Related article: Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 20:11:16 -0700 (PDT) From: adam braddock Subject: adam growing up Pt 6The usual warnings apply. If you have forgotten them, I will give them to you one last time. If you Little Child Nymphets are underage, go away; if it is illegal for you to read this stuff where you are, click on the cute little 'x' in the upper right corner; and if sexual activity between males upsets or makes you angry, go ahead and read it and get over yourself.The following Sunday afternoon, the phone rang. Mom answered. "Adam, It's for you.""Hello," I said into the handset."Hey," it was Daryl. "What are you up to? You got some time? I need to talk to you." His voice sounded seriousI hung up the phone and went over to his place. Daryl's mom answered the door, "Oh, hello Adam dear, come on in, Daryl is in his room. Go on up. Did he tell you the exciting news?""No he didn't. What news?" I asked."Oh I will let him tell you."I took the steps two at a time and burst into his room."What was your mom talking about? What 'exciting' news?"Daryl had a sad look on his face, almost at the point of crying."What is it, man" I asked again."While we were on vacation, Dad broke the news to all of us." he started then paused"What the fuck, come on tell me, already!"His eyes filled with tears and he swallowed hard. "He is being transfered to Boston." Tears flowed down his face."Oh, fuck!" were my only words. I grabbed him and hugged him. He cried on my shoulder."What am I going to do with out you?" he asked into my neck."When are you leaving?" I asked quietly."He leaves in Wednesday, but Mom, Jen, (his sister) and I have to pack up the house and get it ready to sell. So we will be around for a Little Child Nymphets couple weeks is all.""We will make the best of the time we have left" I said trying to comfort him. But inside I was torn apart.I don't know how long we sat holding each other. Finally we broke apart."Come on, lets get out of here," I told him. We headed out the door, Daryl yelling to his Mom that we were going out. We jumped in my car and headed for somewhere, I wasn't sure where we were going but I knew we needed to be together, and alone.I headed out to the same place I had gone with Aaron just three nights ago. The sun was just setting as I shut the car off. We got out and sat on the hood, arms around each other, watching the red sun setting behind the trees.We sat in silence while the sun disappeared below the horizon, it's last rays, streaming into the sky. I turned to face him, taking in each detail of his profile. He had a great nose, shaped just perfectly, not to big, or pointed. His chin, like his nose, fit his face to perfection. I noticed each detail of him that I wanted to remember. After taking in his features, I leaned over and kissed his cheek. He turned to me and smiled, then moved his lips to mine. We kissed a long deep loving kiss, our tongues intertwined.I pushed him back onto the hood of my car. My hands went up under his t-shirt and begna roaming all over his chest. My palms rubbed against the erect nipples on his nearly hairless torso. I kissed him again forcing my tongue into his sucking mouth. Daryl's right hand grabbed my butt and squeezed it. His left hand went to my crotch and grabbed hold of the expanding package in my jeans. I pulled his shirt over his head and threw it on top of the car, my fingers then went to unbuckling his belt and pulling his zipper down. I tugged on the denim material and pulled them and his briefs down his legs. I pulled his sneakers off and took his jeans from his body. He laid, naked on the hood of my car. His cock pointed to the darkening sky. Even by the faint light of dusk, he looked magnificent. I bent over and sucked his stiff boy meat into my mouth. Daryl moaned with delight."That feels so fucking amazing," he cried out. I lifted my face from his crotch and looked at him. "I wasn't even able to jerk off this week,so I am so fucking horny."My mouth went back to his penis, licking the first drops of pre-cum from the tip and savoring the taste. I slide my lips over the soft head and went down the length till my lips were buried in his pubic hair. My tongue massaged the underside of his cock. Slowly, I drew my mouth up the length stopping with just the head still firmly planted in my mouth. Back down I went, repeating the process. My right hand began to play with his balls, rolling them in my fingers. When I reached the tip of his dick, I let it fall from my lips and I began to suck and lick on his nuts. I knelt on the ground so I could get my tongue under his nutsack and explore deep into the crack of his ass. He pulled his legs up to his chest so I could better get to the tiny little puckered opening to his ass. I was so intent on tongue fucking him that I had completly forgotten that I remained clothed. But as I dove in between his butt cheeks, I became aware of how painful my own erection was trapped in my Levi's.Without pulling my face away from his ass, I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pushed them down my legs. My cock sprang free as the elastic from my shorts passed it. Daryl was moaning loudly as I continued to invade his most private area. I loved pleasuring him. I loved hearing him moan as I probed his pink hole or as I sucked his hot white boy juice from his balls and then run my tongue across the sensitive head licking off the remainder of his cum.I pulled my tongue from his ass and licked up to his balls, over them and then up his cock. He was leaking pre-cum from the tip, I lapped it off, savoring the flavor that I had grown to enjoy so much.Daryl began to moan as I worked my lips over his cock head and down the shaft, enjoying the scent, the taste and the texture of his young dick. My lips bottomed out in his pubic hair. I felt the head of his penis deep in my mouth, entering my throat. I so much loved when he shot his loads straight down my throat, filling my stomach with his boy juice. My tongue played along the underside of his cock, stimulating him. I knew by his moans he was close to unleashing a torrent of his semen into me. He had probably been all week without a chance to jerk off while he was on vacation. I slipped my lips to the rim of the head of his cock then sucking hard, plunged back down, this time twisting my mouth around his cock. Back up with the same motion, back down, releasing all the saliva I could from my mouth to make his boy meat slick, sucking him with a fury."Oh fuck, I'm cumming!"I braced myself and held on to his hips while he bucked as his orgasm overtook him."Shiiiiiiitttttt" Daryl was in the throes of an intense cum. I felt his first blast hit the back of my throat and I swallowed quickly, this was followed immedieately by a second, equally as pronounced. When his third shot fired into me, I slide my mouth part way off his dick and began to run my tongue along his head while i kept it securely placed in my mouth. I knew his dickhead would be super sensitive. Daryl jerked wildly while I played with his hypersensitive cock, while it still spasmed and fed me more of his Little Child Nymphets delicious white hot thick boy batter.When he had finally settled down Little Child Nymphets and I had drained his balls completely, I slid up his body and kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth. He sucked hard on my tongue, tasting his own cream."Now you have to fuck me," he told me.Who the hell was I to argue with him. My cock was sticking straight from my body. Pre-cum was flowing from the slit providing an adequate amount of lube for the penetration.I leaned over him and pressed the tip of my dick against his tight little hole. I pushed foward and Daryl opened up his ass to give me a better shot. The head of my cock slide into him effortlessly. Daryl moaned. I pushed more of my meat into his gut. Slowly I entered him, sliding just a portion of my 7 inches into him at a time.Finally, I was buried in him. I didn't want to move knowing this may be one of the last times I would experience this pleasure with him. As my cock nested in his ass, I leaned forward and kissed him again."I love you," I told him."I love you, too"Slowly I pulled back out and then slowly I pushed back into him. I repeated this motion, pausing every time I entered him to lean into him and kiss him. I continued to fuck him for 5 minutes. I began to feel that sensation growing in my groin. I was getting ready to nut and deposit my semen deep inside him."Get ready, man, I am ready to blow,""Give me your shit, fill me up," Daryl cried out."OH ffffffuuuuuuccccckkkkk!!!!!" my balls let loose a torrent of white sperm juice, flooding his rectum. Daryl grabbed me and kissed me hard, jabbing his tongue into my mouth.After 4 or 5 squirts, my dick stopped spasming and began to deflate. In a few seconds, it fell from Daryl's ass. I looked down at him, he was smiling a big shit eating grin. His cock stood pointing skyward again."Can I have your ass?" he asked."Always." I said.I ran my finger along his ass and scooped up some of my dripping cum and rubbed it on his cock, making it slick. I climbed up on the car, with my legs on either side of Daryl's hips. I reached behind me and grabbed his cock and aimed it at my hole. I sat down slowly, still finding the right spot for him to enter me. I felt my ass spreading as he invaded me. In it went as I sat on him, and burried him deep into my colon. It felt so nice having his hard cock inside me. I wanted to stay like that for ever but Daryl had other ideas. His right hand reched up and began to pinch my left nipple. He began to thrust his pelvis upward forcing himself deeper into me. I took the hint and lifted myself off him just a little bit, then slide back down until my cheeks were crushing his pubic hair. I repeated the motion, all the while Daryl had hold of my boy tit. My cock was bouncing up and down, slapping Daryl on the stomach while his pounded my insides."Oh fuck yea, Ride my dick, Adam. Keep fucking do what you are doing. It won't take long." Daryl was getting close to his second coming of the evening. I bounced up and down on his hips, he reached around and kneaded my ass cheeks."Oh yea, I am getting ready to cum." And that he did, I felt his cock expand inside me and then the flood of his warm seed squirt into me. I kept riding him, He threw his head back and forth like a wild man. Finally, his orgasm subsided and I laid on top of him and kissed him.We seperated and slowly got dressed and I took him home.The next Saturday, Daryl called me in a Little Child Nymphets panic. The company his dad worked for was going to buy the house so the family could move immediately. He said, through tears, that they were leaving tomorrow.I hurried over to see him. He was a mess, tears had been running down his face,the streaks still evident. By now, tears were forming in my eyes.I looked him in his eyes and told him that no matter how far apart we were that I would always love him. He told me he loved me too and that as soon as he finished high school he and I would go to the same college and be roommates and be together again. I walked him out to his car and once again quietly told him I loved him. He wiped a tear from his cheek and got into the car. And then he was gone.We exchanged letters and an occasional phone call. He told me how he was meeting new friends, but they weren't as good as friends like he and I were.After about a year, the letters became less frequent. And then stopped all together. We never did go to the same college, and become roommates, In fact, I never saw him again. After I finished college, I was vacationing in New England with another friend, and we happened through Boston. I tried to find his number in the directory but his name was not listed. Years later, I saw in the obituaries, that his mother had died. It listed Daryl as living in San Jose, CA. I could have gone to the funeral, but I thought better of it. I decided to leave the past in the past. So that is it for the story of me growing up. I did not find another friend like Daryl for a long time after that. In fact I never really did. Oh yes, I had some relationships, some one nighters, oh probably more than some, but they are another story.To all my readers, I wish you peace, happiness and love.

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