Related article: Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2005 02:55:57 -0400 From: Duke Student Subject: ACC studs (part 2) (celebrity)This story is fictional and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.Part 2"Hey guys, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" The two freshmen looked up in horror to see J.J. Redick, the team's fourth-year stud shooter, watching them fuck."Shit dude, I can explain--" said Greg quickly."Don't bother," said J.J., "long as I get a turn." He grinned as the two guys slowly understood, and simultaneously smiled as they looked over Redick's body and realized this might be even better than they thought."Fuck, man, I thought those were just rumors," said Josh, still in disbelief as he checked J.J. out. The senior could hardly have looked more attractive to the two freshman jocks if he'd tried. He'd worked hard to bulk up in the off-season and it had paid great dividends, his strong but somewhat underdeveloped build grown out into a beautifully muscular body that not only allowed him to play better D and drive harder to the basket, but also helped him score off the court.J.J. was dressed as the consummate prep jock that he'd become since arriving at Duke. His upper body bulged into a green and white striped polo shirt, his traps straining the seams at the shoulders and his thick arms pushing the sleeves up, round biceps testing the fabric in front and taut triceps squeezing against it in the back. Beside that, J.J.'s pecs were truly a sight to behold, their expanded mass pushing out in unbelievably tight and thick bulges into his shirt--the fabric not skin-tight but close enough that Josh and Greg could admire them easily, the stripes curving gently but noticeably around the twin shelves of muscle.Below J.J.'s cut stomach, his shirt perched on Lolitas Cp Top Site the thick black belt he wore on his sagged jeans at the center, and fell loosely at the sides. The jeans themselves, though sagged, were tighter at the hips and thighs like it was popular to wear them. This allowed Greg and Josh to glance not just over J.J.'s muscular legs, his quads pressing tantalizingly out, but most of all at the stud 21-year-old's very thick, very long and very hard cock. You could almost see both freshmen pull out a ruler and start counting as their eyes ran ravenously over J.J.'s bulge--8, no, 9...fuck, 10 thick fucking inches! For these two guys, who'd never seen him hard, or for that matter, in anything more revealing than baggy Duke basketball shorts, the sheer size of J.J. Redick's massive prick as it pushed insistently into the denim of his jeans was almost enough to make them blow another load right there.But they were still unsure of his intentions. A senior who'd just discovered two of the freshmen having sex couldn't be letting them off this easy. They looked up at him in anticipation of his response to Josh's comment. But J.J. just kicked off the brown sandals he wore and walked up to the tall and built center, wrapping his hands around the back of Josh's head and pulling him in, their lips meeting so easily it was as if they'd been together their whole lives. McRoberts' eyes widened as he realized that J.J. Redick, the guy who'd basically convinced him to come to Duke--J.J. fucking Redick was kissing him.And it was far from a weak, hesitant kiss on J.J.'s part. The built guard had slid his right hand up to run over Josh's shaved head, while his left fell to wrap around his teammate's cock, which was still exposed right where Greg's mouth had left it and was once again painfully hard. But Josh wasn't as shy about his attraction to guys as Greg was, and he quickly adjusted, kissing J.J. back with all the passion you'd expect from someone getting to kiss a longtime crush. His hands found their way up under J.J.'s shirt, gripping the senior's abs and obliques, then dropped to clutch his ass under the denim, finding to his delight that it was as tight and muscular as the rest of the basketball god's body. Finally J.J. pulled back, staring into Josh's eyes as he grinned widely. "There's a little truth to every rumor," he said, then ran his lips and tongue down from Josh's neck to his thick chest and shoulders. "This one, there was a lot of truth to it.""I can't believe you're into this," breathed Greg, his eyes still devouring the sight of J.J.'s body. Not since he'd run into Josh a few minutes ago had he been this obsessed with another guy. The senior turned to look at Greg, smiling as the ideas of what to do with these two hung studs whirled in his head."All right," he said finally. "You boys want to have some fun?""Yeah," whispered Greg."Fuck yeah," said Josh, not much louder but more confidently as he licked his lips, imagining J.J. Redick's cock in his mouth."C'mere, Paulus." Greg looked over at his teammate, his naked, nicely toned body tense with anticipation. But he dutifully walked over to J.J., unable to keep his gaze at the jacked senior's face since there was so much below it worth Greg's attention."You want to suck my dick, dude?" Want to? Greg would have fucking killed to get his lips around that thick beast."Yeah," he said."You want my big 10-inch meat stretchin' you out, right?" J.J. said, his hands suddenly on Greg's pecs, and then down around his aching hard-on."Fuck yes, dude." In truth, it was all Greg could do not to pull off J.J.'s jeans and swallow his cock right there."What about Mr. McRoberts here? You want his big jock fuckpole in your ass?""Fuck, dude..." muttered Greg, shaking his head. J.J. laughed, knowing what the answer was."Well, if you do, man, why don't you go for it? This big stud went for it, why don't--" J.J. was cut off as Greg surged forward, virtually assaulting the senior guard's mouth with his lips and tongue, kissing J.J. more passionately than he had anyone else in his life. The handsome shooter was taken aback only briefly, then smiled through the kiss as he responded to Greg's enthusiasm, gripping the New Yorker's tight ass as his own tongue interlocked with his teammate's, both built ballers enjoying the electricity of their first kiss.But true to his word, Greg was more interested in the rest of J.J.'s body. His hands, which were grasping J.J.'s hardened pecs, finally got fed up with the polo's fabric blocking his access, and reached down to pull it off. Josh watched in awe, softly stroking his own 9-incher, as more and more of Redick's cut torso was revealed. His sharp obliques, tightly defined six-pack, and gorgeously thick pecs all came into view as Greg eased his shirt up, pausing every few seconds to press his lips against J.J.'s smooth skin, even licking the large nipples that perched on top of the stacked muscle. A few seconds later it was over his head and J.J. was divinely shirtless, his improved upper body in full view of his two freshman admirers.A brief kiss to J.J.'s lips, the senior's breath quickening tellingly, and Greg slipped slowly back down. He was in awe of J.J.'s body, his lips tracing every inch of the cut guard's chest and stomach, all the way to his waist. Without wasting a second, the suddenly confident Greg Paulus unbuckled J.J.'s belt and undid the button, pulling the zipper down."Fuck, dude, this is so fucking hot," whispered Josh, the strokes he was delivering to his thick shaft increasing in speed. Greg was happy Lolitas Cp Top Site to oblige his roommate's wet dream come true, pulling J.J.'s jeans down and staring in unbridled lust at the massive cock just barely held back by his white boxer briefs.J.J. hardly had time to imagine it before Greg pulled the final obstacle away and immediately slipped the huge cockhead into his mouth, licking off the precum that was spilling freely from J.J.'s slit. Greg's hands clutched his teammate's muscle ass hard as he rapidly ate Redick's bulging prick. Within seconds, his big nuts had landed at Greg's chin and all 10 thick and beautiful inches were deep in Paulus' throat. The freshman sucked J.J.'s cock like a pro, and it was only a couple minutes before the pressure became too much even for a stud like Redick. The hot young guard tensed, his balls tightening."Fuck, I'm gonna cum, dude," he warned. It wasn't much of a warning, though, because a mere moment later his huge dick stiffened and fired seven shots of champion Duke juice deep into Greg's throat.Greg closed his eyes in delirious pleasure, drinking J.J. Redick's cum like it was the last thing he'd ever taste. Eventually it became too much for him, too, and his own tool exploded, shooting another big load all over his cut abs."Holy shit..." Greg moaned as he slid off J.J.'s still-hard prick, falling back to the floor and closing his eyes in post-orgasmic bliss."Did he just pass out?" said Josh, walking over and looking at Greg's cum-soaked body."I guess," said J.J., still breathless from the amazing head he'd just received. They both stared at Greg lying there, his muscular form relaxed on the ground, his 8-inch dick still hard. "Listen," said Redick, his eye catching suddenly on Josh's handsome ass as the Hoosier center bent over. "Dude, I need to get off again.""You just busted a huge nut in his mouth, man!" said Josh in amazement."I know, dude, but that just made me want more.""Well, fuck, man, I'm not gonna complain, you're fucking J.J. Redick." He looked down to see J.J.'s throbbing 10-inch cock, the broad head looking for a hole. "Stick that wherever you want.""Okay," J.J. said without hesitation, pushing McRoberts to his back on the bed. The hung shooter now had Josh's built 240-pound frame laid out before him, the center's massive 9-incher hard and dripping precum, and his tight jock ass upturned and waiting. He lubed up his tool and Josh's ass, then grinned, making Josh melt. His ass loosened just in time to receive the enormous fuckpole that J.J. slid quickly but gently into Josh's hole. The handsome freshman had taken a couple cocks before, but never anything on the level of J.J.'s ass-splitter. He groaned in pain as he felt its mass slowly filling him up. The lube helped some, but it was slow going until J.J. pulled his arms up and flexed for Josh, his biceps crunching, his pecs tight and his abs squeezed together."Awwhh..." Josh moaned as his asshole loosened more and J.J.'s dick slid all the way in, his huge nuts landing smack against the big freshman's smooth ass. He reached down and ran his hands over Josh's own pecs and stomach as he began to thrust, but the center was already Lolitas Cp Top Site starting to feel the lighter side of getting reamed. J.J.'s broad cockhead was insistently stroking Josh's prostate, something he'd felt before but again never to this extent. He knew now how the girls he banged felt when his own cock was buried in them--so full, and so damn good when that big dick touched the right place deep inside them. He started grunting in pleasure: "Aw, fuck, J.J., that huge fuckin' cock inside me--fuckin' pound me, dude, fill me up."J.J. responded to Josh's acceptance of his prick and started pumping harder, feeling the freshman begin to squeeze his ass muscles around him. "So fuckin' good," J.J. said in a low voice that only loosened Josh more. "Tight little freshman cunt, I know you like this big dick." He wasn't going to last long in Josh's ass anyway, but soon Josh reached up and started stroking J.J.'s pecs and nipples, and the hung senior was done for."Shit, here it comes, fucker, fuckin' take it all!" His 10-incher blew his second load of the night deep into Josh McRoberts' ass, the freshman feeling the waves of cum ease the remaining pain from the entry.J.J. was impressed that Josh had gotten him off without busting his own nut, despite the fact that his 9-inch cock was harder than ever and looked ready to burst. As he pulled his own tool out of Josh's hole, he bent over and slowly tongued the cockhead of his young teammate, getting his first taste of the new freshman class. Josh looked up in surprise."You'd bottom?" he said in disbelief."For the right guy," J.J. said, grinning. With that, Josh's dick was in his mouth, and Redick eased its thick 9-inch mass slowly but surely down his throat. Josh couldn't believe what was happening as he felt his balls slide against J.J.'s chin--this ripped, hung senior that was basketball's biggest stud had his--Josh McRoberts'--cock in his mouth and was now beginning to massage every inch of it just as Greg had done for him. He looked down and smiled broadly, his hands running through J.J.'s mop of brown hair as the shooter ate his prick, occasionally dropping to feel his bulging biceps as J.J. clutched his ass. This was heaven.But just as Josh was approaching his own climax, J.J. pulled off suddenly and looked up at his teammate, grinning in silence as he stood. He allowed Josh to admire his cut, naked body once again, which the freshman happily did. "Why did you--""Because," said J.J., now sitting back on the bed next to Josh, "I want you to fuck me."Josh looked at Redick in astonishment. Yeah, J.J. said he'd bottom, but he didn't actually expect him to go all the way through with it.But J.J. was apparently 100% serious as he turned and kissed Josh deeply on the lips, his left hand stroking his teammate's neck, then slipped his mouth to Josh's ear. "Fuck me, stud," Lolitas Cp Top Site he whispered, less a request than an order.And Josh knew better than to turn him down. His cock swelling again, the freshman put his hand to J.J.'s pecs and pushed him to the bed. J.J.'s own thick 10-incher was standing full mast as well as he lay back, feeling Josh's strong hands run over his chest and stomach, and down to slide around his prick. Now that J.J. had given him free rein over his body, Josh intended to fully enjoy himself.He swung his flared cock around to tease J.J.'s muscle ass, squeezing the hard cheeks before pushing the head part of the way into the loosening hole. "Ah--fuck, dude!" said J.J. as he felt the broad tip of Josh's leaking 9-incher fit inside his ass. "That thing's fuckin' huge!""Now you know how it feels," said Josh, grinning. "But all right, I'll go easy." He took the lube J.J. had lathered his own hole with and spread it over the opening to his teammate's ass, slipping a few fingers inside while he was at it."Awwhhh," J.J. grunted in pleasure, but he was focused on his goal. "Come on, quit fucking around and give me that big freshman cock." Josh laughed and complied, replacing his fingers with the first few inches of his massive tool. J.J.'s ass was clearly not untouched, but he hadn't taken more than a few dicks and his sweet jock Lolitas Cp Top Site hole was still pretty tight, definitely enough for Josh to enjoy it.And he was doing just that as his huge dick eased slowly deeper into J.J.'s burning hole. Redick breathed hard as he lay immobilized, just letting the feeling of Josh's thick meat filling him up wash over his body. Josh was smiling, his pecs and biceps flexed as he drove it in, the sight of which only served to loosen J.J. up even more. Before he knew it, he felt Josh's big nuts nestled against his smooth muscular ass, and all 9 inches were buried inside."Dude," said J.J. huskily, looking up at Josh. "Feels so fuckin' good, your big cock inside me."Josh grinned. "It's about to feel a lot better," he said. He leaned down, pulling slightly out, and kissed J.J. on the lips. Josh was savoring every moment, unable to believe his cock was planted in the guy he'd wanted to make love to for three years. He lifted his head to look down and make sure--yeah, it was really him, it was really J.J. Redick's handsome lips he was kissing, really J.J. Redick's gorgeous shaggy brown hair his hands were running through, really J.J. Redick's cut pecs, six-pack and tight obliques his own body was brushing against, and really J.J. Redick's muscle ass he was filling up with his prick. But there was one more part he still couldn't quite believe and had to try for himself.Pulling a little further out, Josh slipped his mouth down and effortlessly eased the first five inches of J.J.'s monster cock into his throat. Just having Josh inside him had made Redick's big cockhead start dripping precum, and the muscular freshman licked it all off happily. It was intoxicating to feel Redick's prick in his mouth, and he suddenly understood why Greg had passed out. Josh began to feel J.J.'s body tense beneath and around his own, and pulled off, looking down to see the cut senior breathing hard, his tongue sliding around his lips."Not yet, dude," said Josh, pushing his dick back to the hilt as J.J. loosened at the sound of his sexy frat-boy-like slur. Slowly he quickened the pace of his strokes in and out of Redick's ass, his broad cockhead rubbing J.J.'s prostate and making the hung stud moan. As he calmly fucked J.J. Redick, Josh couldn't help picturing the hunk beneath him in that navy blue uniform, nailing a three, driving to the basket, slamming chests with his teammates. No doubt, J.J. was fucking hot, but the appeal of hooking up with the stud of the Duke basketball team did not escape Josh either. And he got off thinking of himself on that same team, wearing the same uniform as this hunk he was pounding. Lolitas Cp Top Site It was hot as hell.He was jerked back to reality as J.J. finally lost control and his cock shot his third massive load of the night, all over his own pecs and abs and on Josh's stomach too. "Yeah!" yelled Josh as J.J. groaned in mid-orgasmic pleasure. "Fucked the cum right out of you!" Just watching J.J. Redick blow his load and the cum dribbling out all over his big, stiff 10-inch prick would have pushed Josh over the edge, but as J.J.'s ass tightened hard around his dick, the built freshman from Indiana was finished."Oh shit, dude, gonna bust my nut," he muttered, then groaned as he fired six thick shots deep into J.J. Redick's ass, McRoberts' hot semen soaking into J.J.'s tight hole."Fuckin' fillin' me up, big fuckin' stud," J.J. whispered as he reached up and caressed Josh's pecs and arms. As Josh finally pulled out he fell back on his side and opened his eyes to see J.J.'s handsome, masculine features staring back at him."That was the best fucking sex I've ever had," J.J. said. "I fuckin' love your cock, bro.""I love yours," Josh answered. "I'd take that beast in me every day if I could.""It's yours, dude," said J.J. He wrapped his arm around Josh's waist, and the two studs, both still naked in the bed, sealed their afternoon with a long, passionate kiss. It was enough to make J.J. very sure he'd be visiting the freshman's room often."All right, fuckers, time to get up." Greg's voice snapped them out of their sexual daze, and they looked up to see him in a towel, his handsome upper body exposed but his soft 5-inch bulge vaguely covered. Greg's cock quickly swelled to its full 8 inches again as he glanced over his two teammates and tried to sum up for himself what they'd just done. "I don't know about you guys," he said, grinning, "but I'm covered in cum. I'm going to clean up."He started for the door, but stopped as he heard both guys blurt out, "Wait!" Greg turned back to see J.J. Redick and Josh McRoberts, two of the hottest studs in college basketball, built and hung with their hard pricks already geared up for more action. Despite the fact that they'd just fucked each other, the two guys could not have looked more manly than they did right then."Mind if we come along?" said J.J., smiling deviously."Feel free, dude," said Greg, and walked out. Josh and J.J. quickly followed, all three knowing there'd be a little more than showers going on that afternoon. Next...a stud from Maryland gets in on the fun...Feedback is welcome (dukeblue001hotmail.com)

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