a "transfer agent" in case of his death. John had the account numbers and access codes from the CD that Aunt Betty and Aunt Martha had given him, but he never dreamed that the information would be so valuable. At each bank he entered the critical numbers before Philippe's hand and right eye were scanned. Philippe left the room to let John access his new accounts, enter new passwords, and have his handprint and eye scan added to the account security.At the ACB Export Bank, John was told that he had a safety deposit box that he could examine. He went past a large steel door and accepted a key from the Vice President of the bank. He went past a room filled with safety deposit boxes and went into a private room deep inside the exclusive bank. A series of computers brought a large metal box to the table, and John and the Vice President put in their keys to unlock the box. The Vice President left, and John opened the box. Inside he found $50 million dollars in U.S. currency and another 100 million in Euros. He opened a black velvet case and was shocked to see hundreds of flawless, one-carat diamonds! Another case held diamonds that were much larger, and John was dizzy with the knowledge that they were all his! He looked at the documents for each case and realized that the father and grandfather of James Stanton had collected the gems to provide financial security in the event of war or inflation. One case caught John's attention. On the outside, the case had a label that said "Star of Arabia" and inside was a diamond so large that it looked fake! The document said that the stone was a flawless diamond of pure white clarity and weighed 76 carats! Another case contained uncut diamonds, and most of them were huge! One diamond looked to be over 100 carats, and several were over what John guessed would be 20 carats.John took 10,000 Euros out of the box before locking it and pushing the button to notify the Vice President that he was finished. He was shaking with excitement when he shook the man's hand and thanked him for his excellent service.By the time John had visited all five banks, he was reeling with the knowledge that he now had control of over $55 billion, not to mention the value of the diamonds! For a man who had struggled to make his mortgage payments on a simple home in Michigan, this was too much to comprehend!"You look like you've seen a ghost!" Philippe teased John. "I never knew how much money that James and his father had earned when they owned our company, but I can see that you're overwhelmed. Just remember one thing. With immense wealth comes immense responsibilities!""A week ago I wasn't able to buy a clothes dryer!" John admitted. "Now I could buy the entire Maytag Company!""Let's go celebrate!" Philippe said. "I know a beautiful restaurant with the best food in the world!""Just so you know," John began. "I left you as my transfer agent. If anything happens to me, my son, Johnny gets everything. I have a will on file with my attorney, Robert Goldman in Detroit. I also transferred $500 million to your personal account with the ACB Export Bank."Philippe was shocked! He had never dreamed that John would be so generous with him, and he thanked John profusely."I haven't earned that from you!" Philippe said."I think that you and your son, Thomas will be very important to the future of our company," John replied. "Now I know that I can trust you!""Thank you for your kind words," Philippe replied. "I've always taught my children that honesty will be rewarded, and your generous gift is greatly appreciated. I pledge my complete honesty and loyalty to you and our company!"The rest of the week was a blur to John. He still wasn't accustomed to being given the royal treatment by everyone, and he tried to be humble. He returned to his home on Long Lake and looked around his home. The second hand furniture had to go. He wasn't surprised when he heard his doorbell ringing, and went to the door."I'm disappointed that you didn't trust my men to accompany you to Switzerland," William Tennant said when John opened the door. "It's my job to keep you safe, and I'm surprised that you're still alive! Please let my men stay with you to protect you!""I appreciate your concerns," John lied while inviting William inside his home. "I'm planning a quiet day here in my home and will visit my aunts tonight for supper.""Carl and David are outside, and I've asked them to stay with you," William said. "Do you still have your cell phone? It's very important that you carry the phone at all times!""The phone's right here," John replied. "I think that the battery went dead, so I put it on the charger. I haven't used the laptop computer yet, but I will soon."William Tennant was still pissed at his security officers, but accepted John's word that he would keep the phone and would use the computer. He knew that his men would immediately record any information from the phone and computer, and he couldn't wait to gather incriminating information on the new CEO!John talked to Carl and David and told them that he was going to visit his aunts and have supper with them. He let Carl ride with him in his Silverado truck, but told Carl that he'd go inside alone. Carl protested, but John was adamant that he didn't want to bring anyone inside that would interfere with his visit with his aunts.Betty and Martha were waiting for John, and greeted him with hugs and kisses. They were thrilled that John had returned from his trip, and insisted that he go into to the parlor for refreshments."Mr. Miller, I'm pleased to meet you," Donald Cassidy said when John got into the parlor. "Your two aunts are excellent hostesses, and they insisted that I try your recipe for Manhattans. Please join us!"John was excited about the meeting with the owner of Blackhawk Security, and accepted a drink from Aunt Martha."Do you want us to leave you alone?" Betty asked. "I know that you have some important things to discuss with Donnie.""I haven't been called Donnie since I was a teenager!" Donald Cassidy laughed."I think that you should hear what we talk about," John said. "I asked Mr. Cassidy to come here to discuss some very serious issues that affect our company."Betty and Martha were thrilled that they would be included in this important discussion, and they refilled their glasses before sitting down to listen to John."I have some serious concerns about our company," John began. "I think that the cell phone that I just left in my truck has been bugged. When I was in the Bahamas, my home had video and listening devices installed by the men who are supposed to protect me. I suspect that my home on Peninsular Drive has been bugged, along with my office at the NAO Headquarters.""Taylor Coleman and I have worked together before," Don said. "He told me that you or a man named Philippe had hired him to do some research. I have total trust in Taylor, and Philippe transferred a great deal of money to my business account. Tell me what you want me to do, and I'll make it happen!""These two wonderful ladies have appointed me as the President and CEO of the Sea & Jungle Imports, Limited, Sea & Jungle Imports World Wide Operations, and World Wide Investments, Limited." John said."HOLY SHIT!" Don exclaimed before apologizing for cussing in front of the two elderly ladies.Betty and Martha laughed and admitted that they used even worse language when they were alone."My status won't be announced to the public for a few months," John began. "Until that time, I want you to provide me some services. You come highly recommended, and I'm considering your offer to buy your company and make your people associates of S&JI. Right now, I want a team of men to accompany me to the Detroit Headquarters to sweep my office, cell phone and laptop computer. I want to know who's listening to my private conversations!""How many people do you need right now?" Don asked. "I have 235 people on my payroll, and I can free up about 25 immediately.""25 is great!" John replied. He then described his plans for his return to the S&JI NAO Headquarters on the following day.John and Don were treated to a fantastic supper of fried chicken, dumplings, green bean casserole and warm apple pie before John left. Shit was going to hit the fan!When John left his home the next morning, Carl was upset that John wouldn't let him ride in the Silverado. Carl was shocked when John met two men in a black Mercedes at a donut shop, and quickly called his boss to complain. William Tennant was pissed, but decided to wait for John to arrive at his office to express his anger."The men in the Mercedes are with me," John said to the guard at the gate. "Please let them pass without signing in.""All visitors have to sign in!" Trevor Adkins said."Not if I say they're with me!" John insisted.Trevor Adkins was upset, and let the Mercedes pass through the gate, but he immediately called William Tennant.When John arrived at the lobby, he walked past the security checkpoint and told the security officer that the two men were with him and that the men would bypass the metal detectors."All visitors must go through the scanner and open their cases for my inspection!" Larry Mason insisted."Follow me!" John said to Matt Steel and Chris Miller. He led the men past the scanner and into the glass elevator."Jesus!" Chris said. "I've never seen anything like your lobby! Is this place for real?""It's real and it's even better when you see my office!" John replied. He pointed to his cell phone to remind his two guests that everything was probably being recorded, and the men just nodded their understanding.When they got to the 12th floor, Helen Baxter was waiting for John."Welcome home!" Helen said. "I see that we have guests! My name's Helen Baxter, and I'm the Administrative Assistant to Mr. Miller!""Helen, we'll be in my office for a while, and then I need some help from you," John said while he handed Helen a note.Helen read the note and realized that something major was going to happen at the NAO Headquarters. She'd been working long hours to keep the company running, and wanted to be a part of what she hoped would be some major changes in the company that she loved.John led the two men into his office, and immediately turned on a tape recorder that had been concealed in his briefcase. The recorder played a description of the artifacts and valuable paintings in the office, while Chris opened his metal case, put on earphones, and began scanning the office.When Chris discovered the video camera, he motioned to John, who put a book in front of the camera lens. He continued sweeping the office and found microphones under the desk, in the bookcase and even in the conference room.John had been briefed on how the two experts would examine his office, and motioned Pussy Underage for the men to leave with him. Chris followed the electronic signature out of the office and down the hallway. When he got in front of the Security Office, he motioned to John that he knew where the listening device was located.John didn't waste any time opening the door to William Tennant's office, where he found his Chief of Security listening to the recording that was still playing in his office.William Tennant looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a speeding truck when John opened the door to his office. He was caught, and tried to shut down the recording device on his desk.John, Chris and Matt clearly heard the tape recorded conversation from John's office that was now playing in the recorder on William Tennant's desk."I think you have some explaining to do," John said calmly. "Why would my Security Chief be interested in my private conversations in my office?"William Tennant was caught, and he was at a loss for words to explain how and why he was listening to the conversation in the CEO's office!Helen Baxter came into the office and said, "The men that you asked me to bring into the building are here! What's going on?""William Tennant and every security officer for this building are now fired!" John said emphatically. "I want every security officer escorted out of this building, and I want their uniforms, cell phones and computers confiscated! This company needs an enema, and I'm going to flush the shit out of here!"Helen Baxter was shocked, but she watched the visitors come into the office of the Security Chief and physically remove him. She looked out into the open office area and saw other visitors pulling S&JI security officers out of their chairs and pushing them towards the elevators.The entire NAO Headquarters was alive with rumors and actual descriptions of the purge of security officers! Everyone was in shock, and regular business transactions came to a complete halt during the altercations."Thanks for helping me," John said to Helen. "Please call an immediate Staff Meeting so I can explain what we just did.""I was hoping that you'd realize that our company's in trouble, but I never expected you to kick ass so fast! God, I love this place!"Helen went to her office and wasn't surprised when her phone was ringing constantly with her friends asking about the purge. She asked them for help in calling the emergency Staff Meeting, and got everyone organized quickly. She was very excited that John had moved so quickly and fired the security chief and staff. She suspected that Bill Tennant hadn't been operating alone, and had her suspicions about who the other people were.During the emergency Staff Meeting, John explained to his department heads what had transpired and why. He saw some very pissed faces in the conference room, and knew that his job wasn't going to get any easier."Donald Cassidy will be the temporary Chief of Security for our company," John said. "Blackhawk Security has some excellent resources, and I want all of you to give the Blackhawk people your COMPLETE cooperation! Every office will be examined for bugging devices and every part of our building will be evaluated to determine if we have any other security issues to resolve.""What if they search our computers?" Glen Young, Personnel Director asked Jacob Coleman, Financial Manager, after the Staff Meeting ended."Copy any incriminating files and delete them from your computer," Jacob whispered. "We can't take any chances with this shithead! Ryan Carter called me and said that John isn't cooperating. We're in deep shit right now!"Helen Baxter had already sent out classified ads to find a travel assistant for John Miller, and now knew that more new security officers would be needed. She was energized by the changes and took on a new challenge to find qualified people for the company.Note from the author:Maybe you didn't read the note at the beginning of this chapter that I will be on vacation for 3 weeks. If you need reading material, why not check out some of my previous stories that were posted on the Nifty Archives.Previous StoriesTitle Nifty Archive Last DateWashington Academy BiSexual/High School Jan. 11, 2007CJ Gay/College Oct. 28, 2004Brad Martin Gay/Adult Youth March 10, 2002Land of Charta Gay/Adult Youth Feb. 15, 2002Adam and Even More Gay/Adult Youth March 12, 2002Christopher Robin Gay/Adult Youth Feb. 6, 2002Life of Brad Gay/Camping Nov. 30, 1998 (this story was when I was using a different author name)Stay tuned!!! Feedback is appreciated to Jacob_latsonhotmail.com

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