Related article: Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 20:09:37 -0700 From: Clone Buggs Subject: Across the Alley part 4Across the Alley IV Jack and I hit it off very well sexually, and we seemed to fit together as people. We had two things in common that made us a proper fit; Dale and John. We talked about them for a long time, and I saw what he wanted for them and I whole heartedly agreed. I suggested that if we pooled our resources, it would be easier to accomplish, and we'd all benefit from the combination of our lives together. Since he'd just signed a one year lease on the house across the alley, he didn't think he could get out of it so easily, but I suggested he read his lease to see if there was a sublet clause. If there was, we'd find a new tenant, and he and the boys could move in with me. My larger house would accommodate us all easily, and by living together as a family, we could get to know each other better faster. "My house is paid off," I told him, cuddled with him on my king sized bed. The two of us were naked, and lay stroking each others hair and body. The sex had been good, if a bit tentative on his part. He'd not had much experience making love to another man. There were things I could teach him, and the lessons would be wonderful for the both of us. "With the rent money you'd be saving, the boy's education fund would grow faster, and we could live off my income as a writer. I'm certainly not rich, but I get along, and even can put enough away every year for a Top 100 Nn Model nice trip somewhere in the world. I love to travel." "How can I contribute," His dark eyes, are languid as they searched mine. "You think not being alone all the time wouldn't be a contribution? Jack, I've been alone for so long, I've forgotten what it was like having someone to love in my life. With you and the boys, suddenly I have a surfeit of people to love." "You haven't had a lover before?" "None to speak of. I've certainly had my share of men, but for some reason, only one long term relationship, and that was in my thirties, and only lasted two years." "What happened?" "The usual. His name was Marc, and I loved him dearly, but he had a wild streak that couldn't settle down with just one man. He loved the bar scene, and it kind of got out of hand for him. He's dead now." "AIDS?" I nodded. He leaned over and kissed me tenderly on the mouth. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "Don't be. It's way in the past now. I haven't had a steady lover since he died. I've occasional made do with guys I've met on the internet, but I've always played safe with them, just like you and I did a bit ago. It's the only way to be safe from the scourge." "We'll always have to use condoms?" "We'll get tested, and if we are both negative, and take an oath of monogamy, we might begin to trust each other enough to dispense with the rubbers...But it is a serious oath, that can't be broken, because both our lives depend on it." "I understand." "I don't think you do exactly. You're only out to me, and the boys, but as you grow into your gay persona, you might feel the need to sample other guys now and then. Hell, I might even get the urge to sample. Lord knows I've had a roving eye in the past. Gay men are not noted for their monogamous lifestyles. My guess is that one day you or I will be tempted by some good looking hunk, and we'll give into our desires." "I wouldn't..." "Don't say that Jack. I know more about it right now than you do. Trust me, if you got the chance to bed Brendan Frazer, you would in a New York Minute. The funny thing about it is, I wouldn't hold it against you. I'd do the same given the opportunity. The most we can hope for, is that the love, our love, will grow into a strong bond, that allows us to treat each other with total respect and honesty. If we do get tempted and give in to it, in all honesty, we will tell the other one about the incident, and remember to play safe with a condom." "I don't think it will happen Dave. I'm not a promiscuous guy. I was true to my wife the whole time I was married to her." "I'm sure you were, but I'm telling you now, You are going to go through some changes, and one of those changes is that you'll begin to look at guys differently. Some of them will look back, and if the nature of the beast hasn't changed dramatically, and I'm sure it hasn't, you'll eventually get hit on, and truthfully, you'll find it hard to resist the compliment. After all, it's just sex. Right?" "I guess so." "I'm hungry. Are you? I haven't eaten very much since I last talked with the boys, worried about meeting you and how I'd handle it. I thought about dragging you into my back yard, and beating the shit out of you." "Why didn't you? I deserved it." "You looked too much like a pitiful puppy that knew he'd done something bad, and needed to be punished for it." He grinned at me and nodded. You call the boys, and Let's all go out for Chinese or Mexican food, and we'll tell them what we've talked about." I headed for the bathroom, while he dialed his phone number at home. I heard him tell one of the boys to get cleaned up and put on some decent clothes for a change, that we were all going out to eat. I turned on the shower, and stepped into it's hot spray. In a moment, I saw Jack standing there looking at me through the steamy glass door. I pushed it pen and reached out and pulled him in with me. In my car, we told the boys our plans, and both Jack and I had to laugh when they slapped each other a high five in the back seat. We all talked excitedly about what it meant, and were still making plans as we finished up our meal at my favorite Mexican joint. The ride home, was funny, as we took turns telling our favorite dirty jokes. Jack told the funniest, Top 100 Nn Model and we laughed hard together pulling into my driveway. His dark mood and depression seemed totally gone, replaced by one of good cheer and optimism. I liked this man. Hell, I liked the whole family. (Jack's Joke: Two fags walking down the street together, spy a dog with his hind leg in the air, licking his balls and asshole. First Fag: "Don't you wish we could do that?" Second Fag: "Yeah, but don't you think we ought to pet him first. He might not be friendly.") In the den, the boys wanted me to put on some porn. I told them that if this was going to be their home, they could very well do it themselves. John jumped up and started going through the Top 100 Nn Model drawers of my sideboard. After a thorough search of my porn titles he selected one called "Like Father, Like Son." Dale hooted when John told us the title. As the tape began to roll, I felt Jack tense up a little on the couch beside me. I patted his leg, and told him to relax. "Yeah dad," Dale added. "It's not as if we haven't done everything with each other before. Get with the program." We settled into the video, and it wasn't long, before I could see it was having an effect on Jack's cock. The boys were laying on their stomachs next to each other on the carpet, Their lean sexy bodies squirming now and then, I'm sure to adjust their hardening cocks pressing into the floor. I know, watching them, my dick was hard as stone. As the first act came to an end, both boys turned to each other and kissed. Jack and I watched them, turned on by their openness with each other. I hugged Jack as we watched them exchange tongue for a long moment while the next act began to build to the scene where the dad character in the story catches the son character jacking off into a pair of his dad's dirty underwear. The dad character, watches from a darkened doorway as the son beats off in the laundry room. As the story goes, the dad finally gets up the nerve to walk in and confront the boy who is about eighteen. The kid is ashamed, and drops the underwear, standing there naked with his huge cock still stiff and red looking from the flogging its been getting. The father puts his arm around the boy and starts to 'tll him it's all right to jerk off, that all guys do it, but that he'd learn as he got older, that it was better if there were two people sharing the duty. The boy on the screen, looked up at his dad, and their eyes told the story of lust they both were feeling at the moment. The boy took his father's hand off his shoulder, and placed it on his hard cock. The father pulled his hand away, but replaced it softly, squeezing the boy's big cock. "Jack me dad," the boy hisses through his teeth. The thumping music swells and the dad begins to jack his son's dick. It doesn't take long before the boy arches his back, and gobs of cum fly across the room. As he finishes, shuddering in his father's grip, the dad leans down and kisses him on the mouth. The boy kisses him for a moment, then his hands get busy with his dad's hard on in his pants. In no time at all, the boy is on his knees, engulfing his father's big cock. The suck scene is very sexy, and I felt Jack squirm next to me. I put my hand on his stiffness, and he sighed quietly. I reached over and unzipped his pants. His harness pushed at the front of his briefs, and I pulled the elastic down quickly and hooked it under his balls. He groaned slightly, and lifted his hips a little. I dropped into his lap, and began to suck his seven inch cock. Sucking, I wasn't paying attention to the boys or the Top 100 Nn Model video. After a minute or so, I felt hands on my cock, and my pants being opened. When I was exposed, an warm mouth took my raging meat into it's hot wet inner Top 100 Nn Model sanctum. I shivered, and pulled off Jack to see it was John sucking me. Dale was busy pulling John's pants off his butt, and jacking on his stiff bone with one hand. John, on his hands and knees, sucking my prick, was wiggling his tight little butt in his brother's face. I watched as Dale bent and tongued his brother's crack, selecting the hole, which I could feel from the pressure John put on my cock suddenly. Jack had his head back with his eyes closed, while I jacked his cock, using my warm saliva as a lubricant. I watched as Dale put his dick head at his brother's entrance, and pushed in. I went back to sucking Jack, trying to watch Dale fuck John out of the corner of my eye. The scene went on for a while, but before anyone came, we instinctively stopped. The boys started stripping off their clothes, and Jack and I followed suit. In a moment, we were all standing in the den stark naked, sporting rock hard cocks that waved together in a tight circle, their dripping tips touching occasionally. "You and dad fuck us," John was the first to speak. He laid down on the carpet again, and raised his butt hole into the air. Dale was right beside him in a flash and had raised his as well. Jack and I looked at each other, and smiled. He stepped behind Dale, and I took John. After rimming the two boys for a few minutes, while Jack did his best to duplicate what I was doing, we put our dick heads to their marks, and both boys pushed back onto us. I pushed John down to the carpet, until he was laying flat beneath me, and began to fuck his tight little hole like a pile driver. I looked over my shoulder, and saw Jack had Dale's hips tightly gripped in his hands, and was porking his son like he'd never had sex before. Both boys were groaning and huffing under our assaults on their butt holes. It was so hot, it didn't take either of us long to feel the verge approaching. I shot first, filling John's asshole with more spunk than I ever thought possible. He groaned when he felt me cum, and tightened his sphincter on my throbbing cock. I thought he was cuming too, but he was just showing me a good time. Jack was soon blowing his wad in Dale's ass, and the boy was writhing under him, trying to shove as much of his father's dick into his hole as he could. Jack was breathing with a wheeze, his chest heaving and his hips vibrating in tight little thrusts that caused his sexy ass cheeks to dimple each time he thrust into his son. When he was finished shooting his load, he sat back on his heels and his long cock pulled out of Dale's asshole. The heavy breathing in the room began to subside, and we all began to relax a little. On the TV screen, the actor playing the son, was rimming his father's now naked butt hole. The camera was in extreme close-up on the tongue probing the loose and tender hole. As we settled back and watched, the boy put his dick head to the hole, and pushed into his father character. The older man groaned and hissed for the boy to fuck him hard. The kid wasted no time acceding to his dad's wish, and the sound of their flesh slapping together was filling the den. The boys were still hard, and I realized neither of them had cum yet. I nudged Jack and pointed out the obvious. I motioned him with a toss of my head to join me, and I laid down on the carpet, with my butt hole exposed. Jack soon joined me, and the boys got the message. It wasn't long before I felt the swipe of a tongue on my hole, and used my hands to pull my cheeks apart for Dale. He was becoming an excellent rimmer, and knew how to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings around a man's asshole with his talented tongue. I could tell from Jack's moans and groans who he'd been practicing on. John obviously hadn't been remiss in his lessons either. As Dale entered me with his cock, I relaxed and let him slide all the way home. He laid down across my back and began a slow deep fucking of my asshole, that sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body. My moans were involuntary, escaping my lips in ecstasy. Jack, beside me was in much a similar condition. We turned our heads to face each other, and scooted closer to kiss as the boys fucked our brains out. When they came, they perfectly matched their climaxes, and both shot within a second of each other, and shot several times before coming to rest on our backs their hard dicks stilled buried in both our butts. The boys were amazing, If I'd cum like that it would have taken me an hour or more to get my dick hard again. The boys were still hard and ready. They wanted to go on for another fuck, but I begged them to wait for a while, because I had an idea we might all find interesting, but I at least needed time to rejuvenate. Jack agreed that he did as well, so we pulled apart, and I got us all some beers, while we rested. While we drank our beers, I explained what I'd fantasized of doing with the boys, before I met Jack, but now that Jack had become part of the picture, the fantasy had taken on enlarged proportions. They all got into the fantasy, and long before any of us finished our beers, the boys were poking and prodding the two old men in their lives with their rampant thumping manhood spikes. We arranged ourselves, in a line, Dale, me, John, Jack, like that, and with our holes well lubed, we inserted our stiff cocks into the available assholes. We took it slow, building a rhythm not unlike a chugging engine, and fucked each other into a sweet delirium. It lasted for a long time, because none of us wanted it to end. If any of us got close to blowing off, he'd warn the others, and the engine would come to a screeching halt, until order was restored. About fifteen minutes into it, the boys wanted to switch places, and we were all soon inside each other again in this order: John, me, Dale, and Jack. We took it on to completion, mostly because the two old farts were running out of steam. When we blew our loads, we all came within seconds of each other, and finished in a heap on the carpet, breathing heavy and fondling each other's bodies. Without a doubt, I was thankful these guys had entered my life, and we'd become the family the boys wanted and in fact needed. We moved them in with me, fitting our selves easily into my home, and the boys shared one bedroom, and Jack and I another, but there were no locks on the doors, and many a night found us all together in one bedroom or another doing what came naturally to healthy gay men. At the end of August, both boys started school at ASU. They were close enough to home, to not have to live in a dorm, so Jack and I had them with us every night and on weekends. We take weekend jaunts in my Jeep to wilderness areas I loved to show them, and often we'd end the excursion nude and enjoying each other in the wilds of the Arizona Landscape. That was years ago, now, and the Top 100 Nn Model boys are both off in the world living their own lives, and Jack and I have maintained our relationship over the years with enthusiasm and stamina. That includes the occasional third and fourth guy we might pick up at Charly's bar for a night of fun. We've learned that we like multiple partners, and are not afraid of sharing our desires with each other. It's kept us going strong for a long time now.End.

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