Related article: Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 21:56:42 -0700 From: Billy Bob Subject: A Few Good Men 16A Few Good Men 16: On Board III Note: The following, along with A Few Good Men 1 through 15, is an accounting of my stint in the USMC. Another series, `Nailed', in Nifty's Athletic section, precedes this series. They all contain sex between men. Duh. If don't want to read graphic details of sex between consenting adult men or if you're underage or if this is not allowed/illegal where you live, then don't read it. You've been warned.I've had a few recurring questions about this series, so I'll try to clear up what most guys have asked about. As I said, the `A Few Good Men' series is largely true. Yah, so what that most of the names have been changed to protect the innocent and/or closeted. These stories are the best memories I have of being one of Uncle Sam's finest. They took place in the very early 80s when I was in the USMC. Back then we really didn't practice safe sex because it was the very beginning of the health crisis and safe sex with condoms didn't really come into play full force until like the mid 80s. I guess I'm lucky. I fucked around with lots of mostly military guys back then and, luckily, am still negative all these years later.I hope you enjoy the series. There's lots more memories to write about. I just need the time to do it. I'd love to hear from you with your comments. Please don't copy any part of this. I reserve all rights to this and all the chapters in the Pedo Kids Video `A Few Good Men' series. I didn't let the emptiness I felt bother me too much. How was it possible to do so with an Italian Stallion like D'Angelo putting it to you on a regular basis? It was cool that there was no pretense of any kind of relationship with him other than just being hot fuck buddies. We got along very well so when we were off duty, we hung out on deck in his "spot". Doing so, I learned a little more about him and life as a Squid.It seems that there was a little network of gay guys onboard. Like he'd told me before, most of them were tops. How cool was that for me? Imagine a bunch of tops with no bottoms around to take care of their needs. That must have been torture for them. Anyway, they'd been a loose-knit group for quite a while and, as young men are apt to do, most of them had paired up at one time or another to take care of one another's needs. The more D'Angelo told me about this group and their couplings the more intrigued I got. Intrigued, hell. I was thinking about dick. And lots of it. As good as sex was with him, I still couldn't help but think about the other gay men onboard. After all, from what D'Angelo said, they were all apparently tops and at my young age, my dick was definitely doing my thinking for me. That and my ass. That aside, true to my age and naivete, I think I was subconsciously romanticizing that maybe I'd meet another Armando in that group. So I pressed on."So, who are these other guys?" I asked.D'Angelo got a grin on his face and answered, "Ah! You're looking for more cock, aren't you?""Would you pass on another hot piece of ass?" I challenged.His grin got bigger. "No, I guess I wouldn't, would I?""You know damned well you'd nail any hot assed Stud that would let you," I said. He never answered, but he didn't have to. His eyes told me that I was right."You really wanna pass on this and chance it with other guys?" he teased, cupping the ample bulge in his pants."Who says I can't have that and some other guy's as well?" I queried. He laughed out loud."You probably could keep more than one man happy, couldn't you?""Try me," was all I said."You fucker, you're not giving me up, are you?" he asked with a furrowed brow. The expression on my face told him just what a stupid fucking question that was. No way was I gonna give up his hot action. Still, I wanted to see just what kind of action I could stir up elsewhere. "Ok, Dude, you're on. As long as you're not gonna leave me high and dry, I'll introduce you around to the guys. We'll see if any of `em strike your fancy"Hanging with D'Angelo was actually pretty cool because he was happy-go-lucky and a lot of fun. It didn't hurt that he was also a very attractive man who got easily aroused. I never had trouble getting any action from him. If he wasn't already making his moves on me, all I had to do was hint that I was in the mood and he was on me like ants at a picnic. Needless to say, I got my share of dick whenever we could sneak away.Like one night we went out to the spot where we'd met, the same place where that asshole Bauer had brutalized me. I followed D'Angelo out there knowing he was going to smoke a joint, which he did quickly. Afterward we stood together and watched the passing sea for quite a while. We spoke infrequently in whispers while he puffed a couple of cigarettes away. Other than the sound of the water below, it was dead silent. I was just enjoying the awesome late night tropical weather and the way the moonlight danced on the waves. Because he was taller than me, he put his arm around my shoulder and I put mine around his waist. I was enjoying the feel and male scent of him and D'Angelo was enjoying his buzz. After we'd been out there for over 45 minutes and hadn't seen or heard another soul, we started thinking about fucking around. I know I was at least and he always seemed to have my ass on his mind. As long as we remained in our darkened hiding place it was a pretty safe bet we weren't going to be seen so we could fool around as long as we didn't get too heavy. Never-the-less, I was constantly scanning for "visitors" in the area. After a while, he started running his hand up and down my back and it felt great. When he cupped my ass it confirmed that he was looking for a little action. Frankly, I couldn't have been happier. While he ran his hands over my butt, I reached down and felt the growing erection in his pants."Ahhhhh, man," he sighed as I squeezed. Damn, he had a nice dick. "I'll give you all night to stop that shit," he whispered in my left ear, while running his strong fingers over my butt crack through my pants."Likewise, Stud," I cooed.It didn't take long before we had one another's pants open and down. I had my hand wrapped around one fat slab of meat and he was up to the first knuckle of his fuck finger in the sweetest ass he'd ever had. The tepid tropical air of the night enveloped our privates, making the slow action feel all that much better. Before long, the man was standing behind me, gnawing on my neck while he worked another finger in alongside the first. He himself was rock hard in my hand and had started leaking precum like a big dog. Ah, the life of two homos onboard a Navy ship. I couldn't help but wonder how many other guys out of thousand or so on board were coupled up and doing the nasty right then.D'Angelo was a confirmed butt man so it didn't come as any surprise when he slowly Pedo Kids Video slid down my back and onto his knees behind me. Kicking my legs apart, he pushed me forward as he started nibbling on my butt cheeks. It didn't take him any time at all before he was zeroing in on my pucker. No sooner had he touched it with the tip of his tongue before he started eating my ass in earnest. Right out there in the middle of the Pacific, that Stud bent me over and ate my ass under the stars. It was fucking awesome.That went on for like 10 minutes or so before he stood up and wrapped himself around my backside. While he kissed and bit my neck he whispered nasty shit in my ear. Promising to fuck me to tears, he moved his meat into my buttcrack where he slowly moved it up and down. I felt him back off of me for just a moment, then heard him drool a long line of saliva down onto his bad boy. Being the cock hound that he was, he wasted no time finding my hole, slippery with his spit, with his wet and engorged knob. Ever so slowly he rocked us back and forth as he worked his boner into my butt. When he felt a little resistance, he wrapped his hand around my own hardness and slowly jacked me off. Man, it felt awesome. Wet with my own dick dew, his callused hand worked the sensitive head of my cock. The sensations of that alternately caused my asshole to clench tight and open. The buttfuck master really showed his skill as he zeroed in on the rhythm of my ass spasms and pushed in a little deeper each time my butthole flared open. While working me over but good, he took his time penetrating me. The man's perfect penis filled me slowly and I felt like I became his. When I felt his pubic hair and balls touch me, I knew he'd almost completely taken me. I became unbelievably aroused at that point. Pushing back on him, I buried him to the short and curlies."Oh, what a fine fucking ass," he whispered into my ear as he worked my neck.Over the next several minutes the man slowly fucked me from behind, all the while chewing on my neck. He picked up the pace slowly until he was sawing in and out of me at a moderate pace. My legs were getting weak with the sensations the awesome fuck was sending through my body. Using the continuous flow of hump honey he was fucking out of me, he worked the entire length of me while fucking deeper and deeper. Holding on to the railing in front of me, I bent over and gave him even greater access to my guts. Like a pro, he clued in to my need and fucker me even faster. The setting, the weather, the man, his prick in my ass, his hand working my bone and, yes, even the danger of getting caught in the act all started ganging up on me. I knew I was getting close to losing it but I just didn't give a damn."You're gonna make me cum!" I warned."That's the idea, Stud. Get your nut""Oh, damn! I don't know how much longer I can hold off!""Don't hold off. Let it go," he cooed as he licked my ear.As my breathing got more and more labored, he picked up the pace of his fuck. With the action on my Jackson, I know I was a tight fuck. It had to feel good for him. It seemed like we were both sprinting for the finish at that point. I was just trying to make it last and I think he was giving it all he had to catch up with me. Finally I just couldn't hold off any longer. My legs started shaking and I held myself up as best as I could, but it was a losing battle. I felt like Pedo Kids Video I was melting toward the deck. In doing so, I was merely ramming his cock even deeper inside of me. All of a sudden I felt like I was floating and I was off like a goddamned rocket."UNNNNNGGGGHHHHHH!" I rasped at my ejaculation overtook me.D'Angelo slowed down the fuck pace yet kept a steady rhythm on my boner. "That's it, baby, cum for Daddy," he whispered as he felt the first jets of jizz shooting from my dick.It felt great to cum. As I did so I lost the support of my legs, sinking down on his hardness. He'd been fucking me with bent knees. While I was cumming, he straightened his legs. Being as though they were longer than mine, he ended up lifting my feet off the ground. My asshole clenched around his turgid tube was now supporting me, pressing all of my weight on my prostate, deliciously and torturously smashed against his fuck stick. Volley after volley of cream spurted out of me, spilling all over the railing and onto the deck below us. That fucking Stud let me finish cumming completely before he even considered getting his own nut. I remember being in that tingly afterglow of my cum when I felt him crouch down a bit until my feet hit the ground once again. That's when he begin to move inside of me once more. His cock was rubbing over my spent and burning prostate, which felt awesome. The man pushed me into more of a bent over position and moved more rapidly inside of me. Shot out, my sphincter was constricted tight around his generous girth. He didn't have to fuck my hole for very long before he rammed it all the way in and hosed me full of his ball beer."AAAAHHHHHHH!" he groaned loudly as he gunned off in me. I don't know what it was about that particular night, but of all the times the guy shot his wad in me, that one sticks out in my mind. Maybe it was the animalistic way in which we fucked. There really hadn't been much kissing or anything like that. It was just two men with needs taking care of one another. And my reward for putting out for the bigger and stronger man was the heated load of ball batter that he was filling me with at that moment. What a fucking life, huh? Bent over a rail with a hard and fat 8" cock rammed deep and unloading in you. What the fuck else could you ask for?While cooling off he kept me hunched over the railing Pedo Kids Video with his spent butt baton planted in me. After awhile his penis slowly slipped out of me and when Pedo Kids Video it did he pulled me up straight and hugged me tight from behind. My pants around my ankles, it felt great to have him wrapped around me. Once done, I felt empty and yearned for more of him. We stood there holding on to one another while he smoked Pedo Kids Video a cig. Cum was running out of my butt and down my leg and I was damned happy that it was.Over the course of several days, D'Angelo introduced me to several guys here and there. The first was a tall and thin blonde named Andersen. He was a Squid from Minneapolis or somewhere near there. There didn't seem to be an ounce of fat on him. His skin looked as if it'd never seen the sun. From looking at the chiseled features of his handsome face, I doubted that he had to shave more than once or twice a week. That wasn't the most striking feature of his face though. It was his lips. They were ruby red and the way they exploded into a smile could make any guy's heart race. From a distance, you would recognize that he was better than average looking. Up close though, his demeanor and that fucking smile made him very, very sexy. And he seemingly didn't have a clue. Andersen had been in the Navy for about 3 years and was on his second WesPac tour. He liked the Navy and it showed in his interests. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him for about an hour the afternoon I met him before he went off to duty.That night D'Angelo pulled another buddy of his aside to meet me. Berentino was a fucking hunk. Built like a brick shithouse, he must have been about 5'10" and 200 pounds of some of the finest Italian manflesh I'd ever laid eyes on. Hard muscles bulged everywhere from the man's clothes. The thick hairs on his arms and those jutting from the neck of his T shirt told me that the man was covered with a heavy pelt of fur. Right away I noticed two things that made my butt twitch. He had huge arms and a tubular protrusion in his pants. From all appearances, the guy was hung. I noticed all of this as D'Angelo called the guy over and I was instantly hooked on him. That didn't last very long however because he was loud and brash and crude with a heavy Brooklyn accent to boot. Damn! The guy was everything I wasn't looking for in a guy. Where I preferred men to be assertive, even aggressive, he was just a loud mouthed braggart.>From the moment we were introduced, Berentino was on the make with me. Normally that wouldn't have been a problem except that his ways were as crude as he was. All kinds of innuendoes and other profanities just poured out of the guys mouth. Instead of touching me in even a suggestive way, the guy was simply grabby. He was hot stuff, for sure, it's just that not only did he know it but his actions and his mouth told you all about it. The guy totally turned me off as I'm sure he had plenty of others. In a matter of a few minutes I made up my mind that there was no way he was ever going to get into my pants. I had to get away from him. I flashed D'Angelo a look that said "no fucking way" and excused myself. Even with that, Berentino made it difficult to leave quietly. Goddamn, the guy was fucking obnoxiousIn my haste to get away from those guys I didn't pay attention to my surroundings and in a few moments I ran into Bauer, the rapist. "Well, hey, look who's here. It's the faggot!" he said snidely."Bauer!" I said, not knowing what else to say. The bigger man had surprised me and it was obvious."How ya doin', faggot?""Knock it off, Bauer. It's tired""Where you going in such a hurry, faggot?" His words were calm but menacing. Remembering that the last time I'd seen him was when he forced himself on me, I looked around for some reinforcement. I could see D'Angelo and Berentino in the distance, walking across the deck into darkness. Knowing D'Angelo, I was sure they were heading off to smoke a joint. There really wasn't anybody else nearby but seeing as though we were pretty much in the open, I didn't feel threatened."Look, Bauer, just leave me alone. I'm not looking for any trouble,""No problem, faggot, I'm not looking for any trouble either," he said menacingly. "Just some head""Can't help you there," I said, walking around him as he was standing in my way."Oh, but I think you can," he retorted."Nah uh. Not ever""You sure seemed to like it before," he teased."Never again!" I affirmed."Oh, what's the matter, faggot?" he said patronizingly, "Are you pissed off at me?""What the Pedo Kids Video fuck do you think?" I spewed, still on the move."Aw! Little faggot didn't like what he did?"His comment angered me enough to stop me in my tracks. Looking around to see who was within earshot, I spat at him, "You fucking asshole! You hurt me!""Comes with the territory, faggot!" His words were icy. The look on his face was the same.The guy was such a fucking prick. I was enraged. "Get the fuck out of my way, Bauer" I hissed as I pushed him aside. "You're such an asshole," I continued as I walked away.Suddenly, he grabbed me. "Yah, and you're a cocksucking faggot who needs to be knocked down a peg""And you think you're the man to do it, huh?" I challenged, yanking my arm from his grip."What do you think?" he shot as he pushed me hard.Standing my ground I challenged him. "Listen up, asshole! Yah, you're bigger than me and you probably could kick my ass. But in the process, I'm gonna hurt you and hurt you bad." Stepping in closer to him and expecting a fight, I continued, "You want to take me down, you take your best shot. `Cause I'm not going down easy. Now get the fuck away from me"He just stood there, looking at me. The tension was high. Pointing at me, he finally said, "Fuckin' faggot, I'm not done with you""Well, I'm done with you, asshole!" I said, walking walked away."You better watch your back!" he yelled. Without looking back I flipped him off. Fucking douche bag had balls. Damn, was I fucking mad. Mostly I was mad at myself for putting myself in the position that made it possible for him to force himself on me. It took me a long, long time to realize that that was fucked up thinking. It didn't help me sleep that night, however.The next day when I ran into D'Angelo he asked why I'd suddenly ditched he and Berentino so quickly. I clued him in on how much of a jerk I thought Berentino was and that I couldn't wait to get away from him."Um. That's a shame," he said, "the guy's got the hots for you""That's too bad. He's still a jerk""Aw, c'mon! The guy's not that bad," he said."Never gonna get in my pants," I reported."Never?""Never!""He's hung, Dude" D'Angelo said enticingly."Then let him fuck you!" I shot back with force."Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's up, little Dude?" he asked with a grin. "Who the fuck are you pissed at?"I told him about my confrontation with Bauer. He immediately suggested that he go "have a talk" with Bauer. I declined. Then he suggested we "take care of the guy". Again, I told him to drop it. He did, but not before he told me that he wanted to know if Bauer gave me any more trouble. There was something about the way he said it that made me think that he wasn't kidding. I remember wondering if he might have a few "connections" or something. That's certainly how he was talking anyway.Not too long after that conversation we ran into another buddy of his. This guy's name was Foxworthy. He was about my age, probably 5'8" and quite a stocky dude. He was all red hair, freckles and dimples when he smiled. Not an Adonis by any stretch, but far from ugly. He had nice arms and a broad, tight chest from where his nipples stood at attention. It kind of made you want to tear at them with your teeth. Foxworthy was kind of quiet but something about him was very sexy. His demeanor was very masculine and relaxed. Nobody would have ever guessed this guy was gay. He stood and talked with us for several minutes before moving on to wherever he had been going. While he'd been talking to us there was something going on between he and D'Angelo. They seemed to be sparring. Though he seemed to be a tough little fucker, Foxworthy seemed to defer to D'Angelo a bit. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on."What the hell was that all about?" I asked when he left."Oh, nothing," D'Angelo answered, validating my suspicions."Nothing, hell," I shot back, "you guys seem to have a little unsettled business or something""Well, not exactly""Well, exactly what then?" I insisted."Oh, he's just pissed at me and this guy, Cochran""Is Cochran another of your top buddies?""Yah. So is Foxworthy""I figured that too. So what's he pissed about?""Oh, nothing...""...out with it, Dude," I insisted."Oh, it's really nothing," he grinned. "It's just that Foxworthy lost a bet to me and Cochran," he explained."What kind of bet?" I persisted."It was more like drawing straws""And he lost?""Yah""What did he lose?"D'Angelo's face exploded into his trademark "don't give a shit" grin. "His ass," he said."His ass?" I asked, grinning back."Yah," he continued, grinning even larger. "The three of us were hard up and agreed that the loser was gonna put out for the other two"Laughing out loud, I asked. "For real?". He nodded. "You guys are too fucking much!" I chuckled."Hey, a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do," he said smiling."So Foxworthy drew the short straw, huh?""Oh, yah""So you and Cochran fucked him?""Oh, yah!" There was that shit eating grin again."Cool!""That's what I thought. Ever since though, he's been bent outta shape over it. Says we were too rough""Were you?""I wasn't. You know how I fuck," he said flirtatiously, making me laugh again."Oh, yah, I know how you fuck," I retorted, flirting back. Continuing, I asked, "What about Cochran?""Cochran was rough. He loves fucking ass but he's a get-the-job-done kind of guy. He probably was a little rough on him. He's got a pretty long dick too""Long?""Yah, maybe 9 inches or more. Not too big around," he Pedo Kids Video informed. That made my ass twitch for sure. There is nothing like depth to this here Gyrene."When did you guys Pedo Kids Video do this?""About a month ago""And Foxworthy is still sore?"We both bust out laughing at Pedo Kids Video the double entendre. "Yah, he's pissed because neither one of us will turn tail for him now""Why not?""Wasn't part of the deal," he answered honestly. "'Sides, you know I don't do that""Well, did you guys at least take care of him?""Hell yes!" D'Angelo fired back incredulously. "Jesus, Dude, you know I always take care of my men" he continued, rubbing my arm briefly.I imagined him using his fine rimming or blowjob skills on Foxworthy. Then I thought of his hot cock in the guy's ass. How could Foxworthy not like that? Fuckin' tops just don't know when they've got it good. "How about Cochran?" I queried."Cochran's a totally different story," he sighed. "The guy doesn't know shit from shinola when it comes to treating a guy right""No?" I asked. In the form of an answer, he shook his head. "Poor Foxworthy, huh?""Yah. Not only did he bend over for Cochran, but he got nothing in return except for a hard cock in the ass""Some of us wouldn't complain about that!""True. But Foxworthy's not one of `em""I understand. So what's between you guys?""Oh, he's just feeling all weird `cause he took it in the ass. Like he's less of a man or something""And you're not about to make him feel any better about it, are you?""Na ahh!" he answered from behind another big grin.I met Cochran a couple of days later. He was no slouch in the looks or the bod department. The guy stood taller than D'Angelo's 6' but probably weighed about the same. He wasn't thin but he didn't have a lot of bulk on him either. He did have a great ass. Though I knew he had a long cock, there wasn't much of a basket to prove it. Definitely a briefs guy. His hair and eyes were the same color brown, though his thick moustache was lighter. That and his longer sideburns made him look a little older than his mid 20s. He was a pleasant looking guy who seemed to be just coasting through life. It was no wonder he was buddies with D'Angelo. I have to confess that even though D'Angelo had told me that the guy was a fuck and run dude, part of me was itching to put out for him.Just before meeting Cochran a guy named Perris came and hung out with us. When D'Angelo introduced us, it was clear that Perris had heard of me. "Pleased to meet you," he smiled as we shook hands. "So this is Sean," he said, nodding and smiling to the Italian Stallion. I remember feeling his fingers on my arm as he did so, which caused me to look down. The guy's hands were massive. I gave D'Angelo a look that said, "Who the hell is this guy and why does he seem to know who I am?"D'Angelo smiled and explained. "Perris is a long-time buddy of mine. No secrets between us. We go way back""Yah? How far and whaddya mean no secrets?" I asked warily, knowing from the look on D'Angelo's face what at least part of the answer was going to be."Back as far as boot camp. And he knows you're the finest fuck on the ship," he deadpanned."Jesus, D'Ang'," Perris choked, laughing with a little bit of embarrassment, "Real smooth, buddy," he finished."Just what I was thinking," I chimed in. I'm sure I turned a little red. "And nice to meet you, Perris""Well, hell, I just thought we'd get it all out in the open," D'Angelo stated with a smile."Well it is that," Perris sputtered, still a bit embarrassed."Is he like this all the time?" I asked him."Sometimes worse," Perris chuckled, "'specially when he's stoned""Which I take it is a lot," I said, throwing a little barb."Oh, you bet!" Perris belted out, approving my missile with another laugh.I actually liked Perris right from the start. A tall black man, he easily stood 6'3" or more and though he was a bit lanky he had great body definition. He wasn't hard on the eyes at all, but with his personality that wouldn't have been necessary. The guy just exuded class and humility. Damn, he was sexy."Perris here's really hung, McLellan," D'Angelo informed me."Enough, D'Ang'," Perris said sternly to D'Angelo. I detected a bit of irritation in his voice. Then, turning back to me, he continued calmly and nicely, "we wouldn't want to scare this handsome guy now, would we?""Should I be?" I asked, wondering if they were putting me on or not.D'Angelo started to say something, but Perris shot him a look that must've said "shut the fuck up" because he did. "You'll never have a reason to be afraid of me," he said in the most disarming way. Geez, the guy was a real charmer! I was instantly drawn to him. In fact, I dare say I was a little smitten on the spot. Even before I learned that he might be super hung!Over the next couple of days I ran into just about every one of the guys that I'd met through D'Angelo, both with and without him around. To that point I had liked everybody D'Angelo had introduced me to---except for Berentino of course. That goes without saying. Among everyone in the group though, Perris was definitely my favorite. As nice as it was meeting and getting to know him, the biggest surprise---or should I say shock---came out of the blue one afternoon. I was sitting on the deck laughing it up with Perris and a buddy of his when I heard D'Angelo greet a newcomer."Hey, look who's here," I vaguely remember him saying from behind me before continuing with, "it's Padilla!" That I heard and it hit me like a ton of bricks. My fucking head spun around so quickly that I swear I got whiplash. Fuck me if it wasn't the hot Latino stud I'd shot a boatload of cum over!"Hey, buddy!" Padilla said, walking our way. I was sitting down, frozen in position. I couldn't believe my eyes. As usual he didn't even seem to notice me. That was until D'Angelo called my attention to him."McLellan, come meet my buddy Padilla," he instructed. "He's a Grunt like you." I rose and turned automatically toward them. My heart was racing. "Padilla, this fuckin' Jarhead is McLellan," he said in his familiar smart-assed way.Padilla looked my way and reached his hand toward mine. His hand was rough like a man's and his shake was firm but mechanical. He shook just like we all do when we meet a stranger. The handshake was almost over when all of a sudden I saw something in his eyes. "McLellan," he said in a tone who's meaning I couldn't quite figure out."Lance Corporal," I said knowingly even though he wasn't wearing a thing to identify his rank.All of a sudden he turned to D'Angelo with a quizzical look on his face. Right away D'Angelo grinned big and nodded. Some unspoken question had just been answered. Still shaking my hand, Padilla turned back to me and said, "McLellan!" with a definite tone of recognition. It made me smile."So, you guys have met," D'Angelo assumed."Not really," Padilla answered, still shaking my hand."Not yet," I confirmed."Ahhhh," D'Angelo drawled, the light bulb going off in his head, "but you've seen each other around, huh?""Yah," I replied immediately."Yes," Padilla chimed in."Yah?" I asked him with surprise. Pedo Kids Video Remember, I didn't even know he knew I existed. I thought he was straight."Oh, yah!" he affirmed, making it clear that not only had he seen me around but that he'd definitely paid attention. I like that in a man!"Cool" was all I could say. By Padilla's smile it was all I had to say."So, where have you guys seen each other?" Perris asked. We turned to him."Oh, around..." I answered vaguely."...around his Quarters," he interjected.Again I was surprised. I didn't have to say anything, my confusion was obvious. As an answer to my unspoken question, Padilla rattled off exactly where I was racked. I was stunned. You could have knocked me over with a fucking feather. The few times I'd seen this fantasy god he'd never showed any interest in me and suddenly he tells me he knows where I rack? I think my mouth must've been gaping open."I'm pleased to finally meet you," he said, smiling politely."Likewise," I replied with a big grin of my own.When we got down to talking, it seems that Padilla and me had some sort of a mutual admiration thing going on. Both of us had assumed the other was straight and, as such, had been reluctant to start any kind of conversation. Well, for my part that only happens when I'm incredibly attracted to another guy. The longer we talked the more I began to feel that it was the same with him. I think at that very moment if somebody would have mentioned Armando I would have said, "Who?" I was that stricken with the guy. He was everything I lust after in a man. Bigger, stronger, super-masculine, great looking, hairy, built and maybe most of all, tall, dark and handsome. And for what it's worth, my 5'9", blonde and blue good looks definitely seemed to ring his bell as well. He was just the kind of man that I loved to have notice just how high and tight my bubble butt was. Though we weren't able to talk much then, we made plans to get together and do so the next day. I was freaking giddy after meeting Padilla!Unfortunately, our meeting the next day never happened. Nor the next or the next. It seems like one or the both of us had duty or extra duty or something that interfered. Though I was bummed, I knew that there was some chemistry there between us and that we'd eventually get a chance to get to know one another better. It was funny, as major as my hots were for him, I wanted to get to know the guy before having sex with him. That's how excited I was about the guy. And Pedo Kids Video I got the impression from him that he might feel the same as well.Meanwhile, I hung with the still sexy but usually stoned D'Angelo. We even managed to fuck a time or two. "You've caused quite a stir amongst the guys, Stud," he announced one afternoon as we sunned on deck."Yah?" I asked, not really surprised. As I'd met the guys, most of them had made their interests pretty clear in conversation. Some of `em weren't even very subtle. That was cool, because I found most of them pretty hot in their own rights."For sure," he answered, "Especially Berentino" I could tell he was kidding me but only half-way so."Yah, well he can count on never getting any of my stuff," I stated firmly."You really don't like the guy, do you?""What was your first clue?"He laughed. "Must've been the way you blew him off about 5 minutes after you met him""Must've been that""He IS really hung, you know""Then there is one good thing about Pedo Kids Video him" I said sarcastically.D'Angelo had a great big belly laugh over that comment. "Damn, you're harsh!" he chuckled."Only when I don't like somebody, and I don't like him," I shot back.He signaled surrender on the subject with, "Ok, but I think you're missing something. He's really got the hots for you..." his voice trailing off."So who else is interested?" I asked, knowing the answer."All of `em," he answered, confirming my suspicions."Well?""Well, they all know you and I have been doing the dirty dance and even though I've told `em we're just fuck buddies, I think they're reluctant to make any moves," he told me before asking, "We are just fuck buddies, right?""Yah, you're not too stoned to understand that," I said smiling. "Fuck buds we are""Cool""And don't be so quick to think that none of them haven't made a move on me," I announced, just to mix it up with him."Yah?" he asked excitedly, sitting up on his elbow."Yah""Good for you. You were looking for some dick. Looks like you might've found it""Yah, it does""Padilla?""What about Padilla?""Have you done him?""No!""Whaddya mean, `No!'? Are you interested in him or not?"He was so funny. "Hell yes I'm interested in him. Just haven't had a chance to get together yet""You gonna take him to our spot when you do?""Um, where else would I and when did it become "our" spot? We're fuck buddies, remember""Touché," he laughed. We basked in the strong, late afternoon mid-Pacific sun in silence for a while longer before he mentioned what had really been on his mind. "Some of the guys really are interested in getting it on with you.""Great. Bring `em on""Who should I bring on?""Anybody except that asshole Berentino is fine with me," I shot back bravely."Anybody?""Yah""Everybody?""Whaddya mean everybody?" I asked, a little puzzled"Would you be open to more than one of us at a time?" he asked slyly."More than one at a time?" I repeated, getting a little excited."Yah""How many of you?" I asked. I dunno why but the thought of getting it on with more than one man was pretty hot. Oh, hell. I do know why. Need I say it? I was young and dumb and full of cum. And when it came to most men, I was thinking with my dick."Just a few," he answered casually."You sure?" I quizzed him cautiously."Yah. Just a couple of the guys and me for a little fun," he hoarsed in a raspy, sexy voice. That and the fact that he was brazenly stroking the side of my butt told me that he was getting turned on."You'd be there," I confirmed."Oh, yah, no problem. I'd be there in case anything got out of hand""No Berentino," I said firmly, consenting to his idea. "And just a few," I added."Just a couple of the guys and me and no Berentino. I promise""I don't even want him to know about it," I insisted."Mum's the word," he promised.We lay in silence again for a while. I kept vacillating between disbelief and excitement that I'd just agreed to take on D'Angelo and a couple of his closest friends at once. "When?" I asked before I could chicken out."How `bout I see if I can scrounge up a crowd for tomorrow night?""Tomorrow?" I asked with some hesitation."Yah. What's the matter? Got a hot date?" he kidded."No. But it just seems so soon""Sooner is better than later," he cliched."Yah?""You want dick don't you?" It had been 2 days since we'd fucked."Yah""Done. Any preference on who?""Not Berentino!" we both said at the same time. "Oh, is Perris really hung?""He's really hung""Then I'm not so sure about him either""Let's just see what happens," he said looking at me. "I promise you won't have to do anything you don't want to do," he continued, soothing my nerves.So, it was set.Remember, I'm reserving all rights to this and all other stories in the series. Please don't copy or post them elsewhere. I'm always happy to hear thoughts on what you think about my stories. Contact me at billybob661hotmail.com

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