Related article: Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2006 15:48:07 -0700 (PDT) From: Nate House Subject: Loving A Shadow: AbsolutionI would like to thank every one for writing to me about their comments and support. It really means a lot to me as a writer and as a person. I like to hear my work is appreciated by so many people. Thanks to you all! I would like to single out Lain (author of the Amber and Cindy series in this same category) for all she did for me to help me get this story on the site. Lain without your support and guidance, this story would never have been published. "How was that, lover?" Misty said in quiet, sexy tone."Amazing!" Anne said out of breath. As they sat there cuddling and regaining themselves, Misty's phone stated to ring....Chapter Four: The Big Night Out"You have got to be fucking kidding me!!" Misty practically yelled out."One out of two ain't bad," Anne said with a wink still breathing a little heavy. Misty just giggled and grinned at her."Hello...yes, we're fine....sorry about that...we'll be done soon. Love you, too." Misty hung up the phone and put it back in her bag. She looked at Anne with more love than ever before. Misty felt all of her worries melting away with each passing second. Her heart knowing to whom it belonged, even if it was to the most unlikely of person."Well," Anne inquired, "what did mom and/or dad have to say? They worried about us or something?""Nah, they were just wondering when we'd be home. I guess they expected us home a little while ago. I like that one though. The blue matches your complexion perfectly.""I'll get it but it's under protest," Anne said in her usual tone. "I still don't see the need for me to be wearing a dress. Besides the fact that I'm not paying for it. I just don't feel right about this. Not since I can remember have I ever been in a dress, let alone an evening gown....from Tiffany's! I guess I just have to remind myself that I'm not just doing this for me anymore. I have you to please now." Anne stroked Misty's cheek with her right hand. Misty took in her's and kissed her lover's hand, rubbing her cheek along the fingers."You'll always please me, baby."Anne got dressed and put the gown back in the box. The price tag was still enough to make her shudder. The encrusted diamonds along the neckline and the real sapphires sewn into the seams. Misty helped Anne find an appropriate purse to go with it. The store had Misty's parent's credit card on file, so the checkout was quick and painless. They left the store and continued on to the main entrance of the mall. Anne noticed that Misty only took hold of her right hand when she reached for her."YOU TWO STOP!!!!" a voice came from behind them. They obeyed, but the voice repeated itself. Anne spun around to see two teen aged would-be shoplifters running towards them, laughing back at the poor clerk. Anne threw Misty out of their way just in time for one them to run into her. He looked up at the girl who seemingly didn't move from the impact, then over to his partner, then back again."Get out my way you dumb ass bitch!!!!""Forget the bitch, man! Let's go!!!" The boy on the ground started to get up, but Anne bent down and grabbed him by the throat, lifting him off his feet. His toes were about four inches off the ground when Anne stood upright.Anne looked coldly into his terrified eyes. With him still in her hand, she walked over to where Misty was siting on the floor. "Apologize to the lady," Anne said staring into the depth of his soul. The terror on his face spoke volumes for what his mouth couldn't speak. His friend had already taken off, Elite Cp leaving him alone and literally scared for his life. Anne tightened her grip around the boys throat. "I believe you owe my lady an apology. She's sitting on the cold floor because of your insolence. Speak quickly!" The boy's lips moved to the tune of "I'm sorry" but no sound came out. Anne threw him into the wall and punched him in his left kidney as he hit the floor. "Such an insolent toxic waste of life.""Thank you for catching this kid for me," the grateful shopkeeper said out of breath."I believe these belong to you," Anne tossed him the magazine and tee shirt the fifteen year old stole from him, speaking in her usual emotionless tone. "Let's go Misty." Anne extended her right hand to her girlfriend, who quickly accepted it. The mall security officers rounded the corner as the two girls left the building, leaving the clerk and security officers to wonder what the hell just happened."I'm sorry you had to see that," Anne said when they got into their car. Her tone was very subdued and shaky. Her nerves had met their end when the reality set in: she nearly killed somebody for making her push Misty out of harm's way. "That's never happened before.....I don't know what came over me.""You were just trying to help is all," Misty said soothingly taking her lover's hand into her own. "You were just doing your civic duty while keeping anything from happening to me." Misy started the car and pulled out of the lot."You're right about the second part, Misty. That first part never crossed my mind. I just happened to take those things from him when the clerk came over to us." The girls could hear Anne's right shoulder jingling. Misty put her hand on her girlfriend's leg and gently stroked her thigh. "I just hope nothing like this happens tonight. I'd be damned if I have to embarrass you or mom and dad in a five star restaurant. That's reason number two for not wanting to wear a sleeveless dress." Misty just giggled to Anne's protest."If it makes you feel any better, it won't be crowded and most of the people that probably will be there are surgeons. They'll be used to seeing prosthetic limbs. Especially those on beautiful people." Misty smiled lovingly at Anne, who reciprocated the gesture."That does help a little, love. It's just that my mother made it a point a long time ago to drill into my head that it would be an embarrassment to be seen in public with my arm exposed. I don't want anyone to think ill of you, or mom and dad, for having me in your presence.""You know you're a little over-protective sometimes," Misty said grinning from ear to ear. "It's not an embarrassment, it's a symbol of life. You would have died if it weren't for this arm.""Yes, and to my eternal shame I will never have the opportunity to thank the person Elite Cp who saved my life that day." Misty had no more words for her lover. She ran her thumb over her leg and kept her smile on for her. She went deep into thought about how Anne must've grown up. Knowing that her life was going to end in a single moment and then wishing for the next six years that it had. Living with the constant reminder of the worst day of her life and then having no place to call a home. This was quite a culture shock for her girlfriend. Having someone to confide in, a shoulder to cry on, someone to love her. Misty was honored to be the one to fill this void in Anne; this reminded her why she loved her so much."Ready to model your new dress for mom and dad?" Misty said in her usual perky voice as she pulled up the driveway."Not in the least," Anne retorted sarcastically, breathing a little heavy. "But they've already seen this atrocity I call an arm, so there won't any surprise there." They got out of the car and into each other's arms. They held each other for a little while both knowing that Anne didn't want to be seen in public Elite Cp without sleeves. Misty did her best to keep this thought at bay. Anne got her dress out of the back seat and followed Misty into the house."Mom! Dad! We're home!" Misty called out."Living room!" John called out to his daughter. "Ah, my girls have arrived home at last and just in time cause we were about to go without you.""Shut up dad," Misty said, not buying the shit her father was dishing out. "Anne has something to show you two..." Misty turned to find Anne already heading upstairs."So she found one she likes?" Cindy inquired."Yeah, but it took me a while to talk her into to getting it. I'm sure you know by now that she doesn't want to embarrass us tonight.""I'm sure she won't honey. Where are we going anyway?""Federalli's.""I see we're eating cheap tonight. How thoughtful of you dear.""Shut up dad. This is where you'd want to take her anyway. It's where you took mom on your first date." Misty looked up at the ceiling for a moment. "I'll be right back." She headed off to find her Anne. Misty didn't even think to knock on the door when she approached their room. Anne had made quick work of stripping down to her panties and bra and was already stepping into the gown. Misty watched her for a moment before coming up behind her. She wrapped her arms around Anne's waist, resting her head against the back of her neck. Anne covered Misty's arms with her own. She leaned her head back against Misty's forehead for a moment."Can I zip you up, darling?" Misty asked breaking the loving silence."Go ahead, baby," Anne said still lost her own utopia with her lover. Misty did as she offered. She took a step back to admire her beauty. Her mouth about hit the floor when saw how beautiful her girlfriend looked in her new dress. Anne picked up her purse to complete the ens amble."I think you'll make the wives jealous," Misty said after a long couple of minutes. She took Anne by the hand and led her downstairs. Cindy was already standing under the archway of the living room with her camera ready. She had to lower it to make sure it was her daughter's girlfriend standing next to her. John stood behind his wife equally agasped."Well, mom and dad," Anne said with a hint of hesitation, "what do you think?""I don't think you'll have a problem with people mocking you, that's for damn sure," John said humorously, trying to ease Anne's nerves a bit. Misty leaned over to Anne's ear, "Told ya so!" Misty and Cindy went up to their respective rooms to get changed as well. Anne sat next to her 'father' and chatted about nothing in particular until the other ladies made their entrances. John and Cindy took a few shots of Misty and Anne under the archway before they got into family car and left.Misty didn't lie about the expense of this place. It damn sure was the finest Italian, if not period, restaurant in town. The table were set with the greatest of etiquette and a bottle wine chilling on ice at each one. The silverware lived up to its name, as did the china. Above the center of the dance floor was a two ton, crystal and iron chandelier. The dance floor itself was made of mahogany and trimmed with redwood. Even the carpeting was imported from Italy. The family of four made their way through the not-so-crowded dining room to their usual table. Anne looked around at everyone and found that she was worried for nothing. No one even as much as glanced Elite Cp at them when they passed. They were far too gone on booze or in conversation to care.The menu was written in Italian, but that didn't affect Anne much. To everyone's surprise she spoke the language perfectly, accent and all, to their waitress. Anne noticed that she cringed a bit when she first arrived, but eased when the girl spoke to Elite Cp her politely and in her own language; something rarely seen from most patrons. Misty just sat in awe. Their parents were as well in wonder of her."What?" Anne asked as if she did something wrong, "Why are you all staring at me like that?" Her self conscienceness taking hold of her."Anne, when did you ever live in Italy?" Misty asked what everyone was thinking."What made you think I ever lived in Italy? I never said I did. My uncle taught me several languages when I was young, Italian just happened to be one of them." Anne spoke with cynically sarcasm, knowing full well they weren't expecting her to know anything about this place. "Does that surprise you?""No, Elite Cp not at all," John said matching the girl's sarcasm. "I am glad, however, that you decided to behave yourself with the young lady.""She's done nothing to offend me. Why would I do anything to upset that? That would have been very rude and selfish of me." Anne soon lost track of the thought that she had her arm exposed.They ate, the parents drank and the couples shared a few dances. The live orchestra played very well and kept the mood of the evening up beat. The bassist occasionally waved at Anne, who generously waived back. Misty was growing more curious about her Anne as the evening went along.Anne decided it best to answer at least some of the questions on her lover's mind. "I know him from when my brother held auditions for his band. His son auditioned, but didn't make the cut. He was good, don't get me wrong, Elite Cp but he didn't have the right energy that flow with the music they played. He was more of a traditionalist, rather than progressive.""When were you going to tell me about all this, Anne," Misty asked."I told you that you needed to find out more about me, didn't I baby? The question should be: when were you going to ask me about it?""What other languages do you know? That would definitely help if we take a world tour." Misty was falling more and more in love with her Anne the more she knew about her."Let me think for a second......Italian, English English, American English, Australian English, Spanish Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Latin, French, German, a bit of Japanese, and some Chinese...""You weren't kidding were you?" Misty was in shock to her the extend of Anne's world vocabulary. "What does this uncle do for a living?" Anne just shot her a look the would kill the pope, reminding her of that question's answer. "I'm sorry. I forgot you can't answer that."Anne said something in french, that Misty couldn't understand. Even though she was taking French as a class, she wasn't nearly fluent. "What does that mean, baby?""The grace of beauty has fallen upon you." Anne spoke with a tear in eye."Where did you hear that?" Misty asked falling into her lover's eyes."I was the last thing my uncle said to me the time I saw him. It was his way of saying goodbye. That was four years ago. I haven't seen or heard from him since."Misty and Anne started to dive deeper into their respective pasts. Misty learned that Anne was more of an adult than most parents. She paid the bills (on time), had a decent income and savings, knew how to take care of babies, but was still the saddest person she had ever met up till those long hours before. Misty was filling Anne with information that she already knew, but somethings stuck out as unique. Anne learned that Misty was a national level competitor in cheerleading. Winning several regional titles and a couple of national runner-up titles. Last year she was named to the All American squad from Iowa,only one of five people in the state to receive such recognition, and got a chance to meet several NFL and NBA squads, including the Dallas Cowboy's cheerleading squad (and team) and the Laker Girls.John and Cindy came back over to the table after the band played the last dance. It was nearly midnight and the girls had school in the morning. John paid the tab and left the waitress a generous tip, to which Anne left a note written in Italian. When Misty asked her about it, Anne told her that it loosely translated to: "Thank you for your hospitality". Misty had to drive home since her parents had drank way too much to hardly walk right. Anne sat up front while the adults fell into the back seat, completely hammered. They didn't say anything the whole trip home. Anne didn't stop looking at her love next to her. Misty could only occasionally glance over at Anne, much to her disgrace--she wanted to stare into her eyes forever.They got home about a half hour later. For being a Monday night at midnight, traffic was Elite Cp horrible. Anne had fallen asleep looking over at Misty, to which she smiled happily. She groaned, however, to the thought of waking up her parents so they all could go to bed."Baby, wake up!" Misty said shaking Anne's shoulder. "Wake up sleepy head.""All right officer I'll move along," Anne said with a huge grin. Misty motioned her eyes Elite Cp behind them. Anne looked to the backseat. "Ah shit! We gotta wake them now don't we. I say we let them sleep where they fell.""And I say we don't," Misty said not appreciating the joke. "Just wake them up and they'll stagger inside the door.""That reminds me of many a night," Anne said under her breath. They helped get their parents at least to the door where their own strength took over. They said their good nights and retired for the night. Misty stripped down to her underware and put on an over sized tee shirt, where as Anne just changed into some pajama looking outfit. Anne had always slept on her left side, seeing as how she learned from many nights of cold metal against her skin woke he up. Misty wrapped her arm over her lover's cold arm. She didn't care if it meant she would be waking up in an hour, all she wanted was Anne as close to her as possible. They were both asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows. There first night together was quite peaceful. The moon's illumination filled the room with a blanket of light, keeping them warm with each other; no more dark nightmares for either of them.Chapter Five: House of The Unwanting FamilySix in the morning; the sun was hardly out to brighten the day. The sky blanketed the morning's day with an ominous feeling of fear and doubt. Anne was standing by the window, fully dressed, watching the new day's light try to appear. She stood with her arms crossed over her stomach, earing out the annoying alarm clock not two feet away. Misty stirred in the bed to the buzzing annoyance.Staggering out of bed, she walked up behind Anne putting her arms around her waist. The touch of her girlfriend's embrace made Anne smile brightly."It's beautiful isn't it?" Anne said looking out the window. "Looking outwardly at what I have had locked up inside of me for years. The dark morning sky giving way to a bright new day; no longer trapped in the world of darkness where nothing grows but the anger. I finally know what it's like to be happy, Misty." Anne started to get teary at the sound of her own words. Misty's waterworks were flowing already. "I love you, Misty.""I love you too, Anne," Misty's skin raised at the sound of Anne's words. "But we have to get ready for school now. I call dibs on the shower," she said with her cheerleader perkiness in full swing."Have at it," Anne retorted with a hint of sarcasm, "I'm already dressed." With that Misty kissed her lover and headed for the bathroom. Anne retired herself to the kitchen. Misty came out of the shower wrapped in a towel to see Anne sitting on the bed waiting for her to join."You didn't have to make me anything for breakfast, sweety.""It was the least I could do, honey. You did something for me that I could never properly thank you for. Besides, it's unusually cold out this morning. You need something hot.""Thank you, Anne. Are you ready to meet everyone today?" Misty asked excited but shakey. She knew all to well of Anne's disdain for most people as human beings. She always protected herself by keeping her distance, emotionally or physically, from everyone."The question should be 'Are you ready?" Anne said looking at her breakfast. "Don't think for one moment that they won't use me as an excuse to cross you. I'm sure you remember what happened with Rachel and Lindsey. There are many more from where they came from. I Elite Cp would rather not meet your friends until they are more comfortable with the idea of you and me.""I see your point," Misty said not wanting to think of how much truth there was behind Anne's words. They made further idle chat while they ate and while Misty got dressed for the day. Anne noticed that she picked almost the same outfit that she wore the day they met. Anne's skin started to rise with the thought of those memories."Misty, I never did ask you about yesterday." Anne was more cheery by this point. Perhaps it was the way Misty acted around her. She seems to glow with more life than when she's just with her friends. "What made you come into the dressing room with me?" Those memories she'd prefer to have."I wanted to be with you, Anne. I got this feeling in my gut about how much I love you and wanted to share it with you." Misty's words just flowed over Anne's ears. She spoke without hesitation or giving any thought of what she was saying; each word she spoke was dripping with love. Elite Cp "What do you think?" Misty said spinning around."Lovely," Anne said softly. Misty walked over to her lover. Anne threw her arms around her waist and buried her head into Misty's tight stomach."Something wrong, honey?" Misty asked concerned when she felt moisture coming from her mid-section"Just hold me for a minute." Misty wrapped her arms around Anne's head, stroking her hair. They stayed like that for what seemed like ten minutes before Anne broke the ice. "I guess we need to get headed to school." With that they parted and gathered their book bags. Anne put her coat and gloves on before they even went downstairs to kiss Cindy and John goodbye.They arrived at the school about fifteen minutes before school started. They had to restrain themselves from holding hands or doing anything that made them look like a couple. Anne made sure that Misty was protected from the shit she was sure to receive today, but had to do it from a distance. They walked side by side, but not too close. They parted when they got inside the front door without as much as a wave between them. Anne was back to usual, but inwardly she was being torn to pieces. She knew that her girlfriend would be put through hell for the next couple of days and there wasn't anything she could do about it. Anne knew she could trust Diane to look out for her baby cousin, but was frustrated by the fact that she couldn't watch her back all the time.'This is what I feared,' Anne thought to herself constantly. 'Diane you better keep your eyes on her for me!'The first couple of classes went by and Misty's nerves were shot. All day long she'd been having to look over her shoulder to keep another "Rachel Incident" from occurring. This would be her first chance to see how well her Anne made it through the day so far. As she approached the math wing, something came over her. Something that she couldn't place made her want to go to the office to check herself out of school, but she she wrote it off by thinking she was just overly nervous. Every step she took, the more she felt it.......this malevolent force driving her heart to beat faster exponentially. She looked into the door and saw that there was no Anne. She walked over to the teacher's desk."Where's Anne?" she asked without sounding to concerned. "Normally she would be here by now.""I got this note from the office that said her mother took her out of her second period class," Ms. Willim said without any care at all. She was glad to hear Anne wouldn't be joining them today."Would you mind if I went to the office really quick, Ms. Willim?""Not at all dear." Misty ran like a bat out of hell down to the office. Too many things were running through her mind to even think of how to ask the receptionist about it. Knowing Elite Cp full well that she doesn't even have to say anything about it, she kept running until she reached the door to the main office.She practically kicked the in the door from just her momentum. "Do you know why Annebell Amera was checked out today, Mrs. Kent?" Misty made sure to keep her tone steady, even though she could hardly breathe."Her mom checked her out today to take her to the doctor's office," Mrs. Kent replied politely."Could Elite Cp you tell me what kind of state she was in, please?""Pretty upset. I think she said they were going to be late if they didn't leave right then." Mrs. Kent's suspension was growing with Misty's."And they left together...?""Like they were stuck at the hip. Ms. Amera was holding Anne's right arm pretty tight when they left." Misty received a call on her cell phone from a number she didn't know. Not really caring about who it was, she answered."Is this Misty Thomas," a voice came through, obviously using a scrambler, sending chills to her core. Her blood ran cold and felt as though she would throw up."Yes," Misty's reply came out with a little effort."You don't know me, but I want you to listen to me carefully. Anne is right here beside me. She needs you to come get her from the fashion boutique on the corner of Commonwealth and Main. Don't worry yourself with the details, but rest easy knowing that she is unharmed. Tell the woman standing behind the desk that you just had a family emergency and have to leave immediately." With that, the voice hung up the phone. Misty stood in the middle of the office, with the phone to her ear, staring off into space. Her heart felt as though it stopped for a second. Her brain started to shut down."Are you alright Ms. Thomas? Did something happen?" the receptionist asked, very concerned. Looking into Misty's lost eyes, the woman's own heart ached."There was a family emergency," Misty said, still with the phone to her ear. "I've got to go." Misty sounded very subdued. Her voice had gone numb from the shock. The receptionist led her out the door, letting her own phone ring and ring.Sitting in her car waiting for the engine to turn on, Misty started to rummage through all of the scenarios that could have happened. Could her mother hate her so much as to try and kill her?! Or did she just run away and someone who wanted to stay anonymous call?Misty drove to the corner where she was supposed to meet her Anne. No Anne. She walked in and asked around for two people, one a seventeen year old girl and another one unknown to her, shopping together. She stood, frightened beyond comprehesable thought, looking for her Anne. She must have check the restrooms and dressing rooms at least a dozen times and no sight of her. Her brain racked with fear. It wasn't until someone tapped on her shoulder from behind that the bombardment of misery stopped. Feeling that the finger touching wasn't real, her face light up like a Christmas tree. She spun around and planted a kiss on Anne's lips, without even making sure it was her first."Where have you been?! I've been worried sick for the last twenty minutes!" Misty was overjoyed by her girlfriend's safe arrival, but equally angry that she would put her through something like this, again."Sorry, honey," Anne said apparently unmoved by Misty's concern, "I was delayed. There was an accident down the street and it took me that long just to get here. I had to force my way out of the car and take the walk. My uncle didn't want me to be alone at all. That was he who called you, if you didn't already know that.""Well I kind of figured that it was," Misty was still shaken as she spoke. Not knowing what happened or anything. "Why did your mom check you out of school today?""To have me looked at," Anne said as she lifted her right arm. "I spoke to my uncle about what happened yesterday and we made our escape from that thing that shares my blood. That's when he called you to meet me here. We just couldn't see the problem we ran into on the way. After he hung up the phone with you, he called the school to let them know what was happening. Unfortunately, now I get to be the one to deliver the message to Kathrine, my mother.""Why you? I thought you and her settled this already?""It's the last time I will ever have to look at her, I promise you that! It's just something that I have to do. Will you be a dear and drive me over to her house?" Misty agreed without hesitation. They got in the car and drove the twenty miles to the Amera residence. Kathrine parked the car in the driveway this time, telling Anne that she was home alone. "Odd, but perfect," Anne said quietly holding Misty's hand."I want you to stay in the car and wait until I come out..."Anne started but was cut short."Like hell I will!! You are not going in there alone, Anne. You are not alone anymore. Don't you ever think that you are again. I wanted to be with you, now I am and now I am going in that house with you!" Anne had no choice from that point. They both got out of the car and walked hand-in-hand up o the front door. Anne had to force the knob to turn, not knowing that Kathrine had locked the door."So there you are!!" Kathrine screamed as Anne shut the door. "Who's this little skank on your arm? Some whore you just picked up for the night!?! Someone to make you look pretty...." Anne smacked her mother across the face with her right hand."That's enough, Kathrine," Anne said coldly, watching her mother hold her bleeding face. "Misty is not like you. She doesn't go around whoring herself to whomever she please because she is drunk. Look at me when I'm talking to you!!!" Kathrine's left eye had completely shut from the hit Anne landed. Anne smiled knowing this would be how she ended her relationship with her mother. She punched Kathrine again in her left eye. Her hard metal hand breaking the entire socket that kept her eye in place. Kathrine hit the floor, nearly unconscious. Anne rubbed some of the blood acroos her finger tips. "I despise that your blood flows through my veins, but unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about that. I can only find solace in that it isn't just your blood, but that of my father's as well." Misty was holding her ground, despite Kathrine's verbal abuse and Anne's reaction."Get out and take your bit...." Anne kicked her mother in the stomach before she could get the last of the sentence out. Kathrine was coughing up blood and bleeding from her eye. Anne took Misty by the hand and led her into the kitchen. She opened the door and grabbed every alcoholic beverage she could find. "Please stay here this time, Misty. You've seen far more that I wanted you to already." Misty agreed under protest; Anne left her standing by the fridge. She walked over to where Kathine was lying with the drinks in hand."You think that hurts, don't you Kathrine?"Anne said standing over her mother. "This might hurt a little bit more..." Anne poured the first bottle of rum onto her mother's face. The alcohol burning Kathrine's open wounds and dripping into her mouth laced with the blood and puss. Kathrine was spitting it out whenever she had the breath to. "Why would you spit it out? It's your favorite. Drink it, mother. I've never known you to pass up the chance for a drink and you don't even have to pour it..." Anne's voice never swayed from it's cold demeanor. Her eyes spoke to Kathrine.Anne reached Elite Cp down with her right hand and opened Kathrine's mouth while she poured the liqueur down her throat. "I'm not old enough to understand what this does to you," Anne said reminiscing about one of the many one-sided conversations she's had with her mother. "But I can imagine you're not feeling the same pinnacle right now. You are probably wishing that the man had killed me those many years ago. I know that you would like to see me dead. The feeling is mutual, Kathrine..." Anne was interrupted by Kathrine coughing up the blood-laced drink onto her face. "That was very rude of you, the way you spoke to my girlfriend before. Know this mother: No one speaks to her that way!" Anne took bottle out her mother's mouth and smashed it down onto her skull. The bottle broke from the impact sending small shards of glass into Kathrine's head. Misty heard the commotion going on and had to fight with herself to sway her curiosity."Get.....out...of my house!!" Kathrine said, choking on her own blood. She breathed in some of the rum her daughter poured down her throat and was coughing that up between words. "I never Elite Cp want to see you again!!""Really?!" Anne said sarcastically cold. She bent her right wrist forward and squeezed her palm. A blade about ten inches long and four inches wide was protruding out from her metal wrist. Holding the tip of the blade against Kathrine's working eye, Anne said, "Say it again, I want to hear it once more." Anne swiped her arm over Kathrine's nose and across her battered eye. The blade cut across her face, into her nasal cavity and nearly cut out the eye. Kathrine lost her voice through her screams of pain. "Yes mother, it hurts when someone cuts you and there's no one around to help." Anne grabbed her mother by the shoulder with her left hand and lifted Kathrine to her feet. She marched her into her bedroom and stood her before the full length mirror behind the door."Look," Anne whispered into her ear. "Look at have become. Mother should be name of God on the lips of your child, but nah. You decided to have me killed and drove your daughter through this very torment. This is what happens when you insult the best thing that ever happened to me. Look at what you've become, Kathrine. A used up whore that's been beaten by the one person she wishes dead. No one cares about you, but someone cares about me. She is standing out in the kitchen, patiently awaiting your apology. I suggest you give what's owed." Kathrine could hardly stand on her own. Her face was completely bloody and mangled and she was still coughing up blood. She nodded her head when Anne spoke of the apology.Anne grabbed her by the arm with her right hand in her armpit,with the blade retracted. Kathrine struggled to move at the pace Anne demanded. "Say it, Kathrine," Anne whispered into her mother's ear. "Tell Misty you're sorry for offending her.""Sorry, Misty," Kathrine mumbled. Her one working eye had a problem staying focused. Anne squeezed her arm harder. "I'm sorry for what I said earlier!" Kathrine shot Anne a look like never before. To this, Anne bend her wrist forward again sending the blade through Kathrine's shoulder, nearly missing anything major. Kathrine screamed like murder. Anne retracted the blade before Kathrine fell to the floor. Misty could only stand there and watch Anne beat her own mother within an inch of her life."Now you know the pain I've suffered, Kathrine," Anne said bending down to her mother on the floor. A small puddle of blood was starting to accumulate on the tile. "Call someone for help, tell your fuck buddies that your daughter kicked the shit out of you. You are pure evil, Kathrine. Sold out your own daughter to get a piece of ass just one day after I came home. I'll be willing to bet you paid the man to do this to me. Only you just didn't know he would kill dad and Jason. I know you did..." Anne looked up at Misty, who's expression spoke volumes. "Let's get out of here, sweety. Mom and dad don't need to know we were here."Misty took Anne's blood covered right hand. Anne grabbed a towel from the kitchen rack as they left Kathrine bleeding on the floor, barely conscious. Anne acted like she had been born all over again. Her face lit up when she smiled knowing that she finally got rid of the demons inside her, at least at that level."What the fuck happened in there, Anne," Misty said as she started the car. Anne was whipping the blood from her hands. She threw the towel out the window. "Did you just kill your own mother?""She's still alive," Anne said taking a deep breath. "Those wounds aren't anything that would have killed her. By the time she gets up to calling for help, she'd wish I did kill her though." Anne's voice soared like a heavy burden was finally lifted from her soul. Misty noticed that Anne's eyes were much more lively than usual."Why would you say that about another person? I know she wasn't the best mother in the world, but why would you want her dead?" Misty was starting to freak out. The reality of the situation was sinking into her head."Because she wanted me dead," Anne said, still looking out the window. "She paid the man to have me killed, not leave me alive. My uncle explained it all to me. She was jealous of the attention dad was giving me and my success in school, seeing as how she flunked out of college. I guess something in her head snapped. She just didn't count on the guy to kill my father and brother as well. They found the guy's body about four years ago, but my uncle neglected to tell me this until today. He took care of the legal shit that is going to hit the fan when the ambulance picks up that stupid bitch." Anne looked at Misty's face, which was in tears by this point. She kept her attention on the road. She wanted so much to lean over and hold her Anne. "I'm sorry you had to see what I had to do.""I wanted to be in the house, Anne," Misty said glancing over at her girlfriend. "You have nothing to apologize for." Misty let one of her hands grab her lover's. "That just struck me, how did she get that cut across her entire face? Did you cut her with the bottle?""Yes," Anne said trying to avoid the topic. "I smashed the bottle on her head and then cut her across the face." Misty believed her. Anne didn't want her girlfriend, or anyone else for that matter, to know anything about the weapon she has on her all the time.Chapter Six: The NationalsThe girls arrived back at the house a little after one. They didn't see the need to go back to school until Misty's practiced started, two hours later. They mostly just sat in the living room and watched some TV or chatted. Misty was finally able to fully uncover the truth behind what made the sweet Anne from six years ago to the Anne everyone knew now. Her brother's band was known widely on the club circuit for having the best mix of a classical and hard, heavy metal sound. They had even been signed by two of the local radio stations in town for their endorsment of the stations. Anne never really was a part of the band, just a little extra help when they needed it; her brother naturally taught her how to play the guitar in their down time. Misty just went on and on about her cheerleading success and how she hoped to be a part of a major league squad one day. Anne noticed how Misty kept hitting around the part of her competition that was coming up soon, but never really came out with it. Misty looked over a the clock on the wall and realized her practice started in fifteen minutes."I got to go, sweety," Misty said gathering her things. "Do you want to come with me and find out more about us?""Yes, but it's under protest," Anne said smuggly. "We have got to remember not to let out the fact that we're an actual couple. I know the whole school probably knows by now, but I don't want to give them any proof.......for your sake.""I don't care about that, baby," Misty said a bit agitated but in a hurry. "Com'on, we need to get going right now!" Misty grabbed Anne by the arm out the door. She practically threw her into the car and sped off to the school.Anne watched with a grimace at how the squad acted. It made her feel good knowing that her love was out there amongst the typical action of your serious cheerleaders, but Anne wished she had no part in it, spectator or otherwise. A couple of the hopeless-looking boyfriends were in the stands as well, equally apaulled by the goings on. The guys started to look over at Anne and whisper things to each other, while pointing and looking at her. She noticed that no one dared to approach her about what they were saying and this made her feel even better inside. The only Elite Cp person she wanted to be near right now was on the basketball court stretching with her friends. Anne heard a noise coming from the top row of seats behind her, but didn't waste her attention on it."You're Anne Amera, right," a boy's voice came from behind her, a couple rows back. Anne didn't even acknowledge the boy's exsistance. Her brain was focused elsewhere. "I'm talking to you, you know." The boy's tone changed instantly by the rejection of attention."Then would you be so kind as to rid me of your stupidity and shut the hell up?" Anne's usual self said, not even looking back behind her."Damn you're a bitch, you know?" Anne didn't respond. She needn't waste her breath on the moron. "Why are you here anyway?""I believe I told you to stop talking to me," Anne retorted. "My motives for being here are none of your concern, Steven Waters. Go back to where ever it was you came from and rid me of your insolence." He did as he was told. He retreated back to the top row of seats and started to talk with his friends."What did she say, bro?" Mike asked when he returned."I think she told me to go fuck myself," Steven said, astounded that she spoke to him at all. "She wouldn't tell me anything about that band. I never knew Anne was cool like that.""Yeah, I know. Ever since she's been here she's been just a cold-hearted bitch and then she comes out of her shell with a gig like that."The boys continued to talk about Anne's band for a while later, while Anne herself watched aimlessly at the squad run through the routine they were going to the nationals with. She felt bored out of her skull, but couldn't fight the wanting to go down to the floor and kick someone's ass when she fucked up everyone else, Misty included. Anne managed to behave herself the whole time.......somehow. Misty came out of the locker room carrying all of the stuff from earlier and hugged everyone goodbye. This made Anne feel a little jealous, but knew there was nothing by it."Where's mine," Anne said playfully when she finally got to her Misty, "I mean everyone else got one." Misty threw her arms around Anne's head and kissed her in plain view of everyone. "That's acceptable," Anne said when they parted, hugging her Misty for another moment before they left."Well," Misty said full of cheeriness, "how do you think we did? Be honest now.""You know I could never lie to you," Anne said quietly. "I'm no expert, but some of your mechanics and basics need some fine tuning. From what I saw, you wouldn't have a trophy after that." Misty sat back in her seat a bit saddened. That wasn't the answer she was looking for, but knew Anne couldn't help but tell the truth. "When's the competition anyway?""Next weekend,"Misty answered even more saddened, "and I can't even bring you with me. We only have enough money for the team to go. Mom and dad can't even go.""That is bad isn't it," Anne retorted, "but I think it's for the best. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and besides, the team hates my very exsistance anyway. That would only lead to more problems. As disappointed as I am, I'm glad that I can't go."The girls drove the rest of the ride home in silence, neither of them wanting to break the ice. Misty would only have her Anne for not even two weeks before they made the seven hundred mile drive to the competition. They would have to leave earlier in the week to make it Elite Cp there in time to get settled in and get some rehersal time in; Anne knew this. She was okay with Misty having to leave town. She trusted her lover with everything she owns. They arived home a little before five. Their parents made them a nice dinner and they all spent the rest of the evening enjoying the company. John and Cindy grew to liking Anne the more time they spent with her. Anne made sure to omit the parts of what happened earlier when she was asked how her day was. Misty seemed to cheer up more and more as the night went along. She had to leave her Anne behind in nine days, but made sure to savor every moment with her as possible.Everyone retired to bed just after ten. The girls said their good nights and Misty went to shower. Anne stayed in her room, playing with her best friend. She had to keep the volume down since there were other people that were trying to sleep. During her small stay at school, she had composed several pieces of music that she wanted to surprise Misty with. Just as Anne played the last note, as if on cue, Misty walked through the door."Beautiful," Misty said still standing in the open doorway, "what's it called?""Good things come to those who wait," Anne said caught off guard by her girlfriend's comment. "You'll know soon enough, sweetheart." Anne kissed Misty before she went off to take her shower. Misty searched franticly for the sheet music to that song. The tune had such a saddness to it, but somehow, somewhere there was a happiness. To Misty, it sounded much like Anne's autobiography in music form. Anne came out of the bathroom stark naked. She walked into her room to find Misty already in bed waiting for her."Couldn't wait could you?" Anne said with a hint of sinisism."I'm sorry, but that sounded so good I couldn't help it," Misty answered. "I just wanted to know what that was so I could have you play it by name." Anne climbed into bed while Misty went on and on about how she would miss her over that weekenduntil Anne interupted with a very passionate kiss. The two of them made love constantly that night. They fucked in almost every position they could think of; every so often Anne would see the moonlight shining through the curtain, making their bodies glow in the light from heaven's happiness. Anne started to think that Misty's parents would wake up and put an end to their paradise. They didn't stop until they could take no more and passed out in each other's arms.The next week went by as usual. Misty invited Anne to sit at her table with all of her friends, but Anne politely refused. She loved her Misty too much to put her through another episode like the week earlier. Anne sat at her own table, doing her usual routine: school work, music, poetry, or her tutoring bull shit. Everyday after school, Misty dropped Anne of at the middle school before heading off to practice. Everyday Anne recieved a love note from her girl and everyday Anne felt closer to her than ever before. The Utopia that Anne made for the two fo them became even more perfect with each visit."The day of reckoning is upon us," Anne said to Misty that Thursday. Misty was packing her things in her car. She would be gone until Sunday night. Anne knew that it would be much easier on her than it would her Misty; she was use to being alone. Anne could feel Misty's mood was changing slowly over the past week. "I would say break a leg, but for something like this that wouldn't do much help.""Thank you, Anne," Misty said disappointed that she had to leave her Anne behind. "A simple 'good lick and I love you' would be just fine.""Good luck and I love you," Anne retorted smiling. Misty got in her car. Anne stood by and closed her door. She leaned in the window and kissed her Misty. "Get out of here before you're late, baby," she said with a smile. Misty backed out of the driveway and blew her Anne a kiss before heading off for the school.She arrived with plenty of time to spare. One of their volunteer coaches was delayed due to a bad traffic accident that just cleared up. All of the girls got on the bus and most went to sleep right after role-call. Misty got out her blanket, but couldn't fall asleep. There was something about the blanket that kept her thoughts on her Anne. The sky had grown dark and Misty was almost asleep when the answer came to her. Anne had sprayed the perfume that Misty bought her for their night out on the top of the blanket. Misty gathered all she could under her nose and then was out like a light.The sky was still dark when the head coach woke everyone up. The reached the D.C. Metro-Area Convention Center ahead of virtually every other school. The girls staggered off the bus one by one. They were told to go into the arena and get an idea of what they were up against. Misty looked around and saw that her old school was on the itinerary. Now she knew for a fact what they were up against. In her tenure at that school, they had placed continuosly in the top three. They were the winning-most team in the nation during the time of this particular competion. On top of that, there were TV Elite Cp cameras set up just outside and above the boundries. Misty was use to that, but she could almost smell the apprehention eminating from her teammates. This was the first time they've been to this competition in almost a decade. Back then, the event wasn't televised. The coaches were told of that part, that was the reason the cost of enrty was so low this time. They intentionally neglected telling the squad about it, they wanted them to keep a cool head during practice."Damn, I hope I don't fuck up now," Diane said leaning over to Jennica. Most of the team didn't even pay attention to the floor space or the press booth, they were mesmerised by the Jumbo-Tron screen above the stage. "Everyone in the country would know it.""The cameras are not there," Misty said without any thought of it. "That's what we were taught to think the last time I was here." By now she had the whole team's attention. "Just run through the routine, keep your mind focused on your part and the cameras and judges are not there' was the speech my last coach always gave when we were at a televised event. This is the nationals after all." Most of the girls were still in elementary school when the last team was here. There were only a few seniors and juniors, but mostly sophmores and freshmen."Alright girls," one of the dads called out, "get your game faces on and start warming up. You've got about twenty minutes to get loose and we'll get some rehersal time in before everyone else arrives. Misty, get'em going.""Me, Mr. Davis?" Misty asked stunned at the request."That's what I said wasn't it?! You've been here before and you know how to keep everyone focused. Need I repreat myself?"Misty gathered the squad up for their stretches. She had no idea she would be put in the captain's spot this early in her tenure with this school. Would this be a sign of some sort? She already has a full-ride scholarship with The Ohio State University. This was something she neglected to tell Anne before she left. Many a thing was passing through her overactive mind by that point. They were there for less than an hour before her thoughts began to dwell on her future with her Anne. 'Com'on Misty focus...focus on the prize...' she had to repeat to herself over and over again. The team got to run through their routine only once before the masses began to arrive. They thought they did alright, but the coaches were not impressed, not by a long shot. They would be in for a serious ass chewing before dinner.The girls decided to dine at the hotel cafe that evening. Misty's prediction was right. Each one of the coaches, paid and Elite Cp volunteer, got their piece in before the girls got to chow. Disheartning as it may have been, they needed it to get their minds focused on tomarrow."Remember girls," Coach Williams began, "eyes on the prize. Don't look back and don't look away. Keep yourself focused on your parts and we'll come through with the bling-bling. You saw how big those trophies are. Remember, lights out is at ten. We all need to get some rest tonight, cause tomarrow morning it's all up to you girls to show how well you're coached."Misty wanted so much to call Anne before she had to go to bed. All of their cell phones were confinscated after they called their parents to let them know they made it okay. Misty forgot to do this when her turn came around, but she always had her cousin to keep her company. She shared a room with Diane, Jennica and Tiffany and there were two king sized beds. The only person she wanted in her bed was over seven hundred miles away, but she figured 'what the hell, it's not like Diane's never spent the night with Elite Cp me before.'Misty could hardly sleep that night. She would just barely drift away, then something would wake her up. Either it be Diane rolling over or the curtain pulls tapping on the window. Nevertheless, she wasn't nervous about the competition. The five o'clock wake up call came all to soon. This was the other reason she couldn't sleep. This was the one part that Misty has always hated. The coach pounding on the door while the alarm clock was going off; always annoying.Everyone got a small bite to eat before they headed over to the arena. Misty looked around the parking lot and saw a couple of cars that were vaguely familiar, only she couldn't place it. As they were filing into the building, she kept looking back over her shoulder again and again until the darkness of the hallway had swallowed her.All of the attendees were to gather at their designated areas for the opening ceremony. The colors were presented by the color guard of the "Old Guard". The choir of the same unit sung the national anthem beautifully to the music of the band. The color guard marched off the floor to a standing ovation. Everyone was on their feet screaming for them. This was the first taste the girls got of the energy of this place. Just hearing all these people screaming and chanting made their spines tingle with excitement and pride. Misty was all to familiar with this feeling. She leaned over to one of the freshman and whispered "You've made it."Misty knew that Anne would be watching her compete on TV back home. This thought of knowing her Anne was watching, even from seven hundred miles away, was enough of a confidence boost. Suddenly, everything seemed to feel right.The girls went off to change after the Master of Ceremonies did his welcome and congratulation and good luck bullshit speech. The sounds of music could be heard all the way across the arena. Misty forgot about the new change that the event organizers put into play this year. There would be live music for the audience and attendees and there were a hand full of pop music celebrities signing autographs. Misty could hear a distinct sound to which she has known for only a short period of time, but loves deeply. She took off like a bat out of hell to confirm her suspisions. She looked at the clock on the wall and back to the flyer on the door, The String Metal Septet was scheduled to be playing now. Misty looked up to one of the stages outside of the arena to see her Anne standing center stage with the band playing behind her.Misty immediately broke into tears when she made true of what her eyes saw. She didn't recognise the song they were playing, but didn't care really. She got to see her Anne playing in front of about a thousand people, who were actually watching her play. Unbenounced to Misty, Anne noticed her coming out of the building."Thank you, thank you," Anne said after the song ended. She turned around to the drummer and bassist, then back to the mic. "This next one is a new one called "Beautiful"...The bass guitar and violin starting playing the most meloncoly and saddest notes anyone could imagine. Anne was sitting on a stool playing along in the background of the music. The drummer lightly tapped his symbols and snare when the beat came. After nearly a minute of a tearful mourning, Anne's voice could be heard..."So close no matter how far. You've seen through to my heart. Everytime you see through my eyes, You see my truth, no more lies"The band started playing the power notes to lead into the chorus and Anne got up off her seat. The emotional energy of the band could be felt through out the audience."So close to you, no else matters. You saved me from that awful Master."The sad-filled notes replayed after ten seconds of instruments only music after the chorus."Look at close at this love we made. You'll see the price we've paid. Sacrifice nothing to make it "us". Sacrifice nothing to make this trust." The power picked up once again, but his time lasted for nearly two minutes before the next sung words came in."So close to you, no else matters. Thank you. My demons have all scattered... I've seen your face from high above. I'm no longer a shadow, I have your love..."Anne played a small, sad twenty second solo before the song ended taking her seat once again. Everyone that was in listening distance lit up in applause. This particular audience was much more aquainted with more of the bubble-gum pop stuff, but something about their sound captured everyone's attention and imagination. Misty tried to push through the crowd to get up to the stage, but her attempts were in vain. The people wanted to hear more and she had places to be. Saddened as she was, she was even more uplifted by the fact that Anne was there and her parents probably were too...somewhere. As Misty ran back through the hallways she could hear the crowd chanting that they wanted more.Misty got back to the "locker room" as the coach was taking role; she made it without a second to spare. As they dressed and readied themselves for the competition, Misty tried to listen for her Anne's music. Some of the words she caught, some were drowned out. Mostly everyone heard was the music to the competing schools' routines. Kennview was among the last to hit the stage. By this time, most of the live bands had stopped playing and watched the competition, mostly out of curiosity; The String Metal Septet was no exception. Anne managed to find John and Cindy in the crowd and watched nearly the entire day's performances. Their section of the arena went histarical when they announced Kennview High School's name. Anne, and her band, were about the only ones who didn't join in the applause. Anne never was one to get her hopes up with something as trival as that. She wanted to wait to see if they would come out on top before she would do anything of the kind. Her band was the same way in that respect.During the nearly ten minute performance, Anne kept repeating to herself the steps everyone need to take to make it right. "Com'on, hit your mark" she would say outloud when someone made any move. John and Cindy could be be seen with their hands shaking and their hearts were about to pop out of their chests. Anne could smell their nervousness steaming out of their pores. "I think they're nervous enough for the whole team," Anne said inwardly. The routine was finished by Misty thrown about twenty feet into the air and doing a spinning flip to the front of the formation, which she seemed to land perfectly, but Anne could sense something wrong. She noticed Misty fliched a bit when her foot hit the floor, "That can't be good at all," Anne said as she got up and ran down the aisle. The time alarm sounded just after the music stopped and the judges went to work. Diane, Jennica and Tiffany had to carry Misty off of the stage.Anne came running through the door to their locker room moments after the team. The only thing on her mind was the pain her Misty was going through, she didn't even think of the job well done the team showed."HEY, you can't be in here," Coach Williams said as Anne burst into the room. Anne wasn't about to chance Misty's care to anyone else. As she threw her arm back to knock the shit of her when Diane yelled out, "Coach, she's okay to be here.""Who the hell are you anyway," Coach Williams said a little calmed. The nurses already were looking at Misty's foot and ankle, but Anne just wanted to be there with her."Someone who cares about her very much," Anne said in a reclusive but cold tone. "Let me pass!" Coach Williams gave in, not wanting to have an argument with a teenager over some beuricratic bullshit. Anne ran over to her Misty and stroked her hair. Misty was in obvious pain, but was hiding it quite well. "Is anything broken Elite Cp nurse?""No, but her ankle is dislocated," the nurse didn't sound overly concerned about her condition. He's seen this too many times in his tenure at this competition."May I?" Anne asked politely of him, gently pushing him aside. Anne grabbed Misty's ankle in her gloved right hand. "Don't move, Misty." Anne squeezed and jerked her ankle in some weird way causing her to tear up a bit. "That's better now, isn't it?" Anne looked at the nurse, who was preparing a brace for her foot."I guess there's no need for this now is there," the nurse winked at Anne. Misty leaned forard on the table and put her arms around her girlfriend. "I love you," Misty whispered into her ear."Look at that," Anne said out loud. The entire team turned their attention to the TV in the corner of the room. It was already tuned to the local channel of the event and they were displaying the scores of their team. The whole team went balistic with excitement. With the scores they had, they were in the running to atleast trophey. With four schools left to go, they were in second place and with a fairly high score. The girls could hear the crowd's cheers to the presenting to the scores from across the arena."Cool it," Coach Williams said rather loud, "we haven't won anything yet. Keep yourselves focused." Anne decided to leave Misty to the company of her friends for the remainder of the competition; Misty didn't really mind. This was their event and Anne wanted to make sure the team savored everything they worked for. Anne rejoined John and Cindy back in the grandstands to watch the rest of the competition. One of the schools had a very bad fall causing the poor girl to be rushed to the emergency room. One school nearly beat out Kennview, but fell shy by about two-and-a-half points. The last two didn't even come close to even placing overall.Now it was Anne's turn to actually feel excited about this whole thing. Her own school took second overall in their first visit to this event! Anne's love for her Misty soared to new hights. Anne finally Elite Cp felt the urge to cry, something that she hasn't done since she was a baby. She was overwhelmed with emotions for her lover. When the schools were annouced, Misty had to be escorted up to the Master by Coach Williams to accept the trophy, seeing as how she nearly broke her ankle just an hour before. Anne could see the hard-knock coach crying when Misty's hands touched the trophey. John and Cindy were nearly uncontrolable. Fortunately, John had his camcorder on a tripod, so it didn't effect the tape when he flew from his seat.Anne rode back home with the Thomases. Her band told her that they'd be hanging around the clubs before they headed back. They knew Anne didn't party much, but they respected her when she told them to be sober when they drove home.Chapter Seven: "...Destruction Breeds Creation..."Two months had past since Misty laid her hands on that trophey. Diane and Anne had done their best of keeping Misty out of harms way, but had failed a couple of times. Those two times neither one of them could control. Misty and Anne let it slip that the two of them were an item and several of the boys on the soccer and baseball teams didn't like that idea. The two of them had their eyes on Misty for quite some time and didn't really appreciate the fact she went with Annebell Amera, instead of them. Anne made quick work of dispatching their efforts once she found out about what happened. One she put in the ICU ward for a week with a broken femer and concusion. The other managed to talk himself out of severe punishment after some rights were laid into his ribs.Anne's grades were never better (as if they could get any better) now that she has someone by her side to keep her company. The final selections for Valedictorian were to be announced on the Monday after the senior prom. Misty was more anxous about the announcement than Anne. She learned a long time ago to never get her hopes up about anything.Several things would occationally bombard Anne's brain from time to time. She knew about Misty's acceptance into The Ohio State University on her cheerleading scholarship which put Anne at quite a disadvantage. Anne never once actually sat down and thought about what she would do with her life once she graduated. "A writer, perhaps....nah.....go into business....no too much shit to put up with....mathematician........have too think too much..........." These were only some of the things she had even remotely thought about. What weighted most heavily on her mond was her future with Misty. She loved her more than anything, she would not ever give that up. "She pulled me out of that hell-hole and into something so lovely I could only dream about." Relocating to Columbus wasn't the hard part. Paying the bills wasn't the hard part. What was hard for Anne was to admit she wasn't going anywhere with her own exsistance. "I guess that leaves no choice..."Anne and Misty would now walk to class holding hands and hug or kiss each other good bye. After the jock incidents, a
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