Related article: Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 05:45:33 -0600 From: blbobby3hotmail.com Subject: A Kiss to Build a Dream onA Kiss to Build a Dream on By blbobby3hotmail.comJust assume that all the usual admonitions and copyrights and all that useless crap is here, and further assume you follow them. You've been warned. If you want any of my ideas and any of my words, have at it. After all, the internet should be free. However, if you put it on nifty give them credit and, if you can, a little money.***** Intro.Welcom to my story, dear reader. For a little while, let's enter the world of a couple of sexy kids. I want to tell you about some fun these two boys had one evening. I like to think of it as a story of innocence and lust.The main characters in this story are Darrel, a fifteen year old self-centered lustful, but kind teen-aged boy, Danny, his eleven year old neighbor--Danny's quite bright and just as manipulative as a bright kid can sometimes be--and me, your hapless narrator. I'll be here to tell you what these two guys get up to.Note: In this story we change the points of view from Darel to Danny to me, the narrator. I'll let you know when I switch to a different point of view so, hopefully, you don't get confused.Now, on with the story!***** (Darel)."Hey listen Monique, it has nothing to do with respect. I'll always respect you, I just think--""Darel, get off the phone. I need to talk to you.""Okay mom, just a sec-- Monique, will you listen? Oh damn, I mean darn, she hung up on me.""I told you about swearing, Darrel."Welcome to Darrel's world, I'm Darrel, and sometimes I think my world is going to shit right away. I'm fifteen years, 1 month and two days old. That means I'll be able to drive in ten months and twenty-eight days, if I last that long. You get the picture. I'm a reasonably cute teen-ager with blonde hair and blue eyes, a squeaky voice, and about as self-centered as any teen-ager. I'd love to say I was a genius or a super-athlete, but I'm just ordinary. I'm ordinary in every way, almost, except I've got this girlfriend who won't let me do anything, not even feel her tits.I was used to getting my rocks off about twice a month--I know it's not much but one does what one can. Monique's thirteen year old brother and I had been fucking around for a while, but Charley, that's his name, was away at camp and couldn't help me out. When he was in town, he was always good for a blow job, but, I sometimes had to repay the favor. Not something I enjoyed all that much. I had hopes of scoring with the opposite sex: Charlie's older sister Monique. But, I wasn't doing to well."Darrel," my mother said, seeing that she sort of had my full attention at last. Lilly and I have to go take care of a new crisis in your Grandmother's life--" My grandmother had a crisis in her life every two weeks or so, or so it seemed."no!" I almost shouted. "I won't baby sit that tardo jerk again!" I knew exactly where this conversation was leading, and didn't like it. My mother was going to run off with Lilly, our neighbor, to take care of some sort of geriatric crisis, leaving me to baby sit Lilly's eleven year old son Danny."Well, okay, Mr. Genius, if that's your final word," my mother said, "We'll see if Shirley down the street wants to pick up a quick $20. And don't call Danny a tardo."My mother knew my love of money. I was saving up for an old car I had seen, and it was to the point where every Top 100 Nn Young Models penny counted. $20 sure would help towards the purchase of that dream car."But Mom," I whined, "that crappy kid is so childish.""That's okay, Mr. mature, I'm sure Shirley won't turn down the money.""Ok," I relented, "I'll do it, but tell him he has to mind me.""I'm sure he'll mind you," my mother said. I wasn't so sure about that. My evening with Monique was ruined, but it was ruined before this thing came up, and Charley being out of town and all so I couldn't get my nuts off, and $20 was a needed boost to my finances, so I decided to go for the money.Actually, I didn't mind staying with Danny. if the truth were known, I thought he looked pretty cute, for a little kid. Let me describe Danny for you. He stands about 5' 3" and probably weighs no more than 95 pounds. His hair is cut short and is blond as pure as the sun. Danny's blue eyes will melt your heart at first glance as his thin, bright pink lips soften with a smile, Top 100 Nn Young Models creating the cutest little dimples impaling into his slender cheeks. His voice is soft and gentle; there always seemed to be a giggle in there trying to get out. Danny's eyebrows are thick, but almost transparent due to the blondness in color. The boy's eyelashes are long, almost as if they were painted on. His cute little button nose, free from any freckles, sparkles as his eyes look at you. If you haven't guessed it, I kind of had the hots for Danny. He looked soft and beautiful, just like a girl should look. Only problem was ... he wasn't a girl!"Darrel, please be a little patient with Danny, he's going through a real hard time right now," my mother said."I know mom," I said, "I feel sorry for him and all, but I just wish he weren't so childish.""Well, he's childish because he's only eleven. And you are almost sixteen, so I hope you'd act more mature toward him. You know, maybe fill in where his dad would have."I did feel kind of proud that my mom was talking so grown-up with me, just like she really thought I could help. Who knows, maybe I could.***** Danny's apartment (Danny). I begged my mother to let me stay at home by myself. I'm Danny, Darrel's eleven year old neighbor, and the object of Darel's anger.It soon became obvious to me that I wasn't going to get to stay at home, and where ever I stayed, it wasn't going to be alone. That was a real shame because I had a new hobby which involved my right hand and my three-inch pecker. Sometimes, it even involved the index finger on my left hand and my butt hole. But, it appeared that my new love affair was just going to have to wait. I could've asked my dad about my new feelings--I could always talk to him--but he was dead, so I couldn't very well ask him now, could I. But, I sure did miss him. He had died about six months ago as the result of an accident at work."Mommy, Darrel is always so mean to Top 100 Nn Young Models me," I whined in a last attempt to stay home alone."I've told you," my mother said in her most maternal voice, "you are going to have to learn to get along with people--and that includes Darrel.""Okay, I guess so." I said, giving in grudgingly.I had recently fallen in love with the hidden parts of my body: my prick and my ass. I had also become very curious about those hidden parts of other guys. Was I gay? I was beginning to think I might be, but I wasn't sure.***** Later at Darrel's house (Darel)"Okay you boys. Pietza's on the way, they said it'd be about an hour, Danny has his homework, and I'm sure Darrel does too." Danny's mother told us. I wish they'd just go and let us get this evening over with."Lilly," mom said, "we're going to be facing heavy traffic if we don't leave now."With that they bustled out the door, promising to call us when they got to grandma's."Well Danny, the women folk are gone, and it's just us guys now. So, what do you want to do?" I asked, lighting up a cigarette. My mother would have flipped if she had seen me do that. I wondered whether the death penalty was appropriate in our state."We could wrestle," Danny said hopefully, ignoring my cigarette."nah, that's kid stuff," I said. "Do you have any homework?" I asked hoping he had a ton of it so he wouldn't be bothering me."No. I did Top 100 Nn Young Models it all at school.""Sure you did, squirt." I said, "I used to use the same line on my mom. But, it's you who has to face the music tomorrow. No sweat off my b--- back." I had almost said balls. Jeez, I guess I was going to have to watch my language around this cute little kid."ha ha, you almost said ""No sweat off your butt"" didn't you?""Ok, not quite. I almost said balls. You busted me. Let's make a deal, it's just us guys here now, so we don't have to tell our moms everything we say and do, do we?""Heck ... hell no," Danny said with a little smirk. "I guess we don't even have to mention that one of us is smoking, do we?""Asshole," I retorted."Can I ask you stuff, I mean, about girls and sex and stuff. And you won't tell anybody I asked? And, is it okay if I said hell since you said b b balls."Oh boy, was this going to wind up being the birds and bees talk? I sure hoped not."Sure," I said, "you can ask, but I may not answer. Be my guest, say hell all you want to. Like I said, it's just us guys here. You can cuss, you can fart and you can ask your questions, but I can refuse to answer," I laughed."Chicken," Danny giggled."You damned right," I said."Do you have a girlfriend, Darrel?""Yeah, sort of. I am dating Monique Dancer, but I don't think she likes me very much.""Why not?" Danny asked."Cause, she doesn't act like we are more than just friends. She hardly lets me kiss her.""Yuck! You kiss and stuff?""Yeah. But I want to do other stuff too.""What's it feel like to kiss a girl? I'm afraid when I get a girlfriend I won't know what to do.""It feels really good. It's hard to explain, but it's a sort of closeness that nothing else comes close to.," I said. "Just think of it as wet, soft and nice.""Yuck!" Danny giggled. "Sounds like a swamp to me.""When you get bigger you'll understand," I said."That's what people always say when they don't want kids to know something.," Danny whined. "What if I never got bigger.""Then you'd be a midget in a freak show, and probably rich as hell. Don't worry, you are going to get bigger, sooner than you want to. I'll bet in just two years you'll be growing a beard and singing base in the choir.""Ha ha! I donno," Danny said. "What if it comes time to kiss a girl and I do it all wrong?""You won't," I said. "It comes naturally.""Would you show me?""Show you what.""Show me how you kiss Monique.""Sure, just pucker up your lips, like this," I said as I kissed the air."No, stupid, I mean kiss me like I was Monique?""Hey, I ain't gay," I said."Yes you are," Danny giggled."Perv!""Tardo!""No really, I don't think I'm gay either, I'm just afraid I'll mess things up when it comes time to kiss a girl.""Well," I sort of stammered..."Don't tell anybody, okay?""No, I won't," Danny said, " Besides, you said it was just us guys, and you would show me stuff, and all." I didn't remember saying about showing him anything, but, what the hell."ok," "Just close your eyes and pretend you are a beautiful girl named Monique.""Okay," Danny squeaked in a falsetto voice, then giggled."Asshole, behave or I won't show you how to kiss.""Oh Darrell, pleeease?" Danny said, this time in a more normal voice. "Please kiss me?"And I did kiss him. I meant it to be just a little peck on the lips, but he did feel like Monique--soft, pliable, and, unlike Monique, he felt willing. His lips were cool next to mine, and he opened them a bit and I could feel his tongue barely touching mine. I could smell his breath, not quite menty, sort of musky, like a kid's breath. I'm sure mine smelled like that stupid cigarette.I hurriedly broke the contact--not because it was distasteful, but because I was starting to get a boner.I had to change the subject quickly. "You little shit, you tried to tongue me," I laughed, picking up Danny tickling him."Did not!" he piped in his high-pitched voice, trying to wrestle me to the floor.I pushed him down on the floor, put my knees on his arms, and started to tickle him. "Give up?""No," Danny laughed. "If you don't stop, I'll pee my pants.""Ok, ok." I relented, Taking my knees off his arms and laying down beside him on the floor.Danny rolled on his side to face me and said, "would you show me that again?""Show you what," I said."Show me how you kiss Monique?"I was starting to feel really strange about this. The strange thing was, I, I liked it. After all, Danny was prettier than Monique, and he was willing. My teen-age hormones were rushing through my body at top notch speed, and Charlie was out of town, and ... But, on the other hand, Danny was just a little kid."Ok," I said. "Close your eyes and put your arms around my neck."Danny did as I said, and I leaned forward and put my lips on his. Once again his lips felt cool and nice, his short body molded into mine. And, just like that, I was horny as hell. It was then, looking down on him that it dawned on me how much like a girl he looked. The smallness of him and the smooth white flawless skin, the big round eyes and long tousled hair.We eventually broke our kiss--both of us breathing heavily."I like you a lot, Darrel," Danny said. "You are so big and strong.""Danny," I said hesitantly, "I like you too. I think you are pretty, and you make me feel ... strange.""Do you promise that whatever we do or say here stays here?" Danny asked."Oh yes indeed," I said."Well, when you kissed me I got a really funny feeling deep down inside, kind of like when I play with my dick. Is that wrong?"So, I thought, this cute kid was feeling horney too. Wow!"No," I answered his question. "When you kiss another person in the way we kissed, you are supposed to feel that way.""Could we try it again?" he asked. "I like that feeling.""I'll show you something that feels even better," I said."What's that?" Danny said."Take off your shirt and shorts, and I'll do the same," I told him."Okay."It took each of us about ten seconds to shuck our clothes, all but our underwear.Danny's were cute little boy briefs, while mine were a rather grungy pair of boxers I had put on that morning. I could see the small bulge in his briefs where no bulge should be. I also knew he could see my larger bulge that was growing bigger by the second.Danny lay back down on the floor and looked up at me with pleading in his eyes.I lay beside him and pulled him on top of me. Then without a word from either of us, we kissed again. This time, no hesitation, no holding back. Just loving and lust. Our tongues touched, at first tentative, then insistent. I forced my way into his mouth. I could feel his teeth, his tongue, everything... Suddenly I felt an urge to hug him and protect him, it was as if I was a father caring for his kids. I put my free hand around his waist and hugged him to me. I didn't care, he didn't resist just lay his head on my chest and sighed. I let my hand fall to his bottom, relishing the little bum and squeezing his soft buttocks, gently fondling and caressing them as you would a girls breast.Slowly, as if by instincts beyond conscious thought, Danny began to move his crotch around, trying to push his small Top 100 Nn Young Models pecker into me. I reciprocated, and we were rubbing peckers through the thin Top 100 Nn Young Models cloth of our underwear, breathing very hard, when there was a knock at the door."Holy shit!" I almost screamed, jumping up and running to the door, forgetting I was just in my boxers.Fortunately, it was the pizza delivery, not my mom as I had feared.The pizza guy looked kind of funny at my ruffled hair, my flushed look, and the raging bulge in front of my boxers. But, he didn't say anything but "thanks" as I quickly paid and tipped him and closed the door."Wow, you were scared big time," Danny laughed. I had to admit he was right.We ate our pietza in near silence, each of us had things to think about: what our new feelings for Top 100 Nn Young Models each other meant, was this right or was it weird, and would we carry it to a higher level?*** (Danny)It cracked me up when the pietza guy rang the doorbell. I thought Darel was going to come unglued.But, before the bell rang something big was about to happen, something very scary, very interesting, and very exciting. I could feel it in my bones-- especially the bone developing between my legs. Speaking of bones, I could feel Darel's hard penis, and I knew I wanted more of that.I didn't know whether or not these feelings were good or bad. I sure wish I could have asked my dad about them. But ... . Oh yeah, he's still dead! He'll always be dead.*** (Darel) ***I looked over at Danny, and thought I saw a tear on his cheek, and he definitely had a sad look on his face."Uh, Danny," I said, "what we did before, and stuff,""You mean the kissing and stuff?""Yeah, well, if you feel weird about it or something, we can just pretend it never happened. Okay?""I don't want to pretend it didn't happen," Danny surprised me, "I liked it, and I, well, I wish it would keep happening."Then the little beggar started crying in earnest: not big sobs or boo-hoos but his heart was breaking.I ran to him and put my arms around him, and pulled him to my chest. "Don't cry, Danny, everything's going to be okay," I said, feeling like I wanted to cry too."No it's not," he blubbered, "that's the problem. I miss my dad, I want my dad, and he's never coming back. Things are never going to be okay again. I'm just really really confused about things""you are right, Danny, your dad is never coming back, but there will be others in your life who will protect you and help you. Believe me, some day things won't seem so confusing.""Darel, will you protect and help me?" Danny asked.Before I could answer the damned telephone rang. "Oh fuck, maybe it's Monique," I said, and realized I hoped it wasn't.It was mom on the phone telling me that she and Danny's mother were going to have to stay in the city with my grandma, but, they'd be back in the morning.I assured her for about a thousand times that we two guys would be all right. We had food in the house, in fact, I said, we can have pietza for breakfast. I thought my mom was going to crack up over that one.When I hung up the phone, I told Danny that our mothers weren't going to be back until the next day. I thought this news might make him sad or homesick, but it brought a mischievious grin to his face instead."Can I ask you something?" he asked."Sure,""Are you sorry it wasn't Monique?""Actually, I'm glad it wasn't. I really like spending time with you," I said. And this answer seemed to satisfy Danny, as he hugged me again. Once again, I could feel his hard little prick behind his underwear, and I'm sure he felt mine.I ... I had to break the tention between us somehow, or something was going to happen. "Uh, why don't we watch tv?" I asked."Sure, if we have to," Danny seemed a little disappointed.We turned on the tv and finally settled on a documentary about elephants that neither of us found interesting.As the narrator droned on and on about the sociability of elephants, we both drifted off to sleep on the sofa. Danny had his head on my chest, and I could feel his soft hair as it tickled my chin, and we fell asleep that way.***** still on the couch (Danny)I don't know what was happening to me, well, yes I do. I was falling in love with Darel. I had never been in love before, but I knew the feelings immediately.For the first time since my dad had died I felt safe and protected. I would do anything for Darel. More than anything else, I wanted to give myself to him, to give him pleasure.When he kissed me, I felt overwhelmed, possessed, important ... like I mattered to someone, and I did my best to kiss him back the way I thought he wanted to be kissed.With my mind aglow, I fell asleep.***** on the couch (Darel).When I woke up, probably about twenty minutes had elapsed, and the tv was going on about the way bees communicate; another uninteresting subject. Danny was still asleep lying on top of me with his head on my chest. I could hear his soft breathing, in fact, he had druled a little bit on my chest. His hand had worked its way between our bodies, and was barely touching my raging pecker. The only thing between his hand and my pecker was my boxer shorts."Hey, squirt," I said, "it's time to go to bed.""Huh?" was Danny's startled reaction. As he woke up he noticed what his hand was touching, and quickly moved it away, with apprehension."Oh Darel, I'm sorry," he said."Oh, I'm not. That felt good. You can do that any time you want to," I laughed. Fuck it, I thought, what happens, happens. "Where do you want to sleep," I asked. "You can sleep here on the couch, or you can sleep in my mom's bed, she won't be needing it tonight.""Can I sleep in your bed with you?" Danny asked."If you are sure you want to," I said."Oh Darel, you are the greatest," Danny said, and I think he really meant it.***** narratorAbout ten minutes have past and we see our two heroes lieing in Darels bed. Both boys are stark naked, playing with each other's penises.Danny says, "can I ask you something, and you won't hate me or think I'm weird?""I've told you, squirt, you can ask me anything.""Would you like to fuck me in the ass?""Sure. If you are sure," Darel says. "I'd love to."We now see Danny lieing face down on Darel's bed reaching back to open his ass cheeks. Darel is on his knees over Danny with his long thick dick poised at Danny's hole. We hear the boys' breathing--excited breathing. We see Darel's prick slowly enter Danny's butt, and hear Danny's gasp--at first a gasp of pain, then gasps of pleasure, as the boys give vent to their mutual lust.And, Top 100 Nn Young Models the rest, dear reader, I'll leave to your imagination.But soon the boys lie snuggled together in the afterglow of sex, each drifting off to sleep.Danny mutters, "Good night Daddy."And Darel responds, "good night Monique." And they sleepily kiss a kiss to build a dream on.

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