Related article: Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 23:36:53 EST From: SANIBELBOYSaol.com Subject: a lesson in time part 26This story is (C)Copyright 2006, by TM. All World Wide Rights Reserved. This story may not be sold or made part of any collection without prior written permission.A Lesson In Time, Chapter Twenty Six It almost felt like the two slaves were approaching me as if I were their prey. Even with only the faint lights from the house illuminating the pool area, I could easily see the two slaves begin to expand the distance between themselves; which put them on either side of me.I propped my arms up, on the edge of the pool; stretching my legs forward and spreading them, as if I was inviting them to wade in between. I even went so far as to rest my head on the edge, my eyes now gazing towards the heavenly stars.The feeling of freedom between my legs was astonishing. Even with my balls still tightly wrapped and a catheter in cock, the buoyancy of the water allowed me to relish in the gentleness."Master Kevin", John Henry Pretty Young Models quietly said; "Please forgive me if I've ruined your experience. It's just that Doc gave me so rather sad news and I apparently couldn't handle it, like I was supposed to.""What news?" I asked in a voice of concern."Well Sir, there is much you haven't been told about me, but I guess that since you are an understanding man, it won't hurt to explain.""Continue, please", I replied.The next thing I know, John Henry is going all the way back, in his life, to where his father had manipulated and tricked him into a life of slavery. It became quite obvious that John Henry was once, what they used to call a ` closet gay'.As John Henry talked, Jordan began to avail himself of my flesh; running his hands up and down my body, which only fueled my desire to have sex.The combination of the warm water and Jordan's finger toying with my balls and cock continued while John Henry spoke to me of the `financial' stipulations on his contract.I knew that he was saving the worst, for last. It seems that his Master, who I'd not met yet, was attempting to find a suitable arrangement for John Henry. With his contract drawing to an end, and with his master contractually bound to divest himself of this slave; left John Henry in one hell of a mess.Over the last two years, much had changed in the world; especially when it comes to the proper transmittal of ownership of a slave. The more I listened the more I knew that I just had to get a hold of the contract which John Henry was currently indebted with. There was just something about his story that I either didn't understand or that he was just not telling me.I guess, in the slave business, that there are just some things that one doesn't discuss with just anyone. I'd never told any slave, here, of my family connection with my job; and I could only assume that Doc hadn't mentioned it to any of the slaves either. I didn't feel the need or desire to expose that part of my life; as I didn't want any preferential treatment, especially now that I've allowed myself to live the life.As John Henry spoke, I tried to relate his family situation to my own. It seems that his parents were and still are, very much involved in the business of slave indenturement, training and placement; particularly his father.Since the slave's master had not been able to come to any acceptable arrangements, it was becoming clear that John Henry was destined to be returned to his father; which could and most likely mean that he'd be sold to some demented bastard in a foreign country. From what John Henry had told me about his father, I'd be scared to death too return there myself.There were several reasons, I feel, that contributed to the unsuccessful trip of his master.First, and probably the biggest; John Henry wanted his master to find a placement whereby he and Jordan could live together. Without me knowing what the financial arrangements were, I couldn't begin to realize how difficult it was. All I knew, was what I'd learned in school and the little bit I gleaned from work; and that was telling me that any slave worth his weight, normally went somewhere in the six figure range. Not even my father would contemplate buying a slave contract whereby it was a `take it or leave it' arrangement; such as John Henry had outlined for me.The slave's mother, since her divorce, had already acquired a sizeable wealth and had managed to obtain several household slaves of her own. The two male slaves had been neutered to reduce all chances of having a sexual encounter with the female attendant. According to what I'd just been told; if John Henry went to live at home, he too would have to be castrated. Thankfully, his master declined the money; which left few options to explore.Another option which was explored was the man that wanted John Henry as his personal servant when the slave Pretty Young Models had been given a choice. His name was Paul, who had a `thing' for John Henry; and who even allowed John Henry to use the pool slave for a quick blowjob. This man, Paul, could not presently afford the purchase of Jordan too; as he'd just set out on his own and didn't have the space nor money for two slaves.One option, which John Henry's master pursued, was the New England Acquisition Service. It is nothing more than a clearing house for slaves. It kind of works like an auction house, but the main difference was that all the slaves were there on a consignment basis. There is an agreed upon amount, which the slave owner needs; and any monies over and above that amount went to the auction house. There was never any guarantee that a slave would end up with a good master, or nice living conditions.I felt as if the biggest problem for John Henry was that he hadn't had any contact with his parents nor this Paul fella in two years, and their callous response to taking his contract over Pretty Young Models seemed to have worried him the most. I'm pretty sure, by listening to him speak, that John Henry would have loved to have been sent to live with Paul. There was only a minimal amount of concern about his mother and definitely none for his father.I also learned that John Henry's parents, both of them, and this Paul guy were all planning on paying the slave a visit this coming weekend; a weekend which I wouldn't be here to observe the family interacting.John Henry wasn't excited nor happy upon learning of their visit; which probably only came about from the visit paid to them by the slave's master. I could tell by the change in the slave's voice, that he still held a great deal of contempt for his father and an unsurpassable amount of displeasure towards his mother. But, when he spoke of this Paul fella, he seemed to brighten up a bit, as if saying, `what if', `just what if'.Jordan seemed to be resigned to simply administering to my flesh as John Henry kept speaking; but I had to pee and I didn't want to interrupt either of the slaves.I took my hand and placed it on Jordan's neck, coaxing him forward towards my cock. Jordan looked up at me one final time, understanding my needs; as his head went below the surface of the water and quickly released the clamp with his teeth and subsequently swallowing my freeman's piss. Thankfully my urine stream was fast and furious; otherwise Jordan would have had to come up for air.Moments later, the Housemaster came out and informed the two slaves that it was time for them to get upstairs and prepare my room for my night of sleep. I was saddened, that John Henry's version of his personal plight had to be interrupted. I watched the two slaves shake the water from their bodies and make a quick dash for the kitchen door."Sorry Kevin, if I've interrupted something, but we do our best to keep all of the slaves on some kind of schedule around here, in order that they get enough rest. It's a good lesson for all slave owners and holders to go by. We just think of it as a `lesson in time', so to speak", he said without as much as a smile. "Most likely you could use a good night's sleep after the day you've had".Having long since lost all thoughts of modesty, I climbed from the pool. My heavier nipple rings seemed to tug on my flesh, probably due to the sudden change in buoyancy and the temperature change. My nuts were struggling to draw up into my body but since they were captive beneath the narrow strand of rope, it was a near impossibility.I shook most uncontrollable, but it helped to plane some of the water from my body; but I quickly began shaking my arms and legs to hasten the process. All the while, the Housemaster kept a keen eye on my groin area."Best I clamp off your plumbing Kevin, lest we want to hear the housekeeper throwing herself into a rage when urine droplets hit her clean floors", and without waiting for my reply, he quickly re-attached the small clamp, followed by a hasty and unnecessary shake of my dick.The lights in the kitchen were bright, as we entered from the darkness. The housekeeper was standing alongside the stove, with her eyes glued to my naked form. It was almost as if she'd wanted to accost me or something, by the way she was looking."Would Kevin like something warm to drink at bedtime?" she politely asked."Why thank you for asking ma'am. That would be nice. I haven't had my cup of nightly hot chocolate since I've been on the road, and if it isn't to much trouble.."She cut me off in mid sentence saying, "No trouble at all Kevin. I'll bring it up shortly." She smiled and went to the cupboard to retrieve the cocoa mix.Leaving the two employees in the kitchen I sauntered upstairs to my room, my horse tail swishing back and forth with every step.As soon as I opened the door, I heard the sound of the two slaves emanating from the bathroom. But my eyes made contact with Doc, who was seated at the desk, staring at the screensaver on the computer."Sounds as if the boys have your bath all ready for you Kevin", Doc remarked, as he turned to face me. "I must say to you, that you look magnificent with your cuffs and things in place. I think the cock ring exudes a sense of submission on your hairless body, which really contributes to the whole picture."I stood there, speechless, looking down my own torso. I could see where Doc came up with his comments. If it hadn't been from my nuts being wrapped up the way they were I would almost have to agree with him.Finally I managed to squeak out a faint `thanks', before moving over towards the bathroom."Kevin, just one last thing", Doc said as he came up to me; "Tomorrow John Henry's master is returning and that'll mean that you most likely won't have to much time to spend with the slave, unless his master deems it so. I know I told you that he'd be away on business for the week, but certain things have come up and he feels the need to be here with his slave to help smooth certain things out.""Yes, thank you for that information. I'll use tomorrow to get my notes in order and sent off to the office, if that's okay. Besides, I think I may just discover that a day of rest will be most beneficial after all that I've been through today", I replied in kind."Well, not that I'm Pretty Young Models agreeing with you Kevin, because one day does not make a diligent and well behaved slave. But at least you've gotten your feet wet so to speak. I've looked at some of the raw footage that Nathan is working on down in the basement and I was surprised to see how far you went with one of our stallions."A surge of shock darted quickly through my body upon hearing that Doc had already seen some of the films. Pretty Young Models "Well, it wasn't as if I wanted to take the cock in my mouth. I think it had something to do with that last bottle of liquid that I sucked down. I'd be interested in knowing what exactly it was that I swallowed.""Tomorrow perhaps I can give you a few samples and their formulas", Doc laughingly responded. "But I think we'd best get you into a nice warm tub and let the slaves get you all clean inside and out. Oh, by the way, do you want to leave the catheter in or should I get my things and take it out. I don't suppose you want to keep your butt plug in any longer, or do you?"I didn't respond to Doc's questions, but rather felt the need to soak in the tub.The slaves quickly fell silent, as I entered the bathroom along with Doc. I paused; bent forward and grabbed the edge of the tub, allowing Jordan to ease my butt plug free. I watched as he placed the plug on the ledge just in front of my face. It was the first time that my mind focused on the actual size of it, noting as well the length and texture of the tail piece. Then John Henry came forward with an odd looking piece of metal, which he used to remove my steel cuffs.The water was just the perfect temperature to relax in. I noticed that the two slaves had somehow worked themselves out of the doldrums and had a more pleasant look on their faces, which put me more at ease. They allowed me to soak, while they listened to Doc speaking to each of them individually. I tried not to pay much attention to what was said.I reached for my cock, lifting it from the water and began recounting the moment that the catheter had been inserted. It seemed that I was getting a much fuller respect for slave owners, the more I thought of just how the catheter was used towards its intended purpose.My balls felt strangely inadequate, being still bound tight. Without any special need or reason, I carefully searched for and found the end of the cord and freed my testicles; laying the rope alongside the butt plug. I slowly massaged some life back into my nuts, while watching the color fade from the bluish purple to reddish pink. I was beginning to feel like a free man once more; but there was still the small matter of why had I enjoyed surviving a day as a slave.I turned my head towards the three males, noticing that Doc had set out the shaving cream and several disposable razors. From beneath the sink, Doc removed one of those over night urine collection bags and left it lay on the counter top.My hands moved up to my nipple rings, and for the life of me, I couldn't remember having the larger ones put in place of the smaller ones. Just flipping the rings back and forth, up and down; caused my cock to stir ever so slightly.Running a hand over my head reminded me that I'd also had my locks removed earlier as well. It must have been the liquid they gave me to drink; as surely I'd never voluntarily allow my head to be clipped in such a way.Jordan reached into the tub and removed my cock ring, which allowed even more relief, and then he began to slide the bar of slave soap over my arms and shoulders. The smooth texture of the soap, combined with the warm water allowed me to close my eyes and absorb the attention I was getting from the slave.Funny how a person gets used to using a particular brand of soap and the way it smells; but with slave soap it is a different story. There's just no scent what so ever.John Henry began washing my legs and feet; spending an extra amount of time trying to loosen the embedded dirt from the bottoms of each of my feet. All I wanted to do, and did, was to close my eyes again and relish the fact that I was being tended to by two slaves; two excellent slaves.I allowed myself to drift back in time, to when our two slaves back home used to bath me when I was little. Then there wasn't any shame in being naked in front of a slave or even a female slave; but now that I'd grown up to be a productive male in society, one just doesn't go around naked all the time in front of the opposite sex, regardless if she's a slave or not.I can feel their hands and the soft wash clothes covering my body like a well maintained machine. I never once thought that such a bath was anything more than their job. MoMo and JoJo sure had done a lot for me over the years, and it's only now that I'm coming to understand it all. How sad of me to `assume ' so much, yet understand so little.I felt honored and privileged to have spent the day as a slave, and perhaps there was just a twinge in my soul that wanted to have the added day.The shrill of the housekeeper's voice caused me to relinquish the past and return to the here and now as she said, "Here is Master Kevin's hot chocolate; as he requested."As my head turned towards the voice, to her; I noticed that Doc was absent from the bathroom. She smiled, handed John Henry another one of those funny bottles and simply stood there statuesque.The slave held the nipple up to my mouth and without even thinking I immediately began to suck the contents of the bottle into my stomach. "Excellent cocoa ma'am" I said with a great deal of delight. "It tastes just like my hot chocolate at home."She remained silent and still, as I returned to the bottle which John Henry continued to hold for me. Jordan began massaging my shoulders as if I were in a massage parlor. His kneading of my muscles began to really remove any trace of tension which had remained.Slowly I let my head go back to the wall, keeping my eyes closed and savoring my favorite nighttime beverage. The warm drink caused me to think of my family and more so, my sister. The many nights she and I would have our cocoa in my bedroom and talk about so many things, including boys and girl stuff. There was a light moment in my heart, just thinking about all the boys that she used to ask me about; most of which were in my gym class, and most if not all I 'd seen naked in the shower room five days a week.Within a minute or two, the housekeeper raised her voice to the two slaves; chastising them for doing an inadequate job. I opened my eyes the moment I heard a cupboard door slam shut.Speaking to Jordan in a rather harsh tone she said, "Move, you lazy slave. Haven't you learned yet how to properly clean another slave. It's not like your bathing a freeman."I wanted to, and almost did, come to Jordan's aid; but the housekeeper moved to fast for me to even begin to think straight.Before I knew what was happening, she had shown what looked like a bristle brush; as she dragged the bar of soap over it. Without as much as saying another word, she went right to work scrubbing my back with a great deal of vitality."Stand up" she said; to which I complied without even a whimper of distain. The brush scoured each of my ass cheeks before coursing down the backs of my legs."Turn" she bellowed; and again I turned, facing her and allowing my cock and balls to be within a foot of her face as she sat on the edge of the tub.No, she didn't save my cock and balls for last. Starting at my ankles and working her way up, she maintain a constant rhythm until she reached my collar bone. The brush had done it's intended purpose. My skin was clean and even pink. My nipples hurt more than the rest of me, to which I attributed to my recent piercings."Turn and bend", came her next instruction and I complied. The brush was brutally forced between my ass cheeks; finding my sore pucker as its targeted area. I guess I should be thankful that she didn't dawdle to long."Now that's how a slave is to be cleaned in Pretty Young Models my house", she yelled; as if she was in total control over everything."Mind if I ask just what in the hell is going on in here?" Bellowed Doc, apparently caught off guard by his housekeepers actions and verbal abuse; as he returned from another part of the house."I was just demonstrating for the umpteenth time, how a male slave is to be properly bathed", replied the housekeeper."Who said that master Kevin was a slave in the first place?", came the response.This was becoming all to confusing for me. Just before coming upstairs the lady was nice to me, treated me like a free man, and now she was talking to me and treating me as if I was a slave.The only thing, that I noticed... or at least I thought I noticed was a small subtle wink from the housekeeper towards and directed at Doc. Even that should have set off bells and whistles in my thought process, but I failed to put it together; at least for now.Speaking to the two slaves, Doc said, "Finish up with Kevin and let's get him into bed for the night.""And don't forget to finish your hot chocolate young man", the housekeeper said as she brushed passed Doc on her Pretty Young Models way out of the bathroom.I felt compelled to sit back down in the tub in order to finish my bottle of cocoa. This time Jordan held the bottle for me as I greedily tried to empty the drink before it turned stone cold. It seemed odd, at first, but I found myself finally starting to relax, the more I drank, the more I allowed myself to think not only of days past, or today, but of the days ahead. I could visualize myself owning or at the very least, controlling a slave or slaves.So much has happened to me lately and it had all come Pretty Young Models barreling at me like a runaway freight train. I thought of how my notes, in the future, would be composed prior to me sending them off to Mrs. Mudfart. I knew that they had to objective, and I had to concern myself with the things my father needed me to observe and note as well. But now, having seen a lot I feel like I truly can be objective towards the slave industry in our great country."Kevin, are you okay?" came Doc's voice.I had apparently drifted off, into a dream state while the nipple was still in my mouth. "Oh damn, I must have dozed off Sir, I'm sorry", was all I could think of to say."That's alright, but I'd suggest that before your skin starts looking like a Danish prune, that you stand up and let the boys rinse you off and finish with you. You look like you could use a good nights sleep."I stood up and John Henry pushed the Pretty Young Models lever, allowing the large tub to begin draining. Jordan lifted the shower head from its holder and began to rinse me off, from head to toe."Since you probably don't want to greet John Henry's master tomorrow with a body covered in stubble, I've set out a few razors and shaving cream for the boys to get you all cleaned up nice and proper", Doc said as if he expected me to simply agree with his assumption."When you get to your bed, I'll tend to that old catheter too. I wouldn't want it to fester up any infection inside of your manhood.""Thanks Doc, that's very kind of you Sir. I hadn't give thought to infections in my penis", I replied.As Doc turned to leave, I got extremely light headed; which I attributed to being tired and just a little hungry."Easy Sir", whispered John Henry. "You wouldn't want to fall down in the tub and crack your head open.""We'll be quick about your shave Sir", promised Jordan; and both slaves quickly and professionally removed all the stubble, while making sure I didn't tumble.One final rinse and I was then put on my hands and knees in the tub. "Don't want to forget Sir's enema, now do we?" said a rather excited Jordan.As Jordan filled my ass with water, John Henry had reached over and had taken my butt plug in hand. "Best I get this all cleaned up in case you want to sleep with it Sir", he said quietly.I held the water as long as I could and then made a rather clumsy dash for the toilet. I almost Pretty Young Models fell asleep on the seat, but Jordan kept me awake, speaking words that made no sense to me what so ever. I wasn't even aware that he' d unclamped my catheter so my bladder could drain."I don't think you'll need another filling Sir", exclaimed Jordan, as he carefully raised me up just enough so that he could use some tissue on my ass.When I stood straight up, my head began to spin. Both of the slaves had to help me into the bedroom. Jordan brought along my cuffs and John Henry held tight to the tail of my butt plug, as it swung back and forth in his free hand.I almost felt like I was drunk and my mind wasn't able to comprehend too much. I did notice though that the linen on my bed had been replaced by something that looked like a huge black, rubber sheet. Even the pillows had been replaced with smaller ones, which mirrored the sheet.As the slaves turned me around so that I could sit on the bed, Doc came back in the bedroom. He was carrying a tray similar to the ones that I saw in the downstairs treatment room.Following him was Nathan. It took me a minute or two to realize that while I was in the bathtub; Nathan had been busy setting up a couple of his cameras.I had a notion that something was amiss; but I couldn't figure out the exact nature of my feelings. All I could see were the two naked slaves and that was more than enough to excite my own desires.I was eased back and then helped to lie flat, on my back. The rubber sheet felt strange against my flesh, but in some crazy way it also made me feel a little sensuous.The two slaves quickly began to massage my flesh with very delicate oil, scented with what I perceived to be a mixture of mint and coconut oil. I could see the look of happiness in the slave's faces, which made me feel happy and secure.The sheer fact that I was still able to enjoy a slave in my current state was amazing. While Jordan was working the oil into the flesh of my balls, they began to `tingle', which sent those ominous feelings of sexual happiness to the head of my cock."Kevin, OH Kevin", Doc spoke rather loudly. "So what is your answer going to be?"I hadn't the faintest idea, or the foggiest clue as to what Doc was referring to.I turned my head towards his voice and noticed him standing right next to the bed. I smiled and opened my mouth but no words came out.I felt stupid all of a sudden for not hearing the question, and not wanting Doc to think that I wasn't paying him his due respect; I simply answered him with "Oh yes, I'd like that very much. I think I'd like that a lot."To Be Continued...

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