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1 Tue September 30 2014 - 21:11:56
Fullname: Matt Williams
Comments: Just added some new book covers for forthcoming titles to the news page.

2 Tue September 30 2014 - 20:03:45
Fullname: Krystian
Email: krystian25@interia.eu
Comments: Which short story included in FIGURES OF FEAR has something to do with a sound of jingle-bells? I'm anxious to find out how can someone tremble at sound like that!

3 Sun September 28 2014 - 08:19:20
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Thanks Marjorie and thanks Wendy! Seriously, the only problem is time! I have a great idea for a new Night Warriors novel and also for a ghost novel, but it's simply a question of finding the hours in the day to write them. The Katie Maguire detective novels are doing very well, especially in the Kindle bestseller lists (number 1 in Police Procedurals and number 1 in Women Sleuths and consistently high in all books charts) so of course my publishers keep pressing me to write more of those! Arggghhh! But I will do my best!

4 Sun September 28 2014 - 04:44:47
Fullname: Wendy Maxwell
Email: w
Comments: Hi Graham, thanks for the publish date for Blood Money (Taken For Dead). If you can find out the date for Plague of the Manitou I'd be grateful.

I mentioned previously how much I love the Night Warriors novels, and I would be very happy if you could confirm that there may be another one taking shape. The first one (with Henry, Gil and Susan) remains the yardstick for this series, but the newer books each have their twists nd turns.

I also like the novels which deal with various other religions, such as Tengu, Death Dream and The 5th Witch (to name a mere few!!). Bless xx

5 Sat September 27 2014 - 15:54:01
Fullname: Marjorie de Rooy
Email: marjorie-de-rooy@orange.fr
Comments: When I was reading "the devil in gray", it reminded me something...
A book I loved when I was 14 : The Devils of D-Day.
I was younger but I just loved each page !!! I checked ans it was such a pleasure to see I was right, and that you still take your characters to hell so easily !!!

Hard to find your books in France now, but be sure I'll find them all !!!
Thank you for satisfying my "dark side" !
Long life to the horror master ...

6 Wed September 24 2014 - 21:16:41
Fullname: KR
Comments: "The Chilling" would be a great title or subtitle for "Spirit"!

7 Tue September 23 2014 - 10:48:25
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Bill...would you be kind enough to let me know where you got THE CHILLING from, and if it had any kind of cover illustration on it? You can send me the info on my email address manitouman1@yahoo.com. Thanks

8 Tue September 23 2014 - 08:54:04
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Thanks for picking this up, Bill. I will ask my agent to look into it.

9 Mon September 22 2014 - 21:55:51
Fullname: Bill
Comments: Thanks Vicks, you're right. I wonder how the title got switched?

10 Mon September 22 2014 - 18:14:26
Fullname: Vicks
Comments: Bill, I believe the book is SPIRIT and the eBook has the wrong title.

11 Mon September 22 2014 - 16:07:38
Comments: Well,I think this corpus of interviews is very interesting because, from one page to the next, it progressively presents your thematics (your expression is, even in english, comprehensible and pedagogic).
A simple glance interested me to what you say about the ambivalence of Misquamacus or the improvement of your subsequent thrillers produced by the work on your historical sagas (the plots, sub plots and a finest presentation of your characters): THAT'S VERY INTERESTING (is it possible to have an example?) .
These interviews will certainly help me to renew my reflections about the utilisation of History in your thrillers...



12 Mon September 22 2014 - 10:34:19
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: I have never specifically done an interview on Native American mythology, Christophe, but if you check the Interview section of my website www.grahammasterton.co.uk you will probably find interviews that contain some of the comments you are looking for.

13 Mon September 22 2014 - 07:11:26
Comments: Dear Graham,

I would like to read on the net an interview or article about your romantic use of indian history in the MANITOU series...
Could you give me this information?



14 Sun September 21 2014 - 22:01:20
Fullname: Bill Craig
Email: internetmailman@yahoo.com
Comments: Hi
I have an Ebook titled "Chilling" or "The Chilling" 1995.
I have not read it yet, it is next on my reading list.
However I can find absolutely no reference to it anywhere. A friend gave it to me and doesn't know where he got it.

Does anyone have information on this book ?

15 Sun September 21 2014 - 20:21:03
Fullname: Krystian
Email: krystian25@interia.eu
Comments: I finished reading "The Sleepless" for the second time. It still gets me! I did not remember all the details but the whole story came back to me at moment when I began to read. All the violent scenes have made my imagination go wild. This book will not leave anyone neutral, either you love it or put it away. So far, this is my favourite of your books, but I think it's about to change since I'm planning to read Katie Maguire's adventures and I love them already!


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