Related article: Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 22:44:06 -0500 From: Mark Drew Subject: Air-Ryan Takes Flight, Chapter 6Beginning of DisclaimerI was eighteen when I first had this posted, so I have edited it and brought it up to date.The following is a totally made up story of a consensual sexual encounter between a totally made up eighteen year old gay male porn model and a totally made up thirteen year old minor.No trees were harmed in the writing of this story.If you are under eighteen or if this sort of thing is a turn off for you then you shouldn't read alot of it because you will go blind. (Anyway, what the hell did you think you were going to find in a Gay Stories Section?) End of Disclaimer Air-Ryan Takes Flight, Chapter 6We had finally grown exhausted with our wrestling and horseplay and just laid back and enjoyed the closeness we shared, making small talk, hugging, and touching each other tenderly."Hey Jim... You know those pictures you took... back at the motel." Ryan grinned."Oh yeah. You want to check them out now?" I asked, knowing that he did."What are they of?" Chris asked innocently."Meeeeee!" Ryan blurted, smiling brightly as he raised his arms over his head and clasped his hands together, flexing his muscles before playfully kissing his beautiful biceps. "Jim says I could be a professional model." he added proudly."He's pretty good." I told Chris, as I winked at Ryan, while I got up to hook up the display unit to the large screen television. "I think you both could be professionals."Chris had this preciously puzzled look on his face, as if he was trying to figure out what kind of pictures they could be, before a sly grin came over him. "Wow... I can't wait to see this!" he smiled, rubbing his soft floppy cock."I know you're just gonna love it cuz." Ryan cooed, rubbing his own soft floppy cock.I picked up the remote unit, turned around and looked down at the beautiful young cousins laying nude on the carpet. Two gorgeous specimens of young teenage boyhood, distinctively different, but ohhhhh so desirable, smiling up at me. "Ready for a show?" I asked.Ryan smiled. "You're putting on a pretty cool show now.""No shit... you're awesome!" Chris added, eyeing me up and down.Just for grins, I guess, I struck a few muscle poses for them, enjoying their appreciative gazes as I watched them play with their dicks. For my finale, I clasped my hands behind my head and slowly began to gyrate my hips, making my big floppy dick swing side to side. Their eyes grew larger as I got a rhythm going, finally making my cock swing in a circle."Amazing... just fuckin' amazing!" Chris grinned, shaking his head in disbelief."No Chris..." I smiled, as I stopped my gyrations, just as my cock was starting to get hard again. "What's fuckin' amazing is this." I told him, as I pressed the remote control and brought Ryan's first pictures into view. Ryan was standing, still dressed as I had seen him the first time, smiling that gorgeous, perfect smile. In the next few pictures, he continued to flex and pose, showing off his beautiful thirteen year old body."Wow..." Ryan gasped, probably surprised at seeing himself looking so good."You're lookin' hot there cuz." Chris complimented, tracing his fingers over Ryan's biceps and giving his cousin an affectionate wink."They keep getting hotter." I told Chris, as Ryan studied his image on the screen.The next picture was of Ryan looking down at the magazine with my pictures on the bed, then Ryan of laying down, looking dreamily at the pages. He groped his crotch, while sliding his shirt up with his other hand until he was tweaking his nipples. His beautiful face glowed with the pleasure his hand was giving to the straining boner in his shorts."Ooooohhh man..." Chris breathed, as he wrapped his fingers around his hardening cock and squeezed, then smiled at Ryan. "You look so cool."Ryan had his hand around his own cock and was gently rubbing it. The look on his face was of amazement and lust. "I can't believe it's me... but I know it is." he grinned.I was getting hard again watching them playing with themselves, so I decided to join them back down on the floor. We sat with our backs against the front of the couch, side by side, and continued with the show, jacking our cocks slowly as we watched Ryan's show. In the next series of shots he was taking his shirt off as I zoomed in on his perfect chest and arm pits. Finally, the shirt was off and we were rewarded with a picture of Ryan, shirtless and grinning proudly."Isn't that the most gorgeous stud you've ever laid eyes on." I grinned, nudging Chris as I winked at Ryan.Chris smiled back at me, then looked toward Ryan. "He's definitely gorgeous... That's for sure."Ryan grinned and shook his head wearily, obviously a little uncomfortable with our fawning over him. "Awww cut it out..." he giggled, squeezing my knee.Back on the screen, he was laying back on the bed, looking at the magazine, his hand in his shorts. The next series showed him working down his shorts until he pulled his uncut cock free. Next, a closeup of that beautiful foreskin covered cock Naked Male Models head, as he milked it fully, followed by his beautiful smile as he pulled his shorts all the way down. The next series was an awesome view of the thirteen year olds perfect uncut cock and hairless balls, closing in tighter and tighter while he jacked his foreskin up and down, fully exposing the swollen cock head on each stroke, until a pearl of Ryan's delicious precum oozed from the slit."Hmmmmmaaaannnnnn..." Chris gasped, admiring Ryan's handsome equipment on the screen. By this time the three of us had gone from simply rubbing our cocks to steadily jacking, moaning and wincing with pleasure.Ryan turned to me and smiled. "This is where you stopped taking pictures and sucked me for a while." he reminded me, reaching over and tracing his fingertips up the inside of my thigh."You've got a good memory." I gasped, as his hand joined mine, pumping my thick shaft. At that instant, any thought of us making this a simple circle jerk session pretty much left my mind. My hand instinctively reached for Ryan's cock and we continued our jacking, except this time we were doing each other.Chris grinned at us and back at the screen, shaking his head in amazement at what he was seeing.The next few shot had Ryan laying on his back, his beautiful faced filled with lust and his cock noticeably redder than before, glistening with my saliva. A pair of white briefs had appeared from somewhere and in the next shot Ryan had them pressed to his face, while he jacked his rock hard boycock.Chris grinned at us, then back at the screen. "Cuzzzzzzz... You are so hot I can't fuckin' believe its really you up there... You're so awesome...!"Ryan beamed at his cousin, clearly appreciating the compliments. He reached around behind him into the pile of clothes and dug out my briefs, the Naked Male Models very same briefs into which we had shot our loads and which we were now watching him suck and chew on screen. He winked at me and then tossed them onto Chris' stomach."What the fuck?" Chris grinned, a little puzzled."Check out the TV... Look familiar?" I snickered, as Ryan and I playfully jabbed at each other."What's this... they feel kind of... sticky?" Chris asked, a knowing leer spreading across his face.Ryan jumped over to Chris' left side, picked up and sniffed the briefs, then rubbed them under his cousin's nose. "They're full of cum... downright drenched with Jim's and mine." Ryan growled sexily, possibly sexier than I had heard so far. "Give us a show Chris... I wanna see you jack your big dick.""Yeah... we wanna see you jack that big fuckin' cock of yours baby... jack it 'til you shoot a big load of hot cum." I growled hotly, leering at Chris, taking in every detail of that beautifully sculpted body and that amazingly big dick on the blond fourteen year old.Chris winced and whimpered as he really got into his stroking, his eyes watching Ryan on the screen, then taking in the two of us. His muscles flexed as he worked that gorgeous seven inches, milking it hard with his right hand as his left ran down to his balls, squeezing and massaging. "Uummmmm aaaa aaaa ooooo..." he cooed, his voice rising a few octaves as thrill after thrill rocked his tight muscular body. Ryan and I knelt over him, alternately running our hands through his soft silky hair, caressing his smooth handsome face, massaging his hot firm chest and tweaking his hard nipples.Ryan leered at me and winked, breaking into an insanely happy grin.. "Go for it baby! Show me what you've got!" he cooed to his cousin. "Jack that fuckin dick... yeeaaahhh do it Chrissss... Jack that big meat!!!!"Chris' eyes were open wide, darting from Ryan to me and back at the screen. His right hand stroked his cock hot and fast, as his left stroked his heavy nuts. "Uuuuuummmmmm... yyyyyeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!!" he gasped as the intense orgasm rocked his world. His first eruption arched three feet in the air and came splattering down onto his chest. The hot young swimmer's torso trembled four more sizable wads leapt from his cock and landed on his neck, chest, and his "six pack" abs.At the sight of Chris' outstandingly awesome creaming, my hand automatically went to my cock and began stroking. Ryan looked into Chris' eyes as he rubbed his cock through the puddles of cum, smearing his dick over his cousin's hot flesh Naked Male Models between strokes. At first I was content to just watch Ryan and Chris together while I pumped my cock slowly, but a smile and a wink from Ryan had me rubbing and jacking head to head with him.Chris was still playing with his semi erect cock, cooing with pleasure as our hot cocks rubbed his warm smooth sticky skin. "Ooooooooohhhhhh..."The cum rush started building as my hips began to thrust my dick in my fist and harder against Chris' body. I pressed my cock against his flesh with the palm of my hand and fucked it against him, reveling in the heat of his body on the sensitive underside. "Yeaaaaahhhh... feel my cock Chrisssss... Feel it on your hot body." I cooed, as I got closer and closer. Ryan was stroking like mad, as he pressed his cock head against Chris. Together we humped and jacked against the awesome blond boy, driving him crazy and ourselves over the edge.Ryan whimpered and gasped, as his boyjuice dribbled from his cock. It was pretty clear that the boy was very cummed out after all the sex we had been having for the last 24 hours. He continued to milk the foreskin over the head and thrilled to the feeling of cum oozing through his well worked cock."Ooooooooooo yeeeaaaaahhhhhh...." I gasped, as I felt the cum rushing through my cock. I jacked like mad and shot all over Chris, as I smeared the head against his hot body. Ryan joined in with the cock massage on his cousin's body, rubbing his spent shaft against mine as we rubbed the cum into Chris' skin with our cocks. I leaned across to Ryan and kissed him tenderly, then pulled him close and hugged his panting body to mine. "You're awesome Ryan... my love." I whispered into his ear.Ryan squeezed me tight and pressed his head to my chest. "I love you too..." he cooed, his eyes looking up to mine."Yeah... yeah... Naked Male Models well what about me?" Chris grinning happily at the two of us.I smiled at Ryan and winked. "Yeah... he's ok. What do you think?"Ryan giggled and looked down at his cousin. "I guess maybe we can keep him around too.""Oh yeah? Welllll.... blowwww meeeee..." Chris snickered, as he ran his fingers through the cum puddles on his stomach."If you insist..." Ryan blurted, dropping his face to his cousin's flaccid cock and quickly slurping it between his lips. In moments the blond fourteen year old's drained cock was hot, hard and poking into his throat."Oh fuck! Aahhhhh Ryaaaaaannnn..." Chris gasped, as his cousin maneuvered himself between his legs and began to suck faster and wilder.The sight of Chris writhing under Ryan's expert tongue and mouth work was absolutely beautiful. I slid down next to Chris and ran my fingers over his firm chest, through sticky cum and over his heated flesh.. "Of course you know we love you." I whispered into his ear. "Studly... there's no way you're getting away from us."Chris gasped and cooed, as Ryan worked his magical lips and tongue on his cock. "Yeaahhh... I guess ssssooooooo..." he grinned, as he arched his cock up to meet the thirteen year old's powerful sucking. "Ohhhh Ryannnn... you're sooooo fine."Ryan's eyes looked up and smiled as he kept plunging Chris' seven incher into his throat and working back out to the head, taking his own sweet, sensuously slow, time at giving his cousin ultimate pleasure. His cheeks were continuously sucked in as he maintained a tight vacuum around the hot throbbing shaft, moaning with the pleasure of sucking down such a wonderful boycock. It was plain to see that he wasn't just going to take his sweet time in getting another orgasm from his cousin, but was going for a quick ball draining cum shot.Ohhhh fuck... fuuuuuck... FUCK!!!!" Chris moaned, tossing his head side to side, his long sweat matted blond hair half covering his face. "Ohhh Jimmmmmmm.... kiss me... kisssssss meeeeeeee!!" he gasped, pulling my mouth to his and jabbing his tongue deep inside.His kiss was so passionate and wanton it Naked Male Models left me breathless, reminding me alot of those chicks who got those screaming, gut wrenching, multi orgasms as they rode my big cock. I felt Chis' powerful arms wrap around my back, squeezing me tight as the pleasure in his cum tingling pecker rocked his world. Our chests were mashed together so tight I could feel his heartbeat. I sucked his deeply probing tongue like a cock, as I mashed my face against his, feeling his passion flowing into me. All along, Ryan's hot ever present lips drove him closer to orgasm.Chris suddenly broke our kiss and let out a cooing, moaning gasp, as he pressed his cheek to mine, whimpering and panting with lust. "Oh yeahhhhhhh.... Ryan... Ohhh yessssssss... Keep it in deep.... yesssss. Fuck my assssss... deeeeeeper..."The next thing that went through my mind was, "Did he just say what I thought he said?" I looked down Chris' heaving, sweat coated torso and saw Ryan steadying his cousin's cock in his left hand, as he swabbed the purplish knob thoroughly with his tongue and nibbled with his lips. His right hand was definitely busy down below with the blondes tight little pucker. Though I never was into asses, even with chicks, I was more than a little intrigued at this side of the cousins' relationship. Maybe Ryan wasn't into having his rear end poked, but evidently he knew his cousin liked it. Ryan sure looked like he knew what he was doing, as he poked and prodded deeper. He went for the prostate and sucked Chris' aching cock down until his lips met his shaft clenching fist. Ryan's eyes danced brightly as our eyes met. He was deliciously torturing his hot cousin and I knew it. He knew I knew it too. He had Chris reduced to a drooling and gasping bundle of lust, who would have cum by now if it weren't for his firm grasp."Please... Oh Ryann.... I gotta cum... aaaaaa aaah aaaah.... ooooo Ryan.. you fucker..." Chris moaned. "Oh Jim... I wanna cum so bad..." he gasped, as I massaged his chest, his blue eyes pleading for release.Ryan must have heard him, because he began to jack his cousin's shaft as he sucked, picking up the pace faster and faster. His eyes continued to watch Chris' face as he concentrated on the head with his lips, his fist was flying on the aching shaft.I massaged Chris' chest firmly now, rolling his nipples in my fingers until they were as hard as his dick. "Yeah, you hot fucker... You should've known better than to dare Ryan to blow you... Now you're gonna cum so hard... Yeaaahhhh... gonna cummmm so hard... gonna fill his fucking mouth with cummmm.... go baby... fuckin cream Ryan's throat!!" I growled.Beginning with a gasp and ending with a high pitched whimper, Chris' body quaked and shuddered before going limp. A gasping "Oh yessssss..." was all the poor boy could muster as Ryan gobbled the cum from his cock.I watched on in admiration as Ryan's throat muscles flexed, obviously swallowing every last drop of Chris' seed. He continued to prod his drained cousin's sphincter gently until his cock was shrunken smaller than even when normally flaccid, finally letting it drop onto it's blond nest of pubes, completely drained and completely clean. Ryan slipped his fingers from Chris' ass and glanced over to the bar sink, with an impish grin he jumped up and ran to the sink to thoroughly wash off his fingers. "It's not as bad as I thought. That enema thing worked Chris." Naked Male Models he commented.I was surprised again, but guessed that was why Ryan went for it. Evidently, Chris wasn't a stranger to having his cute little buns spread apart and having his little pucker penetrated. My own aversions to ass play have pretty much been overcome by knowing the hole has been rendered funk free by a little enema douching. "It's good to plan ahead." I offered, as I traced my fingers over Chris' totally relaxed body."Ryan said you weren't into it." Chris whispered, through the afterglow of sexual exhaustion. "I didn't know he was going to do it to me, here."Ryan came back and sat next to Chris, opposite me, and smiled that priceless grin. "He might not be into getting it, but he sure was going to give it to me, if I wanted to, at the Holiday Inn last night."I remembered back to last night, as I toyed with Ryan's hole before he stopped me. Shit, I loved that boy so much I probably would have kissed his little rosebud, funk Naked Male Models and all! "Yeah... Sounds like you were prepared, though." I winked. I wanted to say more, but I wasn't sure how to put it, because now I was seriously becoming interested in how it would feel to have Chris impaled on my thick nine incher. To hug that tight muscular body close as I reached around to jack that juicy seven incher in rhythm with my cock thrusting in that fine ass. Maybe Ryan wouldn't understand. Maybe he was planning on doing it himself, before he met me and our lives changed forever. Whatever the case, I decided it was best to take it slow... make that slower, with the two delicious young cousins. After all, this was only the beginning of the great time we were going to spend together.Chris sat up on his elbows and looked down his cum and sweat streaked body. "Wow this is so cool!" he grinned, as he leaned his head back and shook the hair from his face. He looked over at Ryan, then to me and started giggling. "Oh wow... oh fuckin' wow... this is so so cool.""Yeah... fuckin' amazing." Ryan giggled, jabbed Chris in the arm pit and tickled him, making him drop back down onto his shoulder, laughing. He leered at me while Chris squirmed, as he grabbed the worn out boys arm, tickling deeper. In an instant my hand was digging into the other one as I pried his other arm away from his side. He struggled a little, but was pretty much helpless as Ryan and I continued our tickle assault, all of us laughing our asses off. I pulled Chris' hand to my face and started by licking and sucking his fingers, as I tickled. Ryan knew exactly where I was going and did the same, before proceeding up his tasty forearm. In so time we were lapping up Chris' delicious and muscular biceps to the musky dampness of his arm pits. Thankfully, he hadn't used deodorant. The taste of his sweat and the texture of his pit hair against my tongue were heavenly and I couldn't resist the urge to nibble off a few of those blond strands as I mashed them against the soft flesh of his pit with my tongue."Oh fuck... you guys are gonna kill me." Chris whimpered, totally spent and helpless against our tongues.Finally, I licked my way from his arm pit and swished my tongue around his nipple before lying down beside him. Shortly, Ryan followed my lead and joined me in, lying on the other side. "But, what a way to go." I snickered, giving Chris a light peck on the cheek."Yeah dude. That would be too cool!" Ryan laughed.We lay together for about half an hour, talking softly, lovingly, touching each other tenderly, and giggling. I remembered the hot tub was ready and thought of how soothing it would be on our sexhausted bodies. "Ready for the hot tub guys?" I asked."Oh yeah!" Ryan grinned. "Shit, I almost forgot." he said, as he scrambled to his feet. Ever the fine young gentleman, he reached down to help Chris and I up."Yeah, a good soaking sounds nice, 'cause I'm pretty much sexed out for a while." Chris winked, as he rubbed his drained young cock."I hear that!" Ryan laughed, rubbing his own cock."Well I hope that this will help us recover some, because I'm thinking we've got alot more messing around to do tonight!" I added, wrapping my arms around their waists and squeezing.Ryan turned to me and smiled that smile. "Jim... you're too much."I kissed him lightly on the lips and ran my hand across his cheek. "I try, Ryan... I try."Chris and Ryan both looked at each other and grinned. "Sounds like a challenge to me." Chris cooed, as he wrapped his hand around my cock and gently stroked it, letting loose before it started getting hard again.There was something in the way Chris stroked my cock that left me thinking it was going to be a challenge with him. One Naked Male Models of those friendly challenges to see who could pleasure the others the most and the best. I realized then that I loved him too, maybe as much as I did Ryan.So we wouldn't risk being seen naked by the neighbors, I led the boys Naked Male Models to the downstairs door, which also happened to open next to the tub. I hit the switch and turned on the air jets, then checked the water temperature. It was perfectly hot, about 110 degrees. Slowly, we lowered ourselves into the steamy tub and let the jets work their magic on our bodies. I was between them as we sat back and relaxed, three horny young guys in a hot tub, thinking about how lucky we were and what we would be doing later that night, making small talk.After about half an hour, I felt Ryan's hand tugging mine, beneath the water, leading it toward his cock. I was pleasantly surprised to find his cock was rock hard and gently teased and stroked it. "What am I going to do with you?" I whispered in his ear, faking exasperation, before kissing him full and deep, tenderly tongue wrestling my beautiful young lover. I felt his hand groping my cock and stroking it fully under the hot bubbling water."Remember last night... in the hot tub?" Ryan whispered, nibbling my ear.I heard a low moan from Chris' and turned to see him grinning kind of moon eyed at us, his hand obviously busy under the water.Ryan smiled over at his cousin and back to me. "We're going to make it twice as awesome." he whispered, as his hand slipped down and massaged my loose nuts. I felt Chris' hand slip around my shaft and take over where his cousin left off, keeping up the same teasing, gentle stroke. My left hand found Chris' boner just as their lips came together with mine, in a hot sloppy three way kiss. I was in heaven as the two beautiful boys and I made sweet gentle love in the steamy water, caressing each other's cocks just enough to keep them rock hard. We also took the time for some one on one attention to each other too, giving the third guy a hot little show. The sight of the young cousins making out was awesomely erotic, as I'm sure their turns with me were equally as hot to watch. The intensity was building and building in my cock, as we continued to make out. I was riding the edge of orgasm and from the moans and cooing from Ryan and Chris, I knew they in about the same shape as I was."Hey... I wanna see you guys cum... I want to see you guys jack off all over." I gasped, panting from lust.Chris smiled his perfect smile. "Yeah... I want to see you too. Give us a show Jim."We stopped groping each other and slid ourselves onto the edge of the tub, spaced apart so we each could watch the other two. Our bodies were pinkish from the hot water, our cocks were reddened from sex play and our balls swung low from the heat. We began jacking slowly, taking in every detail of each other's body. Their cocks looked thicker and juicier than ever as they followed my lead, stroking with one hand and ball playing with the other. Ryan's breath was coming faster and faster as he got closer to the edge. Soon his jacking was faster and faster too, as he whimpered and moaned with pleasure. His eyes darted frantically from Chris to me and back again as he pumped his cock, the foreskin gliding over the swollen cockhead on every stroke. Chris and I started losing control ourselves, just from watching Ryan's show. I began to pant and moan too, along with Chris, eagerly jacking and eyeing the cousins. My body felt like it was all cock, tingling and aching for release.Ryan winced and moaned. "Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...." he gasped, as cum erupted from his uncut cock, the first shot squirting powerfully across the hot tub and landing on my thigh, followed by a string of eruptions from the thirteen year old's cock. "Oh yeahhhh..."Chris and I began shooting almost as soon as Ryan's first shot splattered against me. The blond stud boy grinning and humping his hand as it flew on his cum aching seven inch shaft. "Yeahhhhh... FUCK YEAH!!! Uggghhhhh yeahhh!!!!" he grunted, as ropes of jizz splattered all over his chest and washboard stomach."Mmmmmm yeaaaahhhh..." I cooed, enjoying the sight of the gorgeous young cousins squirting their hot loads as I unloaded wad after wad onto my own chest, face, and stomach. I was trying to define my feelings as I happily and hornily jacked my dick, feeling my hot gooey cum splattering against my body as the young cousins admired my work. I felt like I was at one of those circle jerks from when I was their age (only this time I could cum :-) )"What a fucking gusher!" Chris giggled, smiling over at me, then Ryan, then down to his own cum streaked body. He continued pumping his cock and smiled at us again. "Hey, check this out." he said, then bent forward and arched his face down toward his cock. Amazingly, he flicked his tongue out and swabbed juicy gobs of cum from his cockhead, moaning softly with pleasure.Ryan looked on in amazement, still stroking his softening cock. "Whoa....."Of course, being a little small for my age, but long of cock, I had experience at what Chris was doing. "Awesome! Naked Male Models Hey you can sit by and blow yourself while I get Ryan all to myself." I teased.Chris sat back upright, grinning proudly, cum all over his lips and chin. "I don't think so." he snickered, giving Ryan an impish wink. "You know there's going to be some times when we're going to be sleeping over at my house."Ryan stopped jacking and put his hands on his thighs, then spread his legs wider, displaying his perfectly gorgeous uncut cock, which fronted those nicely hanging, hairless nuts, topped off by that stringy little patch of pubes. His bright brown eyes flashed with flecks of gold, then he smiled that perfect smile. "Hey guys... you guys can have all of this you can handle." he said, with a playfully smug tone in his voice.Chris and I looked at each other, then back at Ryan. "I think that sounds like a challenge." Chris giggled."Sounds like one to me." I replied, looking Ryan over. "Besides, if we DO wear him out... we still have each other."Ryan made a mock astonished face at my remarks, then looked at Chris.Chris gave me an understanding nod and then his own perfect smile. "Yeah.... that's right." he winked, then he put his hands on his thighs, spread his legs a little wider, and showed off his own beautiful big fourteen year old cock and balls.I spread my legs too, putting myself on display for the boys. "As much of me as you want... Oooo yeahhhhh... I'm all yours..." I breathed, the thought of what I had done already, and what I would do with these dreamy young hunks flooding my mind. I slowly slid down into the hot water again, and watched as the boys slid down to join me, smiling broadly. In moments we were joking and messing around, splashing each other. Thoughts of sex slipped from our minds as we just had fun as best friends. I kept thinking about how lucky I was to have two good looking, intelligent, funny, and extremely sexy new young friends.

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