Related article: From: rage17aol.com (Rage17) Newsgroups: alt.sex.motss Subject: STORY:AirForce Love!!(mm) Date: 18 Jan 1995 16:25:45 -0500 Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364) Lines: 349 Message-ID: Reply-To: rage17aol.com (Rage17)Here is a Hott Story for you studs out there AND please all you guys with text files out there post them up like I do also so we could have some fun in this Newsgroups Ok--Once I start seeing more I'll start posting all my text files for you guys(sexy ones). Billy withdrew his extended thumb when a car finally stopped. He'd been hitchhiking for three hours and had only put 52 miles behind him. A white volvo pulled to a stop a hundred feet in front of him. He ran to the car and opened the front door. The driver was about thirty five years old with short cropped black wavy hair. "Come on, get in kid!" the driver said smiling at Billy. "Where you headed?" As the car pulled back on the road and headed for the interstate highway, Billy told him that he was going to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Billy was young, handsome and his blond hair and green eyes picked up the sunlight coming through the windshield. The driver, Dave, introduced himself. Dave was in the Air Force stationed at Pease Air Force Base. Billy was going up to Pease to visit his older brother, since Billy had just turned 20, and was thinking of following his brother into the Airforce. Dave was friendly,telling Billy about his mechanic duties and that he hoped to get a job at Boston's Logan Airport when he is discharged next month. Billy told Dave that he was going to join the Air Force as soon as he graduated from high school next Spring. "Hand me a pack of cigarettes from the glove compartment, will you billy?" Billy opened the small compartment and reached in. as he pulled a pack out some papers and books fell out onto the floor. Billy scrambled to pick them up. He froze as he picked up some photos that had fallen from their packet holder. the pictures were of men and mans. Naked men and mans showing off their hard cocks and asses to the camera. "Oh! Shit!" Exclaimed Dave, "I didn't want you to see those." Billy continued to go through them one by one. "Wow, look at these guys, they've got each other's cocks in their mouths," Billy muttered. "Hey, kid. I'm sorry that you found those." "This is you in this picture, isn't it?" Billy asked. Billy was looking at one with Dave and another dark haired young man sitting beside each other on a couch. They were naked and their hard cocks were pointed at each other. just the tips of their pricks were touching. The next photo showed dave sitting on the other man's chest rubbing his hard cock over the man's face. The next photo showed Dave squirting off a load of cum, covering the pinned man's cheeks and nose. The man's mouth was open trying to catch each spurt of white fuck juice. Dave looked over at Billy. The kid was mesmerized looking at the pictures. Dave glanced at Billy's crotch and saw his tight denim cut-offs were bulging with the youth's hard-on. "What do you think of those, Billy?" "I like 'em. Never seen anything like this. do you do this all the time?" "Not all the time but every chance I get. Does it look like fun to you?" Dave asked. "Yea! My brother and me...well, we jack each other off but nothing like this. I bet it feels real good when you do this." Billy said showing Dave a photo of a couple of Dave's Air Force Buddies in a 69 shot. "Sure does, you ought to try it, Billy, you might like it. Billy looked into Dave's eyes, Dave looked at Billy and then back to the road. "Looks like you gotta hard on in your shorts just looking' at the pictures, Billy." "I can't help it. I've never seen pictures Pedo Blowjob like this." "Why don't you take that cock of yours out and give it room to breathe?" Billy looked at Dave's crotch. The tight white levi's clearly displayed a huge bulge. Dave caught Billy looking at his crotch so he hunched up a bit so Billy could get a better view. "Come on, Billy. Take your cock out. I'll take mine out too." The young passenger unzipped his cut-offs and fumbled with his briefs, finally pulling out his six inch perfectly sculptured dick. The head of the man's prick was gooey from the pre-cum juice he was leaking. Dave looked at the ready cockhead and licked his lips. Then Dave unzipped his pants and released his hard rod. it smacked loudly against the steering wheel. Dave too was hot and his piss slit was wet in anticipation of stealing Billy's virginity. "You got a big cock, Dave," Billy said in awe. "Can I touch it?" "Sure kid, but turnabout is fair play." Billy scooted over and wrapped his left hand around the bigman prick that Dave was showing him. Likewise, Dave reached over and began th gently jack Billy's wet prick. "Can we do the things you were doing with the guys in those pictures? Can we?" Billy's voice was filled with anxiety. "Sure, in fact kid, I know a place where we can go. I have a buddy who lives in Salisbury. We'll stop at his place." They continued to touch and feel each other till they reached Dave's buddy's house in Salisbury, Massachusettes. They were greeted at the door by Richard, Dave's friend. After chatting for a few minutes, Dave told Rich that he'd like to take Billy down to the bedroom on the lower level. Once Billy and Dave were alone in the master bedroom, Dave roughly grabbed Billy and began kissing and stripping him. Billy worked Dave's shirt off and opened his belt. once they were down to their underwear they laid down on the bed. Dave laid Billy on his back and crawled on top of him, grinding his nylon bikini covered cock against the pre-cum soaked white cotton briefs Billy wore. They both leaked so" much jizz that they formed one big gob between them. "I want you to do to me what you did to the guy in the pictures." Billy cried. "Which thing, Billy?" "You know, where you cum off on his face...i want you to do that to me." Dave skinned down Billy's briefs and his own underpants. They rolled around on the bed making a sticky mess between their stomachs. Dave slid down Billy's body licking up the goo on his way. when he go to Billy's crotch, he gently ran his fingertips over the man's cock, balls and down to the crack of his ass. he squeezed the man-cock forcing more pre-fuck fluid out of it and lapped it up. Billy was shaking in excitment as he began ti receive his first suck. When Dave felt the bog was too hot to last much longer, he climbed up on his chest and ran his cock all over Billy's face, leave trails of clear sticky pre fuck juices. "Open your mouth Billy. You're gonna suck me a while." Billy willingly took the rod into his mouth and savored the flavor of a hot man cock. He forced his tongue into the piss hole and sucked out dave's juices. Dave couldn't take anymore without cumming off. he pulled his rock hard prick from the man's face and began to jack his cock in the smiling face of the kid. "You want my cum, don't you Billy? you really want to swallow it and taste it and feel it all over your cute fucked face...yea! I can see it in your eyes, you really want my jizz. okay, man here it comes..." Pow! Splash! Smack! Load after load of prick jizz shot into Billy's open mouth. Pedo Blowjob The youth's tongue was stuck out trying to gather all of the man fuck jism he could gather. The white hot cum that missed his mouth hit and dripped down his nose, chin and cheeks. Dave kept shooting volleys and volleys of ball juice onto the man's face and into his eager mouth. "I'm gonna cum too!" Billy screamed. Dave quickly moved around so he could fuck his last gobs of cum into billy's mouth while he took the man's tool into his own mouth to suck out the kid nectar. Billy began at once to squirt his load of man jizz into the waiting mouth of the handsome Airman. Billy's cock fit comfortably into Dave's mouth. Billy's whole body rocked and jutted up and down as he exploded into Dave's warm, wet cum gobbling mouth. Billy had never cum so hard and so good in his life. He loved the taste of Dave's cock and cum in his own mouth, and the feeling that poured between the two of them made Billy cum all the harder. it was a warm feeling. a mutual trust. Finally, they rolled apart, exhausted. Dave turned around on the bed and laid beside of Billy. Looking at each Pedo Blowjob other, Dave kissed Billy. Not a kiss like Billy had known but, a full wet mouth kissed that allowed their tongues to mix their white hot jism. Suddenly, they were both startled to hear hands clapping in approval of their performance. It was Richard. He had been standing at the door watching the wanton sex performance by the handsome Air Force man and the young kid. Richard was naked and sporting a full drippy hard-on. Billy and Dave looked at each other and then all three laughed. Richard joined them on the bed beside Billy. He began running his hands all over Billy and Dave. Dave said to Billy, "We ought to give Richard some attention since he let us use his house, what do you think?" "Sure, anything.." "I kinda like that cute ass of yours Billy, Pedo Blowjob turn over and let me lick at it a little." Billy seemed a bit surprised but turned over to display his ass to Richard. As if showing off a piece of art, Dave leaned over and ran his hands all over the tender, firm, Pedo Blowjob young buns. With a hand on each cheek, he pulled the globes apart to show Richard the pink little asshole. Richard wet his tongue and began to lick from the top of the crack down to the pucker hole. Then he licked from the man's balls and back up to the target area. Billy had never felt anything like the sensation his ass was receiving. He felt his dick hardening again as Richard's tongue pushed against his tight little asshole and entered his butt. "Yeeeoooow!!" Billy yelped! Dave whispered to Billy, "You like that don't you man? Yea, you like that a lot." Dave reached under Billy and felt his hard dick. The excitement of watching his buddy rim the young blond made his cock straighten to life again. Richard loved to rim. He loved ass sucking. When his tongue Tired, he moistened a finger and began to gently finger fuck Billy. Billy tossed about on the bed. As he did his prick fucked in and out of Dave's hand underneath of him. Dave spoke softly to him again, "Rich wants to fuck your cute ass Billy. It will hurt a little at first, but, once it is in you'll like it. I promise. I'll suck on you while he fucks you if you want. "I'm so hot Dave you guys can do whatever you want to me, just make me cum real hard like you did a while ago." That was all that Richard needed to hear. he pulled his finger out of Billy's ass and crawled beside the man laying him on his side so Dave could have access to the hard cock. Once Rich was positioned, he winked at Dave. once again, Dave took the be='s dick into his mouth at the same time that Richard pushed his man sized rod against Billy's fuck hole. "ohhhhhh!!!!" Billy screamed in pain as he felt Rich's cock entering his ass.... Dave held Billy's hips firmly in his hands and his teen prick solidly in his mouth as Richard pushed his eight inches of cockmeat deeper and deeper into Billy's cute bubble butt. Billy whooped and yelled in pain as he received his first prick up his ass. "Stop! Stop! Stop a minute..." Billy yelled. "Okay kid, I'll stop for a minute and let you get used to it. but, I've only got a few inches in you and you've got five more to take." Richard said. After a moment Billy relaxed and Rich inched more manmeat into him. Dave felt Billy's cock suddenly flex in his mouth, knowing that Rich had finally hit Billy's joy spot deep in his guts. "Oh! My Gawd!!!!" Billy screamed as he felt the huge cock hit his sensitive prostate. A complete rapture came over Billy, making it easy for Rich to fuck the whole length of his cock into Billy. Billy's body trembled in excitement as he found himself between two hot and hard men. One sucking his teenage dick and the other fucking deep into him. Rich began giving the man a good fuck. In and out. In and out. Faster and faster. Each time the prickhead touched the man's prostate, Billy oozed more and more pre-cum jism into Dave's mouth. Rich began fucking faster and harder. Relishing the fresh young buns the man willingly gave to him. Dave pulled Billy's legs apart so he could watch Rich's cock fuck Billy while he sucked the kid's prick. "I'm gonna cum! hold on tight Billy" Rich yelled. Billy felt Rich give one last hard shove and then Rich spilled his load into Billy. That brought Billy over the edge too. And as his guts were being filled with Rich's fuck cream, Billy shot another load into Dave's jizz hungry mouth. "ahhhhh! Gawd! Gawd! Ohhhh!'' Billy yelled at the top of his voice as he was having the cum fucked out and him and sucked out of him at the same time. the man shoke so violently that his cock popped out of Dave's mouth and he sprewed his kid-cum all over Dave's face and the bedsheets he was being fucked on. Rich held the man tightly then fell into a complete relaxation. Dave cried out, "Quick, Rich, let me get in there now." He traded places with Rich and soon had his own cock buried into Billy's hot lean ass. Richard had moved around to lick up the cum that was on the sheets and then licked Billy's jizz off of dave's face. Moving on down to Billy's cock, he gave the man's dick a thourough cleaning. As Dave pumped his Air Force meat in and out of Billy's fuck hole he felt Rich's tongue moving between his cock and Billy's ass. Rich ard had positioned himself so he could lick the cock and asshole as Dave plowed the hot, firm buns. Dave cried out that he was cumming and Rich moved in tighter while Dave pumped load after load of jizz into Billy. As some of the cum oozed out of Billy's asshole, Rich lapped it up, not wanting any cum to go to waste in his house. After a few minutes they laid together in silence. Billy was the first to speak, "Thanks...Thanks a lot. Can we do this often?" Dave cuddled Billy into his arms and answered, "Sure, Billy. There's a lot more things we can do too. But, right now, we'd better get back on the road. I got to be on base by 9 pm and you want to see your brother. "My brother...yea...I had forgotten all about him." After bidding Rich farewell and promising to come bye soon, Dave and Billy were soon on to Pease Air Force Base in New Hampshire. It was about 7pm and Dave and Billy only had about 25 miles left of their trip to Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They stopped at a drive-in restaurant for food and more talk. Billy was full of questions about gay guys and fucking and sucking. Dave was glad to give Billy straight answers to his questions. "Dave, can I have one of those pictures in the glove compartment of you?" Billy asked. "Well, if you let me take one of you, I'll trade you," he replied. "Nobodys ever taken a picture of me naked before, but you can." "I get off duty at 9 in the morning, maybe we can meet and go somewhere if you're not tied up with your brother." Dave said. "Where are you going to stay while you're up there?" Dave asked. "Dean, my brother, said he has a buddy who lives off base and that I can stay at his house for a few days." Taking a piece of paper from his wallet he showed Dave the address. Dave had him copy it onto another piece of paper for him. They drove to the address after they finished their dinner. "Come in and meet my brother, Dave." "Are you sure it's okay?" "Sure, to them you're just a guy who gave me a ride." Billy said. Once inside the modest home, Dean, Billy's brother, introduced Dave and Billy to Ford, the house's owner and Dean's best friend. Dean was about 32, blond like Billy, and his body filled his Air Force fatigues like an Adonis. Ford was Latin and built like a brick shit house!!! After a half hour chat, Dave said he had to get back to the base. Dean asked to share the ride back. Soon, Ford and Billy were alone. Ford Pedo Blowjob turned on the TV and offered Billy a beer. "I hope you don't mind sleeping on the couch. it's pretty comfortable." "I appreciate your letting me stay here, Ford. The couch is fine." "Ford left the room and went to shower. Billy stretched out on the couch and watched an episode of "V-THE VISITORS." Ford returned about twenty minutes later wearing only a pair of tight, white, nylon hip briefs. As he entered the room he couldn't help noticing Billy's glance at his underpants. He smiled and sat down beside of Billy. "If you want to shower and get comfortable, go ahead." Billy took fresh briefs from his bag and went to the shower off of Ford's bedroon. All the time he showered he couldn't stop thinking of Ford and his sexy underpants. After toweling off he pulled on his smallest tightest pair of white cotton briefs and returned to the living room. He sat next to Ford who had got them two fresh beers. "How would you like to see a new skin flick, Billy?" "Sure, I'd like that a lot, Ford." Ford put a copy of a hetero porn film titled "China And Silk" on the video cassette recorder. As they watched the film, Billy felt his cock hardening in his briefs as he concentrated on watching the men in the film. Ford made comments about the women thoughout the first few segments. A scene came on the screen with Miss Silk swimming with a bikini clad hunk. He sat poolside and as he watched her strip off and swim nude, the actor's cock stretched his speedos to the splitting point. This caused Billy's cock to rise to full hardness under the thin cotton covering his teen cock. "Looks like you really like this scene, Billy. You're about to burst through your shorts...like me." Ford said, leaning back and giving Billy a full view of his jam packed, super thin, nylon bikini briefs and the full hard prick. Pedo Blowjob THE END

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