Related article: Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 22:51:32 +0000 From: Jo Vincent Subject: Aladdin's Awakening: Part 25Usual Disclaimer: If you are not of an age to read this because of the laws of your country or district please desist. If you are a bigot or prod-nosed fundamentalist of any persuasion find your monkey-spanking literature elsewhere and keep your predilections and opinions to yourself. Everyone else welcome and comments more than welcome.This is a very long tale. It unfolds over a good number of years. What is true, is true: what is not is otherwise. A dramatis personae will follow after a few more installments - there are a lot of characters!I would like to wish all my readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Keep reading - keep writing! ALADDIN'S AWAKENING By Joel CHAPTER 14 December 2nd 1943The fortnight to the end of term went fairly fast. Vince was away a few more days and there were others absent the last week because of colds and even Cleggy was missing on the last day. I had strict instructions that I'd to do well in my piano exam so I practised really hard and Tim Parker came round one Tuesday and we played through our exam pieces, first. I thought I wasn't too bad but I realised he was good and he knew all the Grade 7 pieces and had begun to learn some of Grade 8. Other practising continued and Matt's, Tom's and Nobbo's performances were also good, even if Tom was a bit rough if he took the final beats too fast! As end of term approached I wondered if Roo might be a bit peeved not going to Ulvescott. Not to worry, he and Tony were going next half-term. So, Thursday morning the sixteenth of December came and, all kitted up with pullovers, overcoats, etc. etc., and carrying a bag each, we made our way to the central bus station in very good time to catch the bus to Ulvescott. Matt was chatting on, reminiscing about our previous stay and wondering what we would be doing this time. I was well aware of what his priority would be and this was very evident on the boneshaker of a bus. We sat near the back and were the only passengers after Alvescott for a couple of miles. Matt kept fidgeting about and at last turned to me. "Gosh, Jacko!" he whispered urgently, "My dick's gone all hard with all this bumping about!" I looked over and sure enough his trouser front was bulging mightily. "Well you can't do much about it here, can you?" I responded with the feeling that my dick wasn't very limp either. "It's happened before on the bus," he said with a look of anguish, "And I think Julia noticed then 'cause she had a smirk on her face when we got off." "I think it's all the vibration 'cos mine's going hard too. I remember Alun saying it happened to him as well." Our conversation had to stop as the bus drew up and three elderly ladies lumbered on. We sat in silence the rest of the way glancing down at each other's predicament. Mine subsided as we drew up in the village near the green and I managed to get off the bus without too much awkwardness. Matt was obviously still rampant as he struggled along the aisle with his bag strategically placed in front. "Ouch!" he said as he got off the step and stumbled slightly. The driver waved cheerily to us from his vantage point. "Are you OK, lads?" he called out. I went round to the side. "Yes, thanks, we're going to Ulvescott Manor." "Oh, yes, it's down the road across there. It's not far!" I said thanks again and caught up with Matt who had walked the length of the bus the other side and was heading off along the road. "I couldn't come round with this, could I?" he said exasperatedly, "The bloody thing won't go down." I giggled, "Mine has. It's your fault yours is so big!" We walked in silence until we turned the bend in the road where Matt brightened up. "It's OK now, thank goodness," he sighed. "Hey, I wonder if Bran will remember us?" He needn't have worried. As we approached the large gates I saw a nose poking through a lower rail. As we got to the gate there was Bran sitting up straight waiting by the small side gate. I undid the latch and pushed it open. Bran looked up and raised a paw. I took hold of it and shook it solemnly. Bran waited for Matt to do the same and then took me completely by surprise as he reared up, placed his paws on my shoulders and swished my face with his tongue. Matt was convulsed. "He's pleased to see you, Jacko! Eh?" Bran released me and turned to Matt and did the same to him. Matt dropped his bag in astonishment and put his hand on Bran's back to steady him. "Come on, Bran, we're glad to see you too! Let's go and see Mrs Crossley now." Bran dropped to his forepaws and came up to me and nudged the top of my leg. It was if to say 'Come on'! We followed him along the drive until we got to the steps to the front door. No going round the back for his illustrious visitors! Not to worry, the door was ajar and as I reached out to pull the bell handle the door opened wide and there was Mrs Crossley. "Hello, hello, come on in. I knew he would bring you to the front. He's been so excited all morning waiting for you to arrive. He kept coming up to me until I told him it was time." We shook hands very formally and said how kind it was for her to invite us then followed her along the corridor and into the kitchen. As we went along she continued talking. "I've put you into Piers' room. You don't mind sharing do you?" By Jove, no! I thought to myself. We both shook our heads vigorously and said we didn't. Matt poked me in the arm, horny sod! Mrs Crossley turned as we entered the kitchen. "Miss P will be in for lunch soon - just a snack and then a cup of tea at four, dinner at usual time." Mrs Brown came through from the scullery and looked pleased to see us and then Dora poked her head round but scuttled off. "Do them know about that Sergeant yet?" Mrs Brown asked. "No, I haven't told them yet, but I will," Mrs Crossley replied with a smile on her face, "It's quite a story isn't it?" Mrs Brown cackled and went out again. I heard her say something to Dora and there was a muffled clanging of pots. Mrs Crossley motioned us to sit at the table and we sat looking expectantly at her. "Well, I'd better tell you before anything else," she said and sat down on the other side of the table. "It's that Hussyfan Gallery horrible Sergeant Higgs, he's been arrested." I sat open-mouthed, I knew he was a nasty piece of work because of our meeting with him last time we were here. Mrs Crossley continued with her story. "We thought there was something fishy for a long time and then it was found he was stealing the prisoners' rations and selling them. Not much at a time because they don't have much but it mounted up" She paused and smiled again, then went on, "It's quite funny because it was Bran who set it all off. He followed Higgs to the gate one day and he was trying to ride that bicycle of his so fast he fell off as he got there. It so happened that Constable Chambers was just in the road at that moment and saw him fall off and went to help him. Apparently Bran barked and was nosing a parcel that Higgs had dropped and Chambers picked it up and found it was some food. Of course, he wanted to know where it had come from and Higgs said I had given it to him so Chambers, suspecting something, came to check. Bran wouldn't let Higgs get away and Chambers said he would have him in the police force any day! So, Higgs is under arrest in the army camp and the POWs are very pleased because they now get more food." Matt said he hadn't liked Sergeant Higgs that day we met him and serve him right. I nodded in agreement and patted Bran on the head. "PC Bran, I suppose!" Quite a story and interrupted by a clatter as Miss P noisily opened the back door and came in bearing three dead, plucked chickens by their legs. "Hello, boys, can't shake hands, full of dead hens for the pot!" She disappeared into the scullery with a cry of 'Here you are, Dora!' and came back soon after wiping her hands on a towel. She plonked herself down next to Mrs Crossley. "Have you told them the tale of naughty Sergeant Higgs, Mary?" she asked. Aunt Mary nodded and Miss P continued, "Quite a tale and good riddance. The new sergeant is much better and Herr Vogel says the POWs get on well with him." I asked about Hans and Herr Vogel and was told they were looking forward to our visit and were busy in the barn. We had our snack and then took our belongings upstairs. I was so pleased to be back and Matt busied himself snooping in all the cupboards and drawers again as I unpacked my bag. I put my trusty towel over the back of a chair by the bed which made Matt chuckle. "Hey, Jacko, I felt really horny on the bus, but we'll wait until tonight, eh?" "If you can!" I replied and caught him by his arms and leant him over the bed. "Gosh, Jacko!" he gasped, "You're growing quick, you're much stronger than you used to be." I let him up and stood next to him. "I'm almost as tall as you are now, Matt!" It was true, I had shot up a good inch in the last few weeks and Matt didn't seem to have grown very much at all. Whoops, musn't set off another worry for him. He just grinned and unpacked his things. We spent the afternoon in the barn with Hans and Herr Vogel. Both were very impressed with Matt's improvement in French and as I chatted to Hans I could hear him trying out sentences with Herr Hussyfan Gallery Vogel encouraging him. I told Hans that Mrs Crossley had told us about Sergeant Higgs and he said they'd suspected food was disappearing for a long time but hadn't been able to prove anything. Four o'clock came and we said we would come back in the morning. When tea was over we went up to the bedroom and made sure all was blacked out properly. We had a good look through some of Piers' possessions and found a lot of old stamps in a box but no album. Matt was all agog because he hadn't got any of Hussyfan Gallery the ones there in his collection and wondered if they were valuable, especially some of the ones with Queen Victoria on them. Time passed quite quickly and we had to hurry with just a catlick before changing into our best suits and going down to the drawing room in time for me to play before dinner. Bran was already sitting by the door and followed us in. I played through all the pieces I knew twice and also practised a few scales in between. Aunt Mary and Mrs P and two of the Land Girls came in when I was near the end and I had to play the most difficult one again for their benefit. No mistakes and I felt very good about it. There was much chat over dinner and, as usual, I was ravenous and scoffed seconds. After dinner Matt and I went to the study and browsed while the others played bridge. By nine o'clock Matt was getting restless so we said goodnight and went upstairs. Bran wanted to come into the bedroom but I firmly shut the door on him and I heard him retreat downstairs again. Matt had undressed completely by the time I'd got my shoes off and he was back from the bathroom with his dick pointing sky-high just as I was folding my trousers. "Come on, Jacko, you are slow tonight," he grunted as he stood at the end of the bed idly fingering his stiff cock, "I've been wanting to come up to bed for ages!" "I can see that, you horny bastard," I retorted, "You've been feeling your dick all evening. I saw you in Hussyfan Gallery the study with your hand in your pocket." He grinned defiantly, "Just because yours isn't so big as mine!" That did it. I leapt on him and wrestled him back down onto the bed and held him there while pressing down as hard as I could. "Gosh, Jacko, gerroff, let me up," he gasped, "You're squashing me!" I could feel his hefty cock pressing into me as mine went hard as well. I pushed down even harder and whispered in his ear, "Mine may not be so big as yours but I'll shaft you, you horny bastard and I'll tell Roo and Tony you've been boasting again. They'll deal with you, too, they'll pull your balls off." A thought struck Hussyfan Gallery me as he grinned up at me. "I know, I'll get Bran in and he'll get you 'cos he'll think you're attacking me!" The grin left Matt's face and I even felt a slight wilting of his prick - but not for long. He pushed back against me and Hussyfan Gallery we both landed up on the floor, luckily with me still on top. "Pax, pax," I said, rather breathlessly, I didn't want to lose my new-found supremacy, "Let's go to bed!" Hussyfan Gallery I let go of him and we both stood up. Matt looked me straight in the eyes and reached down and held my cock. "You've got a good-sized cock yourself, really. Pity it's not so big as mine!" He leapt away before I had a chance to grab him and rushed round the other side of the bed and scrambled in. "Come on, slow coach, it's nice and warm in here." I got in slowly, putting the towel in first. I expected to be grabbed but Matt wasn't in a hurry now. We snuggled up close with our arms round each other and I knew before he said anything that Matt had another worry. It wasn't long coming, any other coming would have to wait. He moved his face close to my ear. "Hey! Jacko," he whispered, "Do you think I'm deformed?" What was he on about now? His only deformity was the huge prick pressing against me which he kept informing me about. "Why? What do you think's the matter?" I enquired, intrigued. "Well, you won't laugh if I tell you, will you?" "I don't know until you tell me. Come on, tell me!" "Oh," he began, hesitantly, "Only I think there's something wrong with my balls." I didn't reply, just waited and he gathered strength and pace. "It's funny, but I was looking in the mirror the other night, and....", he paused, "...I think one of my balls is bigger than the other and it's much lower." I put my hand down between us and gently weighed the package in my palm. "They seem OK to me, they're both bigger than mine, like your prick!" The last said rather waspishly. "No, Jacko, I mean when I stand up you can see! And you do make more stuff than I do." "I'll have a look in the morning but I expect they're OK." I raised my hand and slid my fingers up his rod, "But I'd better check you're still making stuff now!" He rolled on his back and I tossed him off. He was certainly making stuff. A goodly spurt of cream shot from his cock up onto his chest after a minute or so's good rub. I wiped him down before he did the same to me. My balls might be smaller but I knew I could beat him in amount of spunk. And I did! My thick drops looked about twice as much as his on that first go. In fact, we tested our spunk-making three times that first night before we went to sleep. I don't know if I beat him each time because we were in the dark for two of them, but not to worry, there was plenty for both of us to mop up. * Matt was awake before me because when I came to he was standing by the window having drawn the heavy curtains back. He looked across at me. "Hi, Jacko, wakey-wakey sleepyhead!" he sang out, "It's pissing down with rain and it's just gone seven o'clock!" He was bright and chirpy. I sat up in bed, rather bleary-eyed. "Come on, Jacko, I'll be in the bath first." He scooted through the door and I heard the bath water running. I slid out of bed and went to the window. It was sheeting down and everything in the morning gloom looked decidedly wet. I felt the radiator under the window and it was decidedly hot. Good for the General, at least we weren't frozen as well. I picked up the towel, shook it, folded it and put it over the back of a chair tidily before sauntering into the bathroom just as Matt was standing by the bath, one foot over the edge testing the temperature with his toe. I couldn't resist it. I crept up behind him, put my hand between his open legs and grabbed his swinging balls. He stood stock still, his leg still poised. "Gotcha, you boastful bastard, one false move and your goolies will be mine forever!" I announced in a ferocious whisper. "Let go, please, Jacko! I'll do anything you want but let me keep my nuts!" he replied in a mock pleading way. "Anything?" I asked, on a rising tone. Hussyfan Gallery "Anything!" he replied, his shoulders heaving as he tried to remain serious, even though he was in serious danger. I thought a moment. "OK, you can bath me. Soap me and wash me pure and clean!" He giggled, "You fool!" I tightened my grip. "No, No, I'll do it. Let go, please." I loosened my grip and he stepped in to the bath and sat down. I followed and he did as requested. It was very nice except that the crafty sod grabbed my goolies when he finished washing them. "Ha, gotcha now!" he chortled, "Your defences were down and the enemy has you in his grasp." All I could do was laugh, "You're the one who's worried about his balls. Come on, let's finish in here and then I'll have a good look for you." He rather reluctantly let go and I washed him down before we got out together and dried each other off. We padded over to the large mirror on the other wall and Matt stood in front of it. He pointed down. "Look, that left one hangs down more, doesn't it?" I guided him back a bit then knelt down in front of him so I was looking directly at his dangling equipment. Yes, most certainly, his left bollock did seem bigger than the other and, most definitely, it did hang lower. "You're right, Matt, that one does come down lower.." I pointed at his left testicle, "Than that one.." I pointed at the other. "And, it is bigger." The look on his face was startling. He was genuinely worried. I stood up. "Matt, have a look at mine. They don't hang down as much as yours anyway, but check mine." He knelt down in front of me, looking intently. He put out a hand and carefully lifted my limp cock and let it drop back again. "I'm not sure," he said looking pensive, then he grinned at me, "Your balls are bigger than they were at half-term and though you've got a skinny prick it's quite long. It's longer than Roo's!" He stood up. "I don't know quite, but your left one looks a bit lower and you're almost as tall as I am now!." I glanced down, all I could see were a couple of lumps and a rather thin dick in between. I looked carefully at the mirror. Perhaps, perhaps a slight list to port and, true, side by side he was only a shade taller. Thank goodness the rest of me was growing. I supposed I would have to wait and see if other things grew a bit more. I thought I'd better cheer Hussyfan Gallery him up a bit. "I don't know what you're worrying about. You beat everyone in our class with the size of your dick but we'll have to have a good look at everyone else to see whether their balls are the same size and hang the same." That seemed to satisfy him for the moment and further deliberation on the matter was cut short by the bell ringing warning us it was half past seven. When we opened the bedroom door to go downstairs Bran was sitting there patiently waiting for us. I'd completely forgotten about him because of Matt's worry about his balls. Over breakfast we discussed what we should do during the day because of the rain. We decided we would go and talk to Hans and Herr Vogel in the morning and, as I had said the previous evening I needed to practice scales, Aunt Mary suggested I did that in the afternoon. She said Matt could help Hans move the furniture around in bedrooms ready for Christmas visitors while I practised. We took ourselves off with Bran to the barn where Hans was busy sawing up more wood. Herr Vogel was helping in the chicken houses so wasn't around. I held the logs while Hans sawed and Matt stacked the cut off pieces. I chatted to Hans in German and we both spoke in French to Matt who was quite good in keeping up. He told us more about Sergeant Higgs and his arrest for stealing their food and said they were very pleased that Bran had knocked him off his bike. Herr Vogel didn't show up and I said we would both come back in the morning but he had to see Matt did all the work in the afternoon - of course, this was in German and Matt just stood there grinning until I told him what I'd said. He very unsportingly grabbed me but stopped when Bran sat up and took notice. My guardian angel was still very attentive. Hans laughed and said the dog was a good friend to have in trouble. I said Matt was no trouble he just needed to be kept in order. Of course, I had to explain all this in English and Matt mouthed something about getting me when I least expected it. After lunch we went our separate ways. Bran and I to the drawing room and Matt following Hans up to the furniture moving. I went through the complete set of scales and other tortuous exercises again and again and felt quite happy with my progress. In fact, I was so absorbed I didn't hear Matt come in at four o'clock. I stopped playing and Matt announced that tea was served. Crumbs, I had been practising for two and a half hours. I hadn't better tell Ma or she would make me do that every day. Matt seemed very excited about something but wouldn't say what it was until we went upstairs after tea and then the floodgates opened. No sooner was the bedroom door closed than he began. "Jacko, I've got to tell you! Hans is deformed the same as me!" he exclaimed breathlessly. I knew Hans had a big cock like Matt, even bigger, 'cos I'd seen it that day he'd had the bath. So, having a big dick was deformed, was it? Then the penny dropped. Of course, I remembered now. When Hans stood up in the bath...., but Matt was bursting to go on. "His balls are the same as mine! His left one drops down much lower than the other one!" My curiosity was kindled. "How do you know?" His face was a picture, a mixture of pleasure and concern. "Well, after we moved the furniture he said in French he was hot so I said why not have a bath. Hussyfan Gallery So he did and when I handed him the towel I saw he was like me." "He's bigger than you!" I twitted him, "And he's got more hair!" Then the memory, seeing a clear picture of him in my mind's eye, "But his balls aren't level, eh!!" He nodded. "Yes, I know, I saw, he's deformed like me." He paused, then said quietly, "How can I find out if we're alright? I can't ask, will you?" I was rather perplexed. How does one ask someone something very personal if they're deformed. I stayed silent. "Please, Jacko, if you ask him I'll do anything you want!" Anything! What did he mean by that I wondered. I hesitated before replying. "I'm not sure, I'll think about it." He had a real woebegone look on his face now. What with Tom and his lack of brains and Matt with his lopsided bollocks I was the worrier's friend without a doubt. "Come on, Matt, don't worry, I expect it's alright. You said you weren't sure about mine." There I was, admitting to being deformed too! Crikey, I wondered if he and Hans...? "What happened after Hans got out of the bath?" He grinned slyly, "You promise to ask and I'll tell you." I wasn't falling for that. "Go on, nothing happened, did it?" One thing about Matt, he couldn't lie. "No, of course not! But you'll ask him, won't you?" I shrugged my shoulders and went over to Bran who had been lying by the door watching us attentively. I knelt down by him and scratched his head. "Do you think I should ask him, eh, Bran? You're not deformed are you?" The dog looked up and licked my hand. "I think Bran says I should ask and he's definitely not deformed." Matt was too concerned to be conscious of my wit so I thought I'd better humour him. "Oh, alright, I'll see, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow." This satisfied him until we got back to the bedroom that night. We'd had a lovely dinner and I felt quite replete and was looking forward to my bed. We both undressed and got washed quickly and as soon as we got into bed he was whispering, pleading with me to ask Hans while feeling between my legs for my cock. Before I could answer he was licking me all the way down my chest and stomach finally taking my now stiff rod into his mouth and sucking hard on it. I thought to myself if he keeps going I'll ask Hans anything. He did keep going. My foreskin was pushed down by his lips and I could feel his tongue teasing round my rim and the enormous sucks he was giving me just set everything off. I couldn't stop. My back arched and he had the full force of a jet of come straight in his mouth. It must have startled him a bit but all he did was to make a swallowing sound and gently hold my madly throbbing prick fully in his mouth until I'd calmed down a bit. He let go and slid up my sweating body. "You'll ask him really, won't you?" he whispered. I lay with my eyes closed and nodded. Anything! I'll ask him anything for that!! I turned on my side and clasped him round the shoulders and held him tight. I couldn't speak yet and I think he realised it. We lay still for some minutes and all the time his huge prick was pressed stiffly against me. In the end he whispered, "Just do it to me quietly, I want it badly." He started to pant as I slipped my hand down between us. I pushed his foreskin back and pulled on his Hussyfan Gallery cock no more than half a dozen times before he erupted with a great gush of warm spunk all over the pair of us. We lay still holding each other tight and, bless my soul, Matt dropped off into a sound sleep like he did once before. I gradually extricated myself from his grasp and turned with my back towards him. Luckily there was an edge of towel to wipe his come off me. Matt moved over and clasped me around the shoulder while I lay thinking about the most wonderful experience he had just given me. * I had dozed off into a reverie of rapidly changing images, of Matt, Tom, Mike and Tony until I was deeply asleep and then was woken by a scrabbling at the door. It was morning and Bran was outside. I had a really aching horn so I crept carefully out of bed in the pitch dark and cautiously opened the door with one hand over my tool. Bran entered in his stately way, pausing only to sniff at me as he walked to the bed. I went over to the main window and pulled the curtains back. It was still fairly dark, but not raining. I turned to see Bran standing by the bed looking at the sleeping Matt. I sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Bran's head and he sat down. He watched as I slid back into bed, turned on my back tenting the bedclothes and then slowly gave myself that much needed wank. No effect on Matt who gently snored through it all. As soon as I'd finished and grabbed up a bit of towel to wipe myself Bran put his head on the bed so I turned over Hussyfan Gallery towards him and whispered to him for ages telling him all about Matt sucking my cock until I came. Whether he understood I don't know but I had to tell somebody about how wonderful it was. By that time I'd noticed it was getting a bit lighter so I decided I'd better get up. Matt was still sound asleep as I tiptoed out to the bathroom followed by Bran. I ran the bath and got in. Bran couldn't have been too scared of water this time as he sat by the bath and watched as I washed. I heard Matt emerging from his cocoon and grunting as he put his slippers on. He came striding into the bathroom, prick swinging, to be confronted by a large dog looking, I imagined, very amusedly at him. The sight of Bran sitting there startled him, but only for a moment. He and Bran were soon rolling on the floor with me as a very entertained looker-on. After a final scuffle with Bran giving him a liberal licking he bravely stood up, quite unafraid that Bran might mistake his mighty prick for a breakfast sausage. That's what I told him as he stepped into the bath to join me. As soon as he sat down I turned and hugged him and thanked him for last night's experience. "I've wanted to do that to you for a long while," he said smiling at me, "You really liked it, did you?" I nodded and then confessed I'd also tossed off already this morning. "You randy sod!" he laughed, "You'd better do it to me!" "Bran's watching," I said. "He won't know what you're doing. He was there when you did it to yourself, wasn't he? Go on, I'll lie back!" He started to breath deeply because his cock was going hard fast and a miniature conning tower broke surface. I grabbed it and began to work at it steadily. He lay back panting until he shuddered and shot his stuff back over himself. "Gosh, thanks Jacko!" he said with feeling, "That was great!" He lay back for a moment and I dipped my finger into his spunk and tasted it. "You swallowed all my stuff last night, didn't you?" He nodded. "What was it like?" "I don't know, it was sort of creamy." Hussyfan Gallery He paused a moment, "I don't know, I fell asleep." I snorted, "I know you did and you didn't wake up this morning so I had to do it to myself." He laughed, "But you liked last night better, eh?" I couldn't have agreed more. I wanted it again like that, badly, even though I'd just tossed myself off. I could wait for tonight though. It would be great! "Hey, Jacko," he said warily, "You know you promised to ask Hans, you will, won't you?" "If you promise to do that again!" "Yep, I promise," he grinned, "You'll ask?" I nodded. I wasn't going to tell him I'd already looked up 'deformed' in the German dictionary in the study last night. I was all prepared. But how was I was going to ask Hans? I couldn't just blurt it out with Matt there. We would have to wait and see. "Come on, Matt, we'd better get out and get dressed!" I stepped out past him and put a damp hand on Bran's head to steady me. "You'd better watch it, Bran, or we might give you a bath as well." This must have been a magic word because he turned and sat down on the other side of the bathroom and watched closely as I dried myself and then followed me to the bedroom. He obviously thought it was safer there! I was dressed and combing my hair when Matt appeared and stood a bit back from the large mirror I was looking in. "Look, you can see now, Jacko!" I looked and saw his truly huge cock dangling pinkly between his legs and, definitely, his left bollock was hanging much lower than the right. It was much more noticeable than last night. I would have to ask Hans! As it so happened things worked out quite well. At breakfast Miss P was a bit agitated as she had some Christmas letters still to post and Aunt Mary wanted a parcel collected from the Post Office. Matt volunteered to go by himself saying it would be better for me to talk to Hans all morning and practice my German. This said as well as a tap on the ankle given so I would agree! Both ladies were highly pleased so at nine we ambled out with Matt taking Bran with him and me going to the barn. Hans was in a very good mood as he sawed through more logs. We chatted on about all sorts of things and at last I thought I had better raise Matt's problem. "Hans, may I ask you something personal?" I began in what I hoped was correct and polite German. He looked up and raised an eyebrow, "Eh?" "Well, Matthew thinks he is deformed?" Hans straightened up from sawing, "Deformed? He is not ill, is he?" I shook my head, I was beginning to go a bit red. I took the plunge. "He is very worried... He thinks he is deformed because his left..." I paused, pointing downward rather awkwardly, remembering another word I had looked up in the dictionary, "...testicle hangs below his other one!" Hans' other eyebrow shot up and his faced creased in a big grin, "Ja, Ja, and yesterday he saw me, eh? My left testicle hangs lower, eh? And am I deformed, eh?" He chuckled. "Your friend Matthew is very lucky to be such a big boy now. Lots of big boys have the left testicle lower than the right. Some of my friends were just like me!" He threw back his shoulders and burst into laughter, "You must not look so worried. Your good friend is normal. Tell him it is alright! I am normal, my friends are normal, he is normal." He creased his eyes quizzically, "Are you normal?" I blushed violently, "I hope so, but I'm not so old or so big as Matthew." "Don't worry, Jacko, you will be." He laughed again. "You boys, you are like me and my friends when we were younger. We wondered all sorts of things, eh, like you. But you are glad you asked me, eh?" I nodded, I wasn't so hot and flustered now, "Thanks, ... Matt will be pleased I asked. He was very worried about it." "Tell him not to worry but be proud!" That matter over we got on and worked steadily, Hans sawing and me stacking up until I looked at my watch and realised it was almost noon and I needed a pee. I said I'd better go and look for Matt but I'd be back in the afternoon. Hans waved a big paw at me as I left to make my way to the house. Matt was sitting at the kitchen table talking to Miss P who was busy stirring a great basin of some mixture. Bran got up from his place by the door and stood by me. I made my excuses and hurried upstairs to the bathroom with Bran following closely. He even stood just outside the bog while I had a hurried pee. As I washed my hands I asked him if he'd had a good walk with Matt. I'm sure he liked being talked to 'cos I'm certain he nearly nodded his head. I stroked his head and we made our way downstairs again. Miss P was still stirring. "Matt tells me he wants to join the Navy, like his father," she said as I entered and stood by the table. "What are you going to do? Be a scientist like your father?" "I don't really know," I said slowly, "I suppose so, but I haven't made up my mind yet." "Matt says you are good at maths as well as languages. Is that so?" Matt had been gossiping, hadn't he! "I do like maths and I don't find it too difficult. Some people do!" Matt snorted and Miss P chuckled. "Matt told me you help him a lot and he'll need maths if he wants to go to naval college. My other brother, David, is in the Navy. He's a Captain and he always used to grumble about his school work. Anyway, lunch will be ready soon. It's not much today because we are having quite a dinner tonight. Two of the Land Girls will be there again. You don't mind, do you? It'll be all women's gossip I expect but you'll like the food!" She laughed and put down the spoon. "First things first, though. Before lunch would you go down to the cellar and bring these bottles up?" She fished into a pocket of the voluminous cardigan she was wearing and pulled out a piece of paper. "Won't be difficult to find them. They're in the second cage along on the right." I picked up the paper and went to the key rack and found the cellar keys. I led the way and Matt followed me down the steps. I asked if he'd got to the Post Office OK. He answered in a half-hearted sort of way because as we reached the bottom Hussyfan Gallery of the stairs he began. "Did you ask Hans?" he asked quickly. I thought I'd better lead my lop-sided friend on a bit. "Oh yes," I replied nonchalantly, "I asked him lots of things. Like what he did at school." "No, Jacko, don't play about," he cut in almost petulantly, "I went off specially so you could ask him about me." "Oh, that," I said casually, "You're perfectly OK, lots of boys are lop-sided. Hans says he is and some of his friends at school were as well. It's quite normal, he says, and you should be proud you've got such big bollocks at your age." "Did he say that, about my big bollocks? He hasn't seen them. You told him!" "Well, I didn't actually tell him you had very big balls, just that you were rather big." I giggled. "He wanted to know if I was normal. I said I hoped so but I wasn't as big as you!" He dug me in the back. "Gosh, thanks, Jacko, for asking! He did say I'm alright, didn't he?" He came round and faced me and put a hand on my arm. "We'll have a good time tonight, eh? Like last night but better!" He was pleased, I was pleased, but, Oh crumbs, we'd better look for the bottles quick as I was getting a horn on. I'll be ready for another good wank tonight especially if we have a good dinner as well. You can't beat either in my opinion! Matt was a bit hesitant about going to the barn after lunch. I said we would only stay an hour because I wanted to practice and Miss P said that Hans might as well come in for tea at four before going back to the camp. Hans never mentioned my questions but gave Matt a beaming smile and said something about I had a lucky friend and, yes, he would like English tea at four. Both Matt and Bran came to hear me practice until my scales drove Matt off to the study. Bran didn't seem to mind but sat attentively watching my fingers go up and down the keyboard. When I stopped he came over to the piano and put his nose on two of the treble keys and when the sound came out he looked rather startled. I patted his head and wondered if he was the first piano-playing dog! Would he do it tonight before dinner? He did, much to everyone's amusement. After I'd finished he sidled up and hit one note directly in the centre. Mrs Crossley was so amazed and Miss P was convulsed. Matt said afterwards he thought the girls were going to pee themselves with laughter - a phrase he said his sister Julia used when his mother wasn't listening. Anyway the dinner was excellent and both Matt and I had two glasses of wine so we said at nine o'clock we were both very tired and made our way up to bed. Matt said he was Hussyfan Gallery a bit fed up with that Diana as she kept nudging him while she was telling her tales at the dinner table. Miriam was a nudger as well but I didn't like to say that the major effect on me was the beginnings of a stiff dick. When Matt came out of the bathroom he didn't have the beginnings of a stiff dick but a raging hard-on. I was already in bed, also with a raging hard-on, and he lost no time in lying beside me and whispering in my ear that he was going to suck me off again. I wondered if I should do the same to him but couldn't move once he started to run his tongue down my body towards my prick. I pressed my hands down on the bed and arched my back as he sucked and sucked and sucked and I shot and shot and shot. I couldn't speak for ages after I came and Matt had already crawled back up against me. He touched my lips with a sticky tongue. It must have been coated with my come. I put my hand down and felt the thick stem of his cock then slid down and took the end between my lips. I pushed his skin back and felt his huge knob pass between my teeth. I would have to be very careful not to bite him as it was very big. I rocked my head back and forth and gradually took a bit more in until my mouth was filled. Then I began to suck him. He was moaning slightly as I rocked a bit faster, sucking at the same time. Suddenly, I felt his prick contract and throb and then a warm gush hit the roof of my mouth as he came. I held his spunk in my mouth as I didn't really want to swallow it but as I raised my head away from his cock he grabbed me and pulled me up clamping his lips on mine. His tongue forced my mouth open and his spunk drained out into his open mouth. He swallowed noisily and we lay silently for a few moments with me squashed down on top of him. I tried to roll away but he held me tight and we ended up side by side. * Next thing I knew it was morning. Matt was awake and was holding my cock and working it slowly up and down. I shut my eyes again and soon shot my stuff. He squeezed my prick a few more times then leaned forward and touched my eyelids, one after the other, with the tip of his tongue. I breathed very deeply and opened my eyes. He was staring straight at me. "Did you like that?" he whispered. I whispered back, "Yes" and felt down for his prick. He was ready and waiting. He took a while to come and sighed very deeply when he did. "Did you like last night?" he whispered again. What could I say. It had been the most wonderful experience I'd ever had. I was getting use to having new, wonderful experiences with Matt. "It was gorgeous," was my rather lame reply. "Same here, I've never had it like that before? Was it better than the night before?" "Yes" was my rather short response, but I wanted it again like that as soon as possible. "Can we do it again tonight?" "Last night was a thank you for asking Hans. Tonight'll be because we're going home tomorrow." Yes, we were going home tomorrow, but there was still today. Mrs C had asked the previous evening if we minded going to the Advent service in the morning because we would be having Sunday lunch at Mrs Fry's house. Miss P then Hussyfan Gallery said Mrs Fry's cook was excellent so the food would be good. We readily assented and that pleased the ladies. So, having got up, bathed and breakfasted we were ready much too early. I said I would practice and Matt took himself off to the study. Bran sat and listened. Matt appeared at my shoulder just as I finished a final set of scales. "Hey, Jacko, I forgot to tell you yesterday. When I went to the Post Office I bought two Christmas cards for us to give to Hans." Thoughtful boy. He held out two rather colourful representations of winter scenes. I had a look and a thought. "Wouldn't it best if we gave one to Hans and one to Herr Vogel? We could sign them both." "Gosh, yes, I'd forgotten Herr Vogel as we hadn't seen him much this time. He helped me a lot with my French last time." I followed him into the study and we duly signed both cards and he stuck them into his jacket pocket. Then at the appointed time we made our way to church. Bran wanted to come but Mrs C was very firm and told him he had to wait in the kitchen until we returned. There were lots of people at the church and what was interesting was the way they all seemed to defer to Mrs C. She was obviously the lady squire as far as the villagers were concerned. We were also objects of curiosity and I was rather glad we looked pretty smart. The biggest surprise was that one of the German prisoners was playing the organ and that Hans was pumping it. When he saw us he beamed and I winked at him. We sang several carols and the time passed very quickly. Matt sniggered at one point but, luckily, he was on the end of the pew so I think I was the only to hear him. As we came out Matt scurried over to Hans and I saw him hand him the two cards. I turned and winked again. Mrs Fry's Sunday lunch was excellent. Roast beef - a big piece - off-ration!! Matt and I sat and ate while the ladies chatted and I gathered that Mrs Fry was having both her sisters and a young nephew staying with her over Christmas. It wasn't Big Jim as she made reference a couple of times to 'the small boy' and did say that James was at Officer Training School. It turned out her husband was a vet and in the Army abroad so wouldn't be home for Christmas. After lunch we made our way back to the Manor Hussyfan Gallery and Matt Hussyfan Gallery and I volunteered to take Bran for a walk. I wanted to find out what had struck him as so funny in church and so as soon as we were out of earshot I asked him. He sniggered again. "Didn't you notice what we were singing? It was 'Oh come, Oh come, Emmanuel' and on the next page was 'Oh Come all ye Faithful' so I thought we were definitely Emmanuel and Faithful last night and I had to giggle." Quite funny, ha, ha! I made a face and said I supposed he'd be coming round the mountain tonight and he said how right I was and expected I would be coming through the rye! We had another giggle and we tried to think up some more but couldn't. Bran was quite a bit ahead of us by now and took us for a walk all round the village so it was getting quite dark when we returned. I was quite hungry again but had to wait until seven for supper and we went off to bed at nine. Whether it was the roast beef or the brisk walk with the witticisms but we were both as horny as hell as soon as we undressed. No time to turn the light out before we started off with a mighty wrestle on and over the bed ending up head to tail on the bed greedily sucking each other off. This time I did swallow Matt's come and it wasn't bad and we were soon back licking each other's balls and cocks and sucking away again. I think I came even more the second time than I did the first as it just seemed to go on and on spurting out. Matt, on the other hand, fired just a few drops but his prick throbbed away in my mouth for ages. We lay head to Hussyfan Gallery head for a long time feeling each other all over. At some point Matt was feeling in the crack of my arse with his thumb and as I relaxed he pressed hard a couple of times and his top joint went in a little way. Not to be outdone I felt for his hole and did the same but with my index finger. I pressed once and the top half of my finger slid in and out again very easily. Matt was licking my face and chin and as I stuck my tongue into his roving mouth he began to suck that as hard as he had sucked my tool. Suddenly he removed his thumb from me and rolled over onto his face with his arse in the air. My prick was very hard again and very slippery with come and saliva. I didn't need any bidding. I rolled onto him and now my prick slipped in with just two gentle pushes even further than my finger had been. He grunted a bit as I pressed and his buttock muscles tensed. I whispered and asked if I should stop. He grunted again and shook his head. So, I pushed a little harder and heard him take a swift intake of breath. I stopped until his breathing went back to normal then just pushed my cock in so gently twice more and found myself almost fully encased. I nudged the bony base of my belly against his wide stretched bottom to get as much of my cock inside him. I wanted him to have more! I pressed in and back no more than a dozen or so times urging my prick in as far as it would go when on a final push, when I knew at last I couldn't get any further, I shot my load for the third time collapsing, panting, on his sweaty back. I had well and truly shafted my friend Matt! Roll over Tom if this was what you meant!! I gradually got my breath back but what was odd was that my prick didn't go soft as it usually did after I had come but remained hard and firmly gripped deep inside Matt. As I was held there he twitched his buttocks several times squeezing my cock and so keeping it stiff. How was he? I slipped my right hand under his belly and gripped a thick rigid prick. He raised himself on his elbows with me still rammed right in and a few strokes later he came too, luckily over the towel he was arched over. He flopped down and I felt him relax. I slowly removed my still hard prick, kissed the back of his neck and got off the bed and went to the bathroom. He followed soon after and stood beside me at the sink where I was standing washing my very tender cock. His still swollen prick was darkly thick and drooping with his foreskin wrinkled back from his knob. He put an arm over my shoulder. "Gosh, thanks Jacko, that was marvellous!" Marvellous! Him thanking me? Gosh, once this morning and now, three times in less than an hour. I had come four times in a day before but, Gosh, I'd just been sucked off twice and then had more spunk pumped out of me in thirty seconds! What could I say? It was rather repetitive. "Gosh, Matt, it was too!" I rinsed myself off and he took over the sink while I dried myself. I waited until he'd finished and we walked, arms over each other's shoulders, back to bed. I fished out the spunk spattered towel and he switched off the light. We lay without speaking absolutely exhausted and fell asleep. * Bran's insistent battering at the door woke me. I slipped out and let him in. As yesterday he sniffed me and gave my hand a friendly lick. I pulled the curtains back and saw there had been quite a frost. Goodness, I hoped it wasn't too bad for the bus as there were a couple of quite steep hills to negotiate on the way back. Bran followed me again to the lav and then sat by the bath as I ran the water. I was wallowing very happily when Matt came through. Bran gave him the customary lick before he went and shut himself in the bog. He emerged after about five minutes and flashed me a smile. "My bum stings a bit, how are you?" I had to admit my cock was a little sore but that I put down to heavy use. "I like that, heavy use!" He stepped into the bath all bright and cheerful. "Well, what did you think of last night, really? It was good wasn't it? That's what Roo told me he and Tony do sometimes. I liked it, didn't you?" Of course I liked it, but I wondered if Matt would want to do it to me. I didn't fancy his rather large implement trying to force its way into me. I screwed my buttocks together imagining it. I supposed I would have to let him try. And so Tony and Roo do it. I wondered why Tony hadn't told me? "I liked you doing it to me like that. Roo told me about it while we were here at half- term. He said it was good." He continued as if he had read my mind, "But I don't want to do it to you, at least not unless you really wanted me to try. I liked it though when you sucked me. You don't mind doing that to me?" He looked questioningly at me. I didn't mind a bit, especially when we sucked each other together. Thinking about it was causing my dick to stiffen. He spotted my rising organ. "Crumbs, Jacko, just look at you, all hard and horny, eh? I thought you said you were sore! Four times yesterday and ready for more today!" He giggled and grabbed my rod and began to rub it briskly. I really rose to the occasion and Hussyfan Gallery shot quite a jet of spunk back over my chest. I was still panting when I caught hold of his dong and wanked him hard but slowly. He matched me this time in the amount of come. As we lay back I nudged him and nodded my head towards Bran who had watched us attentively while we were tossing each other off. "Do you think he knows what we've done?" I asked him. Matt laughed, "I don't know but with the size of those balls I bet he'd fire a good amount." We mused on Bran's possible capabilities and Matt told me of watching the dog next door to him fucking another neighbour's bitch and the woman had thrown a bucket of water over them to get them to separate. I laughed but shivered a bit inside knowing what the shock of cold water had felt like in the showers. Still, Matt was very cheery and hopped out of the bath scattering water all over Bran who retreated speedily to the safety of the bedroom. I followed him out and we towelled ourselves and trotted into the bedroom. "Hey, Jacko, d'you think Piers and James use to do it like last night?" I went over to Piers' photograph and looked long and hard at it. He had a grin on his face. I turned and looked at Matt. A grin like Matt's, a knowing grin. "Yes, definitely," I said with confidence, "He's grinning just like you did last night and you're grinning Hussyfan Gallery like it this morning!" Matt smiled, "Good, 'cause Roo's cousin at Public School showed him and he said they did it all the time and they were at a Public School, weren't they?" New revelations. I didn't know anyone at Public School. I'd only learned things from cousin Alun and he'd been to Grammar School like me. Tom knew about shafting 'cos his brother had told him but he hadn't tried it. Much to ponder. On the breakfast table next to our plates were two small parcels. Mrs C said Hans had been earlier and had left them for us. Both had neat labels saying, in English, 'For Christmas'. We didn't open them but weighed them carefully in our hands. They Hussyfan Gallery were fairly heavy and Mrs C hazarded a guess that they might be carvings as some of the POWs were very good at wood carving. We decided we would go and thank him before we went to catch the bus home. Bran followed us everywhere because he must have sensed we were leaving. He came with us to the barn where we thanked Hans. He grinned and said that I was to look after my big friend. I didn't translate that until we were on our way along the road to the bus stop much to Matt's bewilderment. We then said our goodbyes to Aunt Mary and Miss P and had two more parcels given us, this time a dozen eggs each, and set off along the drive accompanied by Bran. He gave a little woof when we stroked his head at the gate and said we hoped to be back soon. Ma wanted to know how we had enjoyed ourselves when I got home. I said we'd had a good time and I'd practised a lot and she said it was a good job I had as I had to see Mrs Tring this evening before I went for the exam in the morning. She was pleased with the eggs and was intrigued by my other parcel which Hans had said was not to be opened until Christmas. Mrs Tring was pleased too, especially as Ma sent her four eggs as well as me to delight her! I was ready for bed after all that but delighted myself again and then counted up twelve times in five days. Not bad, especially with the two types of new experience! * Not bad the next day either. I considered I played Hussyfan Gallery quite well even if I was a bit nervous. I met both Tim and John Parker who were having their exams after me. They said they were nervous too. * The next couple of days went pretty quickly. I sent Christmas cards and thank you letters to Mrs C and Miss P and parcelled up six of my pencils for Mike's seventeenth birthday present on Boxing Day. I took them round on Thursday and gave them to Maureen who said he was out but she would put them with his other presents. She said she was pleased as she'd sold more drawings because two of the boys wanted copies for their grans. Some people are lucky! If I wanted some money I supposed I'd have to get a paper round like Duncan Buchanan but from what I had heard they were scarce. Ah well, so an early supper and early to bed and just a single wank as we had to be up at six in the morning to catch the train to Cardiff for Christmas. To be continued:Previous stories of mine have been published on Nifty. Spying on My Brothers: (45k: Incest Section: Apr 15 2000) Easter Rugger Tours (Dir: HS Section: Jun 10 2000) Jordan's Story (84k: HS Section: Jul 23 2000) Flip's Tale (Dir: HS Section: Apr 17 2002) Taming the 'Phobes (Dir: HS; Military: August 04 2002) Read and Enjoy.

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