Related article: Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1999 01:51:48 PST From: estory81hotmail.com Subject: Adam and I (Gay/Highschool)This is a modified true story. If you don't like gay stories leave now. If you see this Adam, I would be happy to do it to you.First Meeting: I have known Adam for sometime now. He was the son of one of my mom's co-workers at the place she worked. We went out every once in awhile together because of their friendship. I really didn't ever see Adam as a friend of mine. He lived in a different town, and I didn't have much to do with him. When they came over it was just like doing something with relatives that you have to put up with. Very Young Loli Porn I had a feeling that he told my girlfriend some stuff about me so she would break up with me too. I never proved it, but I always blamed him for that. I could never hurt him though because I started to really like him in the other kind of way and, he was also always smaller than I. Sometimes we would go on trips with his mom, her daughter, and Adam. We would talk to each other because we were the only person there to keep the other company. Some were short trips and some were long trips out of state. The first time I found out that I had a crush on Adam was a few years back when we went to a popular natural water park in the area. Big rocks, deep pools, the works. He was pretty skinny then, little shorter than me (about 5'8"), and he had a blond-brown mix, short style haircut. He was still a cute hick boy. What really got me going was when he took his white t-shirt off. All he had on was a pair of white nike river shoes and black nike shorts. It was hard to hold my feelings back for him when I saw him almost nude. We played around like all the other boys were doing around there. Jumping off the 10 and 15 foot cliffs off the side of the river into deep pools, swimming around, and especially wrestling around with Adam in the water every chance I could get were my favorite things to do there. I tried to touch his body every chance I could get. I would say it was an accident -- I slipped off a rock or something. Anthing I could get a hold of that was his I wanted a sniff or touch -- even his shoes. I just hoped that he would believe me and not think I was gay. He never questioned me so I think he belived me. I hadn't seen Adam for about two years after that. We didn't do much together. Then, one day my mom told me that we might go on another trip with them this last summer. She said we would probably go out of state this time. As it turned out they planned to go to South Carolina, Myrtle Beach to be exact, on the day that I registered for school. I was secretly excited because I knew that me and Adam would probably have to sleep in the same bed. I had to act disinterested because it would be weird for me to actually want to go. I had never WANTED to go before. It was supposed to last for two weeks. I was in heaven. On the day of school registration I got up really early so I could get the locker and parking space I wanted. I did my thing and came back home to eat. By the time I got done I heard their Explorer pull up in the driveway. I couldn't wait to get a glimpse of Adam. I went and put my plate in the kitchen and helped my mom with some of the suitcases so I would have an excuse to get outside quick. I knew that he had been playing a lot of basketball and worked out, but I never expected him to be so heavenly. This kid was hot! He was 6'2", very muscular (I could see them bulging out of his t-shirt), he had a very sexy smile, and a nice manly baritone voice. My hick grew up. He was only 15 and he was taller than me and looked bigger and stonger than me. I was in awe. He dressed more like a prep now: Nike shirt and hat, Doc Martins, and cargo shorts. I had a instant boner which was very hard hide. I had to hide it quick behind a suitcase. I loaded the Explorer with him. We didn't talk much, but I knew I had to have him sometime on this trip. We got in, said our goodbyes, and were on our way. Unfortunely, I didn't get to sit by Adam. His sister was in the middle of us. To get an idea how hot he was, his sister was a literal model. Every kid they have has been good looking and athletic. She was good looking, but I wanted a piece of Adam's manhood more than a time with her. I've had sex with a girls and guys, I prefer guys more though. Most of the way though, I was listening to my CD's. Every once in awhile we would stop for food or gas. I would let him listen to my CD player every once in awhile. It was his sister in the middle all the time. No chance of getting close to him. We finally made it about midnight. The problem was that it was beach cruise night so that meant a lot of traffic (we found later that everynight was beach strip cruise night) and almost all the hotels were full. Most of the one's that weren't were holes in the wall. Not very classy. We finally did find a decent hotel, but it was 2 a.m. when we did. I had no time to really get to know him then because we were so tired that we didn't really do anything but sleep. I got the couch. He got a part of a bed. I woke up the next morning and the first thing I saw was him in just his boxers and his AAU "Flyers" basketball shorts. He was watching TV. I could of creamed my Adidas shorts right then. I got a full view of his beautiful, muscular arms and legs, and his rock hard abs. I really wanted to get a good view of his package though. He said, "So, you finally got up huh?." Then he laughed. I said, "Hey, I was tired. You'll be the one yawning all day." "Probably so," he said. I had to wait until he was in the shower before I could get up. I didn't want anyone to see my boner. I wish I could have been in that bathroom with him for just 30 minutes. I got in the shower after him. The room was filled with his Tommy and his manly smell. This made me think about him and want him even more. We finally got our swim suits; Adam and I went out towards the beach. The girls seemed to want to go get another hotel before they came to the beach. They went to go hotel shopping first. It was just me and Adam now. I hung back a little so I could look at that fine ass he had in the familiar, now tight, black nike swimming trunks. He said, "I hope we see a lot of good looking women out here." "It's a beach, of course we'll see some hot ones," I said. The only hottie on the beach I wanted though was Adam. We made our way to the water and got in. It was very cold at first. We didn't talk much just caught waves and stuff. Then, later we started playing around, splashing, and wrestling in the water. It was just like old times, only better. Soon after the girls came back and said that they had almost got us a penthouse but at the last minute they couldn't get it, so we got a suite. The best thing was that me and Adam were going to have our own room with one bed. I couldn't wait to get in bed with him. We played around for a little longer and went back up to our old room. We cleaned all of our stuff out and were on our way. We took everything to the new hotel and looked the place over for ourselves. It was about time for lunch so we went out to eat. We then went to beach shops and other things. That was pretty cool. It was getting pretty late so we grabbed some quick food and went back to the hotel. Adam and I had our own TV so we watched our TV and the girls watched theirs in their room until it was late enough to sleep. We pulled off the bed spread and I asked, "Do you want the sheet or do you want the cover." He said, "Well, I don't see why we both can't have the sheet and cover." I was shocked. Most guys I had slept with that were staight usually wanted one or the other. They were very homophobic and hated the fact that two guys had to sleep together. Not Adam. I smiled (accidentally because I was happy that he said that, but I didn't want him to know I was gay either) and said, "Okay, whatever you want." We hopped into bed and turned off the light and TV. I know we started out far apart from each other. After awhile I heard him say, "Hey, are you awake?" I didn't answer because I didn't think it was anything. Then, I felt his leg get closer to mine. I could feel his heat as he got closer to me. Then, his hot leg wrapped itself a little bit around mine. I thought, is he trying to test me or does he really want to do something? Then, I thought what the hell... so I also wrapped my legs around his. I turned my head to look at this face to see if he was doing this in his sleep. He was looking right at me. We didn't have to say a word. Our bodies drew together and I felt his lips touch mine. It was like it wasn't even happening, but it was. He was such a good kisser, and I got horny right away. We kissed for a minute then I broke the kiss. I said, "Wow, I thought you were straight. All this time I have wanted you. He said, "I thought you were staight too. I didn't know how to approach you. I've wanted you since I had discovered how much I like sex with guys." "How did you find that out? Aren't I your first?," I said. "Hell no, me and Robert get it on every once in awhile," he said. (I had never met Robert, but he played on the basketball team with Adam and, from what I heard from the girls at school, he was pretty fine too.) "Have you ever messed around with a guy?" "Yeah, Matt Sansouise and Steve Pounds," I said. "Oh, never heard of them," he said. "Oh well," I said as I got on top of him. I was in charge of this sexy boy now, Very Young Loli Porn but I was going to let him have first fuck. I wanted last, because it was best. His lips were at it again. He then put his tougue in my mouth. This got me even harder. Our cocks right up against each other. The only thing between our cocks was the thin material of his basketball shorts and my adidas shorts. Our kisses got so deep and passionate. I almost didn't want to let go of those lips. I did though, as I kissed my way down to his neck. I worked there for a minute as I ran my hands along his well defined arms. Then, it was on to his body. I kissed his pecs and sucked on his nipples. I got a hold of his abs next and kissed his whole chest. He spread his legs as I moved toward his crotch. I could see the wet spot in his basketball Very Young Loli Porn shorts. I licked it several times and got a big response from his cock each time. I pulled his shorts down and sure enough he creamed them. I licked the cum out of them a little, and proceeded to get at that nice cock of his that was rising again. First I sucked the head of it. Then, I plunged the whole thing into my mouth. He was a big one. Bigger than Matt or Steve. For 15 he had a big cock. I enjoyed sucking on him so much. He moaned in a very manly low tone. This made me work harder to make his time pleasurable. Soon I found his hands caressing the back of my head. Then, he guided me back and forth as I sucked. He was fucking my face. I wasn't going to let go of that wonderful cock. I kept sucking until that boy cummed. And did he ever cum! It just oozed into my mouth in large amounts. Soon after he took his cock out of my mouth and I swallowed what I had in my mouth. I got off of him. He looked at me and said, "That was great. Can I butt fuck you too?" "Yeah, if you have some KY and I get the same afterwords," I said. "Okay," he said. He went to his suitcase while I sat on the bed. In a few seconds he produced a tube of KY. He put in on his cock to grease up. I turned over on the bed and spread my legs. Soon I felt the warmth of Very Young Loli Porn his cock hitting my butt, his breathe against my neck, and his sweaty body on top of mine. It was such a good feeling. He entered me and it hurt at first, but then it became so natural to me. He pumped in and out. He was moaning with pleasure again. He finally blew a load in my ass. He collapsed on top of me. The feel of him on top of me all sweaty made me horny. His cum soaked basketball shorts also. I thought about all the times that he has sweated in those while playing a game. I had to wear them. "Can I put on your shorts?" He said, "Sure." I whipped off mine and he whipped off his. We exchanged shorts and put them on. I was so excited. I had his game day shorts on with his cum soaked into it. It was now my turn. He put me on the bed and got on top of me. He was now in control, and he wanted to give me pleasure. Again, those hot lips were on mine. Another French kiss. He then kissed my neck and body all over. He pulled his shorts that I was wearing down so he could get at my cock. We did the same position that I Very Young Loli Porn sucked his cock in. He must of had a lot of practice because he gave me the best suck of my life. I put my hands on his head and fucked his face as hard as I could. Moaning, I was in heaven. I looked down and ran my hands though his beautiful, short, brown-blond hair. I looked at my cock as it went in wet with his siliva. He looked up at me with such a cute look in his eye. His baby blues were to die for. All Very Young Loli Porn this was too much for me and I let go of my load in his mouth. I took it out of his mouth and blew some on his face and chest. He wiped it off and put what he could in his mouth. I said, "You are good. You and Robert must have some really hot sex." "To tell you the truth I would rather have you. He's pretty good, but you are better. Besides, he never butt fucks me. You will be the first to give it to me up the ass." I thought, `Oh yeah, I'm going to get a piece of his very tight, virgin ass.' I would have never thought he was a virgin to that. "Thats great, the first fuck of anyone is best," I said. I quickly lubed my cock with his KY and proceeded to pull down my shorts that he was wearing. I entered him and I could tell it hurt him. That was the tightest piece of ass I had ever had. I pumped his ass, making him looser with each pump. Then, I came, stream after stream. I fell on top of his strong sweaty body. We were both tired and knew it was time to go back to bed. He said, "You know I need my shorts back." "Why?" I said. "Because, I got to hide them. I don't want anyone to see the cum stains on them. Besides, you can't wake up in my shorts. They will think something funny is going on." "Okay," I said. With reluctence I gave back his shorts and he gave back mine. He hid his shorts in his suit case and got back into bed. We went to sleep very happy.The Next Day: We woke up the next morning at about the same time. I felt him get out of the bed and that's what woke me up. He turned on the TV and sat at the foot of the bed. I got up beside him and whispered, "We will have to do last night again soon." "We will, just don't look like something is going on. They will get suspicious." "Okay," I said. I sat up in the bed. His mom came in first. "Well, I see you boys made it up. Adam, how come you slept in only your boxers? I thought you liked to sleep in those one shorts for good luck." "Oh mom, do you have to tell everyone?" "Oh, sorry (laughs) I didn't mean to embarrass you." I started laughing too. He got a smile on his face. He said, "Oh shut up." He hit me with a pillow in the head. The war was on. We started pillow fighting. My mom and Susan came in and we stopped. We started talking food and what we were going to do for the day then. We left the hotel and started out for the food place. We ate and went to the outlet mall. There was a lot of stores. Nike was our favorite. He bought some new shorts and another hat. I bought a few things too. We stayed there for a few hours then, when to the Hard Rock Cafe. The line was kind of long so we went to a popular sea food place that Susan suggested. We ate and hung around the shops close Very Young Loli Porn to the place. We then went down the beach strip again. Of course the cruisers were out in full force. We dropped the parents off at the hotel and Adam's mom let Susan take the Explorer. We did a little bit of cruising of our own. We talked to several girls, but none really grabbed our attention. We were more interested in each other. Susan was on the lookout for a guy of her standards. We had a great time. We also bought a laser pointer and shined some crusiers. They didn't know what hit them. (laughs) We even got the Elvis impersonator by the small amusement park. It was getting late so we headed back to the hotel. We went in. The parents went into the 20 question mode and we all went out on the balcony. Those hot Nike shorts of Adam's were tied to one of the balcony poles to dry. I had to leave them there though. We shined people with the laser from the balcony. Much to our suprise, our mothers also joined in on the fun. Until some guy got mad and started cussing. He went in and told the manager. They sent security guards outside to break up all the laser pointers fun. We went back in. The girls went to their room and we stayed in ours. That night we didn't do anything. We were saving our energy for tomorrow. Adam's trunks were dry so I went out and got them from the pole. Since they were swimming trunks they had the little underwear inside. The thought of his cock being in there made me horny. I put them on and started to jack off in them. Adam stopped me and reminded me that those had to be worn again, so I took them off and put on his basketball shorts and jacked off in them. I cummed all over the inside of them. Like I said, we didn't do anything else because it was going to be another beach day and we were saving our energy. Adam and I always made it out of the bed first when it ment we were going to the beach, that was the best. We left the room and started out for the beach. Instead of saying things about girls while walking down the hallway, Adam stole a kiss while no one was looking. We went out and played. Soon, the girls were out and on the beach also. We stayed for a while after that. We got a little tired of the beach so we told them we would be back, and that we were going to the room. What we were going to do was another sex fest. Since we couldn't make love on a bed with wet clothes, he let me put on his game day shorts and he put on his cargo shorts. "We can't get cum on these, I have to wear them again on this trip," he said. I promised and we were all over each other. We had to be careful because someone could come back, and they did. We had to get off each other quick. Adam's sister opened the door. With a shocked look on her face she said, "What is going on here?" Adam blurted, "Don't you dare tell mom." "Mine either", I said. "Relax, Adam, I didn't tell mom when I saw you all over Robert, and I'm not going to tell now," she said. "How did you know about me and Robert?" he asked. "I was going down by the pond and saw you two. I just didn't let you know I saw ya," she said. I was relieved. I didn't want my parents to know I was gay. I just hope she was telling the truth. Susan grabbed the sun tan lotion and walked back out as if nothing happened. "I hope she doesn't tell Adam", I said. "She won't. She gave us her word," he said. I said, "Well, anyway, I need to take a shower. Wanna join me?" He was definately up for it. We both got undressed and I got some towels. This was going to be the best shower I have ever taken. This was the first time I had ever seen him standing there naked. I was awe struck. We were horny before we even hit the shower. As I was getting Very Young Loli Porn the water ready Adam started handling my cock. Stroking it. He put himself right up against me. I could feel his cock up against my crack. He wanted a piece of my ass, but I turned around before he could get to it. Our cocks and Very Young Loli Porn sweaty bodies right up against each other. We kissed again as we ran our hands down the length of each other. I knew then that we would be making love to each other more often in the future, and I would be spending more time with Adam. We made it into the shower and we cleaned each other. Soaping was the best because I got to touch every inch of that body -- especially his nice cock, which I stroked after I got it all soaped up. His cum hit the shower curtain. In return he sucked me until I filled his waiting mouth with cum. I then got up against the wall of the shower (the one with the head) and bent over. He slid his cock in and pumped my ass. I think that is his favorite way to fuck someone. He got off of me and we dressed for real this time. The girls came back and one by one took their shower while we watched TV. We went out and ate (at the Hard Rock this time) and checked out some more shops. We stayed in Myrtle Beach for a few more days, less than I had expected. Adam and I did fool around some more, especially on the last day. All the way home I sat by Adam. We would put our legs close on purpose all the way back. It was the best vacation ever. My crush turned into love.Later On: About a week after the trip I got a call from Adam. He said that we should get together more often to have fun. Of course I was all up for that. I could not resist making love to such a sexy guy. We made love to each other several times out at the farm. The one I remember most was one day in the fall he told me to come out so I did. He lives 30 mins away from me. I made it to the house. He told his mom that we were going to ride 4-wheelers out at the farm and would be back later. We rode the 4-wheelers out to the pond. The pond had a lot of bushes and stuff around so it was very isolated. There was a large gravel bar. I assumed thats where we would have our fun. It was a step down from that bed we had in S.C., but I was with Adam and I wanted him bad. I saw another person there. I didn't know who he was. I said, "Who is this? You called me and told me you had a suprise for me, Adam. Who is this?" Turning to the guy I asked, "Well, who are you?" Adam said, "Relax everyone. This is your suprise, Heath. This is Robert." Robert was pretty cute. Tall, slender, broad shoulders, but not as good as Adam. He was pure hick. Wranglers, boots, and all. What Adam used to be. "Well, what is he doing here? I thought you wanted to do some stuff with me?" I said. "I still do," Adam said. "Its okay. Robert is like us too. He is also my lover. I don't want to chose between you so I thought that we could have a threesome." I wanted Adam to myself, but if this was the way I had to have him I would. At least I would be getting a piece of another sexy guy when I was having my fun with Adam. I was getting mine out of Adam first so I pulled up close to him and kissed him. Those familiar lips were working their magic. Robert shouted, "Hey, what do you think you are doing with my boyfriend?!" Adam broke the kiss and shushed Robert, "Somebody might hear." Robert wouldn't shush. In fact he was rather mad. He walked up to where we were and got up in my face. I would have hurt him if he wanted to step up. He was tall, Very Young Loli Porn but not as stong, and probably not as fast. I didn't want to hurt Adam though, so I tried to defuse the situation. I simply said, "This," and gave Robert my own version of the lip lock. He forgot about his anger and unclinched his fist. We both had our hands all over each other as Adam looked on. He said, "Hey, you guys are going to make ME jealous in a minute here. You forgot about me." We then laughed the whole thing off. Three way sex is one of the greatest things I have experienced. Getting some while giving some was good. I had two very sexy guys, and we were hot together. Robert suggested that we should go up to the hay loft in the barn. That was a good place so we did. We brought all the 4-wheelers back to the barn and Adam climbed the ladder. Robert went up second and then me. By the time I was up there, Adam was on top of Robert and they were wrestling around. I joined in and we double teamed on Adam since he was bigger than both of us. That lead to Robert giving me a kiss. He wasn't a bad kisser either. Adam must of taught him. He broke it and threw me down on some hay. He was really turning me on. He kissed me again and unbuttoned my school jacket. I unbuttoned his flannel and we took them off. He then took off my shirt. He kissed my pecs and my chest, and sucked my nipples. By then he was more interested in the bulge in my jeans. Adam was watching the whole time and started to jack himself off. Robert put his lips around my rock hard cock and started to suck. That was the best blow job I had ever had. He kept sucking until I came in his mouth. I withdrew my siliva soaked cock and covered Robert's face with more cum. Adam came over and licked it. He let go of his wad on my chest and the inside of my school jacket. I licked it out so it wouldn't stain my jacket. I didn't want to have to dry clean it. Robert then started doing his work on Adam. Kissing and striping him. I grabbed Adam's school jacket as they were making love. (I love guys jackets. I don't know why I just do. I like to jack off and cum on the inside of them.) I went to my own part of the barn and set it down on the hay. I spead it out on the ground and rubbed the inside lining against my cock. The feeling of that slick material plus knowing that this is a part of him, something that he always wears...it made me horny. I watched them suck on each other as I stroked. I came all over the inside of that jacket. When they got done I showed Adam. Very Young Loli Porn "I returned the favor," I said. "Oh, thats okay, I will lick it out. I love the taste of your cum." This time, I put Robert down on the hay, only on his stomach. I pulled down his Wranglers and put my cock in his ass. I moaned and worked his ass until I came and collapsed on top of him. We were all sweaty and we had a lot of fun. It was getting late and I had to get back home. We all left. But, that wasn't the last time I had such a great encounter with them. More to come if people like it...estory81hotmail.com

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