Related article: Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 17:13:50 +0000 From: Jo Vincent Subject: Aladdin's Awakening: Part 18Usual Disclaimer: If you are not of an age to read this because of the laws of your country or district please desist. If you are a bigot or prod-nosed fundamentalist of any persuasion find your monkey-spanking literature elsewhere and keep your predilections and opinions to yourself. Everyone else welcome and comments more than welcome.This is a very long tale. It unfolds over a good number of years. What is true, is true: what is not is otherwise. If you have trouble with the English educational system let me know. A dramatis personae will follow after a few installments - there are a lot of characters! ALADDIN'S AWAKENING Hussyfan Pics Torrents By Joel Chapter 9: Continued... * Wednesday October 27th 1943I untwined my hand and reached for my watch. It was just past six thirty. It was my turn to be up bright and cheerful. I clambered out Hussyfan Pics Torrents of bed and went across to the window - gosh, the radiator was hot, no wonder the room was lovely and warm. It looked a rather grey, uninviting day. I peeked down at my cock, it stung slightly at the end where the skin was still back. With a bit of an effort I rolled the skin back over, remembering to moisten the tip first. It still hurt a bit when I went to the bathroom and had a pee and managed to roll the skin back and over again, quite a triumph. Then I had a good wash making sure I scoured thoroughly under my arms in case I smelled sweaty after last night! I had just finished dressing and was standing at the side of the bed when Matt opened an eye. "Morning, Jacko. I did sleep well, did you?" I said I had and made some remark about some people needing plenty of sleep after heavy exercise. "Well, I did work hard yesterday pushing that barrow to and fro. It's quite a way to that cellar!" I grinned at him, "You know what I mean!" He laughed, "That's not hard work, that's pleasure, isn't it?" He crawled out of bed and stood facing me showing off his semi-erect prick. "Come on, let's go to the bathroom. Would you do it to me again now?" My cock was a trifle sore after the triple comings of the previous night but he was obviously raring to go, or, rather come, even though he had beaten me with the extra one yesterday morning. I grinned again, "Oh, come on then, must keep your score up, eh? Four yesterday, how many today?" He grinned back at me, "That's stamina, that is!" He insisted on standing so he could see himself in the mirror while I tossed him off and seemed rather surprised when I said I would wait until the evening. Then, while he had a bath I went back into the bedroom to explore the cupboards. There were quite a few old school books and books for boys in one of them but the most interesting things were in the cardboard boxes. Mrs Crossley said she never threw anything away and it was true. I found lots of old school clothes including some of the long shorts in the photos. Everything was marked PAGC so they were pretty old but in good condition. I was just unfolding a rather ornate green school cap with a tassel on it when Matt came through from the bathroom and wanted to know what I was doing. I told him and showed him the cap and put it on. "Hey, Jacko, that's the one he's got on in the photo over there, isn't it? It's not an ordinary school cap like ours, is it?" We went over to the serried rows of photos and Matt quickly found the one and pointed at Piers standing with another lad also wearing a similar cap. "It's that one there. And that's the boy in the other photo, Hon Pike or something. What's the cap for, d'you know?" "I don't know. It's got '1st XV 1917' written inside. I suppose it's for being in the First Fifteen like it says. And the Honourable got one as well." Matt turned and looked at it on my head. "It's a bit big for you and anyway you're not in the First Fifteen yet, but it looks good! Let me try it." I handed the cap over. His head was a bit bigger than mine and it fitted him better. I held the box out to him. "Come on, it's nearly breakfast time, wrap it up again and put it back in here. We can ask Aunt Mary or Miss P at breakfast and we can have a good look at all the things later 'cause I found those long shorts as well in another box." Just then the bell rang so we scurried around making the bed and tidying up before sauntering downstairs ready for breakfast. Bran was waiting for us at the kitchen door and greeted us by wanting to shake paws. The more I saw of that dog the more uncanny I thought he was. As we sat down at the table he went over to the door and lay down beside it. Miss P came through from the Hussyfan Pics Torrents scullery and told us to start. As usual, eggs again. I winked at Matt across the table and he was about to say something when Bran jumped up and pushed the door open and bounded out making the loudest barks I had ever heard. We both got up and rushed to the door to see a soldier coming into the courtyard on a bicycle. He had three stripes so he must be Sergeant Higgs. Bran stood in front of the door and gave half a dozen more barks while the unwelcome visitor got off his bike and stood by it some ten or so yards away. He saw us and frowned then barked himself. "You boys, tell Mrs. Crossley I would like to see her." No 'please', it was an order. I took an immediate dislike to him. I stood still but Matt turned and went indoors. While he was gone Sergeant Higgs continued to address me in a most unfriendly tone. "You two have been fraternizing with the prisoners, haven't you? Talking to them in their own lingo, eh? It's not allowed under Regulations, it gives them ideas!" This diatribe was cut short with the appearance behind me of Mrs Crossley flanked by Miss Pike. "What's the matter, Sergeant Higgs?" His demeanour changed and he became quite obsequious, "Nothing, ma'am, just reporting that the prisoners will be here at eight as usual." "Oh, you mean Herr Vogel and Hans. They are very good and Hussyfan Pics Torrents the boys have been helping them with the wood store." I could see he was seething with rage and Miss Pike took up this conversation at a distance, "Hallo, Sergeant Higgs, how is your German getting on. Do you manage to understand what they are saying yet? I'm sure Jacko here would be willing to help you if you need any assistance. He's quite fluent." Sergeant Higgs was going rather red in the face but merely said he would report back to the Major that all was satisfactory, turned on his heel and rode off to a single bark from Bran as he turned the corner. "We heard what that obnoxious little man said to you, Jacko," Miss Pike said with a great smile, "You can tell no one likes him, even Bran detests him. Don't worry, we know all about Sergeant Higgs and he has to watch his P's and Q's with us and you are not to take any notice of what he says. He's only jealous because he can't understand German at all." We went back inside and as we ate breakfast I took the opportunity to ask Miss P about the cap and photo. It turned out that the Honourable James Pike was Miss P's brother, she was a few years older than him and she was really the Honourable Miss P! Their father, who was very old was a lord something or other and the Hon James would inherit the title when he died. Apparently, James and Piers had been great friends although James was a year older than Piers but always spent a lot of time in the school holidays at Ulvescott because he didn't get on with his father. He and Piers always shared the room so that was why Mrs Crossley had put us in pairs. It turned out the caps were awarded each year to the best players and they had won their caps in successive years and were very proud of them. After breakfast Mrs Crossley said that she wanted Hans to bring some carpets down from the unused rooms and would we show him where they were and then tell him to hang them over lines near the stables as one of the girls was going to give them a beating. She also needed Herr Vogel to look at a leaking gutter and wanted to know if one of the POW's could mend it. A gentle rap was heard on the back door. Bran raised his head as Miss P went to it. There on the door step were Herr Vogel and Hans. Miss P beckoned them in and said in very correct French that they should sit down and have some tea. As they did this she turned and winked at me. "You're turn, Jacko!" I explained to them as best I could what Aunt Mary wanted. I did get stuck on 'leaking gutter' but Herr Vogel knew what I wanted to say and corrected me very patiently. He disappeared off with Miss P to go up on the roof and Aunt Mary gave me a piece of paper with the list of rooms and which carpets to find. Matt and I led Hans through to the hallway and up the stairs. He said he'd never been really inside the house before which was very big. We showed him our bedroom and the 'Horse-box' which amused him and he was most impressed with the bathroom. We helped him roll up the carpets and although they were immensely heavy he managed to get them downstairs one by one and onto the lines. Then we went back to our previous tasks. I fetched and carried large pieces of wood for Hans to saw and chop and Matt barrowed them to the top of the cellar stairs where they were tipped before we stacked them down below. We knocked off at twelve and as we turned the corner of the stable we were met by the sight of Elizabeth vigorously attacking a suspended carpet with a carpet beater. A thought struck me. I poked Matt in the ribs and whispered, "Hey, Matt! I bet you don't know the difference between a carpet and a good wank, d'you?" He giggled, "You fool, I can guess that one!" "Shush, she'll hear you!" At that moment Elizabeth stopped and turned, "Hallo you two, you look pleased with yourselves. I hear you're improving your languages. And what about the other two? They'll get wet tonight, it's going to rain later." To tell the truth no one had mentioned Tony or Roo this morning with all the happenings. We said we'd met Sergeant Higgs and the look on Elizabeth's face showed she had the same opinion. We also admitted we hadn't any news of the others, in fact they had slipped our minds. She laughed and said they were being tracked round and should be in for a surprise tonight but she wouldn't tell us what it would be. Also, did we know it was Miss P's birthday on Friday and there was going to be a special dinner? We said we didn't know but it sounded good. After lunch we went back to our tasks and then about three Elizabeth came to say the carpets were ready and that tea would be ready at four. Hans said we could leave the wood chopping until the next day if Matt would take the rest to the cellar. Hans and I went off to take the carpets back which didn't take long. After the last one had been unrolled in its rightful place I said to Hans I was going to have a wash before tea as I was fairly dirty. He followed me into the bathroom and was looking around so I asked him if he wanted a wash. He said he would really like a bath as he hadn't had a proper bath for a long time. I said if he hurried it would be alright and while he was undressing put the plug in and turned the taps on. He was only wearing a shirt and loose army issue fatigues and he was in the bath in no time. While he was washing I told him about the encounter with Sergeant Higgs that morning and he said he was a nasty type who was always trying to get the POWs in trouble but they liked the Herr Major and all the Privates. When he had finished I handed him a towel as he stood up so I had a very close look at him. I had already noticed how blond the hair was under his arms, almost as fair as that on his head. His strong arms were matched by very muscly looking legs and these were absolutely covered with tight curls of blond hair. This ran up from his thighs to form a wiry golden tuft around his cock. His dong was not all that long, but broad, and his knob end was covered in a thick wrinkled skin. Matt's guess was right, his balls were massive. They hung loosely quite a way below his dick and they were also covered in very wrinkly skin and a fuzz of light hair. He spotted me looking intently at his equipment and asked lightly in German. "You think I'm a big boy, eh? Like you, eh?" I shook my head and replied, "I'm not so old as you, yet!" He grinned, "Ach, you will be, you've big strong arms now with all that work!" He shook his hips as he stepped out of the bath, "And you'll be big down there as well, my friend, before long, eh?" "I hope so, just like you!" He grinned again and put Hussyfan Pics Torrents his clothes on. "Come along, Jacko, it will be time for English tea now!" When we got down to the kitchen Matt and Herr Vogel were already sitting at the table with another German, a stocky Hussyfan Pics Torrents man who turned out to be an expert gutter fixer. Matt was being rehearsed in past tenses of verbs. I was impressed, even though my French was better than his he was rattling through quite expertly and I had to think hard to keep up. The other German asked Hans what we'd been doing and he told me to explain, which I did. I could see that I had made an impression as well and we chatted on while Mrs Brown brought in two large pots of tea and I heard her making remarks to Miss P in the scullery about 'them boys and they heathen tongues'. The three POWs said their goodbyes just before five so Matt and I went up to get changed ready for dinner, as we had now learned to call the evening meal. Matt wanted a bath so I joined him and while splashing around I told him about Hans and that he was quite right in his assumptions! "Cor, why didn't you say you were coming up here! I would have come as well." I pointed out he knew we were going to replace the carpets, what happened after that was just unexpected. "You lucky tyke, I wouldn't have minded seeing what he'd got as well! Tell me about him again! How big was his thing?" My description only left Matt and, I must admit, me, in a rather wanton state. Matt eyed my erection. "Come on, Jacko, let's do it now, like we did yesterday, in the bath, eh?" I was ready for anything and lay back with most of my cock submerged and a halo of bubbles around it as he thrashed away. My knob was sticking right out after about the third pull down and I came with a fine flurry of spunk and soap bubbles pretty quickly. Second time today for Matt and he didn't take long to come either. I made a great lather around him as I jerked him off and said he looked like Neptune with his trident in the foam. He started to laugh and came at the same time which was very funny. We rinsed ourselves and then dried each other off before parading back to Piers' room, tassels dangling and very happy. Bran was waiting at the bottom of the stairs when we went down just before six and led the way into the drawing room. "Bran wants his nightly recital, Jacko!" He sat by the piano as I played through my pieces again and then went and sat at Matt's feet while I tried out other bits from one of the books in the stool. I noticed that in one of them was the music of 'Happy Birthday' which would be useful for the celebrations and it didn't look too difficult. Two of the girls came in to dinner that evening and there was much whispering about plans for Friday when Miss P went out to fetch the pudding, or 'afters', as one of the girls called it. We had our usual read in the library and toddled off to bed about nine o'clock. As we were undressing Matt was laughing to himself. "Hey Jacko, you were put in your place when you said the dessert was good and Diana said that dessert was really fruit and nuts and that was a pudding! Got you that time, eh?" "Smug cat! She then gave me a lecture on etiquette as she called it. I could see Miss P was not very pleased. That girl's horrible, she makes me blush." "Especially when she said in that posh way, you know 'thet the proof of the pudding was in the eating!'" His imitation was perfect. I laughed, "Oh that was good, jest like her, eh? Hey, come here Matt!" He wandered round to my side of the bed, just with his underpants and socks on, looking a bit puzzled, "What d'you want?" "D'you know why I blushed when she said that?" "No?" I laughed, "'Cos I thought it should be the proof of Hussyfan Pics Torrents the pudding is in the pulling!" I made a lunge at him dragging his pants down and grabbing his cock, "Just like this, you big erk!" He was really taken by surprise and began to laugh as the quip sunk in. I gave him a shove and he fell backwards onto the bed still with me holding his swiftly enlarging chopper. "Here you are, Matt, give us some proof of your pudding!" "Christ, Jacko, you got me there. That's a good one. Did you just think it up?" "Yeah, just as that girl said it, I nearly came out with it there and then and that's why I blushed!" Needless to say we both gave further proof of our puddings before putting the lights out and dropping off to sleep that night. Twice each, in fact, for two randy and gloriously happy young lads. * Thursday morning was drear. I pulled back the curtains at half past six and the rain was pissing down. Matt was still snoring hard as I went to the bathroom and completed my ablutions. I rolled my foreskin back fairly easily when I had a pee which pleased me greatly. It was rather tight getting it back over my knob end again and my dick was still a bit sore after all the rough handling it'd had over the last few days. We hadn't talked much while dealing with our wants the night before but after, when we were lying quietly, Matt had asked what I thought about when I tossed off by myself. I didn't get a chance to answer as he went on to say that he often thought of Billy Clarke and Andy Symes, as well as Nobbo and me. Then he confessed he really thought about Tom Buchanan's older brother Duncan most. Matt said he had always wanted to do it to Duncan and just thinking of him made his prick go hard. It was a real case of hero worship as he'd admired Duncan at a distance for at least a couple of years ever since he'd seen him performing on Sports Day and had watched him play Rugby several times. Of course I had to tell him I'd jacked off Dunc's brother Tom which made him a bit jealous, I think, but then I confessed that my hero was Mike and I often thought of him. Matt wanted to know if we'd jacked off together. I said we hadn't but I wanted to and then told him about the drawing Mike had done of me so he obviously liked me. Matt said he was glad he wasn't the only one to have a hero and on that note we must have dropped off to sleep. I had to wake him up as he was still soundly snoring when I went back to get dressed. For once he wasn't rampant when he crawled out of bed and I wasn't really surprised 'cause he'd come Hussyfan Pics Torrents eleven times in the three days we'd spent together. Still, I suppose I wasn't too far behind with nine times! Tony and Roo were due back in the afternoon and we were both looking forward to seeing them to find out what they'd been doing and to tell them about our adventures. Over breakfast Mrs Crossley said she'd 'phoned Ma last evening just to let her know we were all OK. Ma had been most interested to hear that Herr Vogel had known about her father. She had given Mrs Crossley some other names to see if Herr Vogel remembered them as well and Mrs C gave me a piece of paper on Hussyfan Pics Torrents which they were written. "Now, before you go and find out I've got another errand for you to do if you will. Mrs Fry has got a piece of beef from her brother-in-law for Miss Pike's birthday dinner tomorrow, so would you go and fetch it? Mrs Fry says you probably know her nephew as he went to your school. I can't remember what his Christian name is but his surname's Chater." I was rather startled, the only Chater I knew was Big Jim and the only things I knew about him were what I had seen in my first week at school in the bogs and what Tony had told me about the summer camp. Oh, no, I also knew he'd been captain of the First XV so I was about to give this bit of information but before I started Matt said we did know him, also his name was Jim and explained about his prowess at games. "Oh, yes, that's right and I forget to say Mrs Fry told me that he's now in the army and will be going to officer training school after Christmas." We digested this snippet as well as clearing up two thick pieces of toast and marmalade before setting off to fetch the meat. Luckily the rain had stopped but Mrs Crossley said we should hurry because she expected it to start again soon. Without any prompting Bran got up and led the way. This time he didn't stop at the church gate, merely looked round when he reached it to see if we were still following. We were walking quite slowly as I was reminding Matt about Tony's adventures at camp with big Jim and all Matt could mutter was that it was enough to give him a bloody hardon. Of course, when we reached Mrs Fry's we had to hear the whole story about Big Jim from her. He was obviously the favourite nephew even though she thought her youngest sister's little boy was a good lad, if naughty at times, as well. We were also told that Mrs Fry's own son was already a captain and was somewhere overseas and she didn't know when she would be seeing him again, and her husband was a vet in the army, etc. etc. We were rather itching to leave as there were plenty of black clouds overhead but we listened politely and equally politely refused a second cup of tea saying we had to get back to finish stacking the wood. Coming out of Mrs Fry's I remembered I'd seen some rather dusty birthday cards in the Post Office so we went in and bought one for Miss P. The lady behind the counter was still mightily flummoxed by that dog, as she said. She had asked if anyone had seen it going near the churchyard but nobody had. Matt and I were also mightily flummoxed in return and all Bran could do was to sit and look intelligent, which I am sure he was. We took it in turns to carry the parcel back as the piece of beef was quite weighty and was presumably not the usual rations! We didn't ask when we delivered it safely but Mrs Crossley put her finger to her lips as we handed it to her and she took it to the pantry. It was pouring with rain again as we went round to the barn where the two POWs were working away. Herr Vogel did know some of the names and was very voluble about one in particular who had impressed him very much when he had studied French literature. I said I would tell Ma as soon as I got back. Hans said it was a pity we were going home so soon and he supposed we wouldn't be around tomorrow as our friends would be back later today. He said he would miss us very much as he had enjoyed our company and having someone to talk to. I will miss him too, he's very nice and has helped a lot with my German. Hussyfan Pics Torrents The biggest wonder is Matt. His French is so much better, even after just the last couple of days. Also, I noticed last night he was avidly pouring over a dictionary he'd found in the library. While we were having lunch the 'phone rang and Aunt Mary came back to say that because of the rain Tony and Roo were holed up in a barn and unless it stopped by tea-time they would have to spend another night away. We passed a surreptitious grin between us before making some commiserating remarks. She said they were OK, warm and dry and the vicar's wife was going to feed them this evening. I wasn't particularly missing them and I don't think Matt was either and Hans said, when we told him, that he was pleased we would be around at least the next morning. In any case I liked being with Matt, especially after working-hours! After working-hours that day we had tea then, before dinner, we bathed together and had our first wank of the day. It was very satisfying lying back in the warm water having one's rod expertly stroked by a practised hand. After I'd reciprocated we soaked for a while with Matt keeping up his usual continuous chat. He was very curious about Piers especially after what Miss P had said yesterday about how he and the Hon James spent a lot of time together. "Hey, Jacko, Miss P said they shared the room when that James stayed here. D'you think they did it to each other just like us?" I grunted an affirmative reply, "I expect they did, just like us, 'cause James was a year older then Piers, just like you and me." "I hadn't thought of that. You're Pierre, but I'm not James. My father is Robert James." He pondered for a moment then continued, "D'you think Piers would mind us having his bed and being like him and James?" This conversation, like many of Matt's, was full of odd worries. I sought to reassure him, "Of course not, I bet he and James liked a good wank just like you and me and if he's up there looking down I expect he's pleased for us." This didn't go far to reassure Matt as he glanced upwards and murmured, "I hope so." This gave me an idea so, after we got out and he was looking in the mirror to see how many more spots had erupted on his chin, I went to the bedroom and fished out Piers' cap as well as a pair of his old shorts and a shirt from one of the other boxes and popped them in the bedside cupboard on my side of the bed. When Matt came out of the bathroom I'd already finished doing this and was busily getting dressed. Just as I was tying my tie I heard a scratching sound at the door so went to open it and there was Bran with a piece of paper in his mouth. He came in and I took the paper from his mouth. As I opened it to read it Bran walked across to Matt, who was standing by the bed bollock naked, and sat in front of him looking at him intently. Poor Matt, I think he was convinced Bran had spotted a big juicy morsel for his supper and hastily put his hand down over his cock and balls. "Christ, Jacko, that dog's after me! It's all your and Roo's fault. He heard what you said at breakfast the other day. Call him off!" "Don't worry, he's alright. Hey Bran, come here!" Bran obediently came across to me and Matt took the opportunity to put his underpants on speedily. I patted Bran's head and told Matt the gist of the note as he hurriedly got dressed. "Aunt Mary wants us to go down in time to fetch some wine up from the cellar for tomorrow night and we are not to tell Miss P as it is to be a surprise." "Gosh, I wonder if we'll have any. I'm only allowed a glass of sherry at Christmas." My alcohol intake was similarly minimal. I had tried Pa's whisky once some years ago and was not impressed but, like Matt, did get a sniff at the sherry once a year. "Same here, but I'll have a try if I'm offered. Granddad always has red wine at Sunday lunch when I've stayed with them but all he does is wink at me when Grandma's not looking and pours another glass for himself." "Come on then, I'm ready now." He advanced from the safety of the side of the bed and patted Bran on the head. Bran responded by licking his hand. "He's just having a taste, Matt. Don't worry, he's probably saving you up for dinner tomorrow!" Matt very rudely stuck his tongue out at me then knelt down by Bran and stroked his ears. "You're my friend as well, eh, Bran? Like you're Jacko's friend? You don't want to eat me, eh?" Bran stuck a bit of his tongue out and drew it down Matt's cheek then rolled onto his back with his paws in the air. Matt tickled his ribs and Bran wriggled and thrashed about on the floor. "Crumbs, he's like a great puppy. I bet no one has done this to him for ages. You like it, eh, Bran?" Bran responded by wriggling free and with a bound righted himself. He shook himself and as Matt knelt by him just nudged him so he fell back, then lay on top of him licking his face. "Get off, you're crushing me!" Matt squirmed as Bran put a large paw on his chest as if he was the victor. "Tell him to get off me, Jacko! You wait till I get up I'll...." He was silenced by a tongue sloshing over his face as he struggled to get up. I called to Bran who looked at me and nonchalantly moved off Matt and came over to me. I, too, knelt down and stroked him. "No one to play with you, eh? We'll go for a run around tomorrow before the others come back." I turned to Matt, "We'd better go down and get the stuff from the cellars. Come on then, Bran!" Mrs Crossley was in the scullery when we went through from the kitchen. She gave us a set of keys, a basket and a note of the bottles to bring up from room number 3. "That should do us. There'll be eight of us for dinner so four bottles." She winked at us, "Should put everyone in a good mood, eh?" Matt was looking dubious, "Will we have some too?" "Why not, it's the best and I'll keep an eye on you, don't worry. I expect it'll be the two girls who are likely to get giggly!" She laughed, "I always believed in letting the youngsters have some wine on special occasions and it is Miss P's fiftieth birthday... and you're not to tell her you know how old she is!" Fifty, that was old! Even Pa wasn't forty yet but, of course, Granddad was very old, over sixty-five, so Miss P was in between. Musing on this I followed Matt down the cellar stairs and the mystery of at least one of the cellar rooms was solved. The key turned easily and the door opened back to show rack upon rack of carefully placed bottles of wine with each shelf labelled with the name and date. It was easy to find the wine after consulting the piece of paper and we gingerly carried the bottles back up after locating them. Gosh, everything was so carefully labelled and there were lots and lots of bottles but what got Matt was that two of the bottles we had to fetch were labelled 1928, the same year he was born. "Gosh, Jacko, there's loads down there the same year - must be special. And there's a lot in the next stack even older." We handed over the basket and went to the drawing room to wait for dinner. It was raining again so we were glad to be in the house rather than in some barn in the countryside. As there was no sign of Miss P I quietly practised Happy Birthday and then played a couple of my pieces. Bran was in his customary place by the piano as I played and when I had finished came up and licked my hand. I was getting very fond of him and he obviously liked me too. Miss P was late for dinner as she had been to Kerslake for the afternoon with one of the Land Girls. She had seen Tony's mother in a shop and had told her we were alright and had difficulty in getting away as Mrs Marcham wanted to tell her all about her mother's ailments. Dinner was good, roast chicken and apple pie and then a good read afterwards. As usual we went up to bed just after nine. I checked the bedside cupboard while Matt was in Hussyfan Pics Torrents the bathroom to make sure the things I'd put there earlier were OK. Then I stripped off before going to clean my teeth and have a pee. I told Matt to wash carefully as I didn't want stinking feet in the bed beside me. Unkindly, he flicked his towel at me, but, luckily, missed. Matt was not in bed when I returned but was checking off more of the photos on the wall. I went over and stood beside him. "There's another of Piers and James here. You see, they're holding oars. I suppose they must have been in the same rowing team." He reached down and held my prick. "D'you think they liked holding these as well? I bet they did. You know, Jacko, you look a bit like Piers here. You've got dark hair like him and the same sort of smile." He moved his hand up my belly and down again. "I wonder if he had black hair round his cock like you?" I stroked the base of his back, "Come on Matt, let's get into bed. You can tell me what you think in there." We clambered into bed and lay side by side for a couple of minutes as we nuzzled each other's lips not saying anything. "I wonder if they did this?" Matt whispered as he turned me over onto my back and slid down and began to suck my rigid cock. Whoa, I thought, whoa, don't do Hussyfan Pics Torrents it too much or I'll come right in your mouth and quickly. He stopped sucking and began to lick my shaft while pulling my skin down over my knob. It was getting easier every time now though there was a momentary twinge as it slipped past the rim. His tongue moved up and tickled the rim until I was in such a state I couldn't move. Then he began to suck it again and I went completely rigid, just like my prick. I felt the pounding in the base of my rod begin so I knew I was about to come. Luckily for him he let go and was touching my rim with the tip of his tongue as I shot my load. It was a massive load and my thighs jerked seemingly for ages as it spurted out. He leant over me and licked my stomach and chest where my come had landed. Gosh, I wondered why, I'd never thought of tasting my spunk before? I put my hands down to his head and drew him up to my head level. "Why are you doing that, Matt?" Hussyfan Pics Torrents "I just wondered what it tasted like. It's a bit sweet and salty at the same time." He touched my lower lip with his tongue and a drop of my come was transferred. I stuck out my tongue tentatively and tasted it. True, it was rather strangely sweet as well as salty. Anyway it was his turn to make stuff so I felt for his cock. As usual, it felt immensely thick in my hand. Should I do the same to him? I didn't really want to do it too long in case he shot off in my mouth. But, I thought, here goes and, after applying the towel to get rid of the rest of my own sticky come, I slowly slid down the bed at the same time touching his lips, chin, neck, chest, stomach and belly in a continuous line with my tongue. By the time I was drawing my tongue up his shaft he was well away. His thighs were pressed firmly down on the bed and when I began to suck on his still covered knob I could hear him panting deeply. As his skin rolled back I continued to suck and lick round the rim, especially on the underside where the cleft and its string of skin was. His balls had already gone hard and were drawn up tight against the base of his cock. I sucked and licked for some time until I gauged he was Hussyfan Pics Torrents nearly coming then slipped my fingers round his cock and pulled down hard a few times. I think we were equal in the amount of spunk that night. It was the most I had ever seen him shoot. As soon as he had come I copied him and took a drop or two on my tongue from his stomach. His was also sweetish, again with that second salty taste. I scooped a drop onto my finger and put it to his lips and he licked it off. "Oh, Jacko, that was wonderful!" I didn't know if he meant the wank or the spunk so repeated the process. He licked my finger again. "It tastes just like yours, doesn't it?" I nodded, wiped him with the towel and reached up for the light switch. I pulled up the bed clothes and without another word we both fell deeply asleep. * I woke up first again and was lying thinking about the previous night when I remembered the clothes in the bedside cupboard. I cautiously slipped out of bed and pulled my pillow down to give an impression I was still in bed. I carefully opened the cupboard door and stealthily took the things over to the bathroom and quietly put on the shirt, shorts and cap. I stepped round the doorway and stood just inside the room facing Matt's side of the bed. He was facing my way so I whispered, "Matt, Matt!" in as deep a voice as I could. He opened an eye, pulled down the clothes away from his face, stared, then burrowed under the clothes in a flash, making a moaning sound. I skedaddled into the bathroom and stripped off and flitted as silently as possible back to his side of the bed. "What's the matter, Matt? I was in the bathroom and I heard you moaning." A muffled voice came from under the bedclothes, "That Piers, he was standing there looking at me!" Unfortunately I giggled and the spell was broken. A sudden flurry of blankets and sheets and Matt was sitting on the edge of the bed. "You sod, it was you! Just because I said you looked like him last night!" He reached out and grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed. "I'll fucking kill you, frightening me like that!" I was both helpless with laughter and rather frightened at his temper as he straddled me and began to punch my back with a free fist while pushing my head down into the bedclothes. I struggled a bit and managed to get my head up. "Stop it, Matt, it was only a joke! I planned it before you said that last night." His anger subsided and he finished venting his ire by giving me three hefty smacks on the bum. "Gosh, Jacko, that really frightened me. I suppose we'd been talking about him so Hussyfan Pics Torrents much it was a shock when I opened my eyes. I could have sworn he'd come back to haunt!" He let go and I wriggled round. "I'm sorry I frightened you. I don't think Piers would do that. I feel he was very nice and kind and would have liked us being here." I put my arms round him and rolled both of us into the middle of the bed. "Come on Matt, we're friends, aren't we? For always, eh?" He grinned down at me, "You little bastard, Jacko. Of course we're friends. Hey, go and dress up again and let's see you properly." He gave me a shove off the bed and I went obediently into the bathroom and emerged a few moments later clad in Piers' old clothes. "Gosh, Jacko, you really do look just like him in the photo except the shorts are miles too big for you! Anyway, you look more like him than Tony." "That's 'cause I'm dark and he's fair and he's not a close relation to Piers is he?" I slipped off the shirt and shorts and folded them again and put them back in their places in the boxes in the big cupboard. Matt was looking at the cap and then wrapped it before putting it in the shoebox. "Do they have caps like that at our school, do you think?" "I've never heard of them, but perhaps they can't get them 'cause the war's on." "I wouldn't mind having one if they did. I'll have to get in the First Fifteen for that, though." "You will, I bet you will. Anyway, we'd better have a bath and get ready 'cos we've still got to help Hans and Herr Vogel this morning and then the others will be back!" "And there's a party tonight, too!" Just then there was a noise at the door. I opened it cautiously as neither of us had clothes on. It was Bran. No note today. He sauntered in and took a close look at both of us and I went over and stroked his head. "Have you come to see us, eh, Bran? Do you want to play?" I leaned over and patted his ribs. On cue he rolled onto his back and I knelt down and tickled him. He kicked about pawing the air. Matt joined in and if anyone had come in they would have seen a sight, two nude boys and a huge dog having a whale of a time with the three of us rolling on the floor and Matt and me in fits of laughter. Bran was certainly enjoying himself and finished us both off by rolling on top of us over our chests - gosh he was a weight! It was as if he realised he was a bit too heavy for us because he soon moved off and stood up looking down at us and then licked both of us on our faces. "Come on, Matt, we'd better have a quick bath, 'cause you're all sweaty now and stink!" His response was to roll over on top of me pinning me by my arms and jigging up and down on me. This set Bran off again and he started to lick at Matt's face so he had to leave go of me. As Matt rolled off me I saw Bran sweep his tongue all down Hussyfan Pics Torrents his front which gave him a great fright because he twisted to one side and clutched at his nuts. "He nearly got you then, Matt!" I chortled, but too soon as Bran did the same to me. Both of us lay there gripping our goolies while Bran sat back surveying us. "Good dog, let us up now!" I sat up and then stood up experimentally holding on with one hand and stroking Bran's head with the other. He licked my leg. "Come on, Matt, or we'll be late for breakfast!" "Gosh, I thought he was going to have an early one then!" "No, he was only playing weren't you, Bran?" Feeling confident I let go and stroked his head with both hands. "Come on, Hussyfan Pics Torrents Bran, we're going to have a bath. Want to come and watch, eh?" I led the way and put the plug in and turned the water on. Matt was now more confident that Bran had no intention of depriving him of his appendages and stepped into the bath beside me. Bran wouldn't come near the bath but watched us closely from a distance. He obviously was averse to the lure of a hot bath. Strangely, neither of us got a hardon in the bath and a morning wank wasn't mentioned. Perhaps we wondered what Bran might do. Anyway we were dressed and downstairs in very good time, Matt having remembered to address the card for Miss P and we both signed it. Aunt Mary wanted to know what all the noise was earlier coming from our room. Matt explained that Bran had visited us and had been romping around like a puppy. Aunt Mary laughed and said he had missed out on all that and was probably now making up for a lost childhood. From other intelligence received it appeared that Tony and Roo should be back by lunch time and we said we would continue helping Hans and Herr Vogel during the morning and then go and meet them at the gates.To be continued. Previous stories of mine have been published on Nifty.Spying on My Brothers: (45k: Incest Section: Apr 15 2000) Easter Rugger Tours (Dir: HS Section: Jun 10 2000) Jordan's Story (84k: HS Section: Jul 23 2000) Flip's Tale (Dir: HS Section: Apr 17 2002) Taming the 'Phobes (Dir: HS; Military: August 04 2002) Read and Enjoy.

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