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1 Sat February 23 2013 - 15:12:00
Name: Cheryl (Wagner) Kouns aka "Aries"
EC Class of: 1979
Location: Tulsa
Comments: I'm so sorry that I didn't see the party notice in time to RSVP and attend today. It would have been great to be together with all of you to celebrate the wonderful teacher and man Mr. Ward was. Mr. Ward not only mastered the chemistry of the science world but also the chemistry of connecting with kids. He shared more than just his knowledge; he shared himself. His relationship with us didn't start at 8 and end at 3 with the final school bell; we were always on his mind. As a matter of fact, his nickname for me came from a weekend visit to the car wash when he noticed some car air fresheners that had some horoscope mascots on them. He proudly announced in class one day that he had finally thought of a name for me - Aries. He said the shape of the ram horns on the Aries freshener made him think of how the white streaks in my hair curved around my face so he bought the air freshener and presented it to me in class. From that point on, I became known as "Aries." I am reminded of so many more fun and funny times in his class as both his student and then as his aid. There was always such a competition to be his student aid because students actually wanted to be in his class again. His policy of "total ignorance" won me over the first day and has helped me so many times when I have found myself in a "teaching/training" role. Mr. Ward may not have had children to physically carry on his family name but there are multiple generations of children who will always carry the name of "Weird Ward" in their hearts and will share the lessons of his friendship with generations to come. I will cherish his friendship always and will not be surprised (or more pleased) than to find him waiting at the pearly gates to greet his students with a "Gads, you ape" followed by the blast of a fire extinguisher!

2 Wed February 20 2013 - 09:51:27
Name: Cynthia Woolever
EC Class of: 1973
Comments: Thank you Mr. Ward for showing the world how great teachers make a difference. Your example continues to set a high standard for all your Weird children.

3 Sun February 17 2013 - 20:41:56
Name: David Beymer
EC Class of: 1987
Location: OK
Comments: One of the greatest teachers one could ever hope to have had; Rest in Peace Mr Ward

4 Sun February 17 2013 - 15:57:53
Name: Jeff McLandsborough
EC Class of: 1980
Location: Broken Arrow
Comments: I am sad to find out we lost the best and craziest chemistry teacher ever. You have been a wonderful part of my high school memories and will be missed. All Hail Elom!

5 Fri February 15 2013 - 14:09:01
Name: Randy Cunningham
EC Class of: 1976
Location: Owasso, OK
Comments: Good bye to one of the greatest teachers that ever taught a class!
Sleep well.....

6 Thu February 14 2013 - 11:46:52
Name: John Andoe
EC Class of: 1982
Location: Broken Arrow
Comments: You will never be forgotten Mr. Ward. Rest in peace.

7 Wed February 13 2013 - 20:58:18
Name: Sherry Cross Price
EC Class of: 1966
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Comments: I was so sorry to hear of Mr. Ward's passing today. All of his "kids," his former students, will miss him and will always remember him. It takes a special teacher to create nicknames for all of his students AND to remember those students and their nicknames years later! He touched so many lives over the years. I will always remember his quirky sense of humor, his wry smile, and his ability to make high school chemistry interesting! With love, Sherry Price, "Old Rugged Cross"

8 Wed February 13 2013 - 17:41:45
Name: Becky Weeks Poplin
EC Class of: 1966
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Comments: I'll be at the party Louanne!!!
Wecky Beeks

9 Wed February 13 2013 - 10:21:36
Name: Brada Camp Gessner a.k.a. "Brady Cramp"
EC Class of: 1975
Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Comments: Today you stepped through Heaven's Gate...we miss you and our hearts ache. Yet, we know Heaven gained by our loss and there is peace and joy as we celebrate a life abundantly well lived. Well lived because it was never about you but only to give your all to lived for our successes our laughter and to inspire us to keep on when it was tough and to excel. I am so thankful God allowed me the priviledge and honor of being your student. I am even more grateful for being able to get the chance to say farewell ol' buddy and to hold your hand if only for a moment. Until that glorious day when .."I'll see you in the morning" you Mr. Ward so dearly and thank you for all that you have done to make our world, our lives better. You Weird One are a legend both in your own time and for all eternity!..Brady Cramp

10 Fri November 30 2012 - 22:34:56
Name: Dee Dee Culpepper Rice
EC Class of: 78
Comments: Thank you Mr. Ward for making Chemistry fun. I always enjoyed your class.


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