Related article: Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 23:00:50 +0000 From: Jo Vincent Subject: Aladdin's Awakening: Part 64Usual Disclaimer: If you are not of an age to read this because of the laws of your country or district please desist. If you are a bigot or prod-nosed fundamentalist of any persuasion find your monkey-spanking literature elsewhere and keep your predilections and opinions to yourself. Everyone else welcome and comments more than Cp Dreamzone welcome.This is a very long tale. It unfolds over a good number of years. What is true, is true: what is not is otherwise. ALADDIN'S AWAKENING By Joel Chapter 37 Part Two October 1944 After unpacking and getting sorted out we set off, in pairs, down to the boathouse. I walked behind with Flea. "We were ever so pleased you were coming to the wedding," he said. "You know, Lachs has been quite different since the summer. Potty...." he hesitated and caught hold of my hand and squeezed it. I knew better than to interrupt him. ".....Potty say he's so much more relaxed, but I mustn't give up teasing him. You understand, don't you?" He squeezed my hand again. I knew and I knew his mother knew as well. "He and Sibs..." he hesitated again. "...You know, he and Sibs have done it together....." He grinned up at me. "....Lots of times, I guess. He'll tell you sometime, he trusts you, and so do I! Potty Cp Dreamzone says Sibs looks like the cat that's had cream every morning now." Andrew giggled. "He does too! In fact, they both got half term commendations for progress in school and...." he looked up at me again, "....Potty and I, " he said, emphasizing the I, "think it's all due to whatever they're doing. I haven't asked but they're both much more happy." I said both he and Lachs seemed much more relaxed, and I thought he'd grown a bit. "I have," he said, beaming up at me, "Dr Griffiths measured me last week and I'm just off five foot now. He said I'd really hit the adolescent growth spurt now and he would check me in January. Lachs is now five five and he doesn't think he'll grow any more." He let go of my hand and poked me in the ribs. "Growing somewhere else too!" he said with that mischievous grin of his. "And I can tell you I'm much more happy this term. I can tell you straight, one reason's because those two thugs didn't come back after the hols." "Those two? You mean Castleman and what's his name...?" "Fitzroy," he said. "Yeah, bit of a mystery. We were told they'd left school early to join up, they're both nearly eighteen and been in Remove three years so they weren't going anywhere at school. That lad Lachs thumped, Lawson, told me he'd try to find out more when he's home at Christmas. He lives in a village near Castleman." "And Lawson?" I asked. "Oh, he's OK, Lachs and him are quite pally now and he's been helping me with map-reading." "And you said one reason, so there's more?" He smiled up at me and caught hold of my hand again. "Two more..." He squeezed my fingers. "I haven't told you about Temple-Tempest yet, have I?" I shook my head. "He's my new room-mate, I'll tell you about him later." I looked inquisitively at him, "The other reason?" "I met you in the summer and you taught me I could be Andrew!" A bit deep at the moment. I couldn't explore this as we arrived at the boathouse to find Matt and Lachlan in deep conversation still and we sat in a row on the landing-stage watching the slow flow of the river. For the end of October it wasn't too cold. Lachlan said he really missed the river and I said I had grown to like it in just that short time I'd stayed in the summer. Lachs said for him it was more than like, he loved the river, he couldn't imagine not being able to sail and Andrew said it was the same for him. Matt then surprised me by saying he'd been taken sailing a lot when he was a boy in South Africa. He was very knowledgeable about types of boats so there were several minutes of animated discussion of relative merits of different hulls and sails and keels and other accoutrements I'd never heard of. Matt was really in his element with the boys! At last they exhausted, for a moment, that topic of conversation. It was my turn to ask about things. "I know about Potty and Sibs and Cartwright," I said, "But tell us more about this Bastable and whatever his friend's name is?" Before Lachs could say anything Flea had hopped in. "Oh, he's OK really, he's been held back a year so he's in my class and he's over sixteen. I've been helping him with his English as at least I'm good at that...." He looked at Lachlan who said nothing, he just nodded. "His brother used to be at the school, he's Giles and he runs the family farm. True! Giles the farmer and Miles is going into the Army so it'll be Miles the soldier. There's a third brother and he's coming up from the Prep School next term. His name's Mark,..." He stole another glance at Lachlan who stared straight ahead at the river. ".......but Potty says his name should be Piles as he's heard he's a real pain in the arse!" There was a pained groan from Matt and me and a stoical stare forwards from Lachlan. "His friend's Wilkinson, we call him Wilkie, or the Shadow. They were at Prep School together and Wilkie's dad's a vicar and Wilkie's a swot. He's always being debagged unless Bastable's there. They tied his trousers to the flagpole last year and Bastable had to shin up to get them down. I told you they share a room and Wilkie's actually ever so kind to Bastable and helps him with all his work." I said I thought they must be very good friends for him to go up a flag-pole... Lachlan interrupted Andrew who was just saying that wasn't the only flag-pole... and said they were but Wilkie annoyed everyone for being such a know-all. Andrew hadn't finished. "Haven't told you this yet! But his pal.." here he nudged his brother, "...Cartwright's Head of School and Captain of Rugger and him..," he nudged his brother again and said with evident pride Cp Dreamzone in his voice, "....he's scrum half in the First XV so he and Cartwright are even more thick as thieves. We call Cartwright His Majesty behind his back 'cause he looks a bit like the King. Potty says we should call Lachs Gold Stick in Waiting 'cause he'd blond and got a sun tan and has that thing between....." A sudden hand was clamped over Flea's mouth. Lachs wasn't angry, he was laughing. "You keep on and on, Andrew, just shut it for a moment. I bet Matt doesn't want to hear all your drivel!" "But I do," said Matt, giving a slight chuckle, "It's all much more interesting than the adventures of Billy Bunter or life in the Fifth Form at St Dominic's. They certainly don't tell you what the boys did at night!" Oh, Matt. You are a character. I know what you like doing at night! And you've heard a bit about goings-on at their school. "I didn't know you were in the First XV," I said and Lachlan shrugged his shoulders. He wasn't saying anything and I thought we might hear more if he took his hand away from Andrew's mouth. He did. Andrew was not disconcerted. He just carried on. "Yeah, well as I was saying before I was interrupted..." he looked sideways at his brother and grinned impishly again. "...He's a real goer is our Lachs once he gets his hands on the ball. Potty says if they gave him any more stripes we would have to call him Tiger! And Cartwright's always patting his bum and saying 'Good man'! I think Cartwright likes his bu...." The hand was clamped back. Matt reached out and unclamped the hand. "I don't blame Cartwright," said Matt. My jaw nearly dropped. Matt was showing a new side to himself today. "Nor do I," said the now-freed Andrew, "And Potty says most of the Upper Sixth would love to get....." He stopped. He put a hand out and put it on Lachlan's knee. "It's OK, Lachs," he said, "I'm only teasing you...." Actually, Lachlan's shoulders were heaving. He was laughing silently. He turned and wrapped both arms round Andrew. "Andrew," he said with absolute sincerity in his voice, "If you gave up teasing me Cp Dreamzone I would think the world had come to an end." He squeezed Andrew tightly, then let go. He turned to Matt. "I haven't known you for more than a few hours and you're teasing me, too. Thanks!" He put his arms round Matt and hugged him too. He turned to look at me - his brother in between us so I wasn't going to get a hug, yet! "And you, my great dark cousin?" His smile was just like Flea's. "Are you still nursing that stiffy you've had since we got on the train at Liverpool Street? You haven't been helped anyway because that thing there has been inciting your bodily reactions, hasn't he?" Oh dear God, was it all so noticeable? The three of them burst out laughing. Matt was chuckling furiously. "You don't need to worry, Lachlan, he's always the same." "Thank you kindly, dear friend," I retorted, "You're really emerging from your cocoon, aren't you?" He laughed again. "I know you well enough, Jacko, and I think I know these two well enough already to say things I would never say to anyone else!" Well, well. Dear Matt you surprise me more and more. But you are sixteen now and can smoke and marry and do all sorts of things I still can't! I laughed too and directed my gaze at Lachlan who was grinning all over his face. "So, you're teasing me now and saying things like that in front of my best friend." He laughed. "Of course, and I can say things like that to you Cp Dreamzone can't I?" "My fault," piped up Andrew, "If I hadn't held his hand it wouldn't have happened." "Oh yes it would," I asserted quite truthfully, "Just seeing the pair of you got me all excited!" "That way?" asked Andrew, coyly, but that impish grin was there too. He saw my grin, too. "Anyway, if you hadn't got a stiffy I would have thought there was something wrong with you!" Matt let out a throaty guffaw. I thought, 'Wait my lad, I'll have your hairy bollocks in my hands some time and you'll be squawking for mercy!' No, I wouldn't. He was quite right. Cp Dreamzone I was just a very horny lad who wanted and needed and craved for those wonderful feelings. I stood up, the front of my trousers told their own tale. My stiffy was prominently outlined and they all guffawed. I shrugged my shoulders. "I can't help it. I'm just built like it! Anyway, it's nearly time for food." They were all laughing but Andrew and Lachs exchanged looks and raised their eyebrows. "Mummy said she'd better be well stocked up for the weekend," Lachlan said, "Your appetite has not gone unnoticed!" I reached down and cuffed the back of his head, gently, just to let him know who was boss! "Just because you're Sergeant Cameron in the Keystone Cops Army doesn't mean you can cheek me as well." "But Mummy said it," said Andrew, "And it's true!" He turned to Matt. "You should see the way he shovels it down. Potty says it's a sign of worms!" Matt made some remark that he's noticed too as I gave Flea a well-deserved slap as well. I couldn't very well say I needed food because I was bigger than they were. I just ignored them and pretended to stalk off down the path. Lachlan caught me up, still grinning. "Hey, wait for me," he said. As we walked more slowly up the path with the other two chattering away behind us he caught hold of my hand. "I'm so glad you could come," he reiterated, "I've looked forward to this ever since you went home at the end of the holiday and I know Flea has as well." He laughed and squeezed my hand. "By the way, everyone at school calls him that now since I told Potty." I squeezed his hand back. "Potty's OK, he keeps an eye on Andrew. I'll tell you more tomorrow. We'll let those two have a chat together." He looked up at me. "Matt's great, you're lucky to have him as a friend. He thinks you're great, too!" We walked the rest of the way in silence, hand in hand, with the usual rather staid Matthew several yards behind giggling over some shared tale with Andrew. Things seemed to be organised in the house when we got there. Aunt Della had been sent off to rest Ma said. She and Nanny Saunders and one of young Georgie's sisters were laying up the dining room table for twelve. For a dinner party the next night. I was introduced to Georgie's mum who was in the kitchen with another lady from the village and they were in charge of the cooking. Georgie's mum looked just like an older version of his sisters, very pretty and very energetic. I could see where Georgie got his straightforward manner from. His mother had things under control in the kitchen, at least. Ma announced that Rhys and Auntie Faye would be arriving the next afternoon from Cardiff but the other boys and Uncle Dick would be there on Saturday. I twitted the two boys that they would have to be on their best behaviour as they would be under scrutiny from three more great dark cousins and they were all bigger than me! Matt was overjoyed he would be meeting Rhys and Alun again. I wondered if he and Rhys would be wandering off again! While in the kitchen I'd had a look on the Aga and there was a large pot simmering away. I sniffed. The smell was gorgeous! Mrs Catchpole said there was soup in there to be followed by a meat casserole which was in the oven. Yum, yum! Yum, yum, it was! At six we assembled on the dot at the door to the breakfast room. At one minute past six we were imbibing soup and lovely crusty bread. At six ten the casserole appeared. By half past six I'd had my third helping to the other boys' two. Their smirks and whispered 'Oliver' from Flea across the table from me confirmed my reputation. I would get my own back! We had a good game of Monopoly with Flea and Matt trouncing Lachlan and me because between them they managed to get the Park Lane properties and all four Utilities. All I managed to get was Old Kent Road with one hotel! At nine o'clock we decided to go to bed. I had said I would share with the boys as I'd already done that when the Doodle-bugs were flying over and Matt could have the smaller bed to himself. Of course, it didn't work out like that. Nanny Saunders had arranged for the fire to be lit in the bedroom - we had been instructed not to let the fire go out and to make sure the fire-guard was in position. It meant the room was as warm as toast and I was stripped off completely in my usual way quite quickly while the two brothers were squabbling over who should wash first in the bathroom. Matt had been in the bathroom before them but was still fully dressed and methodically sorting out his belongings when the boys came back in clad only in their underpants. They saw me standing there starkers so pulled off their briefs and flung them unceremoniously Cp Dreamzone across to Cp Dreamzone the pile of their discarded clothing. Matt then decided it was time for him to disrobe. He seemed oblivious to three pairs of eyes watching every garment being removed, folded and piled tidily at the end of the smaller bed. At last he was also clad only in underpants. Slowly he drew them down and his long, rubbery hose-like cock flopped out. There was an audible gasp from Flea as Matt straightened up and folded the pants neatly and added them to the pile. In fact, Matt's cock wasn't just its usual long self, it was slightly plump, that point of just beginning to become erect. That is, with Matt's size, as I'd noticed before, it must take quite a bit of blood to pump in to get it fully hard so that beginning remained usually for a little while. I looked over at Andrew. His developing cock was the first to respond. That perceptible increase in dimension was now being fully exhibited as his now, nearly five and half incher reared up absolutely straight against his belly. My and Lachs' six-inchers were not far behind. Then Matt deigned to notice the three of us, smiled and the monster uncurled and was soon poking out at his accustomed forty-five degrees. We'd laughed about this on several occasions. He said he'd never been able to get it straight up since he was twelve because it was so heavy when fully engorged. I took the initiative. "If we're careful I think all four of us will fit on that bed." Within moments, with Andrew leading the way, we were arranged on the bed. Andrew had set his sights on Matt and had Cp Dreamzone the first three inches of Matt's shaft in his mouth as we settled on the bed. Not to be outdone I was soon nuzzling at Andrew's young boy-cock while Lachlan was running his tongue along the underside of my fully upright prick. By raising my head slightly I could see that Matt had his arms round Lachlan's buttocks and was hungrily engulfing most of Lachs' thick cock in his mouth. I guess we all lasted about Cp Dreamzone twenty minutes, gradually raising each other to a climax, relaxing and then starting the climb upwards again. Matt and I had practised this a number of times. The boys must have also practised it too as Lachlan, especially, knew exactly when I was getting just below the point of no return. I'm afraid it was my fault that first encounter didn't last longer. I misjudged Andrew's signals and must have just got him to the brink and didn't stop. Although his mouth was stretched round Matt's meaty tool he gave a little gurgle and I felt his prick twitch in my mouth just before several squirts of his warm boy-cream hit the roof of my mouth and Cp Dreamzone bounced around my tongue and teeth. I couldn't contain myself any longer after that, my flood gates opened automatically and it was Lachlan's turn to gurgle. Not through the ecstasy of himself coming but with the effort of trying to cope with my gushing spunk. Two more twitching boys unloaded within seconds and after a few seconds of gasping four boys were face to face, clasping each other round shoulders and seeking each others mouths to share the bounty held within. We were laughing and giggling as our mouths and tongues clashed, no more so than Lachs and Flea who slobbered the accumulated come they'd collected all over everyone's faces, necks and chests. Four happy boys then settled down, quite naturally, in pairs. Matt and I were back to back in the middle of the bed, each with a smaller, fair-haired beauty cradled in our arms. I had Flea, who lived up to his name by gently biting at my collar-bone, as I tenderly held him close to me, my hand tenderly stroking his muscular young back. He looked up at me with those unblinking blue eyes and smiled as Lachlan pulled the cord hanging above the bed which switched the light out. I was soon asleep holding him close to me. * When I woke in the early morning we were still in the same position. I could feel Matt's warm back pressed against mine. Andrew had an arm round my neck and I had one arm under him and my other arm over his back. Both of us had hardons which, as we so closely entwined, pressed into each other. I think what had woken me was that Andrew, in the depths of some dream, was muttering under his breath. I couldn't make out what he was saying but he was obviously enjoying the experience as he clasped my neck and pressed himself up against me. The dream was over in moments and he relaxed and nuzzled at my chest, moving his head to and fro. He was so relaxed and happy in his dream and I felt so happy and protective toward him. I thought it was great how friends like us could share ourselves so unreservedly. I thought of Matt and Lachlan. Two boys who had only met each other just hours ago, so completely at ease with other, now enjoying each other's bodies as well. They were like-minded and like-spirited and they had shared all three, minds, spirits and bodies so freely in that short time. If only this could last! I was restless and extremely horny again. I moved Andrew's face away from my chest and touched his lips very gently with the tip of my tongue. The dream must have started again as he ground his hips against me and his proud young hardon pressed into me. He didn't mutter this time, he mumbled. I feathered his lips with my tongue and his mouth opened slightly. Slowly and carefully I pushed my tongue between his lips and he began to suck on it as if it were a child's dummy. His head began to weave about a bit and I rocked him in my arms. That dream passed and I removed my tongue. I needed relief. I feathered his lips again and then licked down under his chin. He gradually awoke and as he did so I moved my head up and felt for his lips again. "Oh, Jacko," he murmured, "I've had the most wonderful dreams. I've dreamed we've all been sailing and then we all went up to that hill again and we all loved each other. You, and Lachlan, and Matt, and me. So lovely, so lovely." It was too dark to see him clearly but we clutched at each other for a minute or so. "I'll put some wood on the fire," he whispered. He extricated himself from my clutching arms and slid out of bed. I saw his shadowy figure go over to the fire and I heard him move the fire-guard and the slight noise as he dug at the banked-up fire with a couple of logs. As he broke through the crust the logs sparked and crackled and very quickly flames sprang up. He put more small logs on and soon the room was alight with the dancing flames of the burning wood. He replaced the guard and came back and got into bed with me. The other two slept on. "It's your turn with Lachlan," he whispered, ever mindful of sharing all with his beloved brother. "Go on, I'll help you 'cause Lachlan'll want to be with Matt." He slid off the bed again and I got out and stood next to him. The flames now were sufficient to illuminate the other two sleeping figures. Matt was holding Lachlan's much smaller body close to him in the same way I'd held Andrew. Without my support to Matt's back he flopped over and let go of Lachlan who scrabbled to re-attach himself to Matt's shielding arms. I lifted the covers off Lachlan. It was warm enough in the room for him not to notice any great difference in temperature. As he wasn't completely in Matt's clutches now it was relatively easy to turn him slightly so I could begin to nuzzle his balls. His ball sac was very loose. The result of the warmth of the bed during the night. There was also the tang of the slight sweat of the night and that heady, musky aroma of boyishness as I lapped on his low slung testicles. I sucked on one then the other. Gently, I took one into my mouth laving it with my tongue, then let it go and did the same to Cp Dreamzone the other. Gradually I licked upwards to the base of his shaft which was flaccid when I started but was now beginning to lengthen and harden. He was beginning to awaken as well. He knew what was happening. He also knew his task was to give Matt his attention. I arranged myself along the bottom of the bed and continued to lick at the top of Lachlan's almost smooth legs and his virtually hairless ball-pouch. He had fine, silky hairs on his thighs and his balls whereas hirsute Matt had quite thick, wiry hairs all over his legs and his balls. Matt was being attacked from two directions by a fully awake Andrew and an emerging from a comatose state Lachlan. Matt was still fully asleep but was being slowly manoeuvred across the bed giving Lachlan access to that huge prize. I stole a glance as Lachlan licked along its length in its still not erect state. At that moment I felt a tongue doing the same to my erect rod. A probing mouth then enveloped my foreskin shrouded knob and a tongue pressed onto my skin until my knob was almost free. A loud gasp came from Matt as he became fully awake and realised what was happening to him and what was expected of him. He was soon fully engaged with young Andrew's prime member and for at least the next thirty minutes in the light of the dancing flames a ballet of loving attention was paid by the four participants to the young manhoods of their partners. We raised each other to heights of ecstasy and lowered each other again numerous times as we sensed the critical moments. Time and time again I craved the release of my semen, time and time again I was glad the moment passed and I could be brought nearer and nearer that fulfilling moment when time would stand still. We were as if in complete accord with each other. It was as if this dance of the senses had been choreographed an infinite number of times between us before. But no, last night was the first time the four of us had been together. It seemed to me as if eons of past experiences of all the boys in the whole universe were now concentrated within the four of us, here, now, at this moment, just for us, flowing, rising and escalating into the most ecstatic climax ever known. At some point in time I had to let myself go. I must have passed out for a few moments with the sheer immensity of the orgasm I experienced as my whole being was so involved with so much of my boy-juice pumped so freely from me. Poor Andrew. He must have tried hard to contain my torrent but my last spurts drenched his face. I was gasping with my own climax as Lachlan unloaded his own lavish benefaction straight into me as I had somehow, without any training, taken the whole of his six plus inches fully into my mouth and into my throat. The other two boys were not far behind. I heard Lachlan splutter as Matt unloaded and young Andrew gave a long low 'unnnnh' as his sweet boy- cream squirted into Matt's waiting mouth. As with the night before we moved together until we could share any remnants of the gifts we had collected so willingly and so openly and we three helped to lick my spunk off the new cream-faced loon. We fell asleep again, satiated, me with Lachlan cradled against me and Matt with Andrew, and slept soundly until I felt Lachlan moving against my restraining hold. He pecked me on the cheek as my eyes opened. "I never knew I could be so happy," he murmured, "Can't it last for ever?" I kissed his forehead. "We've had a wonderful time," I replied. "I hope things like this never end." He sighed and his lips groped for mine and we lay, lips just brushing, the tips of our tongues just touching. I was still dozy, he was in the same state, but I knew we were both very content. Gradually I woke again and hugged Lachlan a bit tighter. This was enough to waken him. The firelight had died down but we could see each other in the dimness. "I want to talk to you today," he whispered, "It's OK, Flea will go for a walk Cp Dreamzone with Matt." I saw his grin. "It's OK, he knows I need to tell you things." We crept out of bed and I pulled the blackout curtains back while he put a couple more logs on the fire. We went back to the bed and stood, arms round each other looking down on the sleeping pair. Matt's dark head with a peaceful Flea cradled close to him and held so shelteringly just like a big brother with a much smaller, younger brother. I leaned down to Lachlan and drew him round. I found his lips and kissed him fully holding him tightly against me. He returned that token of love and affection wholeheartedly and between us four tears dripped onto our chests. We went together to the bathroom and washed and cleaned ourselves throughly. Lachlan even had a shave. I had noticed a slight roughness on his chin when we were licking and stroking each other's faces. He grinned. "I'm a big boy now," he said, "Have to do this twice a week." "And the other twice a day, I suppose!" I said stepping out of his way quickly in case of retaliation. "Yeah, that's right!" was his reply, with no retaliation, "Same as you I suppose, horny monster!" "Something like that," I said. "And what do you want to talk to me about? I asked. His eyes seem to twinkle as I gazed at his smiling face reflected in the mirror. "Wait!" was his answer. He waved the razor. "Here, let me feel your chin. I thought I felt you might be sprouting a few whiskers now you're fifteen. You can use this." He put his hand up and caressed around my top lip and then my chin and throat. My dick twitched. "Yeah, I thought so," he said, "Just lather up a bit and draw this round." His eyes twinkled again. "At least you'll be able to see your beard growing, mine's so fair and thin I don't think I feel stubbly much at all." I did as I was told. I shaved. I had the wispy blackness of a boyish moustache and that all disappeared and I tidied my sideburns up as well. "Well, beauty-boy," laughed Lachlan, "I shan't get tongue-burn now! Come here!" He reached up and drew my head down to his level. He licked all over my face. "Smooth as a baby's...." I let him get no further. My mouth was over his and we tongue-fucked violently for at least a minute. I was holding him tightly to me and our dicks were like two steel rods pressing against each other. At last I released him. He took in a deep breath. Those blue eyes were wide open and staring up at me. His smile lit up his face. He shook his head as if in wonderment. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "Let's wait till later!" He reached down and gave my erect cock a tug. "Keep it just like that, ready!" We went back into the bedroom and saw it was nearly eight o'clock. We dressed and before going downstairs gently woke the sleeping beauties. We left them hugging each other with the admonition we would scoff all the breakfast if they weren't down in five minutes. Our warnings fell on deaf ears I'm sure! It was nearly twenty minutes before they appeared and from their expressions I bet both cats had had a basin of cream! Over breakfast Lachan said he and Flea had looked at the commemoration board for the last war and had found Piers Crossley and Miles Buchan listed. Both had been Second Lieutenants and both had been reported missing, presumed killed, during the final Battle of the Somme. He said they had then picked a red rose each from the bushes near the school and had put them in a jar under the board. He then said a couple of days later Captain Harrison had asked him why he had done it and he had told him all about me and how I was related to the Crossley family. Flea interrupted him. "And I bet I know who told him about us and the flowers. It was that sneak Antony Milverton, he was smirking about something in class next day. He's a creep, always sucking up to the beaks." Lachlan waited until he'd finished. "It doesn't matter that he told Captain Harrison, I told you that before." He looked at me. "Captain Harrison said when you visit the school he would like to talk to you as he knew General Crossley and thought he was a fine man." He fished into his trouser pocket. "A couple of days later he gave me this to give to you." It was a small bronze medal. On one side was an impression of something winged, an angel or a goddess. On the other side was engraved 'Piers Crossley Cross-Country 1917'. I couldn't help it. The tears flowed. I looked at Flea, he was dewy-eyed as well and so was Lachlan. Lachlan sniffed to clear his nose. "Captain Harrison said he'd found the medal in a drawer in the Masters' Common Room when he first joined the staff about four years after the war ended. He'd had it in his study ever since and had meant to send it to the General but never got round to it. Then he heard that the General had died.. He wants you to have it in memory of Piers." Matt was sitting next to me. He felt for my hand and took it and squeezed it. "Tom's right, and I'm right, you belong at Ulvescott and that's more proof. He ran and you run - you'll win the Lane Cup for Fifth Years this year, I know. You carry that medal and you'll win!" I was too far gone emotionally to say anything. I just nodded and had to get my handkerchief out and was dabbing my eyes and blowing my nose when Ma came in. She knew immediately something good had happened. The boys were smiling at me even if they had tears in their eyes as well. She saw the medal on the table in front of me. She picked it up, looked at it, then took my hand and put the medal in my palm and closed my fist over it. "Pierre, Piers," she said slowly, "You and he are one!" She kissed the top of my head and was gone. Lachlan and Andrew on the other side of the table got up and came round and all three of them hugged me tightly. I was too overwhelmed to say anything. Another piece of life's strange jigsaw had somehow dropped into place. During the morning we helped Ma and Nanny Saunders get some furniture moved as they said Aunt Della was resting because of her great day tomorrow. We had an early lunch and Flea volunteered to go up to the farm and take Matt with him to show him around, especially to see young Georgie's goats, as there was milk and other things to collect. Young Georgie wouldn't be there as his school had different dates for their half-term. He and Matt went off and as he followed Matt out of the kitchen door Flea turned, a great grin on his face, and winked at me. We had all been instructed not to be away too long as Auntie Faye and Rhys, plus an uncle and aunt of Aunt Della's, would be arriving on the afternoon train from London. Lachlan and I ambled down to the boathouse. I knew something was planned. He opened the door and the boat cushions were already in tidy piles making a comfortable seat and a possible bed. We sat, cross-legged Red-Indian style, facing each other, Lachlan with a clear, open smile on his face. He put both arms out and I did the same and he grasped my hands tightly. "I want to thank you for what you helped me do in the summer." He paused and looked straight into my eyes. "You helped me come to terms with all sorts of things. Since Daddy died I've felt really alone. I know I had Mummy and Flea and all my friends at school but somehow just being with you, and talking to you, and the way you showed me such love, I changed. I'm Lachlan now, not just another schoolboy, or just a Cadet, or somebody who loves sailing, I'm me. You showed me strength and friendship when I really needed it. If you hadn't been there I don't know what I would have done this term. If it hadn't been for Andrew as well I might have done something silly. In fact, if those thugs had still been at school and you hadn't helped me so much I might have killed them." He said that last with such sincerity I knew it would have been true. I moved over to him and hugged him. "I'll tell you something," I whispered in his ear. "I knew you'd changed and your mother knew you'd changed." As I hugged him I told him what his mother had said to me on the train. He was nodding as I told him that. I also said that Flea had said in very few words I had helped him be Andrew. Gradually, slowly, with great deliberation, bit-by-bit, we undressed each other. We both knew we needed to consolidate that strength and friendship, to seal it once more. We were smiling at each other as, finally, we lay naked side by side.. "It's under the pillow there," he whispered, "I want you in me first!" I knew what he meant. I found the jar, a new jar, of Vaseline. We kissed and stroked each others bodies for a long time as I worked my way from his forehead, to his nose, his lips, chin, neck, shoulders, chest, nipples, his muscular stomach and down, down, until at last I was kissing and licking that most secret spot I was to enter. He was moaning softly as his hands caressed the top of my head. Very gently I coated his pucker with the sticky jelly. I moved up his body as I gently probed him with the tip of my second finger. I kissed his lips. His tongue found mine as my finger sank into him so easily. "I want all of you," he murmured, "Slowly, please, oh, please make it last!" He drew his knees up on either side of me. I raised his legs and he hooked his ankles round my back as I eased my hard as steel rod to the waiting mark. I only had one finger in but I knew he was ready. I positioned myself and looked straight into his eyes, those clear blue eyes, so full of friendship and love. If there was a single grimace I would stop. Cp Dreamzone I wouldn't harm or hurt my most special friend. There was no grimace, just a wide-eyed acceptance of my shaft as it entered him, slowly, oh so slowly, inch by inch. He smiled, shaking his head in wonderment. I knew my cock had grown both a bit longer and a bit thicker just in those last six weeks. He accepted it all as I plumbed the depths of him and could get no further. I felt his muscles gripping and relaxing on my encased rod. I experimented. I withdrew a couple of inches. The smile deepened, I had massaged something within which gave him so much pleasure. I repeated it, again and again, so slowly but with sufficient force Cp Dreamzone to make that smile imperceptibly wax and wane. His arms were round my neck and he drew me closer. I kissed his nose and he whispered as I rubbed my cheek against his. "If you want to, you can go faster." Cp Dreamzone "Do you want me to?" I whispered back. He shook his head. "It'll take as long as you want," I whispered back. Cp Dreamzone That slow fuck ended nearly three-quarters of an hour later. Suddenly, the muscles of his stomach and thighs tightened. His mouth gaped open in an almost terrible rictus with his head thrust back against the restraining cushion. A series of low guttural gasps came from his throat and lungs. I leaned back and quickly pulled back his foreskin over his meaty knob. I gripped his shaft tightly and it pulsated violently in my grasp. Four great squirts of his beautiful boy-cream spirted out and hit him on his neck and the top of his chest. Within him muscles squeezed my cock embraced so deep inside him. I could hold on no longer as his muscles drew the most tremendous orgasm of my life out of me. I knew I had broken any records I might have held because I just could not count the number of immense spasms I experienced nor knew the amount of my willingly provided boy-cream as it spewed out, jet after jet, spurt after spurt. The involuntary thrusts of my body, forcing my prick as far as it would go into him set off another round of mighty spasms of his own prick. Little spunk came out this time but I knew he had also had an experience like mine. His legs were still tightly gripping me and my prick was still fully in him as I fell on top of him hugging and kissing him. Our mouths were clamped together, our tongues feverishly battering at each other as I felt another tremendous climax beginning to rise deep in my balls, somewhere in the base of my prick, somewhere unknown within me, rising up rapidly until I felt almost on fire all over. I forced myself into him again, once, twice, three, four times as a second almighty orgasm wracked my whole body. For several long minutes neither of us moved. We were hugging each other, just savouring that bliss of having given one's complete self to one's most special friend and comrade. I think we both lay with eyes closed and I didn't open mine until I felt his tongue softly touching my cheek. "Jacko, thank you," he murmured as our lips met again. This time our long held kiss was tenderness itself. "I want you now," I whispered as I knew both of us were still erect. Slowly and carefully I withdrew my cock from him. He flinched as I did so. I looked at his face. He smiled and nodded. I moved until I was on my back on the cushions and he, with his cum-streaked torso, was between my thighs looking down on me. That loving scene we had just been such willing participants in was re-enacted. After he had stroked my pucker and put that vital stickiness on me I knew I was so relaxed his thickness would not startle nor harm me. He smiled down at me as he entered me, my ring muscles open wide as I wanted him so much. His rhythm was a bit more urgent than mine but he was careful and oh, so, so considerate. I lay eyes half closed, my lips parted and my head swaying from side to side as within me some wonderful feeling pulsed each time he thrust into me. I came. Those two words sound trite and meaningless. I came because Lachlan gave me the whole of himself and I responded in the only way my body could manifest that wonderful trust and affection. New streams of my boyish juices surged out and somewhere deep within me he imparted his own tokens of esteem and respect. We lay entwined, side by side, he slowly softening within me, we looking into each others eyes, as we carefully touched each other's chests and necks gathering those precious offerings and placing them like libations to the gods on each other's lips. Our juices shared we lay and talked, both with arms over shoulders and tenderly stroking each others backs. He said I was very lucky in having such a good friend as Matt. He said, with that twinkle in his eye, that Matt had told him he wasn't to tell me how much he, Matt, admired me and depended on me. I said that of all my friends Matt and Tom Buchanan were very special to me. Cp Dreamzone He said I was very lucky to have such good friends and we spent some time, in our boyish way, distinguishing between friends, best friends and special friends. I gave his buttock quite a hard tweak when I said I counted him as a special friend and I though Andrew was, too. He smiled and said that was true and he was glad, and that his brother was his special friend as well. He said Flea was always talking about me and Potty wanted to meet this paragon Flea was always extolling. We giggled over some of the 'para' jokes and he said his new friend Bastable wanted to join the Marine Commandos when he left school. He told me quite readily and candidly that on the first night back at school as Sibs and he lay in the dark and Sibs started to wank himself he had asked him if he wanted any help. Sibs had murmured, "Please!" As they lay together in Sibs' bed he had confessed to Lachlan that he had wanted Lachlan and him to do it together since they had become friends but he had been frightened to say anything. I asked if they had done anything else. He shook his head. Then he laughed and told me all about his new friend Bastable. Apparently with his new rank Lachlan had to take turns in dealing with the stores. He said he had been amazed at the stuff which had accumulated over the years. Quite a bit of the older stuff were trophies collected from various parts of the world where old boys of the school had served in the Army. I said it must be a bit like General Crossley's African collection. He nodded and said there were things from India and lots from the Boer War and the First World War. He had suggested to Captain Harrison that it ought to be tidied up and he had said it was one of the jobs he had thought of doing but had put it off. He suggested Lachlan might like to have a go and at least put things in tidy piles or in cupboards. It so happened that Bastable had been given extra duties for having a dirty cap badge and belt buckles on parade and so Lachlan had set him the task of starting to put things in order in the stores. It was then when Lachs came back to check how things were going he found Bastable in between a couple of cupboards tossing himself off. He was very embarrassed about it and begged Lachs not to say anything. Lachs said he wouldn't and the lad, just a bit younger than Lachs but down in Flea's class, confessed he had to do it several times a day and his friend Wilkie was fed-up with him because he couldn't stop. Lachs knew they came from the same village in Somerset where Wilkie's father was the vicar and Bastable's granddad was a big landowner. Bastable's dad was an officer in the Army and had been taken prisoner by the Japanese when Singapore had fallen and he didn't know where his father was now, or whether he was dead or alive. He said he would do anything for Lachs if he didn't split on him. Lachs said he liked Bastable, he wasn't as dopey as Flea said he was. He was very determined to succeed as he wanted a career in the Army and Lachs said he was just like a bulldog in the way he went about things. He said he was the mainstay of their rugger team and never flinched from tackling opposing players much bigger than himself. Lachs said he was only two inches taller than him but was solidly built, as he put it, like the proverbial brick shit-house! Anyway, to cut a long story short he and Lachs were tossing each other off now each time they met up in the stores. Lachs laughed and said it took a bit of pressure off Wilkie who didn't have to get Bastable's dick out to pee but he did jack him off as regularly as Bastable wanted. Lachlan also said that as Wilkie was excused games because of his poor eyesight they had never been able to check him out but Bastable had told him, very proudly, that Wilkie had the biggest dick in the school and it was seven and a quarter inches long when erect because he'd measured it when they were home for the summer hols. Lachs grinned and said he was also determined, in that he was going to check on that some time but he bet it didn't beat Matt's. Of course, that led to a great discussion of Matt's cock and I told Lachlan about how Matt was an inveterate wanker, just like Bastable. I said he didn't beat Pat Halloran's records though. Lachs whistled when I told him what Pat said he did per week. I then told him about Cleggy and Nobbo and their present experiment and he said Bastable never produced very much. In fact, he had told Lachs that quite often he didn't make any stuff although the feelings were still so good. But he was doing it four or five times a day so I said that was probably the reason and if he was doing it that number of times he'd beat Pat Halloran hands down.. I said I'd wondered about whether all boys were the same and he grinned and nodded and said he guessed they were. He said there were about four hundred boys at the school and he guessed the majority tossed off every day if his friends and acquaintances were anything to go by so there must be a few quarts of spunk produced there every term!. I then asked about Flea and this new room-mate of his. Lachlan grinned. "Oh you mean Cosmo Temple-Tempest" I must have looked a bit puzzled. Strange name. "He's named after the last Archbishop of Canterbury and he's related somehow to the present one, but we call him Titty," he laughed, "T-T, Titty, get it?" I grinned and nodded. "He doesn't mind, we've all got nicknames," he said. "I know, Thumper, eh?" It was his turn to grin and nod. "But, anyway, Titty's family's all very religious. He's not though, mouth like a sewer, swears like a trooper and I'm afraid that Flea might catch the habit from him. Give him a thump if he says anything too awful, please!" He laughed as he said it. I said I would willingly thump him! "Good! I don't want him upsetting Mummy or Nanny Saunders. Anyway," he continued, "Flea's old room-mate was a real namby-pamby mother's boy and he left at the end of last term because his parents have moved to Scotland and he's gone to school up there. Cosmo was in with that lad who left, we all think, because of the thugs and he told Flea there was something going on which the lad wouldn't tell him. You'd better find out from Flea what the pair of them are doing together because I guess it's a bit more than holding on to each other's family jewels." I said I wouldn't ask him outright, but I expected he'd tell me if he wanted to. "Yes," said Lachlan, "He'll tell you, but I don't think he'd volunteer to say anything to me, yet!" I was still curious about Lachlan. "And what about your other friend, Cartwright?" He smiled and stroked my back before replying. "We tell each other everything. I've told him all that happened during the summer." He looked at me steadily. "I hope you don't mind, but Cartwright's helped me too." "Of course I don't mind," I said, "If he's a special friend." He smiled again. "He's not a special friend like you and I are. If you want to know it's only you and Flea. I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else." He put his face to mine and kissed me gently on the lips. "I don't expect we'll do it again. Today was even more wonderful than before. I've promised Flea we'll do it once more, too. We did it twice more after you went home and each time it was more intense than the one before. I just want to remember, not to spoil it. You and Flea are so important to me!" This time I leaned towards him and touched his lips with mine. He smiled again and went on. "Cartwright wants me to go and stay with him at New Year, not at Christmas and he says Flea can come as well.., but....," he paused. "Shall I ask him if he would like to come and stay with me?" "Would you? I'm afraid he'd be bored up there with Cartwright and me." "Of course," I said, "I'll ask Ma tonight and I'll just say to him he's invited." Lachlan hugged me then. "It'll do us both good. We've never been apart and someday we'll have to go our own ways." His grip tightened. "He's very fond of you and you'll look after him for me, won't you?" I kissed his forehead. "He might have to look after me!" He giggled. "He'll do that alright. If Titty is anything to go by I'd say young Flea sucks more than blood! Potty said Titty's got black rings under his eyes since he's been in with Flea!" "Who's mouth is like a sewer? And who's spreading gossip? I Cp Dreamzone thought you said Potty was poisonous?" I said, putting on an air of mock gravity. "Dirty minds mean dirty habits!" He giggled. "You taught him well, though." He patted my back. "And me, too!" We hugged again and then realised time must be getting on. Lachs scrabbled amongst our discarded clothing and found his wristwatch. "Gosh!" he exclaimed, "It's nearly half past three! We'd better get going." He leaned over and kissed me. "I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me, cousin- to-be," His smile was radiant, "Special friend, eh?" I hugged him and felt his whole body relax in my grasp. Special friends, most definitely. He sniffed. Not clearing his nose emotionally! "We stink! Better get back and have a bath, can't dive into the pool today, too cold!" We! Any hint of separation was completely absent. Previously he would have pulled my leg by saying I stunk but no longer. I did an experimental sniff too. "We do!" I said emphasizing the 'We'. He scrabbled underneath the cushions this time and brought out some old pieces of towel. "Better clean ourselves a bit before we get dressed. I think I've sprung a leak!" He laughed and lifted up his backside from the cushion. Sure enough there was a considerable patch of my cum and other debris. "Me, too," I said, taking a piece of towel from him. "But, I'd rather have kept all you've given me inside." "Same here, but there's a bit too much of yours." "Complaining about me, eh? Ungrateful wretch!" I was waxing histrionic. "I gave you my all and you thrust me from you!" We collapsed in giggles as he raised his backside again and a strand of cum stretched between him and the cushion. We cleaned up as best we could, got dressed Cp Dreamzone and tidied the cushions away in a neat pile having wiped off as much evidence as possible. We took a last look round, he pocketed the essential jar and bundled the pieces of towel under an old sail saying he'd get rid of them sometime in the boiler furnace. To be Continued....

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