Tamara Thorne is the author of many novels including BAD THINGS, CANDLE BAY and THE SORORITY TRILOGY. Her latest is THUNDER ROAD.

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2 April 09 2008 at 23:13:46
Fullname: Steven Beltzer
Email: StevenBeltzer@AOL.com
Comments: Hey Tamara looks like you haven't really been on here in quite some time. I know you've been busy with your ghost radio and ghost hunting stuff, I'm hoping maybe your busy at a new book. I've got every title you've put out (I think) so far so my wife and I are always on the look out for a new one. Anyway, I miss chit chatting with ya and hope all is well and things are on the up & up for you.

3 October 13 2005 at 17:57:28
Fullname: Steven Beltzer
Email: StevenBeltzer@AOL.com
Comments: Hey Tamara, I just got on this awesome high. After visiting Masterton's board and finding out there might be a video game in the works based on his work, I thought very very cool, and now I just have to go to all my other favorite author's boards and try and talk them into writing a story for a video game. Those survival horror games are so much fun. Silent Hill and Resident Evil are so kick butt. But to have game based on a book of yours could be even awesomer. I think you should go with Bad Things. I can see a game with those greenjacks being lots of fun and scarey. Well, I hope this post finds you coming up with another great book.

4 April 02 2005 at 18:05:44
Fullname: Steven Beltzer
Email: StevenBeltzer@AOL.com
Comments: Hey Tamara, I know it's been a long time since I've posted but my new medevil library is finished...well pretty much. I have really big book shelves and they don't look as full as my old ones so I need to fill them, and I would really like to put more Tamara Thorne books on the shelves :o) Is there anything new in the works?

5 March 25 2005 at 20:14:14
Fullname: Kevin Bozard
Comments: Hi Tamara. In the last part of Thunder Road, and I have to echo what I've read here already. I'm having a blast with this one! Excellent story. Dark really needs to read this one if he hasn't already. Okay, gotta get back to work. I have a few things brewing, and need to stir the pot. Keep'em coming girl.


6 November 13 2004 at 08:30:01
Fullname: Tamara Thorne
Comments: Glad you liked Eternity, Xavier! Drop me an email (tamara at tamarathorne.com) and I'll give you a bigger belly laugh -- the genesis of Eternity.

Well, off I go. I just surfed in to check links while redoing tamarathorne.com and found things have changed a bit around here. Time flies! The new TT.com is slowly coming together -- in a couple days we'll unveil a new section that will eventually become a site of its own.

It's been so long since I've been by that you may not know that I co-host an e-radio show on Thursday nights (except we're off until December). See tt.com for details.

7 October 18 2004 at 06:00:23
Fullname: xavier nicholson dymes
Comments: Hello, Tamara. I'm here to tell ya: Thanks for ETERNITY. Loved it. In fact, having initially thought that the book was my introduction to your work, I thereby considered myself to be a new fan; so imagine my surprise when, after a little bit of on-line sleuthing, I recently discovered my error--I've been a fan of yours for awhile, but hadn't been aware of it, seeing as how I'd read WINTER SCREAM years ago and hadn't known then that the mysterious Chris Curry was YOU! Anyway, back to ETERNITY--I enjoyed it tremendously, and even had a good belly-laugh or two along the way (i.e., the description of the shirt worn by the undercover Christian who worked at the New Age shop; had my mouth been occupied with drink at the time, I would most certainly have spritzed said beverage). Anyway, thanks again for the rousing good time, and here's to many more where that came from! Cheers!

8 July 28 2004 at 03:18:48
Fullname: Darkomik77
Comments: Not yet, Eric. Going to, soon.

9 July 16 2004 at 04:01:12
Fullname: Eric
Comments: Dark, Have you tried THUNDER ROAD? That one really blew me away! I've read all Tamara's books-even the co-authored early ones and THUNDER ROAD is my favorite.

10 July 15 2004 at 04:39:53
Fullname: Darkomik77
Comments: Okay, Tamara, now I'm done with it. I had a great time with that book. Now I've several more of your books to read. Now some pornbread lathered in chocolate & boysenberries. ;)

11 July 13 2004 at 04:48:41
Fullname: Darkomik77
Comments: Yo, Tamara, I'm almost done with Haunted. I'm having a blast with it. After that, there'll be more of your books to read. ;) Pornbread anybody?

12 May 22 2004 at 20:19:51
Fullname: Darkomik77
Comments: Yep, it's been renamed Haunted. Blame it on Kensington. I'm sure it's still around somewhere. Maybe I'm wrong on that. Perhaps Tamara should know. Otherwise she'd be throwing pornbread in my direction.

13 May 22 2004 at 16:20:16
Fullname: Janet Finchum
Email: finch49007@yahoo.com
Comments: I am looking for a book of yours for my sis's birthday. She requested a copy of Body House. Can't find it. Was it renamed Haunted? If not do you have any idea where it can be found? Ether way Thanx

14 May 21 2004 at 20:38:38
Fullname: Tamara Thorne
Email: my first name at either of my websites, below.
Comments: You're a gifted writer, Brett! All praise is well deserved!

Stuff: I forget to visit this message board, so please remind me, O thou regulars, that I may toss around pornbread with ya'll. More stuff: I'm doing an e-radio interview June 7, 8pm eastern. For more info, sign up for my newsletter or check the events page at my cheeky new site, http://grimmacres.com or my usual, http://tamarathorne.com. Yet more stuff: GrimmAcres. Check it out. It's weird, you'll like it. Even more stuff: I'll be a guest speaker at http://ghosttrackers.com's San Francisco Paranormal Conference next year.

So much stuff we need a new paragraph: Necon, July 15-18. GOH, along with The Pic and Simon Clark and more, more, more. Come play with us, Danny! Stuff X stuff: Thunder Road. July. You can pre-order signed copies by emailing darkdel@darkdel.com. Final stuff: Stuff the critics. Van Helsing is Grr--eeaaat! Tony the Tiger says so. The critics wouldn't know deadpan humor unless it hit them in the face with a pie!

15 April 28 2004 at 03:12:08
Fullname: Brett McBean
Email: brettmcbean@hotmail.com
Comments: Hi Tamara. Wanted to say thanks for not only taking the time to read my novel, but your wonderful blurb. You really 'got' the book. I can't tell you how thrilled I was with your words.

All the very best. Brett.


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