Related article: Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 14:18:12 EST From: SANIBELBOYSaol.com Subject: a lesson in tme part 21This story is (C)Copyright 2006, by TM. All World Wide Rights Reserved. This story may not be sold or made part of any collection without prior written permission.A Lesson In Time, Chapter Twenty OneI did everything I could to disguise my nervousness about crawling under the horse; and I did quite well. I felt much better after dabbing the cloth and crawling out from underneath the beast but again I couldn't allow my jubilation to exact any form of prominence. Thankfully, the sound of the ponies alerted the two slaves and as Jordan took the damp cloth from my hand, they both hurried to the end of the barn to greet the ponies. >From a `safe' distance I observed the two slaves fall into what must be a daily routine. They each took a pony and unfastened him from the cart or wagon to which he was attached and the pony went immediately into the horse shower. Two by two, the ponies made their way to the shower and to see them share in the washing of one another was amazing. Before long, all six ponies were silently washing, scrubbing and shampooing each other. Not one of them seemed to pay any attention to me or my naked body. I was, or should have been, grateful for that one bit of dignity and respect that they showed towards me. I moved closer to Jordan and John Henry when I heard one of them yell out to someone. I noticed the one pony came up to the barn rather slowly and in what looked like an exhausted posture. John Henry was quick and sharp with his words, as Very Very Young Models he berated the pony for being late, not to mention disheveled. The pony had been the only one pulling a buggy. It must have been the pony I'd seen earlier, just because I noticed the inordinate amount of chrome and decorations on the buggy from before. The one main difference between this pony and the others was that this particular pony was totally smooth, had an elaborate amount of body piercings and more importantly... the pony had been gelded. Both of the slaves noticed the blank expression on my face and John Henry took it upon himself to give a brief, yet comprehensive, explanation about this particular pony. "Sir, this pony came to us voluntarily and informed the Masters that he desired to become a pony slave Sir. After receiving a rather extreme Very Very Young Models physical exam and the signing of documents the boy became a pony in training. Two months after arriving, one of our visitors took a liking to him and offered to purchase him. There was an afternoon devoted to discussions and shortly thereafter, the pony received his rings. The gentleman who purchased this pony had also paid to have him gelded, and the day after the pony lost his balls... his new owner died of a heart attack, without ever receiving or seeing his pony in its present state. So the pony has been with us ever since and all he does is pull his buggy six days a week. I guess one day someone will desire a pony such as this, but no one has come forward to lay a claim to him, Sir". My hands glided over the ponies smooth skin, as I even found the desire to lift up the cock by the Prince Albert and inspect the area that once was a scrotal sac. There was hardly any trace of scarring and I assumed that Doc was the one who performed the surgery. I watched as the pony remained motionless, and the Very Very Young Models two slaves went to release the pony who had just arrived; the one who had been pulling the water wagon all day long. There must be some connection between these two ponies; just for the fact that they both smiled, broadly, at one another. Both of the ponies went right to work with rags, wiping down the buggy. They seemed happy and content, being who and what they were. It didn't take long for me to figure out this part of the routine. While they were wiping down the buggy, the remainder of the ponies were concluding their showers; thus leaving the showers available to the last to ponies. As the ponies walked towards the shower, all of the others seemed to stop and watch and I sensed that something was lying just beneath the surface... waiting until I and the two slaves departed before it would show up. Jordan grabbed hold of the buggy and effortlessly pulled it inside the barn and pushed it back against the wall. "Wouldn't want it to get damp during the night and make more of a mess for the morning, now would we." "How does Doc keep these ponies under control all day, without supervision?" I asked. "Heck, that's an easy one", chimed John Henry. "Every cart, wagon and buggy has GPS locators and right from the office, anyone can see at a glance where each pony is just by looking at the computer screen. We used not to be so fancy, but with finding someone they could trust to oversee the ponies was such a difficult thing to find, Doc decided to go high tech. There used Very Very Young Models to be one overseer but he was more vicious than he was as a teacher. He'd beat the ponies all day long and fuck them whenever and wherever he felt like it. No matter how many times he got reprimanded, he could never get the hang of doing his job the right way so they had to fire him. Shaun took over the training of the ponies and he's done a great job. Now they don't need hardly any training or discipline. They don't get used much, unless someone leases them out for a week or two. Seems that just about everybody around these parts has their own pony or team of ponies." "Hey, don't forget to tell Sir about those ponies either", blatted Jordan. "Oh, okay", exclaimed John Henry, as I stood motionless waiting to hear more. "The ponies Jordan's referring to are mostly `family' ponies. Around here, a parent can have his own son or daughter enslaved for up to ten years for the stupidest of things. They are the ones that Doc usually has to tend to in his clinic in town. A lot of them get beat so bad that Doc has to tend to them at just about any hour of the day. A bunch of them have even been cut and gelded just because their mom and dad thought it might help to calm them down some and the judge always goes along with it. I'm thinking that the Judge might be getting a little sex on the side if you know what I mean." Trying to now sound more like my old Very Very Young Models self, I replied "Well that is the law of the state and it has the full backing of our government so I'm not opposed to it in the least." "Yes Sir", replied John Henry, "But Sir, the government went about this all the wrong way Sir. Nobody ever came out to look at the one or two slave facilities before the government enacted all of their stupid laws and regulations. The idea that the government acts on the behalf and behest of its citizens is a bull crap Sir." "Be that as it may `boy', you're a slave as is Jordan and the rest of the males around here and you must abide by what rules have been given you. Your personal opinions about our government are of no concern to anyone but yourself and in the future I'd suggest that you keep them to yourself, unless of course you feel the need for a substantial whipping." With a look of surprise and sadness, John Henry succumbed to my verbalization of his life and the role that government and free men control it. I hadn't meant for my words to cut as sharply as they seemed to, but I have a loyalty to my country and a devotion, undying, to my family. The ponies seemed to have paired up, with each pair going into their own stall, as did the last two. It was a unique situation I was looking at, with four legged horses on one side of the barn and two legged ones on the other side. Both slaves immediately started to dispense the slave chow to all of the ponies; dropping scoop after scoop of the kibbles into life sized troughs. Jordan then proceeded to take a garden hose and began to fill the water buckets in each of the stalls. While Jordan was busy with watering, John Henry went to the far end of the barn and slid the door closed; securing it with a rather large old fashion padlock. With the hose put away, the three of us walked quietly out of the barn and the final set of doors was padlock just like the other. As we stood there, the sound of voices seemed to erupt in unison. "It's perfectly normal and permissible for the pony slaves to talk after they've been locked in for the night. Their lights will go off automatically which quiets the barn down so that they get enough sleep. Just be thankful, as we are, that neither of us has to sleep in Very Very Young Models there." Jordan said rather calmly. "Why do you say that?" I asked keenly. "Sir, it is not uncommon for the older more seasoned ponies to take advantage of the smaller and younger ones that showered last. Our masters care nothing about what transpires during the course of the night, as long as all the ponies are up and ready to be hitched to their carts and wagons. It is a normal occurrence in there, that one if not both of the pony slaves gets raped or even tied to the mounting bench and is rolled beneath one of the stallions. Every morning when I open the barn doors, I always expect to find one of them left lying over the bench. It is a sign that all the other pony slaves leave for me, as if saying that I need to be on guard or the same may happen to me Sir." Jordan spoke with impunity. I didn't have time to respond to Jordan's descriptive scenario. The sound of a motor filled the air as Shaun came rolling up in one of the quad runners. He was bare chested, which seemed a bit unusual, as was seeing him in rather flimsy shorts and bare feet. "Afternoon master Kevin", I've come to return you to the house for refreshments and bathing, followed by dinner, Sir", Shaun said, almost sounding like a slave himself. I smiled at Shaun, and thanked him. What I think surprised him the most was that I didn't light into him for his and his sister's earlier abuse of my body. I'm sure that he must have been expecting me to chastise him. I did, however, summon the two slaves to ride on the back, instead of having to walk back. It wasn't until we got dropped off at the house, and Shaun was driving off, that I noticed his back was criss crossed with red and purple welts. There was a small twinge of empathy for him, but it soon passed. Jordan and John Henry began to hose themselves off, as I made my way through the back gate. I didn't expect to see anyone around the pool during the week, but Doc was sitting there with a man who perhaps might have been around thirty or thirty two years old. Both men looked in my direction as I walked along the opposite side of the pool and then Doc waved me over. "Kevin, I want to introduce you to a good friend of ours. Kevin this is Nathan Gimble. Nathan has been doing most, if not all of our video sessions ever since we started filming them." Doc said in an extremely cheerful voice. I shook hands with this Nathan guy and I tried to size him up right away. He didn't appear to be any different than myself, meaning he wasn't a slave, nor had he been a slave. He was rather handsome and well dressed. His voice was that of a true southerner. "I was just telling Nathan about you and your relationship within the slave indenturement community. Thanks to your father, we can now make, market and sell our tapes on slavery without fear of prosecution. And with the one or two `loopholes' buried deep within those same laws we are exempt from prosecution for making male to male pornography videos just as long as the actors are over the age of seventeen." Doc continued in his gleeful tone. "Yes Kevin, I too am grateful to your father for his bold initiatives towards allowing freedom of expression with the male body, not to mention the amount of money one makes having his own business as `free enterprise'. Nathan added, in a rather mundane tone. Doc picked up the tempo, before I got a word in edge wise. "Kevin, I ... we were just discussing the possibility of having Nathan film you while you're here, as sort of a training tape for other interns that may follow in your footsteps." "Well Sir", I replied; "I don't think there is a big need for such a video. I'm sure that the interns who work for different companies, have their own agendas and since I have nothing I feel I could say or do would have an influence over them, the idea of a video seems rather wasteful." "Perhaps, Kevin, you'd like to think about it awhile before passing quick judgment. I'm sure if you sat in front of a camera and expounded on what you' ve seen and heard would have a big impact on those who desire to enter into the employ of a slave training or processing facility. Such a video could even be most useful, at say `Career Day' in college or even senior high school. You could possibly have a big effect on the next generation of people who will inherit the industry once we old guys have passed on." Doc said with a fatherly tone to his voice. I agreed to consider it, but felt that it wasn't something, at this time, that I'd want to do. "If you gentlemen will excuse me, I need to get cleaned up and get some clothes on", I said, turning and displaying my bare ass to the two of them. "When you're ready, come back down and join us for cocktails", Nathan called out humorously. I not only needed to shower and shave the stubble from my face, but I also needed to do my reports; so I quickened my pace through the kitchen and took two steps at a time, racing towards my room. John Henry was there waiting for me, but when I asked about Jordan; he simply told me that he'd gone back down to the basement to where he belonged. I felt different now, more than any other time. Unlike Windy Hills, here I was exposed to so many different things. Here I was able to feel the embarrassment, humiliation and degradation of what a new slave goes through: Like nothing I'd ever experienced in my whole life, my hidden and secret life. I'd learned much in just the last three days, and I had several more days yet to discover, to learn and to absorb; about this adventurous and ominous business of controlling other human lives. The assigned slave did a Very Very Young Models magnificent job of bathing me and performing my internal cleansing. I didn't waste my time, returning the favor as I had my notes to prepare and transmit. I opted for now to remain naked in my room, as it only seemed natural. I got the computer up and running, after which I logged on and moments later the homepage appeared. I had three messages waiting for me. The first message was short and simple. It was from none other than Ms. Mudfart; simply saying how much she enjoyed my first transmitted reports, looking forward to more of the same. At least I knew that the information I had sent, seemed to have at least pleased someone at dad's company. The second email was from my father. It too was short, but it was more direct than I'd expected. He asked why I hadn't answered my mothers question about the `if I was gay' thing. He also added that he seemed to find my report fulfilling, but that he had a sense that I had purposely omitted some things. The last paragraph summed up his frustrations when he chastised me for not answering my cellphone. I'd forgotten about my phone and quickly scanned it for missed calls and I discovered that not only had my father tried to call me twice, but my mother had an endless stream of times that her calls went unanswered. I knew that when I opened up my third and final message, that I'd read and get a better sense of how much mom was pissed off. True to my thoughts, mom was really upset about me not having my phone with me at all times. She was more concerned about my well being more than she was about anything else. The final portion of her email was rather `odd' in a way. She said that my sister `sends her best'. But then her final sentence was to tell me that I'd be able to see my sister if I were to click on the `available slaves' section located on the homepage. Being the voyeuristic type of person that I sometimes found myself to be, I clicked on the tab and instantly began searching for anything pertaining to my sister. It didn't take but a half dozen clicks of the mouse until I saw the `before' photo of her. The section which contained her information was listed in the `Summer Novice' section. I found it strange, as I'm sure mom said something earlier about her staying at dad's office building for the entire summer. The main page give a rather in depth description of her. I wasn't even startled when I read, `novice female slave is not a virgin'. The photo section showed nothing but naked pictures of her. All sides of her were displayed and she had had her pubic region shaved as smooth as an egg. Even the hair on her head was shorn down to nothing more than a simple buzz job. I suppose she should be thankful that mom and/or dad hadn't seen fit to have something on her body pierced. The basis of her slavery was described as being uncontrollable and `venomous' ; meaning that she could, verbally lash out at others for no apparent reason. It went on to say that she was under the protection of dad's company and that she would be available for lease for the ridiculous fee of one thousand dollars a month. From everything I'd learned out on the road, such a cheap lease indicates the worthlessness of the slave. I was still trying to comprehend my sister's situation, while I labored away typing out my report. I'd spent nearly thirty minutes on the computer, vainly trying my best to word each and every sentence properly, as not to deviate from my normal vocabulary; when my cellphone rang. It was dad, and I knew from the time of day, that this conversation wasn't going to last but a couple of minutes. I was right. He did in fact, read ` between the lines' and concluded that I had enjoyed the time I had spent with males at Windy Hills and also here. I finally confessed my homosexuality to him and he took it surprisingly well. He even made is sound as if it might be an advantage for me now, and in the future. I really wasn't sure where he had intended the conversation to go, but before I had much of a chance to ask too many questions I got the standard `time to go now' routine from him and our conversation ended, but at least it was on a pleasant note. At least he said "keep up the great work, son" before disconnecting. That alone made me feel great. While I was finishing up my daily report, John Henry had cleaned up the bathroom and had begun to lay out my clothes on the bed. I was once again surprised that someone had seen fit to leave me a clean pair of shorts and another clean shirt. By now, I didn't care if they were pink or purple; but just glad to have something against my skin, covering up my manly parts. I and the slave made our way downstairs, this time with me stashing my cellphone in the one pocket of the shorts. I wasn't going to miss another call, especially from mom. I once again made the false assumption that John Henry was going to follow me out to the pool area; but he stopped in the kitchen, knelt in the corner and waited until someone found the time to feed him his evening meal. I guess that after my stern words out in the barn, he sort of placed himself back into `slave mode' versus guide and companion for my stay. I couldn't chastise him for his actions, as slaves are normally fed in the kitchen and I probably needed the time away from him, just to process my thoughts without being distracted by his form and beauty. Doc and Nathan greeted me with a casual comment and handshake. Nathan seemed eager to inquire as to why I'd decided to wear clothes and I curtly told him of today's experience. Doc had to toss in another comment Very Very Young Models on how nice I looked in pink shorts and shirt. I'm sure that Doc knew that I hadn't been given any undies to wear, which was why my cock was prominently outlined against the tight fabric. It was starting to ebb into the twilight hours as I opened up a cold beer and took a seat with the two men. Doc was interested in what I thought of the afternoon and I felt obligated to fill my comments with lavish gratitude. I proceeded to ask Doc what must have seemed like a ream of questions; which he seemed more than happy to answer. There was just something about talking with and to him that made me feel so at ease; unlike the times when I had those `heart to heart' talks with my father. Every question was answered with more than I had anticipated and I felt privileged that Doc would elaborate on each one; with so much vitality that it almost made me feel like wanting to stay here and work for him. By the time I'd finished my second beer; the housekeeper came out and inquired as to where we wanted to eat our meal. Doc, speaking for the three of us, opted to eat outside under the setting sun. I didn't get one single glimpse of John Henry the entire time, so I figured that he must have retired for the night. As our dishes were being taken away and a tray of fresh coffee was brought forth, Doc asked me if I had time to consider the offer of assisting in making the video. For whatever reason or purpose, I agreed and that seemed to put a big smile on Nathan's face. "I'm happy that you've made such a remarkable and affirmative decision Kevin " Doc replied; "I'm sure you won't regret it, nor will you find it offensive or painful." Had I not been so tired, I would have or should have picked up on the words ` offensive and painful'; but I didn't. As Nathan began speaking, my cellphone rang and I noticed that it was a call from mom. I excused myself from the table and walked away so that my conversation would be conducted in private. Right from the start, mom informed me that she had goaded dad into telling her that I was gay. She wasn't the least bit angry or upset. She seemed rather relieved to hear me confirm my sexual orientation to her. She went right into talking about my sister and exactly how she'd gotten herself into her current situation. After listening to mom, I couldn't find one reason with which to fault her for making the decision to put sis out for lease during the summer months. I'd have done the same thing if I had the responsibility over my sister. Mom reminded me that it was my responsibility to call her and not the other way around; and I assured her that henceforth I would make at least one call, in the evening hours. As I started to walk back toward Doc and Nathan they both got up from their chairs and began walking towards the house; so I simply followed them. Once inside the house, we went into Doc's study and sat down on the most luxurious leather furniture I'd ever sat in. The Housemaster joined us, as the housekeeper brought in a tray of glasses and a bottle of some fancy brandy. I never drank the stuff before, and my initial sip of it made me not want or desire to taste it again. Doc inquired as to Jordan and the Housemaster politely informed him that he was already in his kennel for the night; which seemed to please Doc. I knew what that meant, and I had to find some way, regardless of circumstances or consequences; to keep Jordan out of the kennel from now on. John Henry was downstairs, `arranging the studio' as per instructions which also made Doc smile and Nathan giggle. There began a three way discussion on my `debut' in the video industry... except the threesome didn't include me. All I could do was to sit there and listen to the three men haggle back and forth with ideas on how to present me and how I would be able to get an informative message across to all those who might see the video. Doc seemed more receptive to me just sitting down in front of a camera for the majority of time; while Nathan and the Housemaster felt that a certain ` reality' be added for effect. What was actually happening, before my eyes, were the three of them actually scripting out my `performance', in a specific order of events. Nathan was a bit upset that he wasn't available last night to capture my stint laying on the table, getting shaved and abused by the boys; but surprisingly enough Doc told him that he had managed to capture some, not all of it on tape; but it would take time to edit it in order for it to appear in a dignified and professional manner. That seemed to take the edge off of Nathan, but it put a bit of trepidation into my mind. Lord knows how long we four sat in there, but the Housemaster made sure that none of us ran our glasses empty. "If you gentlemen will excuse me, I need to use the toilet to relieve myself" , I said in the most proper way. As I pushed myself up out of the chair, my legs seemed to give way and Nathan jumped up to catch me before I fell flat on my face. "I guess we'd best get Kevin to a place where he can empty his bladder before he makes a mess of himself and the floors up here", the Housemaster said rather sheepishly. "I think I'm going to vomit", I said rather quickly, as both Nathan and the Housemaster latched on to my arms and quickly escorted me down the stairs and into the bathroom. They nearly downed me, as one of them held my head down in the porcelain bowl, while I puked my guts out. "Best get him up and into the other room so that John Henry can get him cleaned up and get his mouth rinsed out before we start", Doc said as the two men pulled me back up to my feet. "I should have known that mixing beer and brandy doesn't sit to well". For a split second I thought that they were going to allow me to Very Very Young Models stand there and piss; but John Henry arrived and received a volley of commands from Doc just as I was being led down the hall and over to the `studio'. "Nathan, once he's in the shower room, you get your equipment set up and I' ll go get the things I need." Doc said rather quickly, as the Very Very Young Models Housemaster and John Henry half dragged me into the shower room. I thought, for a moment, that I saw a look of concern on John Henry's face; but it was probably just the result of my intoxication. I was propped up against the tile, while my shirt and shorts were quickly pulled off. "Better you wait until Doc gives you permission to piss Kevin", came the words from the Housemaster. "Well he'd best hurry, because I'm about to bust a gut sitting here", I cried out. John Henry offered me a small amount of mouthwash and reminded me not to swallow any of it; least it further complicate my stomach. I turned my head to the side and spit it out, back into the cup from where it came. Nathan stuck his head in the shower room and said he was ready whenever I was and that John Henry could finish up while I was `resting'. I didn't understand the `resting' word until I was brought out and laid on the bed. It was almost to comfortable. A pillow was slid under my head which allowed me to gaze down my body towards Nathan and his camera; now complete with glaring lights. The brightness of all the lights blinded me, but I could hear Doc speaking to all of those present. I was summarily rolled over from side to side, while John Henry placed a rubber sheet beneath me. It was a strange sensation at first, but once my body had compensated for the difference, I hardly noticed it. >From behind the lights Doc spoke directly to me; "Kevin, what we're going to do now, for starters, is more or less conduct a simple interview with you. We'll be asking you questions and you just answer them in the way in which you feel most comfortable with. While you are answering the questions, we'll be conducting a few less demanding things with different parts of your body. That way, when people watch and listen to you, they'll actually be able to feel the sincerity in your own voice." "That sounds fair enough to me", I stupidly replied; not actually knowing what in the hell I'd gotten myself into. "Kevin", Nathan said, "What I'm going to do first is just keep the camera on your face. Since you've already been shaved, I'm going to have to edit yesterday's tape in with this one, but what's going to happen first is that we are going to cover your body with shaving cream and kind of `reenact' the shaving scene just so we won't have any gaps." "I suppose that will be okay, but to tell you the truth ... I still gotta pee wicked bad", I said with a sense of urgency. "Can I get up and pee or can you at least get me something to piss in." "I can take care of that for you", Doc said laughingly.To be continued...

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